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Indicate That ‘Radio DJ’s Would Outlast The Monetary System’.

Someone(s) Would Build The Place Out Of Necessity
Someone(s) Would Run The Place Out Of Desire

Out There In The Way Of Actual Progress, While They Develop The World Into A Worse Place To Live In, And Call It Progress.

The (Not) Pagans:

Brahma: Actual Original Eternal Infinite Being Predating Everything

Black Dragon: Older, Wiser, Larger, More Successful Than Jesus And God

Shiva: Actual Creator Of The Universe, Spearheaded Spirituality. Basically Created Spirituality. Older And Bigger Than God.

Ptah: First Change of Eternal Infinite Being. Older And Larger Than God.

Brahma-Ptah: Going Into Ptah State. Second Largest Being In Existence
Proto-Ptah: Going Into Ptah State. Larger And Older Than God

Buddha: True Contemporary of God, and not a pagan.

The Gray God: The Alpha. General, Football Player, The God’s Father. “Region God Grew Into” Created Heaven With God For God.

God is Real.


{The Largest Beings Cannot Operate Properly In This Smaller Arena, And Are Stuck In A Horrendous Mash-Up And War. Some Exploited This. Some Ran Away Long Ago. Some Stayed The Course}

GOD is not God
The Lord is not God

All Powerful is not God

In The Beginning was not God

Created Everything is not God


VIP (VID Very Important Deity): God
Needs Our Help: God

King of Babeland: God
For Ye Must Be As Children: God

Starts Out As Void Attaining Form: God

Whole Hole Holy. Om Void

Has Real Mission With Advanced Solidified Evolution And Extra-Dimensional Support, Including Help From Recovering Usurper, Unsurper, Cronus, Chronous, All Part Of ‘The Church’, As An Extra-Dimensional Body, And Part Of The Mission.

Which Means ‘Stay With What You Know Majorly Up To A Certain Extent‘. The Basics Practice Works Just Fine. When It Comes To Scriptures It Obviously Is Very Important Events Without The Rest Of The Truth. Don’t 100% It As Doctrine. It Has Truth. It Has Flavor. It Has Support.

“In An Advanced Era Of Power Expression The Larger Stronger Beings Subjugated Themselves To The Smaller Weaker Beings In Regions Within Creation. This Got Turned Around Into A Tactic Against Them.”


When You Are Judging And Warring ‘The (Not) Pagans’, And Your Religions Commit Crimes Against Them, THERE IS NOT A LOT OF HELP COMING!!!!


Usurper Era: God is stuck on the Inside of a Titanic Trap, Collapsing.

“An Era of Combining Selves during Form Creation Era lead to a Usurper Era. They had Created Of Themselves Something Stronger. It Began Sucking In The Individual Beings As Singularly Stronger. They Had Created Another One, And Warred The First With It. It Did The Same Trick. Now There Were Two Usurpers. The Usurper And The Kraken. Might Makes Right. Extreme Conditions. Amoral. Insane.”.

This Lead To Satan(2nd Usurper) And The Devil(1st Usurper).


“some of the actual Original Sin you done was against Me, and Jesus got cast in the role of forgiving you for it… but It’s still in progress!”

Lead to a Conflict of The Few VS The Many, and The Many are Subject to The Few from Prophecy, but The Truth is that The Few are also Divided Up and In The Many in Combo Mergers and Extensions, and there is Functionality as well as Destined. The Many are forced to go through The Few for The End, and this is part of Lockdown as well.

The Many as well are sometimes a ‘greedy dangerous multiplicity capable of using up Larger Beings and Growing in Size from it’. This was part of Coned Power as well, and how it got used. Part of Original Sin, as well.

There is a Group of Old Larger Beings, and a larger group of mid-size to small Beings.

The Prophets, Avatars, Messiah, etc are Made of Larger Older Beings, but are also among the newer mid-sized Beings.

They run into a problem: ‘being in Competition with for Same Ultimate Source’, and though They win on almost every other Contest, those last Few are The Beings Actually Bigger, and Will Not Give More Just For A Collective Mission To Succeed.

It Steals To Do So!

“well I Might something just like This!”

{This as well relates to My Disability, it is from ancient methods that ‘directly access Being’, and Being The Original Being meant getting Targeted by Many. ‘Crime Still In Progress’

Putting Me in Competition with the likes of Jesus also causes hardships, when He has a billion followers, I ain’t looking for any, and They Demand Grand for Here at The End.

Competition for My Own Beinghood, Original Size, and Ultimate Rights To Decide Methods}

“when Cornucopia Utopia is here you will have all the time to live a spiritual life not steeped in materialism nor reliance on a begging bowl or tithe, and heaven on earth may take a little longer than you think, and landowner job creation was NOT within their right to force on Us, it is an illegal method railroaded on us and mammon is it’s best friend”

and The Divine Role is something like High Priestess+Stripper

And it is 100% needed in certain Arena.

{Secrets of The Big Path, and Coned Power Era, Lightening Our Burdens, Enticing Gains, Gaining Support, Distracting The Enemy, Old Bargains, A Paradigm Shift, A Game Changer… and Rapidly Bored Of You With A Big Stage Around}