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and True Value Hardware

‘one of these things was not like the others’

“Honest Values and No Values are part of The Ancient Mission that has been Compromised and leads to ruin at the end of The Endeavor, it is up against too much with too many to lose.”

True Value Hardware gets you off those well worn tracks with a reality flip into safer and more basic and believable Normal

Macro Man.

{Part of the Ancient Mission has to be gone through, and part has to get shut down because of danger level,}

{All Powerful and All Knowing is up against something even bigger and stronger and it ain’t Me}

Between Me and Thee is Infinity, and it is a mess! You tried to swap Our roles, All Powerful… maybe You should back down before this become Me VS Thee with Infinity as an out of control third party with a big predatory Evil invasive usurper.

Me is certainly sick of You pretending to be Me {this is still not fully accurate}

– Brahma {oh really? sure you ain’t Shiva or Cronus pretending to be Me?}

“In The Beginning God did not even exist, and in The End God lied and almost died”

Dangerous truth and it is The Counter-Point Retort titanic section.



Counterpoint Retort



Brahma “Original Being”
Infinity “Big Dangerous Region with Friends and Foes”
God “The Dude from The Bible”

Neither will Me eventually, and You pushed this too far and used too many weakenigng things and cute beings in a place that is a War and I need to fight, and don’t need no petty jealous God or even worse big arrogant GOD screwing up when I am The Star Attraction(un-trademarked version, though SB is Here as well. B BP P bp-o, and clumsy able Ganesha and some OP OB SB Shiva and OP Gray Yang Great Om… and some Loki and Heimdall, and Aaron walks The Earth, and Big J on vacation with a big j in His hand taking a break from the spiritual path thing out Here (hell of a thing to sacrifice Yourself to save them all… let’s rethink this on this end applicable to just this end, Salvationer of My Enemies), and some Chaitanya and Milapera, and some Augustus Caesar and Cali.. California Arugula, and some Tzar Nicholas and Ras… Ra’s Putin, and some… Hermann Goering, The War Attraction [Nazi Field Martial version]. Those are some of The Great Rivers that Flow into Me, some are a lot Me, some made of Me but more Them. All nice and mostly tidied up relative to here, well not nice necessarily, mean as a snake sometimes, but not really quite the same as the bad versions being Healed) and with Them the Main Functional along with SB, The Star Attraction. (Along with ‘The’ Jesus, The Star Attraction, of SB and The One B BP P bp-o with a Helios Halo and some BP Form Brahma SB and Brahma-The One-Om)

Peace Pushers.

Evil does not change in time and does not quit the assault nor pushing it’s advantage.

They have Me compromised so You and Your Mission can succeed… it causes lots of damage on the way to success.

“The Bible may save your soul but it is True Value Hardware that will save the earth. (Don’t get a big head on that, it’s what They and God warned you about, and it will backfire; Big Sales… that’s a different story and completely within reason. Big Sales Big Sails {it is partially shut down as well, but with hook-ups this can work as a mobilized forces for good. And men of good will and hard work inspired to go to True Value Hardware are automatically part of the Big Path success with Normality. Now, it should be the duty of True Value Hardware to insure a fine selection of quality goods is available, but unfortunately one cannot insure Chinese goods are good, nor American anymore for that matter, but The Big Path put Me to work on that was well. In America quality is job one. In China beating America is job one. In America making a lot of money off of planned obsolescence is job one. In China making products the American can afford is job one. In some parts of America affordability is job one, and I resemble that comment, but like long lasting products made affordably with automated systems, and We The People’s Republic of Having a Good Time…. but it really is hard finding a hot schoolgirl in a hardware store, or without her dad around. Let’s talk about Japanese goods for a while, hmm?.”

Immortals don’t understand our basic life enough and go off of value systems that deal with a temporary thing vs an eternal thing, and our life on earth get determined as no value in a big decision, but they make bad choices and lose both!

One of the greatest gifts God gave the Devil was signing up for His own Mission, which He had already lost to the Devil but got partially shut down. God started out as a void attaining Form and the Devil started out as super strong form staling more form stuff. God did not win the race. In steps The God’s Father, The Alpha The Gray God, HerMan Goring, with The Lawful Titans and The Church. (skip the part of how they got stuck in a war against that other Guy, that Asian Dude who is also part of They… skip that part or it will activate again.

“does God even matter? Do cute little beings matter, do babies matter, does innocence and good matter?”

Yes, Yes, Yes

The Provence of God

“bigger than God does not mean better than God nor more important”

Close enough, a step away, a step away is close enough when it is the actual truth in reality.

But it take Them to get that kind of effects, and They don’t like Me to have the thing,

“for neither titans nor gods like to get upstaged and lose their girl to a better guy, anymore than you do… I just happen to be that guy that they jumped and judged and don’t want to get upstaged by and lose their girl to, *ahem*”

Healing stooges and dorks with God at My own expense but with Your help while I am suppose to be with the hottest goddess I can find, enthralled to Me, with her sisters or daughters even, waiting impatiently for their turn, wantonly even… after all these years of Me being uglied up beaten up and dorked out by your divine mission to save them all. Well, I wouldn’t want harm to befall them or for them to be abandoned to a terrible fate, so I guess I’ll take the fall. You should have brought some good money and best booze and beautiful women this time, God, this celibacy poverty homespun robes stuff just ain’t Me enough.

“Quit Trying To Emotionally Castrate Us”

Stemming from old wars and war methods. A lot of competitive quick-retort caddy behavior, and some venus fly trap stuff. Too much vacillating emotions, lack of realism of effects. As well too far ahead of the dumb males, but not getting that thing of them as dumb doesn’t help, and putting them down to elevate yourself is a temporary gain and a crutch, and nothing in the end to believe in.

“‘Closure? We don’t need no stinkin’ closure! We need avoidance”

One of the greatest defeats that Goddess ever suffered was from big dick, and needing to be complete owned, and after the twisted eras, being used and fully owned by authority with a big dick. {Vacuum Being Female Polarity being Filled in a heightened experiential way, Her needs being fulfilled as She is filled fully. Owned, and knowing those needs are fully filled, and She needs to go no where else to fill that void, er, uh, vacuum.}

This called a lot of everything that She was into question, everything She was and We needed Her to be.

This too is part of The Great Lament of Goddess Tales

And after Form Condensing Era and Collision it was Super Strong Usurper and Conqueror, and Her People had lost, but She was still somewhat safe in the bed of the enemy, which of course further twisted the tales and betrayuals over the ages

Many Beings and People now hate and no longer trust Goddess.

Is God among these?

You Betcha!

God and Goddess go way back and Their origins are from similar regions and states and timeline.

The Babelanders and Nice People and Good People are among those that lost, and Goddess was too hooked up in big dick and being wrong and owned fully to be trust worthy or useful to the endeavor in major regions.

{Goddess was also an intentional target and Her very nature got Changed, overloaded, remade. This causes her to act in a way tht is not trustworthy or likeable, but it took a long time for Us to figure this out and a lot of distrust remains as well as unresolved issues that need to beheaded. Goddess found out all of our faults and got stuck being too nitpicky about it, and was well learned to ignore things and just go on, allowing her that miracle woman thing that floors us and insures her place with us is secure. Searching for the ultimate male can be too isolating and just having a good time and opening up and being emotional is just too rewarding, perhaps normal as well, as opposed to the competitive or elite paradigm. Getting stuck with something is a whole different thing and does not need to happen either just for security. Cornucopia Utopia will bring a freedom that is missing, and ability to just leave when you wish, even with kids}

Using one type of emotion to heal another type of emotion.

The Dross

The Subtle

There is a subtle dim bright light, like grey and white [Alpha], and stronger like glowing white and gold(Archangel), but what is being worked with or the process in motion is a sentience that is mundane and lit by divine and is slowly healing the mundane

there a feeling, and a being, and is angelic and arch-angelic. There is an actual form that is there, a gentle high energy form, soft, soft oceanic, two things going on at once and a third being worked on.

Going through one’s emotions and healing this. There is also and ‘enlightenment that is on the other side of this working on you with overcoming glow of high energy soft sentience distant but present, bring one into a state of slight rapture and slight enlightenment, but still normal, still you, not ascended to something higher but changed within as who you are, a better you, and with an afterglow of that touch of enlightenment and rapture.

The Happy and Light Emotion is a key, but as well is The Places that Need to be Healed.

You will not change until this changes. This changes you.

This is the dividends. You are healing stoogyness, the dork, the un-sureness and clumsiness and lumpiness and laziness even; and greasy slimy sleazy emotions and bad anger and violence from old invaded .

You are no longer giving off this vibe, and no longer behaving this way, naturally. Sometimes you need to help it along, to align yourself with it and have it kick in.

(This is another Big Point that is vital to Lock This In, “learn how to act the proper way, and be aware of others and considerate of being intrusive on” them. Learn to fade from having an effect or being detected by going within and fading into silence. Practice blending into the shadows, stealth.”)

A Shadow. A Fremen. A Woman.

This is perhaps Even More Important. Coming From A Place of Sincerity.

You are at bedrock of good self, unspoiled wood, away from the bad wood parts and this is a basic normal ans stability that needs to be recognized as more important than appearance or money or power.

The healing process is weaker and assisted by big stronger, but got jumped by strong bad war process, this is also an invasion and usurpation but as well as tumbling on through

Pandora’s Box: Extreme emotions and anger and violence should be avoided, this can backfire and bring it more on you, in effect possessing you, but it is a gateway with a whole other line of stuff going on and some titanic forces at play fighting and overcoming, including all that bad stuff that can come up and take over, and not caring or aware or considerate of the damage done to those around them.


There will be a lot of going back and doing things over again.

Some people are naturally in this state.

Some people need to put fuel in the tank and it lasts a while

Some people need to continually reorient

Some people are too out of sync with this


The Stoned Philosopher

Marijuana is among the single greatest tools allowing you to access and observe and participate in this emotional healing process.

It is important to just be
It is important to be within and going over stuff

These are two different states.

There is also being as outgoing power and being as aware receptor.

But a lot of subtle healing stuff can be done in the burned out phase, before falling asleep, in a meditative light gentle hum of emotion and relaxation and awareness.

This applies to this state in normal as well, the place we are when in of exhausted and near sleep but still here, it is more insight observable and utilizeable with marijuana though.

“We begin to read each other but are never fully aware of what is hidden and locked away of our own problems and the group is too prone to gang up to people, or to judge too quick or be too competitive or vengeful, with superstitious level surety.”

HerMit The Grog

Enough oxygen to get there and back plus extra for insurgence.

Throw a rough draft together quickly. Get the basic mold done quick and add motors (which will help weigh down any buoyancy problems you may be facing) and props and steering, and mass produce at a professional business quickly. Tell them to go test it on themselves, and that we’re trying to save some kids in a hurry,and that’ll make sure things get done right.

Just the basic needed things for oxygen, and small motor and fuel for propellers/props, as well as steering and lights; and built well.

These can also be made to be towed, to prevent problems of disoriented people as well as cut down on production time and costs. Bring in food and oxygen in with them to start with and then escape the caves in them.

Steeled eyed missile men moment

‘one would assume you already have stuff like this, so use it’

If there is a space problem getting through the caves you can just make it large enough for the head and oxygen tanks and part of the upper body, and have a wet-suit for the rest; with small motor and prop in an semi-enclosed housing for safety from doing limb damage to others or hitting their capsule.

“We/I was conceptually working on something like this as a long range personal flotation device for ship disasters and rogue wave survival tactics; it had a telescoping periscope, a desalination and water purifier, a level retractable sail and peddle power as well as motor, wind, and solar and wave/swells power gathering ability, and a hand crank pump and close off vale for air gathering storage compressing(storms and waves and keep the hatch closed floating submersible), and another and for water gathering and storage, and don’t forget the internet and computer built in, and cellphone and GPS tracking and s.o.s. beacons, and hand crank and peddle power electric generators, and fishing supplies, of course, here’s a manual of all the fish in the sea, there is also one in the capsules computer banks.”

Lets go camping now, everybody’s learning how, come on and Inspector Gadget with Me

Some of this stuff apparently dates back millions of years.

Much of it is an attempted murder assault but most of it gets stopped in time, obviously all of it in the end, but it can be a bumpy ride. It is like a series of group actions unfolding into a crescendo, and it is getting shut down along the way.

Now, there is another division of this that will do stuff for accidentally causing harm. Ever step on a snail?, they will try to kill you for it.

There is a basic logical level and overloaded nuances that bring it to ‘eye for an eye’ real quick, and causing harm or death as most punishments.

After millions of years in these confusing arenas and in invaded and puppeted states we have done all sorts of harm both accidentally and intentionally.

The evidence files can be miles long, but luckily there are others there to point out the actual circumstances, and not only were we not in our right minds but files of evidence on who was in our rightful minds at the time we did these things. That is poetic and only part the truth. Our very nature got turned into some killer stuff, heartless stuff, selfish stuff, snobbish elite stuff,territorial stuff, predatory stuff, demonically possessed stuff. Hive-mind stuff. Ugly stuff. More ugly stuff. Group purity purge killer stuff. Pretty People group purity purge killer stuff. Religious superstitious stuff Be cool or be cast out stuff.

We are however still stuck in some of these states.

As well there is a natural reaction to stomp out the dangerous drug so that it doesn’t tempt you back, so that it doesn’t endanger your children, friends or community.

Normal rational rightful reaction, that is what that is.

The Overreaction or pushing very hard in the opposite direction with discipline and disciple of abstinence and simply not being around it is a very vital tool.

There is not enough of a natural barrier between repression and relapse, it is just too simple to slip into old ways, and if those are addictive to become addicted again.

Not enough of an adequate goldilocks zone of fun without risk.

Now for the Soilient Green of a Drug Law System:

And how they will love you and know you were right all along after all the court dates, court and rehabilitation money spent, and embarrassment. “it was the only avenue open, the only thing you could think to do”

They will say “thank you, thank you for f**king my life up on the way to saving me, thank you for being a brainwashed collaborator with an evil empire and their repressed moralist goon squad and greedy capitalize privatized medical/physiology industry… I’m gonna relapse as soon as I can just to say F U! And then they will remember they shouldn’t tell you that, you will just turn them in again, and you can’t be trusted any more than a meth head.. your just a christian head now”

Now, when saying ‘dangerous drug’ one must understand why this drug is a problem, how it effects the persons life, health, appearance, ability to interact, likelihood of stealing or getting into accident

People like to do wild things and have lots of fun.

People go on roller coasters and it is a wild ride and a lot of fun.

People also like to take drugs or drink and have sex. It’s a wild ride, a lot of fun. Some people will get drunk and have sex with people they normally wouldn’t and kinda not care, and this is as well a lot of fun (but sadly expectations arise and the next occasion disappears.)

This ‘getting drunk and getting wild and having a lot of fun’ is like addictive in and of itself, but it is just you doing what you like to do as opposed to what you have to do in a society that forces you to do a lot of what you don’t want to do; and this ‘addictive behavior’ is very similar to the alleged video game addiction, which can just be you doing a whole lot of what you enjoy and society terming it something and trying to therapize you of it for worker productivity)

But the bad drugs have a chemical dependency level that quickly takes away your will. Some of the personality changes are as well bad ones, not fun to be around, not enough of the right type of communication and too much preemptive self-will and quick attack back communication instead of listening and conversing. Alcohol can sneak up on one, and you go from a party heavy drinker to a daily heavy drinker before you can stop it or want to change it.

“there is no ‘want to change it’, you are doing what you like but it has a chemical dependency that is further gripping you into doing more and more”

One Of The Major Problem Is In The Way It Is Being Handed To The Police And All Of This Damage And Cost Is Done To The Person’s Life.

This leaves one not willing to play the little game of the pta and government.

“screw you, I’m not putting those people through that nor risking the retaliation for it. Find A Better Way to Deal With It, no cost rehabilitation and no trial and no looking down on the person addicted as some loser weirdo.”

The cost to the person’s life is higher and the money cost of buying the addictive drug over the long haul.

You use these arguments and truths to cover up the facts that You Have Not Been Handling This Right.

The court should not be involved, it is a costly and threatening manner to do things. The Courts, The Law, The System. The ignoring of a whole lot of normal to keep the ultimate ability to dictate terms as a last defense of society, that begins to see you as Just Another Problem To Be Defeated Along The Way! They hate you in the end of their experiences with you. Lording it over browbeating with a goon squad to back it up.

Rehabilitation at a fair price is the only thing it should cost.


It is important to reach a full honesty as a society that wants to drink and do recreational drugs.

The squares never had all the facts but did maintain control and must not be allowed to go on with the goon squad drug war, other than the big bad stuff with guns involved.

However, as a group we need to do better as the average person drinker or smoker in going over the details and describing the problems with hard drug and hard drug users. And low potency should be scientifically pursued and used as the best option along with the abstinence approach, but the the zero tolerance laws approach should be abolished. The average person needs to help create and enforce a better socialized norm or paradigm to guide our lives by.

Drinks that taste strong but are low potency so you can be a heavy drinker without drinking too heavy. If there was a high potency variety of coca leave and a low potency variety as well, the high potency would be logically chosen and grown. Go see if there is some lower grade coca leaves to chew on, a lighter addicting to take you mind off of your meth withdrawals, along with some low potency opium and high potency weed. Oh, and don’t drive on that just because it is low potency, btw.

Religion attempts to convert the whole, to change it’s nature. It uses a special high energy sentient light form and pure goodness and healing. Religion can help you overcome a lot of problems, it can even get you all the way to God and enlightenment or rapture.

Tao does not need to do these things, Tao is here now, and enjoys the world. The high spiritual sentient light is within Tao and lights Tao up as well. Tao is not in competition with Religion.

Religion is not suppose to change The Whole with Spirituality, it is suppose to be taking on The Problem Places with Spirituality. Changing The Whole with Spirituality is too much loss of others’ original identity who are not in a state of needing to be spiritualized but are already part of ancient divine family, and need the problem places healed so things are safe and flowing and open again.

Out beyond Spirituality is Tao, and out beyond Tao is The Outskirts of Brahma, and out beyond that is Brahma, a Bigger Lesser Normal, with The More Important Spiritual Stuff Within. This larger lesser normal is identical to the lesser normal you know right here and find to be ‘reality’.

This is a smaller reach of normal within spiritual or special evolution. Normal is less than magical or spiritual, is more common aka exists in greater amount and without the specialized effect. Larger Lesser Normal is poetic, not fully factual, it has big elements of facts stated in a way that grabs one larger but there are also two truths going on here.

Brahma is a Greater Normal with something slightly more going on than Mundane which though is original reality is further into finite and form and loss of large flow and ability, but identical in all other aspects as reality normal and basic ability. Things are more evolved down here in creation and that means with elite states and elite abilities and coned throne pillar power while Brahma does not want to advance and change too much, so it really is ‘a larger lesser normal’

“God needs our(Our) Help, God does not need the competition from bigger Dudes(Deity and Titans)! You are in the wrong weight division.”

Magic and spirituality evolved within and between the Brahma(normal) and Ptah(mind zone and within) and this is where God is, a more magical place than normal or mundane.

That is actually Shakti Eos grey yin Kali, worthy of worship and suitable for dating… if the occasion should arise; far superior to mean old dangerous control freak evil Kali (predatory era and vacuum vortex attack and super strong pillar power, but as well invaded and usurped in places by something larger and stronger)

Nymphy By The Way

“The Great Palomar Floral Disaster” did get recorded as karmic debt, and They do owe Me for millions of years of hardships and loss. But More Important Things !o! do come up as needing to get done first or are used as known more importnt things to upstage the process and “you will be!”, and things are aimed wrong for one to directly ask, and this became a Group Endeavor and Class Action thing that kind of petered out… *ahem*”

“for The Gods do many things that involve many people and beings, and The Titans demand that things are finished up before things are settled up, and a thorn in My side and My fist in Your face is kind of where Brahma is at as an attitude in several regions, but They maintain a Lockdown”