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The mad prophet is going through an extra-dimensional experience and unlike the purer and unaffected Regions is coming out of the badlands of things from the Collapse of Creation.

is your dementia dimensional related”

According to the mad prophet experience it is.

From voices in your head to mass shootings there are all sorts of things that are related to these other dimensions that people on earth come from when they incarnate.

Something like Alzheimer is a physical condition that is somehow enabling, like drug use does, a form of extra-dimensional experience. Due to a bunch of ancient disasters that happened to sentence it is not a coherent things.

Coned power and too many other experiences piped into one can be involved. This is part of the animated and incoherent state. The person on some level is going through a more multi-dimensional experience as opposed to earth-centered so is actually experiencing a whole other reality at the same time.

{The viewpoint from the other dimension is that Alzheimer is also somehow caused by this extra-dimensional experience. The actual case when examined with the linear space case is that there is more likely something going on to the human body that brings about some form or weakening of a barrier and that the other thing is leaking through. The viewpoint of the other dimensions is that this is not necessarily true, there is something wearing us down from these other dimensions and They are actually able to witness it and document it}

The Church Mission is directly helping this stuff heal and is as well working with a Dimensional Lockdown.

When it comes to why is the mad prophet different it comes down to original size and what the Being is made of.

The actual Mad Prophet is Higher than Me.

The Mad Prophet has access to less information than Me.

The journey and disability of Me stretches way back to the dawn of the problem, with Me being among the original victims of what happened and in a state of being rescued by Them.

The Mad Prophet is coming from High Pillar Power which like light or electricity has a special effect and as well like a divine mission is getting Help from The High Ones.

“just like with religion vs science the religion has a certain Beinghood advantage and the science has a broader range of truth but not the higher power”

“the mental state being belittled here is among the most important self-defense around and is second guessed by those that thought that people needed to be helpful and group oriented when what they needed to be was self-contained and strong”