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The news has a lot of filler, with other people’s interpretations.

You need to dig through the story to get to the original facts.

Polarized interpretations in part are trying to spell out the larger truth, as well as polarized interpretation trying to tell us what to think.

“This is something that both parties are doing”

Are The People Empowered with The Facts?

There are a whole lot of laws that seem to get in the way.

Did the government figure out that The People do not trust the government?

Plenty of people are perfectly capable of seeing the basic truth, while others just see things from one side.

But in the end The Facts still need to be there for either case.

Ruler Lawmaker position you people fill is not fully trusted by The People.

The wording you use may be technical but it isn’t the language that The People speak (just like with science terminology).