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“normality is a long cool bath on a hot day”

The vast majority of people will not invent it first, will not be the final champion, does not need to be dedicated to the elevated value, and can soon be lead astray by the zeal.

‘as They coned things to Me many of these other things are There and the effects are being gauged through My expeience’

One of the things that evolved was a Common Experience of Us finally doing it first even though we did not do it first. It uses a few forms of things such as ‘re-experience of the moment in a special reality designed for this and quite poplar. Some of this stems from and older Universe in which original Beings were creating thing and learned to be rather inventive, and some of this had caused many great things and the students and inheritors of these things had later gone through a rebuilding of things and (re) doing it first.

Doing it on your own is another one of these things. If you did it on your own you did it first, it does not have to have historical accuracy.

Things like this actually outrank the historical truth and deal with many many people.

Wrongful attempts to restore original reality by those who were thieves of this stuff lead to a bad targeting of these regions with us in it going through this new evolution that far outranks original historical truths and has as well produced many many creative and intelligent people over the long haul.

Some of those original creative Beings were very large in comparison to earth and were used in a Remake of People, so that some portion of one’s self or something(someone) larger attached to one’s self (which can cause an overload of the original self thus losing your original diverse nature that was more important all along) allows for this other functionality.

Gradients were also used so parts of something are in varying states of original and un-effected (never merged) to minorly enhanced to majorly enhanced to new style of being. This can bring a loss of diversity as the advanced change and original desire to be more than we were causes a change to happen from a strong new advanced evolution and part of ourselves in willing change.

We as people on earth tend to be from the last categories with the ‘never merged’ being rare due to a danger to that original diversity.

Rejectionism is part of a Defensive Posture. It is related to Lockdown.

{there are so many facets to things and variations of things and different types of things I am writing about and it is done with too much and too quick that I can rarely get the better picture to you and things go off in all of these other directions, some of which are off onto a new subject and must as well be written out which is more important than coherency}