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Your parents are right in being realistic about stuff instead of utopian pipe dreams. They are right about choosing to vote for politicians that are likely to succeed up against all the rest of the people (that you tend to not hang out with, dislike, or don’t understand).

But they are still wrong in siding against utopia. This is the time to do this in, not in some future date. This is our time, and we are the older generations that saw major changes happen in our life, and we have a right to make this one last miraculous major change, and as well to preserve some of what went missing.

You need to stay choosing Working Man or something happens to your own power-base, your own pillar or access to the pillar and power. This is extra-dimensional and effects the core of who we are.

This has been extrapolated out even further with solidified power so the decision is being made deeper than or behind where you tend to be. It is part of an old defensive posture that removed your rights to screw yourself up with from these other decisions.