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Our enemies were never even defeated, were they? It just spread out into other organizations.

18 years later.

Is that incompetence or impossibility or long range planning of the industrial military complex?

Though it is a combination of these things and probably includes dumb democrat decisions preventing harder war tactics against entrenched enemies who will most likely never be our friends, and it also carries real liberal concerns and complaints about collateral damage to civilians.

This will not get played out that way.

A major crime was commit by a group of people who attacked this country and a lesser crime was commit by those in power in attempts to solidify control over a changing world now too far removed from the red scare era they never out-grew.

Back in Sept 11th 2001 our country was attacked.

The country itself went through one of the weirdest changes I have ever seen.

What was a unifying force for some was quite the opposite for others, and it drove the country further apart as the unifying force, with torch and pitchfork in hand, pointed their fingers and law at everyone else and said “you are with us or against us“. The people in question are supporters of one of the implicated parties, that, left to investigate itself never properly exonerated itself.

The government was accused of enabling the crime and got itself off the hook without full citizen oversight. The reasons why they would do this stuff deals with propaganda, control, and riling the people up into the next red scare obedient populace far easier to control

An actual conspiracy ensued to turn us into a new version of 50’s propaganda ‘red scare’.

I spent most of my time being a conspiracy theorist during this era and I will not apologize.

The government still hasn’t cleared itself in all of this, but it goes on day after day pretending it doesn’t have to.

On the other side I find that I do not trust Islam, it seems to have some things that wont make it compatible with a modern world and modern America.

Though I don’t believe we are always at war for the right reasons it is very logical why we are fighting those people.

‘Peace’ just isn’t likely until certain old entrenched traditions and religions are changed by the reality of the actual truth (which no religion has a handle on the way we grow up thinking).

Just like with the red scare the people who are our adversaries (by country) and enemies (by certain individuals) never turn out to be a non-problem. These are real problems being fought the whole time. But with the methods being forced ‘peace’ is not likely going to be chosen and this ends in railing the whole world up. It makes an enemy of any potential allies.

It is also military industrial complex capitalism. It makes money and extends it’s power with choosing the war drums first and foremost. {and without a miracle is going to be up against too much dealing with Russia and China. It doesn’t have enough support in Europe or India and one of the reasons why, other than being ignorant(E) and racist(I) is that it doesn’t opt for the other path and doing things the right way, but instead it grabs it’s guns first and starts firing at the likely suspects, and tries to use strong-arm tactics on anyone not falling in line.

But instead what happens is it swings farther the other direction as a response.

Things were not just in a stall it was swinging back the other direction, so this is also part of the problem.

But was well sometimes it stalls enough to get things done so trying to finish up is actually counter productive.

“on why it is important to keep your ‘two cents’ to yourself and (why it is important You don’t want use that Destiny stuff, though it is there all along and can get switched on”

{Destiny has to get fostered along though it is also set in stone}

Too many Destinies overlapping with common roots to something/someone older.

“They really do try, but all of that Destiny stuff has some major issues to overcome, and then You are Elite and Higher Than All Others, the way Spirituality is Evolved, there comes along something older that succeeds different and is Normal, but ‘It’s Destiny’ was Here as well, and all along it was the thing older than destiny that was suppose to have been here all along instead of waiting for a future date”

Well, legend says she took Cornucopia Utopia and The Retro Paradigm into a Grassroots Movement and forever changed the world.

And ended up as the first women on Mt Rushmore.

But this Tale I am conveying to you has Input from the likes of Shiva and God and Goddess.

As Normal I wouldn’t expect you to just believe that, for that is how I would respond without this extra-dimensional duality experience. It is quite frankly the normal reaction. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am conveying this Tale from this Experience I am undergoing (more than a bit unpleasantly).

But as well you may have some sort of E-D Experience yourself and I say thing from a bit of past experience in my own life, and if you do this part of stuff will be a bit more sorted out, for in other dimensions with new realities and realms there can be a lot of absolute belief without the original truth and original normal and full understanding of things beyond the region, which is part of how new realities are contained unto themselves and work.

This is Experience I am undergoing is a Brahma thing, not a normal thing.

Brahma just so happens to be Original Normal and it is similar to Earth Normal (sans religion).

So what is left is a bit of Destiny that falls into Brahma’s Lap, and it isn’t the Brahma of India but something even older and more normal. This is 2012 and They have different things going on but Here is a different thing, and older thing, a more normal understanding of things unhindered of being in the state of being influenced by grander things, or worse things. It observes, from Original Normality, what has Evolved within Creation. It has Attendant Deity and Titans and Giants (extra-dimensionally) that have The Full Tale, as opposed to The Elevated Spiritual and The Scriptures (which are specific to Special Realms and States), or other ‘Bardo Realms’ type of stuff or Astral and Titanic Realm stuff.

“the Magical is in a specific sentient state, and the Mundane is different, and this really is similar to different species of being, and one is a wizard and the other is a warrior, and the warrior is of stronger form and express high power in the physical world, and the wizard is more aware, intelligent and able to be a better conduit for channeling high power from other sources.. and this is part of our sentient being, that which incarnates in a human body, and as well is related to realms we come from, and still exist at while being here incarnate in human body and subject to far more limitations”.

The Deity come from Elite Evolutions of Form and Formless and Creative Oceans and Titanic Powers.

All along is this Original Evolution still in progress and it is Brahma and Ptah, and once again it is not the same Ptah as in Egypt but once again that one is made of Original so part of a common heritage exists, as well as part of The Original Ptah is in Ptah of Egypt and part of the Original Brahma is in Brahma of India, and it hasn’t been a pleasant ride during this Might Makes Right Titanic Form Usurper Era.

Titanic Form attached to Original Brahma through Aspects of Brahma are/were Using Up Brahma in Creation of New Being(s) that was(were) Far Stronger.

This had gotten the jump on Brahma and could overpower and wield Brahma like a puppet, as well as the more direct sucking Original Brahma Infinity into Titanic Form Creation.

Form Brahma lost this struggle as did Supreme Brahma King Infinity and OB-Brahma Grey God Alpha General. But Grey Brahma Emperor Infinity is slowly winning The Might Makes Right Usurper Era and in part by being ‘the meanest son of a bitch in the valley’, which more importantly means strongest.

Though Sacred Geometry isn’t accurate like science it is part of a Larger Sentient Experience.

One of the things that Evolved was a way to due Special Realms where Our Philosophy is Programmed with Powers.

These are powers that are greater in other dimensions than on earth, though they can have an effect on Sentience here on earth.

What had evolved, from a scientific standpoint, is mixtures of Realms such as Original Normal and Solidified Mind-Self Region Daydream Realm, which means ‘a magical realm’. There are limitations here unlike everything you can do in your mind. This ‘Original Mind Realm Region is still part Normal Reality as opposed to Mental Thinking Process which is Conceptual. A whole lot of things early on could be done within these Causal Realities (Mind Form) though, but eventually They were up against limitation. As well a Tactic ensued that Invaded and Overloaded an Oceanic Creative Realm Being and ‘got them to make stuff out of themselves while using themselves up and thus preventing retaliation’.

What also evolved more importantly was Form and Formless, and these are part of The Realm and The Experience.

Body is the other state that is coming about Early in Creation. Body and Form are basically the same thing.

Form is a State of Being that is Stronger Than Original Reality Normal.

Formless is a State of Being that is Weaker Than Original Reality Normal.

With Titanic Form comes a Reality Overload, where The Power is Reality Itself now, being far stronger than Original Reality Normal.

The Void and Vacuum Formless States are Easily Effected. They can as well Resonate To Things With being weaker (and larger in this case) that the thing they are resonating to.

This along with Daydream Realm ‘Magic’ and Titanic Form Power was used in Realm Creation and it has Effect on Sentience and some form of ‘magical powers’ in other dimensions that are not of this universe and the laws work differently and there is more flow and solidity through and through, and though it may be weaker than some stuff in linear space it has no atoms, nor is it compacted like a neutron star, it’s just normal, like you see on the surface of things without looking into molecules and atoms).

This original universal stuff adds together easily and merges in a way that the atomic universe cannot, and this is indeed one of the keys to how many you(we/us) were made originally, and how things were created in that earlier universe, and far easier, from simply merging things together and the different outcome are part of how diversity evolved farther.

The Titanic Form was used to make the Daydream Mind-Body Magic Realm more Real and Powerful (getting it closer to Original Reality Normal, and in places it got Stronger than Original Normal).

Some Form Power is mundane and other is arcane. When things get very very strong they can get too focused and as well the mind doesn’t work as well overall, but can be very powerful and focused on one thing, or one set of things. This is part of The Titans advantage over The Gods (of Who were weaker and more magical, and at times smarter).

The Vacuum and Void evolutions of Being Effected and Resonating to many different things (along with taking time and enjoying exploring those things) got used in a few Realm Creations, and these can also be Places Part Of Us Exists At, which means it can have an Effect On Our Sentience even though it does not have presto magic powers in the Linear Space Universe.

Your parents are right in being realistic about stuff instead of utopian pipe dreams. They are right about choosing to vote for politicians that are likely to succeed up against all the rest of the people (that you tend to not hang out with, dislike, or don’t understand).

But they are still wrong in siding against utopia. This is the time to do this in, not in some future date. This is our time, and we are the older generations that saw major changes happen in our life, and we have a right to make this one last miraculous major change, and as well to preserve some of what went missing.

You need to stay choosing Working Man or something happens to your own power-base, your own pillar or access to the pillar and power. This is extra-dimensional and effects the core of who we are.

This has been extrapolated out even further with solidified power so the decision is being made deeper than or behind where you tend to be. It is part of an old defensive posture that removed your rights to screw yourself up with from these other decisions.