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These two things can do just well living side by side.

Instead of shuffling around with the statue quo it is time to take those bigger steps.

The other side isn’t going to go down easily and they are still the major locking mechanism for the problems of the status quo, mainly environmental destruction/pollutants and the landowner businessmen workers paradigm that is enforced on the world as a ‘normality’.

The liberals are a locking mechanism of problems of their own as they try to make and enforce drastic changes or try to work with outdated paradigms such as immigration, high taxation, stupid laws that went too far, and an egalitarian groupthink that does not understand the rest of the people and normal, and thinks we should be heading in their direction but all along we just need to head back to where things need to be and they are in the same direction but out beyond that… a little too far and abnormal.