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Stay away from spiritual or humanitarian or egalitarian philosophies that rely too much on interconnectedness.

Stay away from poetic wordings that amplify the effect.

“the truth here is that your regions and realms are more like this than others, and since it is connecting more beings it assumed that it would pan out as the larger whole, but it doesn’t, it is very important weaker region, and is indeed related to spirituality”

{don’t fall for the opposite effect, that there is not butterfly effect or spirituality, for both of these things do exist, by evolution and intent, but they are not the whole of everything, you loose part of your nature and your power when you go the opposite direction, but you lose part of your nature and your power when you try to war with your realm, which is in the end part of yourself… and this comes down to being weaker, and far weaker, and needs to stay hidden often, instead of on the front lines}

When one is engaging in Reality Programming, which the same people you are here on earth are doing unknowingly, or semi-knowingly, and it is aimed at ‘the whole’ and it is an ‘attempt to change their nature’ that does indeed stem from ‘old spiritual processes set in motion ages ago’, one can actually be up against another forces that is also real, and is going to fight you on it, and it is going to win, because it was stronger all along.

You in the end took your ‘The Whole’ with concepts of All and Everything and came at Brahma, and “It Don’t Match!”

And Brahma views you, with your all and everything and the whole as a bunch of people who no longer understand reality, and are in the end doing wrong by mistake, while the stronger force did wrong by intent, but the stronger force is also invaluable to Brahma as part of a survival, and as well Brahma was one Being, and it is not like your ‘collective spiritual whole’ or ‘God’, there is a lot of individuality there, and this kind of went missing from your collective endeavor, as well as Brahma’s actual Identity, and “Creation is NOT allowed to become All and Everything!” -Brahma “The Actual Original Eternal Being that Predates Creation”

“Beautiful women should be liberal, humanitarian, and butterfly effect leaning and believing, and this is indeed part of their actual nature, and related to their realms”

This is also one the important truths, and the conservative element was actually trying to change Her nature. They are part of both an old invasion and overcoming of the wrong done. This is indeed one of the reasons the actual thing behind ‘butterfly effect’ did not work out, and the butterfly effect in regards to one very important thing is part of a paradigm shift that needed to happen and still does. It got overpowered and this wasn’t by something or someone in the right, though they are of the right, it was done by someone in the wrong, and they kept wronging Her.

Goddess got given a lot of special help, cheats, all sorts of other things. She still ends up loosing for in the end Goddess starts out as a Vacuum that was weaker than Form. And Her People tend to be Vacuum and Void and Weak, which is important in order to not overload Her. Goddess is a Region not just a Being.