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Psalm of Heimdall

The well-insulated ones,
a power unto themselves,
a cut above the rest,
leaders without true leadership.
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


The well-insulated ones,
they rode a dead whore hard,
her name was Economy,
she had been very good for them,
but not for The People as a whole,
and they broke our piggy banks to save her.
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


And so the well-insulated ones charged forth,
isolated from humanity,
partakers of the Lion’s Share,
that produces an Us and Them mentality,
no mistake too great,
no theft ever large enough,
no true justice from on high,
for it is us, not them, who will foot the bill.
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


They erected an Ivory Tower,
to worship their God of Science,
priests poured forth like lemmings from their universities,
each gifted with knowledge,
without true understanding,
bereft of animal wisdom,
the Voice Inside,
data, without true understanding.
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


And so they gathered together to seek a way forth,
from the quagmire our predecessors had left us,
the experts drummed on,
their views bought and paid for,
to the cheers of The People,
and the jeers of the ancient wisdom.
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


And The People stood up,
they stood up in their ignorance to save their whore,
never accepting the guilt,
never taking the blame,
never seeing the truth,
of how their economy had devastated their world,
and all those jobs long gone,
and all that money long ago spent,
and they never stood up to say:”Look! Look at the scars our whore has left upon our Mother.”
… Mother was calling but they heard her not.


But all the scouts were blinded,
caught in a quagmire of bureaucracy,
and they way forward muddied,
but The People stumbled.
… Mother was calling and they had begun to hear Her deep inside.


But the well-insulated ones,
had grown fat off the whore,
they could not change,
they could not grow,
they were greed addicts,
blinded, they could not see The People awakening,
they had relied on their media to tell us what to think.
… Mother was calling but they choose to ignore Her a little longer.


And so all the leaders without true leadership,
their whore of an economy,
their god of science,
were shown up to be what they actually were,
illusions based on facts,
nothing of a raft left to hold onto.


… And as Mother died we all heard Her, as our civilization sunk below the surface.

—- Loki