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You want to put a dab whip cream in the cup first, and then pour a third of the eggnog over it and sprinkle in some nutmeg and stir it together well to mix in the nutmeg and break down the whip cream. Then you pour in a dash of coconut rum and the rest of the eggnog along with more nutmeg and stir it again. Top this with a little whip cream and a little sprinkled nutmeg. It does even better blended due to the whip cream being broken down better and blended in. Home made whipping cream from the carton breaks down better than can or pre-made if I remember correctly.

Coconut Rum and Egg Nog are both sweet and the spicy Nutmeg helps overcome that problem. The whip cream makes it creamy in a whipped cream way which also goes well with the slight coconut taste of the rum, and normal rum can be added to it to further change the taste back towards a traditional egg nog.

…. and don’t drink too many of these no matter how good they taste or you could do yourself in real quick before you knew it. You can mix some coconut milk into the eggnog if you like the flavor match and need a non-alcoholic version, perhaps spice the coconut milk with vanilla extract and slightly sweeten it with sugar or honey.

There is probably a way to just add the some unsweetened and unwhipped whipping cream to the blender with the eggnog and the rum and whip it up real good.

Perspective Recipe (like totally untried, mind you, I just estimate and do to taste):

1 cup eggnog

1-2 tablespoon coconut rum

1 teaspoons of unwhipped whipping cream (1 tablespoon of whipped)

1/8th-1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, sprinkled in.

Through trial and error it is better to skip mixing the whip cream in and just putting it on top. It takes blending home-whipped whipping cream in a blender, blend it in before adding the coconut rum.