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is not Sex and Secured, or Mommy Marriage, but is still like unto real Romance.

“There is a very necessary development that comes along with Flirtatious, Felt-Up, and Fancy Free, and it would not be termed ‘foreplay’ but something of it’s own and needs to be instated as a pinnacle of Lite Romance, and at the end your long flirtatious affair your fingers, lips, and tongue down there is as far as you got if you are lucky

Light Love Flirtations And Fulfilling Virgins Fulfilled Virgins. Felt-Up and Fancy Free. Love and Sex are both Fulfilling to Females, and sex can really be too much, and whether 30 or 13 addictive once started; psychologically inundating and a personality change from a different level of bonding or ownership between people from the powerful act of mating as well as the attendant socialized behavioral act; and as well as the dangers of pregnancy or disease.

“kissy prissy and loose goose are both foolin’ around a lot, but kissy prissy is only getting felt-up.”


{Many tried to Use The Machine and The Big Path to Position Themselves With The Girls, and it is Freakin’ Dangerous to The Girls, while Some of Us have Natural Evolutionary Regions with Goddesses and The Girls, and You Are Little More Than Invaders Here, and Through Bonding and Overload Co-Opted Regions and Changed The Nature of Some People Here, including Parts of Goddesses and many of The Girls.}

They Engineered Some Fuckin’… oh, oops.

They Engineered Some Form Of Behavior Process With Real Bad Regions And We Accidentally Get Beings Killed Tied To This Advanced A Era Regime Of Righteous Conduct.

It Is Unfortunately:

Compromised By Bad Things That They Were Taking On, Invasive Usurper Bad Things.

Part Slavery Denying Us Our Lives

It Is Part Of A Long Range Clever Plot Stemming From Might Makes Right Survival Of The Fittest.

{And On The Day That God Kicked Brahma Out Of Heaven For Not ‘Knowing His Place!’, Some Big Titan Not Brahma Came Around As Brahma And Kicked God’s Ass All The Way To The Outskirts Of Heaven, Because “That Is What He Would Have Done!”

(this is why, though we really really really do care, you die, little guys… it is just all too far gone in some regions)

{They are Healing We of some ‘bad decisions’ left on our hands that deal with ‘invaders of divine justice’ aimed at invaded regions of those we are sworn to protect and rescue who get ‘possession puppeted’ into appearing the problem, and the justice gets puppeted into committing murder or mass murder as a removal solution invaded and corrupted advanced methods of removal of problem areas, some of which psychotically targeted entire species who were created out of The Mashup, and are real people with real emotions who don’t look perfect and are looked down on and worse for it.

Children do not fall prey to this, they see and feel people for who they are just as and grandma and grandpa and fat ma and pa look just fine to them. ‘for ye must be as children to enter the kingdom of heaven’.

‘some are God’s relatives, and some from Goddesses Invaded Region, made from different locations and of different pieces.’

Or a simple ‘me vs them’ in a who gets to live, and some of it done and all by appearance and sexual attractiveness and done while we are in an invaded sentience state of mind and emotion, from an era strong over weak, and an old large invaded arena everyone was frame-jobbed in, and things done in blind ‘region to region’… so it is all going on Lockdown to Prevent Usage, and yes, this is like unto Morality that needs to Win – The Gray God aka ‘The Alpha’]

It is also a quagmire and there is too much of a structural change that must take place to overhaul the system, and that takes us sitting down and thinking things out together again, not divisive policy and the indignant anger they bring.

Cornucopia Utopia will Ensure that Women and Children have more than enough Good Food and Clean Water and Decent Clothing as well as Decent Safe Simple Dwellings.

As well there will always be Basic Dignity, instead of ‘looking down on the lower income or lesser class people’ with their getting a job and fitting in to their society as the solution.

There will even be wealthy people out in Cornucopia Utopia, but Money no longer a Stick Over Our Heads, because It Got Undercut by Bigger Basics!!!

“with a ‘we don’t own the land but we live on it rent free’ clause there will be strict anti-development laws and minimal-development laws… but you will be able to collect rain water and other intelligent things that are not a harm to the environment, or deal with the small harm caused by installing wind power towers or a bamboo back porch, with intelligently minimized harm to the environment.”

{The Big Path determined that it was better to keep a functioning Monetary System alongside Utopia, as something to do and a good reality driver. But as well “Humanity must be Unhinged from being Survival Tied to The Economy and Money and Jobs…

… and that ‘Better Work Hours were The Boon for The Working Class’, and this means that you work less hours with more flexibility but more performance oriented and prices must be reset to facilitate this so things don’t get exploited; and instead of more hours for more pay everything is maximized into efficiency and low living costs, and not riding the clock to get the bills paid and wasting your life away.

Pay Rate By Produced Work, Skilled Produces More From Experienced Hands Muscle Memory On Automatic, a basic Loophole. Another factor is in not working long days, so you are mostly fresh and can give it your proud best for a half-smaller allotment of time , with a lovely break in between. Creator Invents New Way, if you find a loophole there, well just enjoy and keep your mouth shut about it… ya stainless steel rat.}

“there is also, with the no jobs thing, a possibility for a different type of society, one in which it is the grandparents, in groups, who spend a lot of time with the younger children, who are friends and play together, and thus giving mom and dad a break, or a take a hike if they suck at being parents… an older style communal humanity, without the campfires, near nudity and spears, of course.”

Without A Bunch Of Weird Or Dangerous Stalker Dudes, Or Lewd Comment Dudes.

“will you, Men, do your solemn part in helping the skirts stay short, their underwear stays sexy, and that beautiful aromatic flowers are planted on low pedestals to entice the unwary or intended unintended accidentally briefly letting you see up her skirt or down her shirt, and we all don’t need to pretend not to look anymore, but we do need to be polite, positive, supportive, helpful gentlemen if requested, but mostly just silent, out of the way, and part of the backdrop… females are more effected physically, emotionally, and psychically, be courteous and kind and safe, and lets get things to ‘that last self-honest’ instead of the effects of the extra-dimensional mass conspiracy of the platonic masses.”

In B Tween? Swear to God I wasn’t but I wouldn’t say no if she said yes, and that makes you guilty not me.


‘Orders, Sir?

Tell The Men to “Man-Up, Shut Up, and Enjoy The View..!”

There is Another Long Mission that needs to Finish Up and Succeed. “That would be Islam”

There are as well Other Long Missions that need to Finish Up and Succeed “And These of course are Hinduism and Buddhism”

All of this gets Piped Into Brahma, the actual Original Eternal Infinite Being, through Others more Intrinsic and Elite and as well Stronger Pillars of Sentient Light and Power.

Religion isn’t going away at The End, and neither is The Modern World… Got It!?!

This Being, ‘Brahma’, Loves Goddesses and Girls in Short Skirts and Pretty Panties and Thigh Highs and Boots or Long Lace-Up Sandals… and if She was no longer into it Brahma would build an army of gorgeous robot females who were. They found away ages ago, and it was recently verified here on Earth through Computers, Robotics and Sex Dolls.

The Modern World is Supported by Brahma, The Biggest Oldest Being Of All.


The OB Gray God Mundane Miracle is Better than Normal, and Stronger, and as well Supports The Modern World… like the titan Atlas!

“An old Piece of Brahma in Creation that is More Intrinsic and More Normal than Brahma, and More Related to Us.”

The Alpha

The Gray God Evolved with both Goddess and God.

Both Mother Goddess and God are partly Merged with The OB Gray God, The Alpha.

This is from old Titanic Usurper Problems.

God is not actually at fault for this but may be Co-Opted by Stronger Titanic Mergers… and some real Alpha Male Assholes in Control, who also Invaded and usurped parts of Brahma and Ptah, and have Pit This Being Against That One. God VS Goddess. Man VS Woman. Strong VS Weak. Cheaters VS Honorable. Criminals VS Justice. “Invasive Overloads will actually Change Your Persona And Thinking Pattern To Match Theirs, making this a nightmare quicksand quagmire to deal with, with the ability to capture and co-opt people and power-bases”


Easy To Invade, Easy To Overload. More Emotional By Nature. Weak, Aware, Needing Help.

God starts out as a Void
Goddess starts out as a Vacuum

Both were also Attaining Form.

But according to Spooks Speak, The Big Path, and Direct Experience “you really cannot fully unravel psychology or sentience without this extra-dimensional stuff”

This is The Missing Link and The Motherload.

It is a Forced Process like unto ‘demonic possession of persona’ but it is also Old Titanic War Tactics.

It is Invasive Usurper Dragging You Down From Within.

It not only tells you that you can’t achieve this or accomplish that’ it is also Actively Working Against You.

Induction of Responses. Knockdowns. Psychological Issues. Authority Problems.

A real Formed Entity in Sentient Ocean.

Or a Group Of Beings Working Together

This is about Overachiever Overly-Defensive Overlord Orchestration, which is directly related to Morality and Spirituality and Purity and Celibacy and The Church and The Mission… and the Co-Opted Divine Plan.