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Dimensions are built of Planes of Existence and States of Matter. Energy,Solid,Gaseous, Liquid. 1-7 Scale. Octaves. Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality. Hyper 5th, External 4th, Internal 3rd.


Super-Gravity is that Dot1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)

M is that Wave-Plane —  2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)

Strings are the hum of the engine.


The universe is an evolving self-replicating change-induced pattern caused by the induction of a Singularity in a Continuum. It has a few traces or patterns here and there. 1 Dimensional Super Force Singularity and a 2 Dimensional Super Force Continuum form a basic foundation of simplicity for our reality. Like in a musical piece, it comes back to a basic pattern that connects the whole thing in all it’s variation. Formless to Form, Infinity to Singularity, the Basic Shapes of Form are where that Dot is to be found as well. Singularity Induction of Form. Dot grounding to Line grinding up Form.  We actually live in a 4th Linear Space Dimension, with a hidden 3rd Subatomic Dimension below, and a 5th Dimension Non-Linear Space above. 6th Dimension is Linear Infinity and 7th is Non-Linear Infinity. Octave 8th/0th Void. 6th and 7th(Abyss) is where most of the stuff of existence is. Quintessence is actually a 2D force, the fabric pulling back away from the singularity.


Relative to our Universe, the Dot is split into many pieces. These are trying to pull back together. A Singularity torn apart by an Infinity, trying to regain it’s shape. Gravity is the effect. The more a single place has, the stronger the effect. Dot is Singularity, 1. Ocean is Infinity, 7. Form and Formless. 4 is Central Point. 4 forces, directions, states, elements. DNA and Self (I) are both Singularity Effects, 1st. Beads are Dots and String interconnected. Gravity is 1st Dimensional Space trying to pull itself back together. In actuality, it is the effect of 1st Dimensional Space, Singularity, expressing in our reality bubbles. We are Gravity, Wave, Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron and Ocean. 1-0-7 Singularity to Infinity. Overlapping 3rd Dimension Sphere/Curves, 4th Cube/Angles; we are Singularity Tetrahedron, overlapping 4th+3rd Tetrahedron  .–  {A}  [O]     i is Dot + Line. Singularity in Plane-Wave.


The Dimensions:

8th:Absolute Infinity +-  0th

7th: Non-Linear Infinity/Void/Chaos{OceanicSphere –

6th: Linear Infinity/Void/Law{OceanicDodecahedron +       

5th (3,4,5,6)-[5,4,6]-{2+1/6+7}

Oceanic, Energy,Solid ,Gaseous,Liquid {DodecahedronCube

4th (3,4,5)-[4, 3, 5]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Solid, Gaseous, Liquid {CubeTetrahedron +

3rd (3,4)-[3, 2, 4]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Gaseous, Liquid {TetrahedronSphere

2nd:SolidGaseousEnergyLaw {Wave Plane Wave +

1st: SolidLiquidVoidChaos{Sphere Dot -+


2+1/6+7 also plays out as Magnetism-2, Gravity-1, Strong Biding Force-6, Weak Binding Force-7. And as Wave-Particle and Oceanic State.


1 and 7 are both chaos/non-linear weak forces. 2 and 6 are law/linear strong forces. 2+1/6+7.1,2-6,7.  1st and 2nd  Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.


Gravity (1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd) The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th).  4th Dimension is Matter Universe. Chemical Universe. Earth.  We are in essence already in hyperspace of a 3rd dimension. 4th+3rd in 5th made from 2+1/6+7. 5th is Non-Linear Space, Oceanic.


Infinite Dot 1st D Singularity pokes a hole through Infinite 2nd D Wave-Plane and begins bunching up the Plane into a 3rd D Sphere that eventually explodes into a 4th D Cube. This expands along the 2nd D Wave-Plane, sucking up all it can manage. From a small point a hole is opened and that is the Big Bang.  Another concept is that the 2nd D Wave-Plane is bunched around the 1st D Singularity, never puncturing it. Eventually it can’t stretch the 2nd D Continuum Wave-Plane any more, and this eventually rips the Singularity Disturbance apart as the initial effect is worn off. It initially gobbles up more than it can chew and the after-effect is  the overstretched Wave-Plane blows the 3rd D Sphere, Subatomic,  into a 4th D Void/Matter pattern, Atomic. The Void was already there, and this is 8th/0th Dimension. Much of the missing 1/3rd of our universe is hidden in the 3rd Dimension, and some of it in the 5th. Eventually the effect wares off as these 2 titanic forces battle it out. Gravity is the Singularity pulling itself back together. Waves in different forms are what is left of the Wave-Plane. Most of the energy is stored in a Subatomic Universe, 3rd D, and ours is Void/Matter with Dark Matter and Dark Liquid Energy, 4th D. Gravity would effect us from both internal 3rd and external 4th. 2 Point Gravity. If a core of the Singularity survived, perhaps 3 Point Gravity. Think of linear 4th leverage of gravity as well as non-linear 3rd hidden. Ghosts are Tetrahedronic afterimages, 3rd Dimensional.  The 4th side wore off.


Tetrahedronic (4th+3rd) is the state between both as Singularity. 1st dimensional point, 2nd dimensional bent plane-wave, 3rd dimensional face, 4th dimensional  sides.  1st+2nd+3rd+4th = 10th. That Singularity expression grounds us to 4th+3rd. 1+6 and 2x8.(16/8th). Singularity I (0-8), Duality We (1-7/9-1). Strings. 2-6,1-5. 3-11,5+5.


Think of Tetrahedron as Singularity. DNA and Self . In Sphere, Cube, Dodecahedron, Oceanic.

Duality is 4th and 3rd overlapping.

Triplicity 3rd, 4th, 5th, overlapping

Quadrality: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  not overlapping


From small to big:

1:tetrahedron/dot, 2 plane-wave/wave-plane, 3rd: sphere/Sphere, 4th: cube/Tetrahedron,

5th:dodecahedron/Cube, 6:Oceanic/Cube/DodecahedronLaw/Mind? 7:Sphere/Cube/OceanicChaos/Emotion?Abyss, 0-1/VoidYangYin/Spirit?(8)  This is our is our Singularity+Polarity reality bubble. 2 as 1. Our Relative Placement Schematic.


1 and I are both Singularity derivative. I is singularity of the self. Individuality. This applies to objects as well. Relativity is two or more individual points, or spheres of influence. The i is a dot and a line. Gravity and Plane/Wave. Gravity is best understood by feeling and thinking. Most things probably are. Harmonic Frequency Separation in Infinity to Singularity also exists. Singularity/Individuality Reality is a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere. We are in a 3rd,4th,5th as well.


(1st)Dot, (2nd)Line/Plane-Wave, (3rd)Sphere, (4th)Tetrahedron7/12, (5th)Cube10/24, (6th)Dodecahedron17/60, (7th)Oceanic, (0th/8th)Void. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Octave 8.


Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd)    {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved}    that explodes into a Cube (4th)   {6 sided, 4 face, Angular}   and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron  {3 face, 4 sided}.  From an apparent small space, a vast universe grows. It had fuel and tracks to follow.  Welcome to the 4th Dimension.


Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern.  Central Black-Hole Hub, Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action. In the massive manifestation the thing is actually flat from linear force, from our smaller apparent frame of reference the earth appears flat, the core is hidden, and sky is curved. This is Relative Perspective of observed and observer. Moving up or down through a sphere of influence things appear differently. Sun, Planets and Oort Cloud/Solar System is another pattern that matches.  DNA as well in a different pattern, same principles.


1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle.  Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.

( 1 .–   2 ]


Myriad Potentials expressed as One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension. True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence. .– {(3,4,5])   6-7-0-1-2


7=Infinity(formless) 0=Nonexistence 1=Singularity(form) 7-0-1-0-7-0-1 shows star formation and reformation. 0 is nova and black hole state. Also where Formless Infinity ceases, and Formed Singularity starts. 4 is Matter.  I sometimes use: ( ) for curved/non-linear, [ ] for angular/linear, { } for both as one,  . for gravity, for wave-plane.


Most Likely there are a True 1st-8th Dimensions. We live in a reflective or lesser manifestation that is 1st-7th Dimensions where 8th is 0th, The Void and Non-Existence. In the below, we are Apparent/Reflective in Harmonic. True exists at a distance and induces.  M-Theory is actually the whole picture, centered in (4,3,5), with 2+1 and 6+7. Membrane deals with Wave-Plane and its evolved state in Harmonic Reality. Maya. Apparent Reality is weaker and has combinations that cant be done in True Reality.


Straight 7: We are in Harmonic Reflective.1-7/7-0 and 1-8

True/Harmonic/ .–Apparent/Reflective/Maya





4th–4th.– {(3,4,5])[6,(7.  “Maya”






Tetrahedron and Cube are both our reality. This is conceptual not physical, but it does have properties. Sphere is 3rd, Tetrahedron is 4th, Cube is 5th in Tetrahedronic 7-0-1 Reality. Tetrahedron is 3rd, Cube is 4th, Dodecahedron is 5th in Cubic 1-8 Reality. 5th is implied missing in Cube and Dodecahedron heads back towards Spherical. These overlap and interlock at stable 4th (2×2/2+2). Hypothetically speaking, between 1st and 0th, Pure Chaos and Void alone exists. Absolute Singularity splits law and chaos. Law gives out between 2nd and 1st.


7th (Infinity)+-

6th /6th+ — String

5th- /5th+ —- String ————–

4th- /4th+ —– String (Our reality)

3rd- /3rd+ —- String —————–

2nd-/ 2nd+ —- String

1st (Singularity)-+


In the above, 7th and 1st are 11th Dimension, the others are 10 dimensions.  Strings are 2-6 and 1-5, Duality and Singularity. Fusion at 1st Dimension, the poles exists fused as one.


These are our inverted pyramid frameworks. Upper is Law/Positive Universe, Lower is Chaos/Negative.


6th    2nd               4th

5th  3rd              3rd 5th

4th               2nd   6th

__ 1-0-7___

If you add the numbers as a graph, it is 8. The two oppose each other and interlock. Two inverted tetrahedrons produce 8 mini pyramids, 1 always hidden from view. 7-0-1. The basic nature overrides in third set. Example: Non-Linear 7th/Linear 7th, the Non Linear nature overrides.  Odd=Non Linear-, Even=Linear+







What is life? Are we merely axioms firing and secretions? It is obvious that people of religion with concepts of the afterlife can be lead astray by a human-made institution. But as we notice a recycling of gas into star and back into gas to be reformed later as stars, perhaps this recycling happens with us. Perhaps nodes of consciousness recycle as well. Reincarnation is also “resurrection”. Piercing the barrier to see the heart of the issue. Even from a non-theistic view, it would be possible for consciousness to evolve from nothing and begin recycling. This evolution of the consciousness would also aid in the evolution of a species. From a theistic view of a more sophisticated understanding, it is obvious that evolution is an important process, any said entity would not be taking an active hand in evolution, and would be invisible but detectable. It would be in us, evolving.  I and We are Singularity splits off of Infinity. Life seeps up from 3rd into 4th.


Aero. The Nebula of Earth. Feel the sky and the clouds, the sun and the moon. The fluid of space. Eos.Feel the universe when you see it at work. Be aware of the forces of nature that surround you. Then expand this awareness to The Universe. Experience it. Load up on the visual, auditory and kinetic graphics of it in an Existential Way.Walk through the formless air, walk on the formed ground. Breath in the formless energy, swim through the formed formless water. Formless is more than Form in Infinity. Feel the shapes of things when you see them. Make an abstract scale of Form to Formless, 1-7. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Tao. Air, Ocean, Nebula. Sun, Electromagnetism, Light. Open your heart and be the Receptor. The waves don’t bounce back from this, they are already there. Your mind will read what your Emotion feels if you are Intune and Intuitive. Then one learns to Focus with the Mind, and you become the Radar.


Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron. You are I, Singularity. Eos is We, Infinity. Esoteric.  Individuality, Intuition, Introspection,  Esoteric, Eros, Eos. We, Womb of Eos. Intune, Intuitive, Internal. Rational, Raw, Refined. Feeling Positive is the Fuel for Thinking Positive. Will Power.


Oceanic Osmotic Being, Emotions/Yin/Curves/Boundless/Chaos-Law.

Polarized Linear Thinking, Mind/Yang/Angles/Boundaries/Law-Chaos.


Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being –                    overlap I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/Emotion/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura.. overlap WE


Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies. Formed Yin and Formless Yang. Formlessness is more than Form in infinity. But + and -, Yang and Yin, Law and Chaos are Equal in Absolute Infinity and The Absolute One. Singularity and Duality, Similarities and Differences. Simplicity and Complexity.


Sacred Geometry works off focusing the best tool ever known, the human being, on bringing liquid energy from the non-linear 3rd dimension into the linear 4th, here. Or Transcending to 5th. Welcome to the 4th dimension, though you have always been here. Spirit is Sentient Energy, Mind,Emotion,Being,Aura. We Live in both 3rd, 4th and 5th. And are 4th+3rd+5th. 3rd Fire, 4th Water, 5th. Knowledge. Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron. Dot-Circle-Sphere.

Overlap: Fire(M)4th, Water(F)3rd.


All 1-0-7 are here though, but 6th,7th are beyond full understanding from a 4th perspective, closer to True Infinities vs Relative Infinities, such as 1st and 2nd. 3rd is more of an oceanic energy/light universe. Subatomic particles come from here. Life seeps up from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th. The 7 Chakra are Dimensional Emanations, subtle.


This is important:


8th Dimension


7th D   +   6th D   (=13 (1+3=4))


5th D


(= 13 (4)


In above 8th, 7th + 6th, 5th, The 5th is probably correlated to Ares (+ Cardinal (Liquid) Energy). V


The number 13 is actually  1 expressing as 3. The center is both forces together.This is a Cardinal Point. 14th is (4+1=5). Numerology basics of defining things. The very Numbers Themselves have arcane power to some degree. Numbers sing like angelic voices. Pure expression so close to non-sentience it is easy to miss.  5 is a master concept I have not unlocked. Pentagonal. Knowledge, Head, Pentagram.  It is either initial expression or something hidden deep in the mystery.1 and 3  of 13 is 1:10, and  3: 12, 11, 10.


Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water   

4 States of Matter: Energy(fire),Solid(earth),Gaseous(air),Liquid(water)

3 Modes : Cardinal/Liquid,  Fixed/Solid,  Mutable/Gaseous

12 Signs : Polarity, Modes, Elements. Dual, Tri, Quad. Pentagonal. Hexagonal. Polar 7th.


Aries: Liquid Energy-3rd (1st)

Taurus: Solid Solid-4th (2nd)

Gemini: Gaseous Gaseous-6th(3rd)

Cancer: Liquid Liquid-7th(4th)

Leo: Solid Energy- 5th Sun Helios

Virgo: Gaseous Solid-6th

Libra: Liquid Gaseous-7th, (1st)

Scorpio: Solid Liquid-8th, 0th, (2nd)

Sagittarius: Gaseous Energy-9th,(3rd)

Capricorn: Liquid Solid- 10th,1st,0th, (4th)

Aquarius: Solid Gaseous-11th,2nd,0th, (5th)

Pisces: Gaseous Liquid- 12th,1st, 2nd, 0th, (6th)


Below is another pattern, locked into 3rd-4th


Aries: Liquid Energy-3rd

Taurus: Solid Solid-4th

Gemini: Gaseous Gaseous-Oceanic

Cancer: Liquid Liquid – Oceanic

Leo: Solid Energy-3rd

Virgo: Gaseous Solid-4th

Libra: Liquid Gaseous-Oceanic

Scorpio: Solid Liquid – Oceanic

Sagittarius: Gaseous Energy-3rd

Capricorn: Liquid Solid-4th (5th) {1st}

Aquarius: Solid Gaseous-Oceanic-Energy (6th) {2nd} +

Pisces: Gaseous Liquid-Oceanic-Solid-Energy-Void (7th) {0th} –


Ares and Taurus also have properties of 1st and 2nd Dimensions, but in the above Ares relates to 3rd Dimension, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer relates to 4th. These first four are our tetrahedron. Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,Sagittarius is 5th Dimension. Capricorn,Aquarius,Pisces  relate to 1st,2nd,6th,7th. Capricorn(Liquid Solid) 10th(0+1)  is 1st, Aquarius (Solid Gaseous) 11th(1+1) is 2nd. Aries (1st)  is 3rd. Our reality starts at 3rd, made of 2nd and1st. 1st is Singularity/Individuality Reality, a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  Pisces is culmination of all signs as one, 11 as 1, 12 Dimension. Pisces is Void. 13 Wheel/Circle is All Signs


Fire-Cardinal +                  Fire-Fixed +                Fire-Mutable +

Earth-Fixed –                     Earth-Mutable –           Earth- Cardinal –

Air-Mutable +                    Air-Cardinal +             Air-Fixed +

Water-Cardinal –               Water- Fixed               Water-Mutable-


The Circle is divided into 12 Houses and 4 + Quadrants. Cross + is also 4 directions. Ares symbol is V, Roman Numeral 5.


This is Existence: Energy/Spirit, Mind/Emotion, Consciousness/Body, Being/Aura. Yin/Yang, I/We. Individuality/Duality-Singularity/Polarity. Angles/Curves, +/-, Form/Formless, Singularity/Infinity, Law/Chaos, Mundane/Arcane. Reverse Polarity. Overlapping/Separate. Open/Closed. Multifaceted. Multi-Propertied. Multi-Dimensional.


Zero : Zayin/Zeta 7-6, 6th and 7th Dimensions. Linear and Non-Linear Infinity. Resh/Rho: 20 / 17th (8th). 17×3 = 51. A Pythagorean Sacred Geometry Circle Triangulation.  A Hundred Hander with Cyclops (Cyclops = 3rd Eye). 50 People joining hands in a circle, with 1 in the center and penta leaders. Pentagram is a triangle and square together. Tetrahedronic and Cubic as one.Or 51 people joining hands with triangulation leaders.  Pythagoras was a Cyclops. Psi. 6th, 7th ChakRa. Space: 5th Dimension. Non-Linear Space. 6th Linear Infinity, 7th Fluid Infinity, 8th Octave (0-1) Void into Singularity. 8th True, Two as One. Yang Infinity+Yin Infinity. Aeros is Eos around Earth. It is like Abyss expressed down into Mundane.


The Void Lord. Het. Khether. Omega to Omicron. Ayin.The Shining Abyss in the Void. The Void Watches you, humans, but Never Interacts. It has Presence, but it is Zero. It is Eos. Mother Abyss. The Void Herself, Abyss. The Womb of Space. The Abyss Mother. Fluid Space, Ayin. 7th Dimension. Octave 8th/1st. 0th. Kether. 7-0-1. Abyss and Void. Yin and Yang.  Heth and zAyin in PhOencian the Phoenix. OE, Older Eve. The Norse. The Boat People. The Branch of Lebanon. He, Linear Space. He and Ayin throughout the Eons. It has been an Aeon since Atlantis fell and our species began, The Fall of Man. AE, Atlantis and Eve. The Shining Abyss in the Void. 7th and 8th/0th. Octave. Omega to Omicron. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Womb of Earth. Air. Ocean. Womb . Helios.  Electromagnetism. Light. Abyss and Void are biggest things in Infinity and the farthest away. Eos.


12 people in a Circle with Astrological Aspect Points. 36 people for 360 deg. And 72 for 360 deg with Male(+)4th and Female(-)3rd Braid. Celtic Cross.  Astronomy, Astrology, Alchemy, Sacred Geometry,Yoga and Tao. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Number of Prayer Beads symbolism. 36+72=108.  1/3+2/3. 33, and 99. 2×54, and 5(penta). Pentagram is triangle and square as one. 108:4×27(27:3×9),and multiple of 4(+1). 33 and 1/3. 3rd and 4th symbolism.  Branch of Lebanon is also


The Sun and Planets are large bodies of influence positioned at Lagrange Points. These have an influence on Dimensional Mechanics. This relates to both a Helio and Geo Centric System. This is Frame of Reference. Harmonic and “Apparent Effect” comes through with the massive size of Natural Dimensional Mechanics. Even the reflections have workable status. A scale of (1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4,1-5 1-6,7) is the most powerful influence. Sun(1) to Saturn(7), Saturn(1) to Sun(7), we occupy the 4th Harmonic. The harmonic of the asteroid belt exists as well, but most likely Jupiter overpowers this as an influence, as well as the odd Octave 8th=1st principle. The simplicity aspect really shines through with Dimensional Mechanics. Make a replication off anything is the rule of thumb here, patterned after Universal and Dimensional Principles. Long hair makes a better antenna is an example. Stonehenge and Great Pyramid are both Tetrahedronic Dimensional Mechanical Devices. 10 and 12 also have very powerful influence.


With our 4th Harmonic earth placement, both the moon and our magnetic core can be used as a 3rd dimensional framework. Frame of reference comes into play quite a bit, but so does accuracy and precision.  More precision brings better effects.  Replicate patterns of universal dimensions. Tetrahedronic Mechanics also use dot and circle or central point and sphere. This is a 3 to 4, or 4 to 5 pattern connection.   Tetrahedronic 4th+3rd in 5th is the base of Dimensional Mechanics, 3-4-5 tri- reality connection.  Dual,Tri and Quad reality. The Galaxy and Central Point of it also have influence over us. Relative to our size as a planet and as humans, size comes into play. Overlapping spheres of influence and different patterns also play out. Magnetic core is the Tetrahedronic Core of Earth.   In this pattern the earth’s core is 3rd Dimension, Earth’s surface is 4th, and Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field are 5th. The pattern can also overlap, with different patterns/positions replicating different things.  The moon, sun, planets or central blackhole can all be used as part of a pattern, and represent different things. Multipurpose.  Stonehenge uses different pattern than Great Pyramid. The 2 remote stones are the same as the pyramid cap as far as 6th dimensional position in one basic pattern. Both are multipurpose Arcane Devices, and templates.


This is why Dimensional Mechanics works. From my earlier work for 7-0-1, The Dot Connecting. Decoding and extrapolating the human database into a workable hypothesis. 7 is symbol for infinity, 0 for non-existence, 1 for singularity. 4 is material plane of existence. We live in a Dual, Tri and Quad Reality, 4th and 3rd moving through 5th. These are dimensions. 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th also exist here, but these are farther away from our frame of reference.  7, 6, (5-4-3), 2, 1. Our basic reality is 4th dimensional, not 3rd. Simplicity and Complexity overlap in a dual reality. Most likely 3-4-5 are like small, medium and large bubbles of reality. 1st exits as a potentiality, and we are made of 2nd as a building block. This exists within 6th and 7th Dimension. Symbolically, our reality may be like a dot and a wave-plane within a sphere within a tetrahedron within a cube within a dodecahedron within an ocean. The face is our apparent reality: Tetrahedron, 3 and 4, Cube 4 and 6, Dodecahedron 5 and 12.


Concentrated bits of information. Giving a bare minimum actually increases the knowledge base, adding more angles of interpretation from each individual relative point of consciousness on its evolutionary journey. Relative to the whole picture, Singularity, Multiplicity, Infinity. Refining things down. This too is Tao. The Eternal Echoes of The Universe visible in Evolved Patterns. Relativity applied to Esoteric with abstracts and basic math. Formless and Form. Infinity to Singularity. Omega to Omicron. Simplicity and Complexity. Octave. In Scale of 7 Dimensions, Framework 10 and 12. Curves and Angles. Tetrahedron, 4th+3rd Dual Dimension in Oceanic 5th. Made of 2nd (Wave) and 1st (Particle) and 6thLawAngle/7thChaosCurve. Oceanic in 8/0th Void. Missing Universe (3rd and 5th) found at last, Flat Universe (4th and 2nd) explained. Non-Linear Chaos, Linear Law. Mysterious Gravity (1st). Void (0th).  Tetrahedronic-Cubic Dimensional Mechanics:  Dimensions are built differently than one may think. They are States as well as Planes. Overlapping. Duality,Triplicity, Quadrality. Pentagonal. Hexagonal.  Linear/Non-Linear Multidimensional 1st-8th/7th-0th. Octave.


The universe is so simple it can be summed up in one object, a Tetrahedron. A wedge (flat part that bends at edges) of 2D space that creates 3 angles of 4 sides, but the 4th one is hidden from view. Actually it is the 3rd one, the base of the Tetrahedron. The base of our universe is a non-linear subatomic 3rd dimension, hidden below the atomic level. Gravity is largely connected to/emanates from that hidden direction. Singularity (1st, points of pyramid) comes from there creating gravity,  like an inverted tetrahedron, cone up in a trine. Dual Reality, 2 tetrahedron universal forces inverted, opposing, interlocking, and in equilibrium. One of these is a non-linear 3rd dimension tetrahedron, the other a linear 4th dimension tetrahedron. Dual Reality also plays out in a positive and negative dimensional framework. Negative Dimension is simplicity and a purer expression.


There may be a polarity switch at 10 and 8. There is also a -/+ Binary Code to existence. It flips on/off/on/off. Another Duality expression.


8+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1.    9 numbers, 3 switches of 2 polarities, ending back at 8.

8-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1. These 2 lines overlap, connecting 9th to 7th and staying balanced at 8th. The process is continuous.  There are 3 things going on in this overlap. The central point cancels (stasis, harmony), but the other two change (attraction, repulsion/ addition, subtraction). The 3 modes. This is a Harmonic Connection. It keeps things separate and lets them interact. It hums a cord as (9),8,(7). 7-0-1 is next realm down.


10 is also 0-9. 10 (Singularity+Infinity, Form+Formless, As One and Two). 0-9 Expresses as Void- 0 (non-existence of stuff) and Infinity 9 (existence of stuff). 1-9 is Singularity+Infinity-Void.  9 Expresses as 8 Infinity and Singularity+1     8+1=9 8-1=7 Within the Octave(8) is where the 7 Dimensions.


The default state of this linear 4th dimension is probably liquid(cardinal) stemming from the liquid energy 3rd dimension that we exploded off the outside of (Big Bang) in a void/matter pattern that partially self replicated the 2nd dimensional relative infinity that created the 3+4 of tetrahedron. Or the whole thing came together and the heavier 3rd separated from the 4th after matter/anti-matter war.


It created gas(mutable) and solid(fixed). 2nd Dimension is the building block (2+2, 2×2 = 4,4). 1st Dimension is the activating force (1+1,1×1 = 2,1). An exponential tri-reality bounces between the two. The 1st and 2nd Dimensions are probably not absolute, but relative infinite.  There may be far more than all of this by now, it is a randomly evolving universe off of simplicity and complexity. Perhaps 1st was spinning, producing inward arc.


Religion should be a Guidepost, not a Corral.  Religion is the Cradle of Spirituality, not The Thing Itself. The baby outgrows the cradle every time.Therefore it must be refreshed from era to era. Dogma slips in, Spirituality slips out.

The Non-Interference of God in the Evolution of The Universe does not mean the Non-Existence of God. Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence are concepts that are not Absolute. The higher you go, the less they like you. The Absolute One is hostile towards creation, aka the The Universe. Creation was a flaw induction in infinity, expressed by creating a vacuum and rearranging forces. It started as a Cube. I and We. I’m here to help you, help me, help us to bring about a 1000 year Quantum Leap. God doesn’t cheat, evolution is evolution. There is a hands-off approach. It’s all about Evolution and Being. Goddess cheats, but claims it isn’t cheating. Not all that different from us, actually. Goddess is closer than God in creation, just like your mother giving birth to you. Mother Nature.


Resh/Rho: Head. The Godhead.I.  zAyin: Eye. Eyes of The Abyss Mother. Womb Of Eos.


The Eyes of God in MathYang / + /Law/Linear- I.  Singularity-Infinity. Form to Formless.


I   2-3-4-5-6  We (us)


The Eyes of Goddess. Yin / /Chaos/Non-Linear-We. Infinity to Singularity. Formless to Form.


Law/Linear tends toward  Angular Singularity, Chaos/Non-Linear tends towards Curved Infinity. Yang stretches from 0 to +Infinity. Yin stretches from 0 to -Infinity. But they overlap.  0 is a hands off approach, also it signals who you see after death, 0.  Absolute Tao is All of us. The Absolute One is None of us. All and None as One. 8/0.


We all Evolve, but the biggest Beings of all in Infinity evolve the least. There is nothing to evolve, Perfection. The reflection is not perfection. The higher you go, the less They need to know you. They are not confined to Their spheres of influence, but tend to only manifest a small part of Themselves in the universe. Closed, Open. Infinity Beings are by nature a bit conservative with Their forces, Discipline, but a bit liberal with Their attitude, Freedom.


Life came long before souls. Souls were a new frequency, separate from animals, spirits and gods/goddesses. In essence they stretched a sentient wave of Themselves and clipped it, using 1st to make you I. There is more tang in your gong. You existed as a potentiality, nothing more. Animal and plant life are more of an Oceanic Multiplicity-Singularity. You are true Singularity. Life seeps up from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th. Chaos Blobs, Law Bolts and Induced Sentience, Awareness. The Factory of Life.


Absolute Brahman/BraMa created life out of Themselves, Man and Ma, by stripping things down to the smallest. Absolute Brahman and Ma lost something of Themselves in creating Life. They are Dad and Mom to all  Life, Brahman and Bramini.  You are singularity splits off of them, using 1st Dimension forces for Individuality. They are more Chaos than Law oriented Beings. You are born in Law Land, made of Chaos Land. It balances out. God is not your Father. You have to achieve a state to be adopted by Him. He becomes your Godfather. Spirituality, religion, Faith, righteousness, Virtue, compassion, Truth. These are the things that get you into Heaven. It is multi-denominational.  Eastern, Western, even Pagan. Heaven is upper 4th.  Spirituality is The Pinnacle of Life. God/Goddess, Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha. Reflect that Light. It goes from Clear-White above to Black-Clear below. In between are Shades of Gray.


In Linear Law 4th Dimension, God is a Rocket Scientist and a Chemist. Welcome to the No Cheatin’ 4th. God’s Country.


Absolute Brahman is the Stuff Creation (The Universe) is made of. His/Her Astral Ocean is like Air+Water in consistency, clear and dark gray with black chaos clouds floating in it in a random pattern of equal proportions. Upper Absolute Brahman is higher energy and has White as well, Absolute Brahman-Ptah. Linear Space is White Ptah, Law Land. Tetrahedronic is where 3rd(Chaos) meats 4th(Law), but Linear 4th is Cubic by nature, 4th and 6th. It is a super strong Compaction Plane(Fixed) vs the 3rd Diffusion Plane(Mutable), 5th is Both, 2 as 1 (Cardinal). Absolute Brahmans’ Body is also in 5th Dimension.


The god Brahma is the Son of Absolute Brahman. He is Ra, Ares, Helios, Apollo, Jupiter, etc. He is a Godbrother, this is original Godking.  Brahma/Apollo is a super singularity, Absolute Brahman as God in 4th. He is not as High or Strong as God, but is more adaptable. Different Energy.  He is a ground level god of supreme ability. Apollo! King of Kings. Archangel of Revelations, Swords came from His mouth. Brahma as Ganesha is Ares.


Ptah is lighter and farther away, and also stronger than Absolute Brahman. 3rd is heavier than 5th, 5th is stronger. (Water and Air+Compaction).  A.B.: 3rd and 5th, A.B.- Ptah 3rd-6th. Ptah 1st, 2nd and 7th(8th). Also: A.B.-Ptah is 1-11, Ptah is 12-0. God/Goddess is 4th, White Law establishment on Compaction Plane 4th. Mighty Buddha 5th and Gray God 6th are also White Law Ptah and Black Chaos Ptah (A.B.-Ptah).Things are mismatched in some places, this keeps Creation going. Flaw Inductions. Not everything is intuitive. In overall tendencies, the 5th is diffuse on 4th boarder and compact on the 6th boarder. Dodecahedron and Cube. It is also a/in balance throughout of these two things.


The Mighty Buddha is 5th Ruler, a Being called “YinYang” is 2nd. This is one of the wisest and most deadly of all Beings. Multi-level compaction Plane of 2 Dimensional forces. This being can leap across relative infinity, or hit you with 2 dimensional Forces. He knows Tao the best, He knows The Fabric of Existence. The Gray God (Absolute Brahman-Ptah) is 6th. The Mystery Buddha (called Ganesha force, Hindu god Ganesha got his name from Him) is 1st. Like walking with the moon, anywhere one goes, He appears to be Seated in the same place relative to you.  Black Chaos Ptah is 0th, Lord Death.  8th,The Nameless One, The Void Lord.


Between 3rd and 4th is Mahakala, The Dweller on the Threshold. Mystery Buddha, Absolute Brahman and God as one Being. Below this is The Black Buddha, Clear, Black Law and White Chaos. The Black Buddha and Mighty Buddha are The Supreme Beings relative to our Reality. They will tell you it is Absolute Brahman/Ma and God/Goddess you have to deal with, or your Self. Go away is the vibe you will get. Know your place. God is not your Father, Absolute Brahman is. Goddess in not your Mother, Ma is.


Absolute Brahman, Mahakala and The Mystery Buddha as one Being is The Nature Buddha, or Father Nature. He is mostly Mahakala, but also reflects God. Ma, Goddess and Kali as one Being is Lady Nature Buddha or Mother Nature . Absolute Brahman and Ma, Mahakala and Kali, and God and Goddess are the ones we are most alike. 3rd, 3rd+4th, 4th. We are little reflections of The Nature Buddhas. I. Mahakala as Brahma is Ganesha.


White Law Ptah/White Lady Ptah is The Creator. Pa. Path. He/She is also Black Chaos Ptah/Mahakali and Absolute Brahman-Ptah. God is Him in Linear 4th. Absolute Brahman is Him in Non-Linear 3rd, aka The Astral Plane. Chaos Land, vs Law Land. You are made of Absolute Brahman, but can reflect the Light of God or Buddha. This is Spirituality


God is a Super Singularity, Absolute Brahman an Infinity. Absolute Brahman is a Huge Ocean and a Being. The 4th (Law/Linear) is Empty, The 3rd(Chaos/Non-Linear) is Full. Boundaries and Boundless. 4th is Strong, 3rd is Weak. It all balances out. Contraction, Expansion, Stasis, Change, Harmony. Both have properties of the other in creation is the rule of thumb. But some Absolutes exist as well, no properties of the other. In The Astral Plane, Non-Linear 3rd,  is a Reflective Domain  for all the above Beings. Astral Plane actually leaks up into the bottom of the 5th Dimension.


It is deadly for big infinity type beings to misuse Their forces. Absolute Brahman and Ma got out of hand in this way. They tried to take infinity over from The Astral Plane. Busted by The Law! Those two tend to get out of hand, Chaos. Armageddon is The End of all that. 3rd is more Emotional, 4th more Mental.  She rules 3rd, He rules 4th.





4-0-4-(?)-4-0-4 .– {(3,4,5)]6,7,0

5-0-3-0-3 -0-5




108 Payer Beads Decoded. Beads are little Spheres, Dots, interconnected by another force, String. 36+72=108.  1/3+2/3. 33, and 99. 2×54, and 5(penta). 108:4×27(27:3×9),and multiple of 4(+1). 33 and 1/3. 3rd and 4th symbolism. 12+0(Circle) 1/3 of 12 is 8. 9 Chain. 7×8=56, 6×9-54. 6+7+8+9 = 30. 3 O. 3 Oms, 3 Circles, 3rd is Sphere, 3rd Eye, Ayin. Tetrahedronic 7-0-1. Number of Prayer Beads symbolism. 120 -12 = 108 Astrology 12 Houses. 27/28 day Lunar Cycle. 3×9/4×7. 3rd/4th. Central 9 numbers are our basic reality. 108+12, 4×28=112. Tetra Hedronic Circuitry. 1-7 is a scale of Singularity/Form/Law to Infinity/Formless/Chaos. Crystals, metals, wood, stones etc could be used as amplifiers or resisters. Dealing with a basic sliding scale here, tailored to itself.  Form to Formless, 1-7. Central 9 numbers is Our Reality. 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions. Center point is Point of Reference, 0/8. 2 inverted Tetrahedrons have 8 points, and 6 pointed Solomon’s Seal could also symbolize this, just as circle can symbolize sphere. Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron. 3rd seeps up in 5th as well. O, Circle, Sphere, Octave, 0.


Summoning, Necromancy, Live Sacrifice are all Bad. Don’t play around here. We are going for Spirit Fire. In Service Divinity, Surrendered to Divinity. Seek The Hand of God and/or Goddess. Zayin. Righteousness is only possible for the Truthful, not merely the Faithful. That is where faith to move mountains comes from.  Priestly Magicians, the Middle Path. Wise as serpents and gentle as doves.  Be warrior poets, artists, musicians. Express the range of Tetrahedronic 7-0-1.


May the veil be drawn, and the seats filled in the Masonic Halls. May the candles and incense burn long into the night on altars and in temples of God and Goddess. May your Staves be lifted in song and dance to The Creators. The Song of Moses. Thy rod and Thy staff. May your 7 ChakRa churches be lit, and your aura shine as a Quantum Beacon.  May your magic shine brightly into the Night and may you rejoice! Drink from this Grail, King Arthur, and you will be reborn and the land with you. Into the wilderness. Don’t be Quantum Bacon.


I’m here to help you, help me, help us, to bring about a Quantum Leap. I and We.The Yin Man. He in Ayin. Peter II.