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When there are enough people it becomes non-negotiable, automatically, it’s own grass roots movement without even leaders. Change just naturally comes about, it is a real paradigm shit.

Part of the genius of Cornucopia Utopia is that it is founded on 100% scientifically factual things we can do, and it undercuts the who economic thing, and with real facts instead of foisted realism, pipe dreams, or continued taxes. It gets the whole welfare crowd out of the slums and free of needing to be further supported. They become self-sustaining.

It is something that is invested in that is a self-sustaining civilization that can exist without needing to continue to fund it. It needs resources to start and can recycle those over the centuries. It loves to recycle instead of wasted value.

It grows it’s own food, just like food, it grows it’s own textile plants, it grows bamboo for wood and hemp for paper. It is stuffed with off the grid technology. People have basic survival skills that are easy to pass on to children. It has automated factories to produce anything it needs.

“don’t complain about the job when you keep selecting work as the realism, don’t complain about the the injustices of the disparity of wealth of which not all is injustice, don’t complain the rich and poor it’s all been done before, just paradigm shift as a grass roots movement of renaissance spreading over the people as a dawn of awakening”