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Wiz Dumb

“oh shall I pay for you my rumple minze bum, me and my rum”

“when you put Rum and Lamb together you get Ram”

“so is as wine to whining, rum is to ramming”

Drinking too much is bad for the health and the mind and emotions, drinking a little now and then can light up your life. Drinking when you are young can have a bad effect on your development, but it happens anyways. Drinking a little probably isn’t that bad, but drinking a little rarely happens or doesn’t stay that way. The nature of drinking and the socialization of drinking leads to excess and surliness.

This isn’t just propaganda or political correctness, it is the actual points of truth that stick. I am not for the abstinence approach, it is wrong as well. “I was a teen drinker”. Fairly good at the game ‘quarters’. But I was also later on someone who drank soda at parties as well as or instead of alcohol. Idiot-Proofing and Low Potency are the Utopian Answer

Healing and Slowly

Try to get money, it switches around into sucker-punch, so switch Methods (macro tracks if possible, with T2 T3 Assistance) to Healing and slow and gently

Try to bring criminals to justice, it switches around into a sucker-pinch, so switch Methods (macro tracks if possible, T2 T3 Assistance) to Healing and slow and gently

[(Some of that old Church Mission stuff still Works Just Fine, including the No Sex Zone Solutions, and this is part of that Healing and Slowly that works and is needed. Don’t go trying to push your moralist doctrine with it, it backfired, and against the whole Mission)]

‘Be wary of the ‘too high states’ or praying as the solution, look for the meditative(which can be done in praying as a state of being instead of a state of asking), healing the astral body psyche instead of trying to call down divine powers’.

Sold as ‘Proving Us Wrong’, but it is a big Power Robber, ‘taking away Your power and using it against You’, and it comes from a Combination Evolution with Titanic Bosses.

Part of this is a Reality Platform and deals with The Titanic Two and The Third Titan.

The ‘Proving Us Wrong!’ Sucker Punch was in the end used with the logic of it proving us wrong not in us being wrong about right and wrong, but that ‘We Didn’t Survive and It Did…’

And I am not the Dungeon Master, the way Your Side always says…

Scary Jack o lantern face Halloween background

I am the largest and one of the longest standing Victim of this, and the Size and Scale are so ungodly huge and the timeline is so awfully anciently long, that They eventually Railroaded You into coming at Me, while They played Me and brought You to justice… more or less.

Macro Man fits perfectly in with Modern Western Freedom And Equality, as opposed to the Deity Path or Messiah Thing, both of which Use Powers and Have Impact, but are not the full 100% Truth of Existence, anymore than Spirituality is.


They, The Three Titans, are Stronger and Larger in the Middle of Existence, and Appear Larger and Sound Larger and Appear Older as well for that matter…

Chef hat. Vector black silhouette.

Victim{the term doesn’t fully fit with some parts of Me, especially(sometime exclusively, for the record) with Them around. I used to be quite large and a little too much of an onslaught and old real authority to just be a ‘victim’, and there are plenty of those in this arena} I am Not the Original Aggressor, I am One(a ball of a few actually, some parts of Me was once upon a time rescuing other parts of me, though they are often different Beings and with Combo Evolution as well, and got Jumped and have been forced to work with and endure Them) of the Original Victims. I am not the Ones who went too far the other direction trying to be the Justice or the Rebel.

Scary Jack o lantern face Halloween background


Jerusalem is the capitol of the holy land for a billion people. It is a secular mistake to treat it differently… and your law is against ‘our hearts’, when you do so.

… and what of Bethlehem? sayeth others, with wistful hearts

Jerusalem DC should not even be given a chance, it should be kept archaic and be ruled by three groups, Christians(a billion people, advanced military, strong economies), Jews, and Muslims, and be one of the focal points of the world and have something akin to UN and Rome standing.

Visitors should be required to don old robes and dress archaically, and if you don’t like that, don’t come to the Holy Land, for Disneyland will work just fine for you

{This Gambit was rife with problems from the beginning, and though it is/was supported by The Big Path there are major mitigating circumstances, and you have to back it up, as a group, and are bound to screw it up, as well.}

“White Racism and Christianity are too firmly wed at this time, and The Big Path isn’t really that much into another Crusade and puritan purge of the Holylands”.

You needed to Out-evolve who You were, not sit there and wait to pounce on the situation, and screw it up for everyone else but sit there firmly in control.

{Part of this 2000 year old Mission is Extra-Dimensionally Hooked-Up, and oft ’tis the naysayers who win too many times with second-guessing and shadow-boxing and exploiting our own over-achiever good-guy philosophy, and partly due to an inability to out-evolve puritanism and racism and being coned too much power over others’ lives and spirits… but this is still a Real Deal, for even after you ‘wake up from religion’ there is still the evolved Extra-Dimensional Platforms that were NOT just the creation of man as one might think from the church and the religion and history… it got given an ‘elevated value’, but still has real properties of ‘highness’ and real back-up of ‘mission’ and Jesus has Clout where God does not, and this is among The Younger Titans, and Has Evolved Kingship there, still intact.}

Titanic Realm -> Heaven and Mundane Miracle Macro Man OB Alpha Law Land
Ethereal Plane -> God and Goddess and Omega
Material Plane -> Linear Space
Astral Plane -> Shiva
Abyss -> AB Ma Chaos Land

The Answer to this problem is not the one that is logically sold in the ruling body.

The Answer is in Low Potency and Idiot-Proofing, not in Abstinence.

People like to drink, people like to get high, this is a Normal Thing.

There are entities that can Prosper by Addiction, and this is a major clue here that gets missed in the discussion

There are also weirder entities that like to spike the drugs and ‘have the problem remove itself’ (overdose).

The Problem is also in socializing it to be cool or ‘only the coolest people shoot up’, etc, a very bad thing, and being unable to maintain self-sufficiency, and making a huge mess with needles and such, both of which are on the civilian and druggies end of this.

The Problem that you need to deal with as Government is in the system and lack of understanding of the nature of things ‘even without addiction people like to do drugs for the effects’ and the fact that some entities in power and with secret doctrine are pushing those other things “addiction for profit” and “utilitarian purge”.



“Self-Sufficient Society”

You Are The System That Took This Land And Railroaded The Land-Owner Businessman Paradigm.

It should have gone into ‘maximizing food production’ and having free places to roam, and we build are own hovel and live free-range, not pay some outrageous rate to contractors and construction to meet the over-standards, or have to get a job to pay rent.

“machine-builder gatherer agrarian science marvel cornucopia utopia some-nomadic society”

There are a whole lot of options that have a whole lot less work, and the person doing the work mostly themselves, and that do not have your over-achiever standards, nor need you angrily trying to fix their problems when you are just another one of their problems that needs to be removed as a control and doctrine pusher.