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But is in reality ‘a Weird Goddess Ploy to attack Thor’s Masculinity, and it is being played out through The People just as you are carrying a symbol of Thor and Masculinity.

“on an Extra-Dimensional level this is actually occurring and from what They are Showing it is being played out the way being stated”

“there is a huge backlash going against Male Authority after having been in charge for ages and ages in this Larger Arena that is Outside of Earth but Effects Sentience”

Now this is as well Important. This is an Androgynous Goddess that You are Up Against. This is actually what is called a Titan-Wive not a Goddess though Female is part of it. Ancients Experiments that deal with both Refilling The Vacuum and Mergers of Male Form with Female Vacuum that lead to The Titan-Wives. It is also important to remember that ‘as Form continued to Condense in the Region the Vacuum was continually being used up, getting weaker and weaker, closer to void. This caused Desperation and Intrigue and Betrayal as well as Strong Competitiveness. But along the way comes Advanced Predatory Methods of Vacuum Using Up Form and Condensing In Super Strong Pillar.

This happened in The Titanic Realm (Original out beyond God’s Domain as a stronger larger thing) as opposed to Brahma Form Journey, where God and Goddess come from. The Cosmic Egg has more to do with God in Goddess than to do with this Universe’s origins, no matter the similarities (this Universe being younger than God).

But what You are up against is not the same thing as that Backlash though it is expressing through and as a champion of the backlash and is doing it’s own backlash and same cause. The difference Here is in an old Titanic Crime that was commit by the Region in question.

This is not a joke or hoax when I say The Gods Themselves are part of what was policing the situation but They failed.

{Me does not get the full tale of Who is Who when it comes to Pantheon due to this being an old The Gods Enclave within Brahma with Their Own Viewpoint but as One Part Of What Things Were Made Of. The Other Part is Titans and Normals, this is the Other Part of Us and Our Evolution. The Gods got too uptight and elite and puritan and didn’t want to remember or admit that The Titans are actually Stronger and always win the Final Conflict.}

“Prophecy was in part an Attempt to Power Swap due to The Gods have ongoing Tactics against The Titans to Use Them Up, which is what happened originally to The Gods by Titans that were Made of Them”

The Gods made too many Enemies along the way and all the way through Here is Evil that is also at war with everyone, Gods, Titans, Normals, and Brahma.

“on some levels and as a metaphor things can be seen as the 4 layers of the problems”

Petty Bickering “extended out and extrapolated into much of who we are”

Entrenched Sides “we line up with the like minded people”

Amoral Predatory “ongoing secret decisions from might makes right era”

Outright Evil “the bottom level of the problem and very strong and invasive”

‘The Titanic Problem Region’

Amoral Predatory and Outright Evil is The Bedrock of Things.

These Ancient Wars between Gods and Titans does stuff similar to Evil.

Evil is deep within these Titanic Regions where War Rages. It was Another State that happened along the way in the deepest strongest most predatory invasive and amoral regions.

The Predatory Vacuum Assault on Male Form is part of Evil’s Lair now. One of the reasons that Shiva is demonized is that Shiva helped invent The Predatory Vacuum Assault. Shiva is The Proto-Vacuum Being but is still Male. Shiva worked with Gradients of Form to Formless. The Vacuum Attack is Hooked To Titanic Pillar Form Power as an Animating/Working Force. The Vacuum is Specifically Evolved as a Predatory Take Back. (This as well became a danger to Baby Beings of Creation and ran afoul of God and God’s Ways)

‘The Vac Attack’ has nothing to to with vaccinations, though some of those people are on both ends of this as the pushy medicine people expecting to be obeyed for our own good and the slightly wacky or sincerely concerned about potential issues with vaccinations or the medical industry on some other level.