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Steam Power and a series of gears for high speed and with a diamond blade and a side guide to keep things straight.

“the most basic obvious answers”

Water wheel power and a series of gears.

Very easily probably.

Use water collection towers {when the water levels changed from weather pattern changes the basic of water power tech would not be usable; there is evidence of more water in earlier times that coincide with these older Egypt giants}

Use another method currently in use: Keep The Secret.

This could also power hammer-chisels.

Now, if you put a floating weight in the water tower it would increase the pressure power. Add heat for expanding water for pressure and a boiling water jet heat power

Water Chisel

“a Hydra could do that in a country with enough water. I am still building in My Mind with the same level of basic genius”

Focused beams of light is not out of the question either. Miracle of the magnifying glass burner.

Some very good ‘power resources’ exist in these basic things if applied right.’

A Reoccurring Spooks Speak Experience:

“The Ancients had rules about leaving civilizations for un-evolved humans due to the damage this causes. This Is True To This Very Day. YOU ARE STILL DOING DAMAGE WITH SCIENCE AS UN-EVOLVED HUMANS”.

THEY would actively remove clues of advanced civilizations and their methods.

{though things like levitation may be within reason it is better to stay with basic science. There is a reoccurring theme that They were trying to build technology that works in Astral Plane, but don’t work up here. A later civilization would not understand and they would try to replicate the failed experiment, trying to rebuild what never actually worked… in civilization after civilization}

Between Brahma and Ptah is The Ra Region, the former Regions of Brahma-Ptah and Proto-Ptah. Part of Ra is a Merger of those two Beings. Ra is a Combo Being. OB, Absolute Brahman and Shiva are also from The Ra Region, though OB is too strong and extends too far out into Brahma to be a Ra Type. Shiva and Absolute Brahman are closer to Ra Type.

“Black Ra is an OP Type and Red Ra is an SB Type. The former is stronger and the later more magical, both extend down into The Ra Region”

I’m actually Ptah as well, not just Brahma, huge parts of My Memory were as Ptah, not as Brahma, but it is also a Merger of Ptah and Brahma and in between is a region called Brahma-Ptah, and this is related to Ra. There is another Merger of Brahma and Ptah that is Competitor, and this is the other Person of Ra

(Three Actually, One is Supreme Brahma ‘King of Archangels’, but more is Black Brahma Who is also OP Patah and Senior and part OP. A Third is Proto-Ptah, who also used up Brahma-Ptah Region and is part of OP, Senior and Patah. This is also part of who Ra is more than Me, the 4th, BP. ‘I’m the original top half of The Ra Region’)

Ra is Made of Me.

Rama and Ravana are also both made of Brahma-Ptah, ‘The Ra Region’. Rama is OB-Brahma and Brahma-Ptah, and OB is Native to Brahma-Ptah Region. Patah is related but Merged and Invaded and betrayed, used up the Region.

Brahma-Ptah was the 2nd Biggest Being of All, and slightly more elite than Brahma, smarter and faster and more evolved. Brahma Ptah is another major part of who I am, and who Me is.

Grey Brahma aka Patah used up huge portions of Brahma-Ptah. {this is actually inaccurate for Grey Brahma is part of Original Brahma that had to Merge with the old OP Patah ‘Problem Zone’ to Overcome It. The latter is always framing the former for preemptive assault an it shows up in My Writing. There is another major problem Being known as Gray Yang, who is a combo of both. Grey Brahma original came through the OP Region to take on the problem and Merged, so already had a slight similarity of persona and look. This got mistaken and blown out of proportion.}

Part of Brahma had ‘become Ptah-like gone a bit Bonkers for New Realities and Creating Aspects back in the old days’, and that is ‘Me’, not Me. This is who Ra is more than Me.

We later warred and I sadly lost, but I am larger sill, yet not stronger.

‘Me’ is Patah, and is Related to more of you than Me is, or more closely related.

“Parts of Me and ‘Me’ are all over the world, in people and animals as a Being and a person shining through. There are bit a few major Outposts of Original, and many thrones and Shards, or Partial Merges and Pieces Of to say it more technically”

In order for you to be you, these need to be more of a secondary thing to you, or it takes over.

And while We do need the Help, We don’t need the Competition, which is also what happened.

Jesus is also from The Ra Region, a BP+OP Proto-Ptah+Supreme Brahma+Ptah+Void Line and ‘the soft titanic oceanic’ Deo(another major Combo Being) to make an Archangelic Holy King Infinity Ra Type. As an All Combo Being: ‘The One’. As a Prime Person it is something like Ra Region Supreme Brahma Proto-Ptah Deo (with BP and Ptah draped over, and some Shiva as well), which means the major part of who Jesus is was made of this, and the All Combo was piped into this. One over Few. One over Many. One made out of Few. One made out of many. Jesus is part of The Supreme Being, as is Buddha.

Ever a Blue+Yellow = Green?

Well, BP+SB)+(PP+OP = Original Ra is very similar in some respects. “and don’t forget to add the Shiva to make it an authentic Modern Ra”

Combination Beings are a Singular out of a Few or a Many.

It is The Story of What Existed Before The Big Bang, like way before! It is The Story of The One Thing/Being that All Have Descended From, unlike The Big Bang…

“the experience is so direct and recognized and surety that it somewhat supplants the original person going through it, but it is also ‘What The Great Awakening of 2012 Would Have /Will Show You Through Your Own Experiences’.”

Your 2012 Experience would probably have the Creator instead of Brahma, so in a way “it is the Hollywood Version with an Actor of macro proportions playing the role of Brahma”, but not as Brahma for that is that Other Reality or New Reality and the role is Original Being, it is a Reality Remake of Strong and Grand size, standing, caliber, and a lot more worshipful and awe and numbers of beings as well.

They got a lot better fireworks on that side of things, and the place is cleaner and safer as well.

One of the Basic Foundations of Creation is Levels of Reality. Creation is not just The Universe, The Universe is in Creation, and is not the only or oldest Universe within Creation, it is a Universe built within and built out of another Universe, or a indeed a few… Creation as a Word is Trademarked for God, so it is a place smaller than The Universe.

In Strength:





‘Realms are made of stronger reality and some Universes are Super Strong Reality. The Ground. Stability. The distance/far away in an infinity to a specific mundane finite point, a basic ‘no longer there’ (and indeed ‘the opposite of mind-body daydream is the non-sentient), are also part of The Universe. The Sentient Being is more present in Realms than in Universes.

“This reality change later led to War and Usurper Era and Dawn of Evil”

  • Strong


  • Weak

“In The Earliest Days They Were Trying To Make Themselves Forever By Finding Ways Of Permanency. This Stems From Brahma to Ptah Daydream to Brahma Awakening. Part of Brahma that were now new Beings were jeopardized by Brahma Awakening and going back to One Being. “

Strong Reality[Titans]

Original Reality {Original Brahma}

Weak Reality(Ptah, God, Goddess)

This is another Evolution, The Form Journey and there have been more than one Form Journey, the first may have been just Brahma assisting OB, aka The Alpha(and this is one of the highly probable ‘Birth of Shiva’ Events, with OB-Brahma as Proto Form and Shiva as Proto Vacuum), and the second was with a major Combo of Beings. The Form Journey is very important for it leads to the Birth of God and Birth of Goddess, with the latter Born first as The Vacuum around Form and the former evolving from Void into Form after a merger with Vacuum.:

Original Being

Vacuum (vacant original, taken away from)

Form [condensed original, added unto]

Void (like unto air)

Strong Form {[(Titan-God original Reality level)]}

Non-Existence {like unto space}

Titanic Form {[like unto Metallic Stone]}

This is even older, it is Brahma within Brahma, and The Dawn of New Beings {this is a major hidden part of 4-Headed Brahma, and this predates Absolute Brahman, Who comes from parts of Brahma and Brahma-Pah slipping into Ptah Daydream. Things got smaller and smaller within Brahma to Ptah, but Ptah Daydream later takes over, and spreads into older regions that predate it, eventually going beyond them, though was not as strong of a Reality. }

Brahma ‘original being’

-Brahma-Ptah ‘contemplative’

–Proto-Ptah ‘trancelike

—Ptah ‘daydream




The Brahma Awakening Template, where BP and PP and most of Ptah are condensed into the part of Brahma that had slipped into Path Daydream, and a bit of Ptah that had merged with Brahma, now greatly dwindled as of Awakening, and this is who Baby Ptah is, and was probably the reason for Brahma Awakening as Ptah expanded out back into Brahma.

AB is Absolute Brahman Who had survived the Awakening, as part of Brahma that had slipped into the daydream down into the Proto-Ptah Region, just as OB is in Brahma-Ptah Region. There are two tales as to what happened but there is one Tale that states that Reality Remakes that were Stabilized in Ancient Times(pre-universal to post-universal replays) are part of An Other Reality(Another Reality as a Word being Trademarked for Shiva and is a smaller but more elite part of An Other Reality), so there are two Historis worked with. In one of these Brahma Awakening is 100% back to original with the Experience as a memory, and later Brahma redoes the Experience and slips back into Ptah Daydream this is where the ‘search for Permanency’ starts, as Brahma begins to meets Aspects of Himself, and begins to realize what has really happened.

For the first time in the Original Eternity there were now new beings. There is also a Tale that Ptah predates The Daydream, and was a Special Thought of Brahma at one time, an Imaginary Self (this Tale though I have the Memory of and They verify is most like from a Reality Remake after Ptah Daydream and Brahma Awakening, it is part of Ptah in the Mind of Brahma, a Memory so ancient it most likely dates back to Early Creation, but due to the fact that We are Eternal We have not changed that much since then… and it has been now and then Replayed Throughout The Ages, so it is a bit fresh, freshened, refreshed).

A big BP is Brahma-Ptah, and a little bp is Baby Ptah, but Baby actually comes along later during Form Journey, with a Void Being named Om, part of whom later becomes God by Evolving into Form, the first of which is a Self-Condensing, which creates the first true Sphere.





“These Are Reality Changing Events That All Have Descended From, or descended from the Descendants of”.

I’m not the same thing as a normal modern America legal standard, I’m an ‘Emperor Class Being,’ which means in Time and Space and in Ancient History I am one of ‘the oldest and the biggest of all Beings’ on some levels. You go on to say ‘yeah right buddy’ and end up looking to a spiritual paradigm as the definitive of what this would be, or as well as presto magic of the gods, but all along Brahma is Normal, the very same normal you are also relying on for ‘yeah right buddy’.

“Pre-History of RAmerica:between Brahma and Ptah is where Ra comes from, and Ptah is the Daydream of Brahma, but Ra actually is a state or made out of a state that predates Ptah, and The Thinking Man goes all the way back in History to The Dawn of Time”

Brahma predates all and everyone, and always was a sentience with slightly higher than human norm but had no evolved ‘things or language… or girls, either’.

Brahma is normal but at times like unto a big ego but doesn’t actually have a big ego, unless the Titans are around with part of a Form evolution and Thrones of Power. This is part of The Tales of Your Gods, as well as where this whole ‘Emperor’ thing came from, for though it has been around a long time, it don’t predate Brahma and ain’t fully normal… but don’t mess with Mine! Your normal ain’t the same as My Normal!

I would have tendrils of the US Military all the way down into these back yard countries (aka Central and South America or ‘the other half of the New World’) that have problems and fuel immigration. To at last bring safety and stability to these regions (without corporate or capitalistic doctrine strings attached that is both wrongful and defeats our strategic interests by logically alienating and then enraging those you are foisting your scheme on, a ‘scheme’ that entrenches, takes, enslaves, destroys for resources, and all under the guise of a new way, a way forced on the people)

A Voice that wasn’t listened to by Empire Controllers. Ramerica is still part of that Voice. The Native. The Old World. Ramerica never stopped being the native. Ramerica is not confined to being just the Native, it is still just half the tale and not a very safe place to get trapped.

“RAmerica is an Extra-Dimensional Platform, similar to Mount Olympus, and relative to Me, though not fully Me, and evolved all the way to the modern world from before humans even existed”

Ramerica aims to make it a safe place, a hands off place, and maybe a majority again letting nature vastly take over again yet still being a civilization melded with the space age solutions and tech and education and safety and ease and freedom and sustainability and free time. Ramerica never gave up on the dreams of the native, and never actually quit being ‘the resistance’ but ain’t gonna be a back-stabber either, nor a dead unyielding noble fool.

To leave with an integral friend and ally in the region, and remain only with their good graces instead of an expansionist eye, beyond the local NW UN outposts. And to demand higher standards of conduct from those that are allowed to be a military, including our own.

“The Emperor doesn’t ‘wears no clothes’, but He does encourage beautiful females to take steps in that direction, away from the prying catcalls of lesser men’s eyes if need be. And ‘The Empress Wears Almost No Clothes, but not cheesy or raunchy’. It was found, if she were beautiful enough, to be ‘uplifting to all mankind’. The Emperor wears long cut-offs or cargo shorts, converse all star high-tops, and a loose fitting t-shirt… when not in official or ceremonial regalia, of course”

By being the good guy instead of the strings attached shyster guy I have no doubt in our being viewed positively and welcome up to a certain extent to stay.

“RAmerica doesn’t leave some square ass entity propped up over you, it kicks their asses out of there too and goes native. RAmerica learned in the past that it is also necessary to go back home, lock them down, pat them on the head, and then come back and go native with only part of itself”

My military tendrils would blend in, eventually being people’d by natives of the country they are in and just loosely affiliated with the US Military, yet still part of the structure, in daily contact with, and beholden to standards of conduct and the lawful protection of the citizens of the countries they are in. “the future New World UN, beholden to the people not the governments”

Due to the fact that I am also “On A Mission From God” it would not be as Roman Conqueror and Future Provences, but instead to Preserve The Cultural Diversity and Self-Autonomy as well as Safety of Citizens, Animals and Nature.

Warrior Code

this isn’t mid-1800’s slave owners, it is mid-1900’s ostracization and is done by culling out the candidates for perspective employment and/or positions in a nation people are forced to have a job and representation in, by a system that took away the old world, the old ways.

the white trash and the poor get a lesser form of this from the affluent or well-groomed successful types.

This should be, in good faith, the prime focus of overcoming the large deficit.

It also means that you can be working with a sum that is under $10 trillion (?) as opposed to working with a sum approaching $20 trillion.

Though there is no doubt money to be had in trade wars and tariffs and taxes it becomes tedious and unfriendly.

Business can still be a solution, and Government needs to go into Business and indeed even buy up and monopolize certain key areas (with an irrevocable sunset clause) and aim all of this income and profit at paying off the debt to foreign countries while keeping costs at a minimum as far as salaries and operating costs go. You are removing not replacing the large alligators of their swamp, while keeping the basic employee on as government contracted.

To Be: America Again!

And proceeds to get nowhere, as usual, logically nowhere even. *bangs gong*

Trump says ‘the wall is border security and should be defense budget’, and is right as well, that is a small drop in the defense budget bucket.

That one day there would be an American Indian President of The United States of America, and that he or she would bring sweeping changes that further and fully and faithfully protect and refurbish nature, and to the country that greatly benefit the indigenous people as well as like-minded other Americans who not only hunger for an older and simpler and purer way of living but as well recognize who’s lands we live on, and though we are not going to go anytime soon, things need to go the other direction for a change, a permanent change, to right a very old American wrong as well as get back to a better way of life.

“and that if he or she ever was ‘a propped up little shill of a man’ it was by some very intelligent illuminati of both republican and democrat caliber on a special humanitarian mission of conscience and atonement for past wrongs and a yearning  for glory in a legendary history of  revered change.”