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I am The Tale that Predates.

I hail from a Region near where God was Born.

It is/was an Outpost of Older Reality.

This is Form Brahma. Though this is already a Combination Being done for Form Journey, and then later Redone with even more Combination, and then later Redone again with even more combination, but this ended up wrecking the Region and the Being more than a bit.

Form Brahma and Goddess is where Love first happened… ever.

God and Babeland come about soon after and Her Love got rightfully transferred over to Divine Family.

But all the way through it is still part of this Original Love of Brahma and Goddess.

Sometime later Shiva and Shakti invented Sex.

We chose Love and They chose Sex, and over the long haul Sex has been kinda winning… sinfully of course.

Part of this was a Heightened Experience and part was a Deep Need that need a Stronger Effect than Love was. The Vacuum had gotten too used up in places and was too weakened and needed stronger effects to shore Her up. Adding Form or Evolving Form changes part of The Nature of The Female, so this was not possible for the whole and was done quite a bit.

So, as well part of Brahma was Evolved to be The Great Contender, the Dude all The Goddesses wanted to be with. The Original Being and The Handsome Able Yin Man with a hidden Core of Yang.

… this never did pan out, there was Helios The Hero, Golden Charismatic Newly part Goddess Region and made of Form Brahma to start out with. There was Grey Brahma ‘The Emperor” who with OP became The Black Dragon. And then there were The New Contenders that were Built of Us or other Combinations.

It turns out that parts of Brahma that were in Love made Bad Decisions.

So that whole thing is on hold, a major wreck, a usurped laughingstock, and still a bit of a contender.

As well there were Methods available to Invade and Ruin this Brahma ‘The Contender’, so Sex was not possible. They Ruined Brahma with Invasions and Overloads and Caused Inability to Function. {many Others/others may have experienced the same thing from the same tactic being used to ‘render the contended non-functional’ and this rendered them ‘bad in bed’ or ‘too dangerous to be around’ or ‘too authority oriented’}

Two things happened. Brahma could never recover and ‘get the girl back’ as well as a whole lot of No Sex Zone stuff got evolved around Form Brahma Evolutions, though this is not at all the direction Form Brahma is/was taking. It does help with healing part of the Self and can even make one more attractive to Females on some level. Purity is something that can be felt by the right type of female, and the right type of female is the one Brahma is looking for.

Which all adds up to ‘it’s Normal for Me to be Girl Crazy’.

… and since The Bigger The Bitchier is One of the Evolutions of Females, as well as The Titanic Authority Issue, it is also Normal for Me to like Girls, for they are still somewhat sweet and innocent the way Goddess once was and still is in certain regions.