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The whole paradigm of money and owning property that you can chop (or indeed burn) down the trees of and build homes on has gone too far already. You have encroached too far on the rest of the world, the natural world and those who love the natural world.

There is actually enough property in areas that have been developed to go on buying and selling and developing as the present status quo is.

When you try to use this paradigm on the whole world it gets a bit weird and needs to be declared illegal. Money will buy up the land and chop down the old natural world for the sake of developing it or making more money off of it.

You have completely removed the rights from the rest of the natural world. It is a resource to be used, or exploited as seems more fitting due to the damage you do and the reasons for it.

Another thing is that you have forced this whole jobs and rent system on the whole world as the fitting paradigm and it is actually illegal. It is a forced hardship that is held in place by a landowner paradigm and forced 40 years of hardships on people that could easily be avoided. This as well is used to control the people, with them needing jobs to survive, or are willing/needy enough to sell their lands, or get jobs destroying nature.

Once again there are enough people who like working and money to still have an economy while others drop right out of that system and into utopia, the legal civilization we are suppose to have instead of the present one.

There is a two way street here that is totally ignored by government and politicians on both sides while they opt for working within the confines of the system and status quo +/-.

The regulation of the land owner system and economy must ensue to insure what is left of the natural world being destroyed is preserved.

There as well needs to be natural world lands that are not part of the nature preserves that people are legally entitled to live on without ownership or payment for in any way. This is a normality that has gone missing from the discussion. Owning land and charging people to stay on it or buy it is an illegal maneuver produced by the landowner in 100% disregard for the basic facts of nature that are all around us.

What happened as a response to this? Whatever it was got partially undone when the same people got back into power, with their greedy little hands on the laws of the lands.

The birds and the bees don’t pay rent and before human impact lived a self-sustaining life.

As the landowner with money buys up the old natural world they are destroying even that. They didn’t just mess it up for the human species they messed it up for nature as well.