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There is so much more important stuff going on, and it is far more relaxed.

“it sells you as if you are going to get something done in politics but the reality is far different, and you are on the wrong course the whole time working with ‘the paths laid out for us’ instead of ‘the change that works best’ which isn’t even on the table of politics due to wrongful ‘control doctrines’ of government built off half-truths and sold with half-truths”

“give unto Jesus what is Jesus’ and get Me a bottle of good whiskey, some money, and a ticket to a tropical beach, you tyrant titan bastards!”

– OB Me

{part truth, part humor, part reality programming lite}

“The Dawn of Time” a lot of this stuff you dolts are writing off as wacky is the story of who you really are, where you really came from

They will remember This, and that I gave you the linear space normal solutions to change the world for the better for everyone else, 2 very important real ones(Cornucopia Utopia and Great White Juggernaut of Good), that you as a ruling body of world spanning governments ignored!

“and if global warming turns out to be bad and spurred over the edge by human contribution, and if little pockets of species go extinct, it will be you remembered as ‘those that dropped the ball on the important stuff and opted for status quo, jobs creation, and control’, and your statues are going be a lot more than defaced!”

.. well, actually one side of the isle did better than the other at this global warming stuff and world peace stuff, but they stopped at carbon tax, flubbed the immigration problem, and having no workable angles or enough credibility in the regions had thought sanctions on human rights abuser government were still the answer, so they get a C or D grade where you are getting an F.

5 seconds, Bob.

“they are all different names of God”


These are all different Deity, members of the same Mission of God which is piped into The Creator Being.

The Biblical Stories come from this Region through incarnate people who are in communion with this.

The Saints may or may not be getting it accurate of who is saying what at the time, it is all lumped into one thing within The Creator Being, and this Massive Being {Made of Brahma as well} is part of The Church and The Mission. The Creator Being in another Region/Evolution is changed and this is Allah, part of the Core Power of The Creator.

The Creator Being is also related to Father Time and Santa Claus.

The Mission has been concurrent and evolving all the way to modern times.

The Archaic is Stabilized Past, Our Elder Selves and is a vital neccisity, one of the best flavors available.. well, actually the best.

Where We Came From.

Who We Still Thankfully Are.

Time of Greater Power and Advanced Knowledge now Locked Down , but it still exists.

The Macro.

“God is the original, GOD is part of The Creator and Chronous that evolved with and in the likeness of God. The Lord God is one of The Good Titans helping God, like Jesus is, and Jesus is not God either.

Deo is part of who The Lord God and The Lord are, and Deo is another ancient massive Combo Being that is more arch angelic but less strong than The Creator. Deo is also related to Jesus or part of Jesus in a Combination Merger and another Region/Zone

The Lord is part of the same Being as The Lord God but in a different region and is merged with Chronous and Helios, and Helios is also part of The Lord God, and Helios is also The Gold of The Halo and The Gold of The Crown.

Helios comes from a region near God, Helios is The Final Form where Om Void first appeared and Om Void evolved into Form and this is Origins of God.

Om Void is also the origins of baby, and this is from the same journey that lead to God within Goddess.

Om Void is also where The Sphere first was created.

As well “God and GOD are White and The Lord God is Black and White Face, and The Lord is Black Void Form”.

The Black is from Ptah or OP Senior Ptah, and The Lord God and The Lord is probably part Proto-Ptah as well.

{This is from what They are showing Me, and like a totem pole if you went down within these Beings, other than God, you would find more going on. God is considered a Merger Being and the others are Combination Beings, and God predates them though is not necessarily bigger, and this is part of The God Problem}

DON’T quote that Book at Me!

Don’t blame God.

You mean the book that mentions Brahma does not mention the rest of the actual facts?

Don’t quote that book at Me!

Don’t blame Hinduism.


There seem to be some lock-outs during certain times and with certain subject matter.

Overall you people tend to authorize a lot of stuff that seems legal from your perspective but in reality you are people who once tried to ‘steal Creation itself’ and are stuck in various regions in various states of emergency, that you use to subvert people’s normal rights fro an advanced emergency that you are a less culpable party in and have made things worse in the past, don’t want to change in the present, and are heading off to hell in the future.

You are The Titans and are part of Linear Space Government.

Though you are not actually evil you are in a continuous state of one form of crime or another, all of it tyrant oriented and dictating terms, and military dynasties

When you commit thee lesser crimes that cannot be pinned on you and you know it and therefor push that and you occupy those tyrant position own as government preventing people like me from a full sweeping investigation into who or what is in my computer slowing it up and lag locking at certain points… that no longer always seem coincidental


Visions and Conversations is Where It Comes From, and these are of Astral Plane, Ethereal Plane as well as Proto Universe and sometimes Older Universes, and these are The Places that We Incarnate From probably with a Sub-Dimension Base near Linear Space.

You can sit there and philosophically speculate on your soul but this is actually seeing and knowing and remembering, and done with a Group of Deity, They Who Created All of that stuff you are philosophically speculating on.

The Actual Dawn of Time starts with the Initial Change of The Original Being

“In The Beginning there was only Brahma, and eventually Brahma first went into a Daydream and that Daydream is Ptah”

In Reality They say it happened in Stages of States of Mind Body.

Original Brahma “Eternal Infinite Sentient Normal Being Body-Mind”
Brahma-Ptah ‘contemplative’ and mental body-mind zone
Proto-Ptah ‘trance-likes’ and physical mind-body zone
Ptah ‘daydream’ and mind-body zone

All 4 of these evolved separately and there were others soon to come, OB Gray God ‘The Alpha’ and Absolute Brahman, and Baby Ptah, of Whose Origins are from Brahma Awakening and a Holding On For Dear Life of parts of the New Zones Beings as well as part of Brahma that had slipped into Ptah Daydream and were stuck there when Brahma Awoke, and Dwindled Ptah is Origins Baby Ptah.

Imagine yourself doing things and then try to do them in reality. These New Being Zones were weaker and more Mental but as well the Mind Body Zones could actually do things that the Original Being could not. The Dawn of Magic.

It didn’t Transfer, or more aptly Original Brahma Zone still could not do these things that the Newer Smaller Weaker Being-Zones Within could.

Yeah, you can that in your imagination, not in reality.

“Levels of Reality”

But unlike here Ptah could do things that Brahma could not within Ptah’s own Realm. The little person of you that you see in your imagination that can do things you cannot is very similar to Ptah within Brahma, but Ptah actually is that little person and can do these things just as you visualize the little you doing these things.

The Indweller was actually made of something part Mind and Body, where the Original was closer to Body and Mind, and we are an evolution of both of these.

Ptah has more limitations than just imagination, Ptah is Mind-Body, and Ptah. But the evolution don’t stop here, and they went on to evolve imagination beings that were real, or mind zone effects of macro scale that we can gradient ourselves down to and explore the realm with greater ability than ever known. In The Mind of Shiva and Ptah. This was done with Void and Ptah as a merger and further evolution onto Mind and Weak and Small.

Thee OB and AB Regions is where Proto Form first arises, and this leads to Brahma Combo Form Journey, and this is where Proto Vacuum (Origins of Shiva), and Vacuum(Origins of Shakti) and Vacuum (Origins of Goddess) and Void (Origins of God) come from.

Shiva is Pre Form Journey Proto Vacuum actually, from OP and OB within Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, and Proto-Ptah. Shiva is one of the oldest Beings of all, Predating God as well.

In Early Combo Mergers The Void and The Vacuum had a Merger Zone, and this is Original God.

Original God eventually attains more Form with OB Merger Assistance and this is God, and God as well Merges with Form Brahma Assistance and this now is also God but as well goes out onto Zeus ‘The Brahmahood of God and along with OB Alpha part of God’s Throne’

The OB Gray God evolves part of HIMSELF towards the new Void and Vacuum states and this is the Origins of The Alpha

“when you get the Shing Shang Wing Wang, and hopefully that doesn’t mean anything in any Asian language, it is said cutesy western but with a good bit of Asian flare and very related to YinYang or indeed YangYin, as a Being (OP East)… so, like I was saying, when you get the Shing Shang Wing Wang you will have Self-Verification with phase-vision and experience and won’t need to rely on anyone’s ancient or any others’ wacky words and stories, you will get to experience them and hear explanations and them verified or debunked, which can sometimes take a few passes through and as well some of the stuff is new Reality and needs to be a Different Version of History

God did Create The Heavens and Earth, but it isn’t this one, it is in another Realm, just like Heaven is.

God did ‘Created The Heavens and Earth’ and had them Piped Into Sentient Experience and we have been thankful ever since, it really lights up the way we experience the place down here on Earth giving us the feeling of heavens when we look up into the sky and at the sun shining down through the clouds.

“it is sacrilege to find this place, the roots of it, within, and the reason why is it tends to initiate an assault on the region, which is one of the reson for the great mystery instead of the straight facts”

There is even a Creator that Created All Things, and this is from a New Reality or Reality Remake, and you are not allowed to go at that it is a Reality Stabilizer and part of The Church Mission and a Big Powerbase of Good with The Titans and of course God has a Throne there as well, and an elevated on high status of VIP and Rulership, for this is still part of God’s Mission and The Big Path.

This relates to as well The 5 AT or Ancient Titans. These were Combo Beings that came along next, first was Cronus OP+OB, second was Gray Yang OP+OB+Proto-Ptah (related to The Serpent) third was White Ptah (unknown the full stats, but SB and Ptah are part of this, and it is also thought that it is just the same group as Gray Yang plus those others. In the initial telling Big Mike and The Giant Kid are offered to who is next, but it is unknown. The biggest one of these is The Creator, and may have been created out of everything at the time, and this BEING later merges with OB Bulk and The Usurper is Born in Era of Form Power.

There is a mitigating circumstance behind The Usurper which is The Creators of The Creator had put Their Self into The Creator, and All Combo. They later found out that ‘infinite isn’t infinite’ and due to the Original Nature of Brahma They Panicked and tried to remove Their Power from Combo Beings, and this created a War. The Combo Beings felt Their very power of the stuff of live being taken away and attacked back.

OP Black Brahma with Grey Brahma had another being like The Creator/Usurper and this They jacked up and had assault The Creator.

Wars of The Titanic Two. As well OB and OP were warring each other for ultimate supremacy.

These Wars are what produced ‘Allah and Muhammad’ and and an aberration produced ‘The Devil and Satan’, who the former have been at war with ever since.

OB Cronus ‘Allah’ and OP Gray Yang ‘Muhammad’

And thus “Allah Created All but Muhammad Created Everything”

They are made of All The Creators That Created Everything, which was the truth at the time of Their Creation


But all along “There Once Was A Being Named Brahma, Whose Name Merely Sounded Like Rama, And He Was Tired Of All The Drama.”


{Technically Speaking Me has a Foundation of Original Brahma but is also Brahma-Ptah and Ptah with OP, OB, SB and Shiva and OP-SB-OB Grey Brahma, ‘Me’}

“It is said that though this is all recorded in Brahma it is Shiva that Remembers”

Well, you just can’t believe everything that is said in other planes of existence, but there is a truth in that. It is Shiva that is helping Me remember this stuff, some of which I{Brahma and Ptah} was barely there for, and it is Shiva that is helping Them remember as well…

Shiva, along with Creating The Linear Space Universe[as a Combo Being with Them, but Shiva is Creator and Idea Guy] and Sex(by adding form back to vacuum in a heightened experience) as well created/invented all sorts of ways of storage of history and tricks to remembering, and One of the Founding Members of Martial Arts and The Sacred Warrior.

“Stories pf The 5AT are part of a New Reality Stabilizer, and may have been hastily thrown to together from older Stories. The Beings are real, and part of who we are in the modern world.

There are further tales of Combinations, and this leads all the way to who all the rest of people are.

This may have been shut out due to an Invasive Rewrite of Reality that Destroys The Older History it is Written Over.

This is also how you got the tag “Mortal Man” (along with temporary bodies of linear space incarnating, a place you have specialized in and are holed up at, though it is actually Titans and evil that are the problem and use the bad method including co-opting others).

As well it was forbidden, and still is, to create Big Beings anymore, so all of the newer evolution is with smaller beings, and this is less defend-able easier to kill, and under assault the whole time, just as the bigger beings are.

The Process is Locked and can’t shut down, and you will get exposed to danger from the knowledge of where you came from for “evil will attack the very root of who you are from the very origins of where you actually came from”


The Brahma Awakenings are what spurred, preserved, and perpetuated “the march of titans and tyrants, on an old mission ‘to create a stable reality, Stronger Than Original Nature, the titanic level reality, this eventually went very awry.

OB stands for Original Being, and this is part of The Heritage of The Gray God, and Coded to The Gray God, The Alpha, and OB also stands for Original Brahma. OB-Brahma, ‘The Taurus’, is some of the most important stuff around you may not notice, just as OB does not want to be too noticed by GB or OP, due to Losing The War of The Titanic Two, and Being Invaded and Robbed of Power by Predatory Attack. OB-Brahma is trying to find a way to use Original Brahma to fight back or two stabilize, and Brahma later Concurred with OB but got Cut Off by GB and OP who have a huge advantage of absolute strength of titanic form that Us and Form Brahma cannot contend with.

The OB is part of Brahma that had slipped into the Brahma-Ptah Zone during The Ptah Daydream, during which Brahma Power was Naturally Recessed.

Absolute Brahman was part of Brahma that had slipped deeper into Ptah Daydream, but probably as well was originally Brahma-Ptah who had slipped in as well, earlier, and OB naturally later Merged with AB as OB slipped in or from later Emergencies of Brahma Awakenings, and this changed Absolute Brahman.

as a Republic which one of these is going to win: The President or The Emperor

“the current President is of The Line of Golden Kings and The Younger Titans, extra-dimensional speaking, and that is important, very important, and will remain so, it is also with The Supreme Light of The King of Archangels” {That is of course actually Supreme Brahma (notice the last name there, it matters, it really does matters and signifies original eternality and original infinity), Who is part of both Jesus and Indra, but with Helios The Golden Halo… but the current President is also with a bit of Mellow Yellow from a more relaxed environment and with the support of original normality and relative equality, which is good for them Archangelic Types are Perfection Set Pillar and can be a bit unyielding, and The Golden Kings are also on Thrones of Power that are Extensions of Self as well and New Being Self Assistance}

“When you mess with the Emperor power transfer back to Me through ‘Me’, the actual Creation level macro scale original Emperor, Who is Grey Brahma-Black Dragon-Pashupati-Patah or ME The Gray God Titanic Ruler General as well as He, King of Archangels. THESE ARE THE TITANIC TWO and The Three Titans, All Three of which are Other Brahmas and Part of The 4 Heads of 4 Headed Brahma along with Shiva, Loki(op ganesha proto-ptah), Heimdal(sb baby ptah peter ptah little helios) and Oor(ob om baby ptah and god) who are Jr Brahma thrones, and Original Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah and Patah as well as with an overlapping base of Allah and New Brahma 5 AT (Billy WallAce), and these are Separate from Me extending into other zones of just Them or Other Oceanic combo beings regions… and things get connected to things and piped into things all the way up to our human bodies and human focused institutions of governance and rule

and you are the government and are making determinations for economics and control it is YOU who don’t know what you are talking about, and it is YOU that gets to go!


that is more than a little true as well “and you think that we can’t see”

Confess Your Sins, Rulers!
Repent, Republican, Repent!!!

They are the actual facts of what your secret doctrine and world governments are doing.