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This is part of Sentient Evolution as well.

“Angels and Aliens are not the same thing, and both do exist in these Other Dimensions that Our Sentience exists in at the same time part of it exists in a human body in Linear Space on Earth. Angels are a Sentient Light in Perfection from an Older Era”

{Proto-Stars in Nebula reaching Form Power is once again the Template to use for learning, and in Original Universe it is Sentience, and as well Space is not looked for because it meant using up Another Being that was a Vacuum or Void… but this happened as well and is Zero (technically in Codes Zero is a Super Strong Place that Co-Exists with Non-Existence, but it is a Trick. There is a Super Titanic Evolution with Grey Brahma and Proto-Ptah and OP and Ptah that is Black, and it Predates God in Origins, and became The Black Dragon).

God comes along during Form Brahma Evolution with OB. During the Eras that have ensued Beings such as God have had Powers coned unto Them and Tall Tales that They have tried to make real, or as real as possible. But this meant Extending Too Far Into Another’s Domain as a Usurpation}

Some Regions are Form Power that Lights Up the Vacuum.

Some Regions are the Vacuum being Lit Up.

Regions that are further out are Slightly Effected, this is the Dim.

The Darkness in this is not Darkness but the State of Original that is not Lit Up.

In The Paradigms of Old the Darkness is Bad.

The Darkness actually original stems from Ptah and is not bad.

The Perspective of The Lit and The Light is Overcoming the Bad. {Many of Our Codes come from this Arena, and in part from Emergency of The Weak and The Good and an Advantage that was Evolved}

Within the Unknown is where the Bad still lurks.

Too much Light is Spoiling the Original Normal, and this was neither Form nor Vacuum.

Original Being {Brahma} ‘Original Reality’

— Old Beings (Dawn of Creation or First Creation) ‘Old Reality’

——- Newer Beings [The Titanic Era] ‘New Reality’

———- Collapse of Creation [({Era of Titanic Expansion})]

What brought about the Collapse of Creation was Titanic Takeover, an Expansion Out into Older and Larger and Weaker Regions of Creation. There were old Transference Connections to Original Being and these got Invaded, Usurped, Locked Down and Set On Forced Transference. This boded very ill for Original Brahma and Original Creation (of which God is a part of). Part of Brahma had Expressed into Grey Brahma and this is a Titanic Overlord who had been Helping The Titans before things went rogue and worse. This is still the Being that is taking on the problems at the maximum levels. Other Form Exressions of Brahma are Supreme Brahma (He) and OB-Brahma [The Gray God] and Form Brahma {part of Who Me is along with being Brahma-Ptah and Ptah from Original Creation}.

The Titans are also part of Old Reality, in fact They are Staunch Protectors of The Archaic and this is also Old Reality. New Reality is a Titanic Expression that Changed Too Much and came along during Titanic Era.

As Form continued to Condense in Combo Era it began Wrecking Creation. Things were Attached from Combination Evolutions. As well there was Spearing Out or Tendrils now extending out into a weakened Original Brahma. The Balance of Power was tilting towards The Usurpation of Original Reality with Titanic Powers and Infinite Reach. This was Wrecking Creation as well

Part of The Titanic Form went Rogue and part became Evil. Unlike ‘the indestructible and indivisible’ tale told by Spirituality there is no such thing, or worse, the thing that is closest to this is that Rogue Form Power that reached Super Strength. This could as well Invade and Overload Others including The Original Being, as well as God, Goddess, Buddha, Archangels, and Deity.

{Things were Expressed Out in Form Power and Vacuums within Original Being Combination Region. This is Real Reality, solid as Earth but in Original Universe aka Other Dimensions}