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It was set in motion long ago, a preset date and a movement of powers.

It always disasters-out in certain Regions but The Problems are so bad and long-standing that an Attempt needed to be made.

There is of course more than one The End, and that was an attempt at The End of Evil or The Problem.

There is a Future Date with another The End that will have more of that Mythical Mystical Messiah thing going on with it. These are Ancient Vast Regions that go all the way back to Original Universe but as well are The Rock of Ages and deal with The Majority of Sentience in Creation.

There is as well The End of The Universe, and the Linear Space Universe is fated to end but as well there are Vast Upheavals in Original Universe from Titanic Forces gone Rogue and Using Up of Realms and Beings… and other Horrors exist as well.

There is also The End of Creation in the most distant of these Projected Dates. The End of Creation if not brought about by Titanic Upheavals in Creation is not a certain thing.

Beings are made of stuff descended from Eternal Stuff that does not seem to age unless under stresses from other forms of evolution or worse. This was never a know thing: “how long will the eternal part of you last?”. Perhaps forever, perhaps just a long long long long long etc time.

Some Beings and beings were scheduled to be terminated due to their evil nature and the bad effects on everyone else.

Some beings were wrongfully scheduled to be terminated from invaded and usurped regions and a turning it back on the innocent or the victims. This is Realm sized stuff going on.

The Mission is Saving The People from These Problems.

It got too dangerous to war evil as it held people hostage.

Wickedness is being overcome by some titanic evolution… the good were never strong enough to overcome this on their own.