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They don’t care what happens to the environment they just want their next paycheck.

They are not interested in building Utopia.

They are too busy nay-saying it with their pat lie of economics and all the arguments they win with it.

“the status quo of an old landowner crime in progress, an old monarchy crime in progress, an old elite few crime in progress, an old slavery crime in progress, an old control the people by controlling the food crime in progress… and an old working man crime in progress”

Never gonna actually build Utopia and be free, no, too busy winning with their crime in progress

and then the next group of people gets elected and whittles away at your laws to protect the environment.

“This Cannot Be Allowed To Continue. At All!”

Well guess what! That isn’t dementia it is dimension and actually what is occurring!

The Things That Need To Be Done Get Whittled Away For Economic Reasons, For Saving Face, For Political Ploys… For A Status Quo That Just Doesn’t Get It Right.

So you can sit there and chirp socialism but it is just the next one of these failed methods.

The Free People Of The World Can Accomplish A Lot More Than The Select Few Of The Government.

Instead Of Accepting These Facts The Government Tries Every Sleazy Trick In The Book And Puts Themselves Right Back Where They Don’t Belong, In Control Of Everything.

Do you know who that is?

The Original Being You Are Illegally Trying To Rule Over.

The Original Being You Have A Continuous Crime Against For Millions Of Years.

The Actual Rightful Authority With Real Solutions That Work/

Legally Elected To Jobs You Have No Right To Have.

Positions Of Unlawful Authority.

Solutions Of Half-Ass Nature.

Crime In Progress.

“you have tried to hold onto your government authority all the way through 2012 Armageddon Lite… you are slowly losing all the way through”

Those old days that were safer also sucked!

It was a repressed boring society.

There was a conspiracy in the government and church the whole time.

Some of the most boring people ever to have existed trying to force their methods down our throats.

Religion and Government are both compromised by conspiracy.

The origins of that conspiracy are Titans.

A double method was used, committing a crime with one side and doing good with the other.

This is now millions of years in progress.

Human timelines mean nothing in the end.

People don’t age in eternal other dimensions (other than from wear and tear of extreme evolutions)