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Titled under: “Problems with living in the North West”.

it is about ‘harpen on ya about doing the right thing’

TRHD is a lot of pinnacle peak piped in moments in from Elsewhere, or experienced by the Writer from the works of others (as well as Others), as well as vital information from Other Realms and Earlier Evolution, not fully recorded by the ancient text on purpose. In fact this was My roll here at The End, the Place it would all come pouring back into, the Original Being, Original Brahma, and a lot of Combo Evolution with Deity. {‘The Stuff is made of Me, and B BP P bp. Just add OP Proto-Ptah and it’s Milarepa. Just add SB Shiva and it is Chaitanya}

And it was I/Me in this life that collected the Important Info to Focus On. {I am an Unremembered Emperor Class of The Line of Deity, One that is and isn’t, but somewhere My Voice and Input is Heard by Them, The Gods/Titans Themselves. The Deity}

“I didn’t invent Utopia, but I am gonna shove it down your throats like bitter medicine”

“I didn’t invent Lolitas in miniskirts and thigh-highs, but I am gonna shove it down your throats like bitter medicine”

(They are not fully sure on that one, as a Deity Class I was no doubt part of that evolution, and no doubt part of the utopia one as well. That’s why I’m so prepared, see!)

“I didn’t invent ‘Sex Doll Soft Robots’ with Real Human Voices, but boy, it sure solves a lot of Problems!”

“for ye must be as children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven”

{There are Macro reasons why the initial Laws were set, and one of which was Integrity of a Region, and this was in the Era of Might Makes Right and Usurpers Overloading Goddess, and Sex running rampant, and a Need For Original Regions To Stay Intact, and the Beings to Stay Together. Divine Family. It is also The Era of Handsome Heroes Hailing From The Same Region As God… *ahem*}.

God’s Ways are The Special Few.

Israel speaks this rather loudly.

Let it be known as a real truth, and not an intentionally racist truth, but an emergency truth and a mission still in needs of completion.

“Just like with you and your family, there is a Divine Family that God must keep track of first”

Jesus is both All and Everything as a style of Being(as well as being partly Original Brahma), and covers this end of things for Christianity, but is not more special than God.

All(SB, The Original One, The One- Stronger than you style)
Everything(OP, Original Original One -weaker than you style)

The bigger and stronger Beings by neccisity must take a lesser role around the smaller and weaker Beings

Jesus is a Master at this Bridge between these two. A natural spot in Existence and ancient evolution with the weaker Beings.

Intrinsic Soft High Energy Beings: Angels

Intrinsic Hard High Energy Beings: Arch-Angels.

High Helios. High Energy Sentience Interconnected With and Slightly Within and Shining Through Void and Vacuum.

SB High Line that works with Jesus.


God does not ‘Want to be All Things’

God is not big enough for that and it disperses Him and is part of an ancient evolution gone partially wrong, [( Helios with SB ‘All’ and Shiva with OP ‘Everything’ are the major All and Everything ‘Style and Method’, for God it is Connected To All, same as for Brahma and Ptah. The Others are Strong Within All, and this can become a problem)] … as well as a titanic conspiracy against God to push it on Him

There are other Beings that are larger and older than God, though not more special or well placed or even able in this arena around Earth.

These are the Beings that make up the bulk of what most of us are made of, with a small amount of God was well that helps light us up and soften us, and dutify us.

The Initial size of Original Beings dictates that God, Who came from Om Void originally, and Goddess Vacuum, were the Two Smallest and Weakest.

God has another Allie among the Titans, and this is Chronous and through this partly Cronus as well. This is part of an OB Gray God (Who Created Cronus) Big Path Endeavor and is where Church comes in, as well as Christened. Chronous evolved partly in the Likeness of God as a Big Being, and as well helps Goddess. Not only Church either, Chronous is also The Good Guru, the real one, not the charlatan.

See the Forms as getting Smaller and Stronger, while the Formless are getting smaller and Weaker by inverse nature of amount of Stuff used up, and as well a less Being as first OP and then OB peel of to Their Own Zone. The Titanic Two. OP bigger and weaker{(a Brahma Stabilizer for Ptah)} and OB smaller and stronger {[The OB Emergency Grab Ahold And Use Up Method that stems from from Ptah Daydream and Brahma Awakening that lead to Form in the first place]}. Original Brahma evolves with both OB and OP, both of Whom are Original Brahma in a different state.

The Brahma Form Journey with OP and OB, Predates Modern Universe. Leads to Proto-Universe that the Modern Universe is Built of.

Original Brahma ‘Original Infinity as it were, more basic than diverse’
–SB Combo Being BP and Original Creation Zone
-Shiva Proto-Vacuum
-OP Form
-Shakti Strong Vacuum
-OB Form
-Goddess Weak Vacuum
-Form Brahma
–Om Void
–Final Form ‘Original Singularity as it were, an evolution of a special advance state, Form Power’


Therefore in a basic build there will be a lot less of this in you, but as well They are trying to ‘amplify Their Presence’, making the smaller and weaker part greater, and this is also part of the ancient Mission and Methods of Transference and Equalizing Things by Elevating/Strengthening The Weak as well as Coned Power and Throne Power

God was growing bigger back in the Early Times.

Goddess was growing bigger back in the Early Times.

This was not something that could be maintained forever, this growing bigger, for it Used Up Someone Else through Transference.

Divine Heritage states that God and Goddess got big enough already but are still owed; as well did not get to keep it all or utilize it enough for completion of The Mission.

God being Void originally directly relates to Purity. The Om Void was the most easily effected, and Purity, keeping it clean of foreign things, was a major must.

Goddess as well being a Vacuum was easily effected and helped evolve Purity, but is not was Clear as Om Void.

Goddess Vacuum evolved partly into the likeness of Om Void, and this is Eos.

Om Void evolved partly into the likeness of Goddess Vacuum. This is where Original God comes from, after Sphere God, Condensed Om Void Form.

Original God next evolves beyond the vacuum state up into OB with help of OB, The Alpha, and this is God; and as well up into Brahma, and this is God as well. This is ancient Transference Era predating Finite that lead to Finite from Inifinite by Using It Up. God gets more Durability from this Merger

As well Original God location of Om Void Form in Goddess Vacuum evolved into the Original Egg. The egg as we know it descends from this from an Ancient Event, by intent of Evolvers and programmed instinct as well as self-centered psychological response to recapture original self or rebuild original creation.

OmEgga of God and Goddess.

MaCrow of Ma and Absolute Brahman.

“The OB Big Path Family”

Two Lines of Divine Family. AB and Ma are from OB Era and Region, and are Bigger than God and Goddess, but as well less Pure and not as nice either (but not as uptight as well). AB and Ma have more going in the All and Everything department, as is somewhat stated in Hindu scriptures. Part of the Big Path method is Mundane, so as to not have too much power or magic in the wrong zones, and this naturally helps protect the actual all and everything that is made of one.

AB and Ma are from 1st Creation Era the Ptah Daydream and Brahma Awakening. God and Goddess are from 2nd Creation Era, The Form Journey with The Titanic Two, OB and OP, and The Third Titan, SB. AB does not go on Form Journey initially but is Steadily Growing into Original Brahma. AB is apparently part of The Modern Universe as one of the Beings it is made of, and as well The Ancient Life Being and Animal Life as well as Humans. God and Goddess and SB Helios specialized in evolving Humans.

{The Oval may relate to the region of The Sphere within Goddess Vacuum, for Form Brahma was closer to Ovoid than Sphere, but the true Oval did not yet exist.

Final Form was as well a step towards Sphere, but was not perfect, nor smooth. Om Void condensed unto self like a Brahma Form condensing to make stronger, and this made the smooth perfect Sphere shape, the nearly gone stuff not bunching-up on itself.

Clouds look very similar in a way to some of the early bunched-up Brahma Form stuff, but as well look and feel even more like Om Realm , that was billowing out into an Om and Ptah and Brahma kind of thing}.


‘All Powerful’ Is Not Possible due to actual nature of Reality and other Macro Beings, but Us/We’ll try to prop it up a bit with Throne Power and Stage Tactics, and Specific Intent of Unified Group}

P.S. ‘hidden storage wells of yourself in different regions that sided with this side or sided with that side, and they need to furthered as separate selves and maintained in separate selves, not merged into a final definitive all product of everything.

Diversity Must Be Maintained This Way


It can perhaps actually predict events due to the nature of macro events effecting down into the micro, knowing things it couldn’t know by being connected or interconnected with those that do know

Through this it is possible for God to know the measure of the weight of all the water, the size of all the mountains. God is on a mission of discovery (and this was left in scriptures and inspires us to a great degree), and as well part of this mission of discovery uses these intrinsic methods to ascertain things and are piped into a central location or throne.

There is an Astrological Wheel and a Karmic Wheel and this is set for Individual and Collective. This can have an effect that will come through at a certain point, and this is prediction astrology, relative of prophecy. There is as well The Big Path and Taking Turns and Ancient Endeavors and Great Leaders.

This can all lead to a Prediction of Prophecy for the Future, knowing who they are, and eventually where and what they will be doing. Prophecy is Keyed to The Higher and More Serious, like ‘religious level serious and government level serious’ as it were. Predictive Astrology is closer to commoner stuff, and they tread on the same territory, and may even know the ‘great men of great events’… in fact they may know a bit too much at times, but do get in the way none the less

And as well this was a geocentric endeavor not a universal one and it probably got tedious when it came to the universe, and it would be OP or Shiva and OB that God is Talking to through a Jesus conduit. {this is Supreme Brahma – a Being capable of almost being this all powerful created everything ‘God’ that you believe in and God wishes, but only sometimes, He could be}

God being scientifically right about this means almost nothing, God and The Mission are really what matters, not Prophecy, which is kinda like magic, isn’t it?! Well, God is also sort of like magic, and The Mission is real and deals with Healing and Changing and has Extra-Dimensional Base and Ancient Origins. “God is ‘Out There, man, Beyond The Stars’.”

Things are set in place, your actual place and position in the overall scheme of things, likely interactions that will be brought upon your from some ancient karmic wheel we are tied to, past friends or enemies out looking for you, boons earned and banes brought upon you. As well as the likely path you will take in the scheme of things by the make of who you are.

There is an actual evolution of many Beings/beings that have been right there all along every step of the way, and are still there in ‘Other Realms’ that effect us incarnate on Earth.

Part of what Scripture is and part of what Scripture does.

This ‘Elevates The Sentient Ocean of Creation in places, and is part of God’s Mission with The Church, and old Titanic Mission with The OB Gray God, The Alpha.

Like a magical book and Like a dimensional gateway has opened, and it has, and it is to sentience that it has opened a slight gateway that effects us as a sentient being on earth, and They made it that way, with extra-dimensional and intra-dimensional conduits, hook-ups, and filtration.

Perfection Exists ‘Out There’ in Other Realms or Dimensions, and this is Piped Into Earth or The Situation, but the actual state of various parts of Us are in a different style of evolution, ‘No Sex Zones’ and ‘Sex Zones’ for example, and ‘Spirituality'(attain a higher state and raise the vibrations of creation and those around one – elite) and ‘Mundane'[just be who we are now – basic]

Another thing is in changing the world through different missions and endeavors. Feed and clothe the poor is among the greater and most significant ones.

There is a danger of going off course here though, and furthering specific doctrine in the name of religion.

And as well ‘Christianity is part of a long range Mission that dealt many people focused on single intent like a multiplicity-singularity (amplifying effect) , and with making changes in vast amounts of beings; and sometimes it changed the one’s who didn’t need to be changed and was little more than a usurper who didn’t listen and pushed one style on everyone when many styles but not all styles is the truth, and a few Styles not just one Style is the Truth.

(Just a Few for the Perfect Pinnacle Peak Performer Pillar Power that are actually Worthy of Being the Icon of Worship. A Special Make of a Being as well as a Serious Duty.) {I/Me/’Me’/’ME’ ain’t one of These. This tends to be Intrinsic Hierarchical Beings(direct interconnection) as opposed to Original Beings(more individual and separate}

There is a basic cohesion that goes missing as it soups out into all styles and as a definitive retroactive, but as well all styles is another truth, just not the major truth we think it is. Origins.

Don’t expect Me to be relying on that stuff.

– Peter N Reynolds, an Incarnation of Brahma; an Incantation of Rama.

They are Here, and I am not making stuff up, I am documenting stuff experienced by Me and shared by Them

“I mean like how can 2012 go away, when some of Us are bigger than the universe and more prepared than Jesus…”

Now that don’t mean better than Jesus, and the stuff/Beings I am talking about are Basic, mundane, not elite or high spiritual.

Be Who We Are?

Spirituality is NOT Who We Are.

It is a smaller part of Who We Are, and a larger part of who others are.

So when you angrily push your paradigm of the medical industry and safety you are furthering an ancient conspiracy that you cleverly railroaded down our throats, from multi-dimensional platform.

The same thing happens with reporting bad crime. And the more ‘serious organizations’ in society (government, law enforcement, military, religion, and medical) have a more serious effect! The Business End of Authority out wrongfully trying to change the world at The End dictating terms and threats of punitive, are co-opted in some places and collaborators in others.

“it activates/attempts to activate what is being stated, upon the listener”

“vigil of evil in the name of religious control”


Titanic Realm

Linear Space

They made The Universe and came down to people it with others, newer created beings.

“This Is Our Story”

They did not have the same form they do down here, there are huge Oceanic Beings and Realm Beings’