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Though Sacred Geometry isn’t accurate like science it is part of a Larger Sentient Experience.

One of the things that Evolved was a way to due Special Realms where Our Philosophy is Programmed with Powers.

These are powers that are greater in other dimensions than on earth, though they can have an effect on Sentience here on earth.

What had evolved, from a scientific standpoint, is mixtures of Realms such as Original Normal and Solidified Mind-Self Region Daydream Realm, which means ‘a magical realm’. There are limitations here unlike everything you can do in your mind. This ‘Original Mind Realm Region is still part Normal Reality as opposed to Mental Thinking Process which is Conceptual. A whole lot of things early on could be done within these Causal Realities (Mind Form) though, but eventually They were up against limitation. As well a Tactic ensued that Invaded and Overloaded an Oceanic Creative Realm Being and ‘got them to make stuff out of themselves while using themselves up and thus preventing retaliation’.

What also evolved more importantly was Form and Formless, and these are part of The Realm and The Experience.

Body is the other state that is coming about Early in Creation. Body and Form are basically the same thing.

Form is a State of Being that is Stronger Than Original Reality Normal.

Formless is a State of Being that is Weaker Than Original Reality Normal.

With Titanic Form comes a Reality Overload, where The Power is Reality Itself now, being far stronger than Original Reality Normal.

The Void and Vacuum Formless States are Easily Effected. They can as well Resonate To Things With being weaker (and larger in this case) that the thing they are resonating to.

This along with Daydream Realm ‘Magic’ and Titanic Form Power was used in Realm Creation and it has Effect on Sentience and some form of ‘magical powers’ in other dimensions that are not of this universe and the laws work differently and there is more flow and solidity through and through, and though it may be weaker than some stuff in linear space it has no atoms, nor is it compacted like a neutron star, it’s just normal, like you see on the surface of things without looking into molecules and atoms).

This original universal stuff adds together easily and merges in a way that the atomic universe cannot, and this is indeed one of the keys to how many you(we/us) were made originally, and how things were created in that earlier universe, and far easier, from simply merging things together and the different outcome are part of how diversity evolved farther.

The Titanic Form was used to make the Daydream Mind-Body Magic Realm more Real and Powerful (getting it closer to Original Reality Normal, and in places it got Stronger than Original Normal).

Some Form Power is mundane and other is arcane. When things get very very strong they can get too focused and as well the mind doesn’t work as well overall, but can be very powerful and focused on one thing, or one set of things. This is part of The Titans advantage over The Gods (of Who were weaker and more magical, and at times smarter).

The Vacuum and Void evolutions of Being Effected and Resonating to many different things (along with taking time and enjoying exploring those things) got used in a few Realm Creations, and these can also be Places Part Of Us Exists At, which means it can have an Effect On Our Sentience even though it does not have presto magic powers in the Linear Space Universe.