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The Problem with Green Dragons is of course similar to the problem with Jet Skis, they can be too fast and dangerous no matter how much of a thrill the ride is.

“The Green Dragon started out as a Region of Brahma-Ptah that had evolved into Vacuum, Void, and Weak Void. This Region became a Goddess Region eventually, and there has been a closeness since then. The Actual Green Dragon comes from Shiva and Proto-Ptah in this Region as a stronger thing. Part of Goddesses Power Base is directly related to this Region.

There was Merger in part of this Region with a Goddess Primus Brahma-Ptah Secondus (Brahma-Ptah, though weaker in this Region extends faaaar out beyond almost all others, though the Persona and Strength is different far out near Brahma. Brahma-Ptah is weak to strong and due to all the things and Beings must stay weak but is continually under assault at the same time and desire to Reconnect with larger portion and War The Invader. Due to The Nature of Reality the Invader is now too titanicly strong and it takes help from Grey Brahma and Proto-Ptah and Shiva and Supreme Brahma”

{In The Titanic Era this became a Dangerous Region from Invasion and Usurpation and well as Solidification of Warlike and Strong types of Evolution. The Titanic Pillar. Being a Being that was now part Goddess made this Region (Realm Being) as larger target. There is a Natural Affinity and Similarity with Goddess as well as attraction. The Titanic Era evolved a way to Invade and Steal this but at the same time grave dangers to Goddess ensued and still due}


We do really terrible at ‘just being friends’ and friendship is important, but a lot of friends of a beautiful women would love to go farther, it’s a sad normality.

The Golden King is Who Goddess Chose as The Best and The Most and The One, and this is Supreme Brahma. Goddess in These Regions is Merged with this Being and it is The Forever Marriage Thing. Titanic Pillar Solidification that later causes problems for Regions that it was also made of. For the sake of Survival They had to continue on this process, this being Collapse of Creation and Titanic War in Might Makes Right.

But this was made of an Older Region where Goddess First Fell In Love (Form Brahma-Original Brahma-BP), and later Evolved in Green Dragon Region. Neither of these are Supreme Brahma but have ancient intrinsic evolution with Goddess. In The Era of The Elite, The Got The Girl Handsome Hero, and The Jealous, these ancient Regions fared badly.

Another Being is also Involved and this is Muscle Man OB that is on the Upper Side of Goddess Vacuum. This Region had been part of The Titanic Combo Being that caused Disaster in Creation but Many Beings of Creation are Related to OB, and The 5AT Combo Beings.

This means making peace with and forgiving a lot of men, who turn out to be half of who is Saving Goddess.

“far too many men that weren’t handsome enough were going for Goddess after She had said no (and during an era where bad things were happening to Goddess) but this was from an old near impossible situation that is being out-evolved… and now far too many men are ‘targeted for removal from the Region’ but it a wrongful method, makes a lot of enemies of Men who have a right to survive, and Goddess further loses by using this Method (which is partly run by Others including the stronger Titan-Wives as well as Titan Puppeteers doing a Titanic Possession Usurpation Trick”

“So in The End though We love to see beautiful Girls in Bathing Suits and it is a power over Us that works, they must stay hidden and say No!” (it is almost all they have). Catch 22 and part of The Tale of ‘God? What Ever Happened To Goddess’