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This is whiteout throwing the old natural world to the wolves for the sake of money, which is another crime done by the same people that they don’t call a crime.

“this civilization we live in is inadequate for the whole and continues to force itself on the whole without acknowledged the truth”

This is without corruption that is also lied about by the same group.

The Solutions are in a workable civilization that is not enslaved to the landowner paradigm and economy.

When they same lawmakers, pushy and angry with their lawmaker positions, continue on with the status quo winning argument after argument with half the truth there comes a time when people mush push back at you with the truth you are ignoring, and remove you from the ruler spot you have propped yourselves, inadequately and wrongfully, over the whole.

Instead of having the rest of the truth being used the status quo liberal steps into an argument where they are out of place due to being in the wrong paradigm, and flounders out with immigration, lbgt issues, and global warming that gets jacked-up into a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t save the natural world nor is it able to enact laws that last.