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Until you do that this whole ‘Global Warming’ thing is still too abstract for many people.

If Global Warming is as dangerous as you say than this needs to be made into laws that cannot be voted out or changed by a president and administration.

The Voter Class People are very susceptible to being lead this way or that which could lead to a major catastrophe as ‘the adults in the room’ with science facts are belittled and stymied by the corrupt and their money making machine and saving face objective.

In order to do this you need to Own The Global Warming Argument far better than you have, though your choir is well preached to.

There is another old tactic that gets used and is ‘the boogeyman’ scare that gets people to move in the right direction. No more boogeyman or butterfly effect, these undermine our trust in you and therefore your cause.

“You have not won the crowd in this, it is still suspected of you.”

Cost-effective solutions need to be forefront and this needs to be done as an emergency instead of business as usual.