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Jesus died on the cross.

You can say that ‘He died for our sins’ but I see that as a sacrifice made after being unable to achieve what was needed and getting busted by the corrupt government. The sins that Jesus died for did not go away, therefore something is missing from this grand tale.

Huge changes did happen that also says that Jesus did succeed and set in motion something that later overcame Rome, almost impossibly. The effects left by Jesus and Christianity are to someone like Me actually detectable as spirituality, and therefor atheism never really took hold and was a brief time in my life as a result of failures with the spiritual path and the realism of things on earth and truths of science as opposed to what the scriptures are saying (I include Buddhism and Hinduism in this as well as every other major religion)

There are real powers that messiahs and deity have but it is not all powerful and all knowing, just very big and powerful.

The things that messiahs and deity are up against are also big and powerful

Jesus made an extra-dimensional major achievement that effected the lives of people on earth.