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Jesus did not obey the corrupt government that executed

“corrupt governments are to be fought not obeyed, and if they ain’t gonna change with peace there is gonna be war”

You people have this weird disconnect that places Jesus and God in this isolated zone far different from everyone else. You are now dealing with a fantasy created by a church not with a real messiah or deity.

Your Jesus is a law abiding citizen who blindly obeys the corrupt government and wrongful religious rule.

The real Jesus was bit different and the government that you are is not changed enough to blindly obey the way you are trying to sell.

The real messiah and deity do exist and are different in Their own way.

In no way are God and Jesus the only deity, nor the Original Being.

Jesus and God are Special Beings and have Special Jurisdiction. There is a real Divine Mission, it really works and it really does enrich our lives and helps us heal and no if’s and’s or but’s needs to be added

{Eventually the spirituality and messiah thing runs out of territory and jurisdiction and there is an Original Normality that is still there and it ain’t gonna obey a corrupt government nor religious rule}

with my fist in your face and your face on the floor… it’ll be a long time coming, but you got the message now!”

That is what happens when you try to use your corrupt government and religious rule on Original Normal