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I am talking to the same BEINGS that The Nazi/WWII Germany did.

If you look up into The Sky Within and have Extra-Dimensional Connection you end up talking to a group of BEINGS that are Extra-Dimensionally Very Advanced”

These BEINGS do exist, and are capable of furthering technology with the stuff that works in this dimension.

These BEINGS as well have Spaceships that are from Other Dimensions.

These BEINGS through a Platform could even lead to Aliens coming into this Dimension (Linear Space). Even more possible is that it would reopen something old allowing more people to see ‘phase vision’ into other dimensions that are closely linked to Earth.

We have been living a New Reality, one that was Installed ages ago and set down as a new order of things, yet it is not the everything that it pretends.

Nor is it the full perfection it shows for that is merely a region within it, a region overcoming the bad, a region too far gone into usurpation on some levels, a region too unjust for the role it is in.

It is an old titan-gods platform descendant of the good in the might makes right survival of the fittest, post-titanic collapse of creation

“long ago when The Heavens were separated from The Earth”

Long ago when things got shut down from having a fuller connection to things extra-dimensional, an old duality experience that is not as much duality as the larger singular original that has diverse styles of evolution allowing for other evolutions that don’t remember and have evolved on to something new, or are from elder regions isolated intentionally as a defensive posture that never knew. 

In order for us to evolve beyond the bind of problems or dangerous ruts within Creation mankind was separated from The Deity, and this worked. But They were always going to be coming back and 2012 is one of those times ‘the magic bus’ shows up at.

“Hollow Earth”:

Our Old Evolution KNEW that there was something ‘down there’, for We had experienced it already.

We logically thought that if you went down into Earth deep enough you would find it.

In other dimensions that can happen, and there can be smaller world platforms built within larger world shell, that sit in yet larger oceans.

I am one of these Oceans (Realm Beings) that is even larger and older than these BEINGS, and it is US/Us/us with ME/’Me’/Me that a whole lot of Creation got Evolved Within.

2012 was to be a bit different, but as well Me is far too weakened on this end, and absolutely huge and not will to risk it further on that end, in between is brash to terrified depending on the location, the things that happened, and the BEINGS that are in a Merger state with Me, which means depending on the state of Combination and Who it was with and how well it fared.

That is all ‘Why Me’ and why it is The Luftwaffle instead of a Nazi Takeover [Titanic]. There is always God and The Innocent and The Weak including parts of Me{Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah} and me (Baby Ptah-Om Baby Brahma om home).

{Rude but True, and for the largest group of unrealistic rightful complaints ever to have existed, one of the biggest group of liars and failures of all time}

That is something that happened to the most innocent and truthful people ever to have existed, from a common combined evolution with titanic in deeper regions in combinations with warlike/predatory survival.


The group of Invaded Region, with all sorts of its problems from overloaded by crime or predatory evolution, was targeted for extermination as a logical defensive posture.

“but Weasel was hot, and he drew first and shot, and left poor old Gideon collapsed on the table”

If you go through the Extra-Dimensional Template of Revelations it is a Vast Territory within Creation.

If you stay with Redneck Noise it is a secretly larger and stronger Region of Creation. (that means staying with your basic overpowered un-evolved… well, you get the picture; and one further note, you are made of a crime now and getting killed as a titanic gang-bang, so it is some where between ‘hope ya make it’ and ‘good riddance!’)

The Strongest Being in Creation is The Being Overcoming The Problems.

In order to Overcome The Problem this Being had to Become The Problem Region in a Reverse Usurpation using Super Titanic.

Which means a lot of stuff you are at war with as an absolute, snakes and wolves and weasels and such, all of it dangerous, are where some of The Only Success In Armageddon Will Ever Be.

The Emperor of Existence, the Being I call ‘Me’ that is not Me, is Grey Brahma. ‘the meanest son of a bitch in the valley’ of evil, of good, of life, of death.

Your Guy, Jesus, is related to Supreme Brahma, The King of Existence. (but is also part Original Ptah)

Your Other Guy, The Alpha, is OB-Brahma. (this is the Region where God Was Born and where Heaven Was Built and is God’s Home, and Goddess is also part of that Region). The Gray God is what this Being is known as, Written into Codes as this BEING for Amplification Purposes. ‘Me’ is even stronger though and why that Amplification worked in the first place.

You don’t understand this stuff yet because Reality Got Rewritten”

In The Beginning There Was Only Brahma. Those are all Expressions of The Original Being That Predates All Others And All Things (the former proceeds the latter in actual timeline).

These are Original Reality Authority Beings Larger And Older Than The Universe.

It is They with Titans that Built The Big Bang Universe as a Culmination of Concepts and a Randomly Evolving Experiment.

Life later comes here as both an expression and an exploration. The expression is in part ‘a new change’ which was what was sought after.

That was looooooong ago and it has been one long harrowing experience.

Thou Shalt Not Tolerate The Existence of Blackholes for They Endanger Creation”

This is a fact. This Universe is further Quarantined from the Outside. Even without black holes it was far too dangerous a place that had been created.

Science is the same in the vast majority of existence, science is dealing with normality, the same as Original Normal. If science had all the facts even the miracles would be understood scientifically, and still be miracles.

Special Things were indeed Evolved but Imperishable is not among these, or not among these for 99% of all beings and things and that includes Me! And that as well means The Original Being That Predated All Others.

Runaway Form Condensing in Other Dimensions is a major problem, not as strong as a black hole but far larger and able to effect far more beings.

Certain things got evolved wrong with landowner paradigm and jobs creation. It became established fact.

When You Outrank Utopia With A Corrupt Inadequate System…

Well, that is part of the whole point here in the end.

This applies to The Environment as well up against Economics.

And this applies to American Indian Lands as well. These are ALL American Indian Lands here in America.

{They just kinda ‘grab numbers out of the air’, this wasn’t in response to impeachment proceedings with the select group of legally elected illegal rulers it was in response to 1/3 of Americans living paycheck to paycheck}

Hiding behind a government you don’t even belong in in the end due to the actual major legal issues being ignored and stymied. You engage in crimes in doing so.

Always remember that as you try to use your illegal authority on Me… I am not a clever invention, I’m Mr 2012.

There are two competing things here, and one is more communist than the other, and this is of course about landowners.

The communist thing has you living in the city for free and growing your own food there and in outlaying areas.

Utopia is all set up for you and honed down, not the way it is now if you tried to do it on your own, and without full knowledge. It will be staple items to install and hoards of fellow citizens doing the same.

The Middle Path has a division into Regulated Capitalist Landowner and Western We The Free People Edited-Communist Non-Owned Lands. This is similar to Public but actually more We The People.

Public = Government Owned by the present system.

We The People are NOT The Government.

The Government is NOT We The People.

These Two Things Shall Clash Eventually. The Government Will Further Change. It Is The Thing That Is Not Working Out.