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You keep looking for Divine King Destiny and Prophecy as The Definitive Proof. That thing you are looking for really does exist. It is not the full tale nor the full reality.

So this Older Normal has gone on even longer and The Divine King Thing is actually going on Within this Older Evolution.

Normality and Freedom come up against Elite and Kingdom.

As things pan out further there is not just a Rebellion going on, but also a separate Refusal from Older Reality to submit to Divine King.

The Qualified Being in The End was One known as Brahma-Ptah because Multiple Realities had Evolved within Brahma-Ptah allowing Brahma-Ptah to not only Understand The Whole Better but as well Regions Within Resonate into Brahma-Ptah. Brahma-Ptah is Old Reality and dates back to The Dawn of Creation, in some respect IS The Dawn of Creation, or The First Ever Change of Sentient Eternal Infinite Single Being… The Contemplative.

Within part of Brahma-Ptah is also The Deity and The Titans. Brahma-Ptah is not strong enough for the Role but These Others are Within are part of Me (another Being made of Brahma-Ptah that is partly these Others but as well Gets Help from These Others and it is more Direct, a They Become Me in part, those this can as well happen with Bad Regions and these are being staved away and overcome by Others stronger than Me).

They crashed a false destiny in to a real destiny and tried to overcome both at the same timeā€¦ but 2012 was a little too much.

“See, what you need to understand is how the rest of Creation works, it isn’t God or Messiah but Big Realm Beings, and due to the fuller nature of Creation some Being like Me is closer to Grand Central Station of Creation than Messiah or Divine King”