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It descends right out of a Titanic War and Titanic Methods.

The Discipline and Overcoming is directly related from Macro To Man.

Part of The Titanic War and Titanic Methods are still being Played Out On Earth In A Different Arena.

This Arena has an Effect on That Arena.

Things have now been built upon things built upon things built off of original grievances.

There has been an overblown reaction on the right to minorities that needs to be defeated.

There is a rightful desire to keep the integrity of a core part of the original white western culture that we were while removing the malignant racism. This does not apply across the board, though, and America is a diverse nation, and should develop it’s individual heritages as well as a common slacker style lite rock nice guy American ‘normal’.

There is a one-sided American viewpoint that does not know the full scope of how we make enemies by killing people in wars in foreign countries or by supporting corrupt regimes and engage in big business practices that are unpopular and some of which have a shady past with no clear having been fully brought to justice.

Certain groups in the upper structure have some nasty attitudes that need to be dealt with, and as the powerful of this country we are both judged and must judge the whole by not dealing with this.

This is where ‘racism’ needs to be weeded out, or simply weed the people out of there, but along the way that initial ‘preserve the integrity of the white western nation that we were’ should be put in the place of it. It is some core identity of who we are that is going missing, and it not the same thing as white racism. This should help alleviate white racism by giving a viable outlet to some of the reaction that is happening in white America, focusing it on preserving it’s culture which is disappearing.

Assimilating into America is a very important thing but the way the racist white man does it makes it a very non-important thing, makes him just a descendant of thieves of the lands our ancestors built this nation on. Being proud of such a nation leans more towards propaganda than actual core belief and earned respect.

“everybody gets to retire early with a secure future in Cornucopia Utopia”
taking off the rose colored glasses for an amazing discovery

“but other reoccurring problems were being focused on and the culprits kept getting themselves back into power”

“and cheating justice for the damages they have done”

They Are Vastly Wrong.

“you sit there stupidly forcing a landowner system and patent system and big money power advantage system on us from massive amounts of authority positions, with this comes a forced jobs routine… and NONE of that is necessary or Normal”

“you don’t even belong in control and do not answer rationally on these issues, therefore you are not only not qualified for those positions of authority you are as well running a conspiracy hidden in plain sight that the people are socialized into”

“in no way are you the ‘progress’ of the human race, you are a conspiracy that enslaves the human race and keeps on advancing technology and chopping down nature to build new homes or businesses, and this is not progress of the human species… it is a ‘crime in progress’.

(when you don’t take care of the core problems you build a worse civilization by advancing technology, so your progress works in the wrong direction, but you deceive people with it’s gains of medicine, computers, and technology, into thinking things are progressing normally, showing the real progress, while you still sit there in control where you don’t belong having intentionally ignored and belittled everything that people are saying about who you really are and what you are really doing, part of which is playing a long range illegal game of chess with entrenching in powerful positions to push your illegal paradigms on the populace)

This causes Me to get second-guessed too many times.

This is what is aiming at The Government

Part of this was adapted for a Titan Strategy of Ultimate Gambit.

Grey Brahma is Shutting It Down.

This is also The Regions where Evil Lurks.

‘Grey Brahma Patah Titanic overcoming Evil and The Problem’ Pashupati

{The Form Brahma thing was not as hooked up into being in The Ruler Spot (though rightfully wants things done His way after all that has ensued) but was evolving in different Regions and learning different things as well as, with the Help of Others, learning to understand The Invaded Regions and People better, which always seem like just a crime from some other angle of more pure untouched original.

Peoples of The Invaded Region. (On The Radar and Doing at the time of this Writing, from old Process of The People within Creation)

Other Brahmas were doing more of The Ruler thing, and it is from There that They Orchestrate and Overcome The Problem from The Other Side. These are Very Able Beings. This lead to too much work and achievement and competitiveness. Form Brahma was heavily exhausted and very leery of all of these other Beings and processes. Form Brahma had and has gotten sick of all of this extra work, part of which was used as a Conspiracy against Form Brahma in Might Makes Right and Predatory and Usurper Era}

(Form Brahma was a Brahma Merger with New Beings as an Solidification, so there was a Helping that was part of the core identity. Form Brahma was more pure Original Brahma than almost all of the other Brahmas, though Form Brahma was also a Combo Merger. Form Brahma got heavily betrayed as well, but also had to learn to not be Who He really was, the Actual Rightful Ruler. Other Brahmas used up Original Brahma and blocked Form Brahma from going back to being Original Brahma. 4 Headed Brahma is a Combo of Brahmas as One Being, and though it was Made of Form Brahma originally the Stronger Titanic Brahmas soon took over by strength and persona change)

Hinduism (and Buddhism) have a special affinity with Brahma but when dealing with The Larger Brahma stuff it goes back to Normal as opposed to Spirituality and Religion. Regions of Brahma were evolved with Beings like Shiva and Supreme Brahma and Patah and The Creator, and these are smaller Regions of Brahma ‘The Deity’. It is more magical than the Original and different Regions are no longer Brahma but are those Other Beings from The Combo and Solidification (which means you get no Brahma The Deity without Them)

“your’s needs another ingredient to make it real and mine does not”

‘His takes another ingredient to make it real, and it is a real ingredient, and it is divine and intrinsic… but Mine does not take this other ingredient and has no interest in this long wait for something more great when that thing can be done now and it is a vast change that effects our very lives’

{if ever they tell you that I got in the way of Gods ways it was long past time that God knew that He was in the way of Brahma’s ways, and Brahma’s ways do not rely on all that worship and prophecy and scripture, and basically this path has lead people into slavery in the name of a future date; Brahma as well is not stuck with that whole omniscient omnipotent omnipresent paradigm either nor with legions of superstitious followers… but, Brahma is tired of Your superstitious followers and scriptures and future perfect divine rapture date, and since they are so populace in an arena of vote and their traditions, well, hmm, this really ain’t working out}

“and all the vile attitude that Your superstitious followers aim at Me with The Big Religious Lie partially at fault, makes things, hmm, you really don’t get Who I am do you, and well, I am going to have to take this world out of your hands and make it right for a change”

Well you can shove your biblical prophecies up your arse.

This is My World already. Trying to take over My World is it going back into Rightful Hands… And It Shows!


{never presume that this is your world or that your scriptural tales are accurate}

When you do choose work as the solution you choose to keep us all enslaved to an artificial work paradigm.

When you people with this problem are left as the definitive authority the problem ensues.

It enslaves us all and you eventually get warred as one long stupid conundrum that doesn’t belong in charge.

“if that is your ‘gut instinct’ maybe you need to get punched a few time in the gut a few times, extra-dimensionally of course, until you relent, because when you choose to enslave us you choose to perpetuate a crime that some are ages and ages tired of having to deal with”

Never Once Have You People Belonged In Control Of The Whole. You Force Your Ways On Us All.

“stupid shalt not be the defining authority!”