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The White Line is an Extra-Dimensional thing and it deals with a Specific Coloration and Specific Styles of Evolution. God is of The White Line. There are others though such as the very prominent Titan White Law Ptah.

Now there is a huge possibility that The White Line has been focused on incarnating in White People (though they are actually Pale Pink in coloration).

This would be some normal basic thing of where one is most akin to, looks most like, feels most at home at or comfortable with, or goes to ancient outposts related to the same thing that have been in continuous evolution in specific regions for many many ages and relate to specific races.

This would have happened with The Black Line as well, and not all Black Line are Bad or Evil.

This would have ended up in Africa (Black People though they are Dark Brown) and Asia (with Black Dragon and Black Hair).

According to Their Tale this Regional Thing really did happen, it was by intent and done from ancient times on.

People in India would be another Specific Group, and people in Middle-East would another Specific Group, and people in American Indian would be yet another Specific Group, and so on, etc.

“This would all mean that there are other things at play in cultures that are not just genetic, and are indeed multidimensional and relate to an older universe and the actual origins of sentience from older sentience that predates non-sentience and i tall goes back to a single Being that Predates All Things… yet it turns out is as well Normal and around Manlike in Intelligence (but not manlike in limitations), and as an Original Normal is smart and able but not genius nor stupid. Higher Intelligence and Creativity are among The Original Evolutions of The Original Eternal Infinite Sentient Being that Predates All Things”.

{This sadly also means that the White Girl Addiction to BBC is also a Creation level issue, not just centered around earth, though it is spearheaded from earth at this stage. If you are too young to know what BBC means, stay that way They say it helps stave-away the problem. It is ok if they get addicted to that other BBC, the English one, for finicky foreign fine-mannered uptight white is alright}