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I would not put it passed the powers that be to be engaging in fake polls that use districting to garner opinions and sell it as a whole instead of a bastion, and not even just the democrats due to political infighting and differences of opinion over strategic interests.

The past has a bit of this going on with republicans as far as I recall.

So in the end it would seem the Desperate Democrats are not above a little ‘turnabout is fair play.


“do unto others as they have done unto you”

But what this spells for the political things is just another train wreck in progress. This is not behavior that adults should engage in as they try to rule over our lives from their seats of powers and doctrines and paradigms.

{Footnote: I come out of the same evolution, on many levels, that you did, so I know the game as well. I also know that a clever man can turn to corruption because some of corruption is a clever means of making money. I also vacillate to the highbrow proud and mighty, lambasting you in your wrongdoing from ancient strict codes of lawfulness.

I enjoy both of those things. But In The Beginning things were more relaxed, and that is the way Brahma wants them back to. One could call these different regions, because that is what they are. Somethings are naturally conservative and need to be so, some things are more liberal because that is the way they need to be, some is uptight unyielding arch-angelic and it needs to be so, some is down and dirty feet in the mud puddle or blood in the mud, and that is where things are stuck! Welcome Back To Normality}