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It is as well a crime to try to lock me up and which is not the legal solution.

I need to be alone away from others and you will be locked up in the Here-After if you screw up and try that path on Me.

You Listen To Me! Not to you!

I am not and never was your everyday average nutcase and I get help from extra-dimensional source that have been at this stuff for ages and ages and ages and ages and ages.

“your landowner paradigm and jobs paradigm accidental fell at odds with a larger truth in this case ‘I have no where to go nor way to survive if there was a place to go’ … and your putting yourselves into power leads to you making a serious blunder against Me as you foist injustice on Me after too many millions of years of injustice and you not listening to Me”

You are not a doctor that knows My Condition more than They do!

Nor do you know my needs more than I do. This is not the normal doctor case where you can analyze the thing, nor a case where medication will work. It originates in another dimension and nothing you yell me is the truth in regards to the rest of the case beyond something ‘multiple personality disorder’ which is seeing the face of things while I am describing the rest of it. The Information is coming from another Dimension, and They have analyzed the problem in detail with more than faith based methods. There was a larger stable region that was stable which allowed Me to be more than just a multiple personality disorder (which is playing out in something larger). The case goes as well into something close to physical disorders that are caused by extra-dimensional actions and will not relate to much else other than what I have described and the reasons why.

extra-dimensionally there is too much of a problem that comes along with your institutions… you are part of the problem trying to be the solution and your extra-dimensional stuff can be malpractice in progress and it is a lie to say this is not the same people as in the professions here on earth