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“See, what you need to understand is how the Rest of Creation works, it isn’t God or Messiah but Big Realm Beings, and due to the fuller nature of Creation some Being like Me is closer to Grand Central Station of Creation than Messiah or Divine King.

Stuff is made in Big Realm Being, Stuff is made of Big Realm Beings, and people are in Big Realm Beings, some people are partly made of Big Realm Beings and there are Outposts and Throne Powers within Big Realm Beings”

{‘there is Tibet and Tidbits and give unto Tibet that which is Tibet and give unto Tidbits that which is Tidbits’}

I am obviously not the only Realm Being and not all Realm Beings are Oceanic, some are Groundic, or are both Formless Ocean and Formed Ground.

Originally The Formless Ocean is akin to the Formed Ground, it is the Region that had gotten used up to make the Formed Ground, though different Oceans and Grounds have been mixed up as well. The Original Form is using up a larger region and condensing down on itself, creating form. It is actually using it’s own region and is larger than the form. As well there can be a triplicity of Original, Vacuum/Void Vacant, and Form.

The Form partially reconnected with The Original and The Original either had an added effect or it changed further into form as a larger thing by merger and emulation. The Formless as well reconnected with the Original in a merger and this lead to it’s own ability as well but this is also a weakening agent and later caused problems.

Brahma evolved into a few different things with the Others and different parts of Brahma are also evolved into U and that means You and you. Brahma was used as a Reality Stabilizer and an Extension for Macro and many, part of which got usurped and then all of which got wrongfully target as a problem by another region of titanic problems coupled with too much authority.

With Me (and this is also a larger Normal of the wake things evolved from ancient times so it is the same for Us and us not just for Me) there is The Others that come along with The Big Path and Kings Path and Divine Mission and Magic Path, and this is where The Tale and The Power comes from. This stuff goes all the way back to an Older Evolution, it dates all the way back to The Beginning of Creation, before God and Spirituality even existed. It goes back to before there was form and formless, though formless is closer to normal but what formless is in our Tale is also the vacant region around form.

Many different Regions and Realities got piped into Me and it takes Handlers to actually get through this stuff, and that is Them. This stuff overlaps your myth and prophecy and mystical and They pipe in part of that effect to Me, but Me does not reach enlightenment or nirvana but just has a a very high elevated experience for a time, and as well turns out to be a bit too large and independent and a little authoritarian on some levels as well… it’s a Brahma thing and stems from an ancient but continuing usurpation and a strong response to it, sorry.

(it should be noted that many others come from the usurpers and got their authoritarian by being the strong wrong that won and is dictating terms to everyone, or trying to.)

Some other parts of Me or should I say me are not authoritarian at all and They do a do job evolving Me a better Being a Series of other Beings, from Original Brahma to baby brahma, and from Brahma-Ptah to baby ptah.