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I see that spot as a place to orchestrate change, with an egalitarian iron fist if necessary, but the philosophy is one of self-autonomy and is almost completely opposed to the whole rulership spot.

The old mission is in bringing people to being co-evolved enough to be self-autonomous and lawful, to be compassionate and considerate of others, to extend that to non-human life (parasites and viruses not to be included, predators to be treated as suspect due to dietary habits), and as well a consideration of the non-living environment.

Over many ages I have Co-Evolved with Them and it is They that are The Big Authority.

In Regions there is a crossover, a merger. In these Regions the more powerful Titanic Authority or Godlike Authority is a Prime Thing, it is The Persona, and Me has it’s own flavor but cannot function without Them.

Farther out away from Form Evolution and Elite Evolution that lead to Deity is The Older Stuff, and it is more Normal.

Normal is more mellow than Deity, it’s normal. It is actually absolutely massive and predates things, but due to the timeless nature of original things it is boring in comparison to what one may expect (being prone to tales of big power beings as to who or what is ultimately our there beyond the universe, and They are there, but something else is also Out Beyond Them and it is Normal and part of It kept the fuller tale as opposed to being over-powered and mystical secretive.

The size and scale of this stuff compared to earth is off the scale. Older and larger than the universe.

But the size of us, the basic people, compared to the earth is out of this world enormous. So things are actually more relative to where we are.

When the former (out of this universe) is in direct communion with the latter (here on earth) one has gigantic deity, as well as giants, titans, and monsters enough to fulfil any myth-believers dreams. You won’t find them out here in the external linear space universe though, other than maybe incarnate as a human, or part of a ‘macro platform persona’ that is attracted to the big man and tall guy, if not actually having an effect on organic matter.

But all that interrelates to Authority and to Government.

There has been a big usurpation going on by the big able elite authority.

Self-Autonomy suffers from this. Things are orchestrated from on high, they are elite, they are out of touch, they push their method on the whole, they naturally think being better means they are right. They are wrong.

So though Ruler has a very good use it is important to ‘sabotage the whole big authority thing while in the spot’, using a set base of principles empowering the people. Get their help in making sure big authority does not come back into power. This will be a psychologically empowered process geared at helping us be self-autonomous and lawful by not only being empowered but having faith without indoctrination in what we are doing. We need to finally do it right.

Due to the destructive nature of our un-evolved past being socialized into new generations there is a form of education process that needs to occur. It needs to be free of all bad actors left and right.

There as well needs to be a set of basic logical guidelines that we agree on as a community, and don’t think the environment is not high on that list. And don’t think immigration reform isn’t high on that list. And don’t think economic well being of the working people isn’t high on that list. And don’t think utopian solutions to the imbalance and welfare state are not high on that list.

Politics and Rulers and Lawmakers are too far in the wrong direction from Self-Autonomy.

And We The People as a community need to have ‘the powers wielded by us as a group of humans with excellent guidelines’ as opposed to coning all the big powers and decision making and deciding to a group of people elevated above us as authority.

“this happened before you know, Out There, and The Deity did not fare very well either at The Big Authority Over All… it just ain’t Normal, ya know, and it is doomed to fail, so let’s help it fall (here, not there, that really is some Glorious stuff you gonna love, as long as you ain’t enslaved to it)”

Some people need a leader, but they have no collective right to force that on the rest of us. By having a leader we are not doing the work ourselves, we are not as fully psychologically autonomous as we could be, we must always await some large artificial authority to make changes on things in our lives, and we do not agree with some of them.

Perhaps if we could come together as the whole community without the big orchestrated pundits and authority, yet still with experts and scientists and 100% transparency, we could come to better solutions as well as a more willingness to do our part. We tailored the process better, and were more satisfied with the results. We were more inspired.

But that ain’t what happened with Me. I got wailed extra-dimensionally, and it really is related to 2012.

Me is a whole different thing from prophecy and deity… and it just so happens to predates those, and it just so happens to be extra-dimensionally related on a macro scale.

The Deity became The Stars and Me is what is left of The Nebula, and We ain’t very much alike anymore

Because I am on mental disability, there is no way I could sit still long enough to go through a trial, there is no way I could focus on the case well enough to be a good juror, and I don’t believe in sitting in a room with people during a pandemic.

So, are you set up inaccurately due to liberalism, incompetent, or playing ‘making hardships for political reasons.

{You have contacted Me too many times over the years for jury duty for this to be instantly termed a coincidence… start with the legal determination of being on mental disability and the lack of legality that means for a juror, and then please completely remove me from the whole process as opposed to making me do your job for you, it is causing some mental hardships on a half-sunk ship}

don’t let Me fool you, because Me is in large part a big balance, deduction, and insight, provided by Them, while the real me is in not very good shape”

So, when it comes to things like Stolen Indigenous People’s Lands that America is built on You, The Status Quo, are horribly inaccurate.

You are using the crime that was cleverly set forth as if it was a legal determination. Like a parrot you pick up the rhetoric, and like a halfwit you do not think things out fully.

The same thing applies to Economics. You did not check the full thing, like a parrot you spew what they preached, like a halfwit you didn’t think things out fully.

If one goes through the government and mainstream media one will will find… systemic capitalism.

Far too many things are tied to economics.

Far too many big decisions are made for economics.

Far too many things are ignored to perpetuate economics.

Far too many solutions are stated as economics.

“men who believe in the order produced by other men”

Former recovering alchoholics.

Q Anon originally meant Queers Anonymous.

Is this the other queer white supremist group the supports our man-kissing president?

don’t forget to check the satanic pedophilia of the republican party as well, it may turn out to be even more than the democrat party, and it may have assisted you along to cover it’s ass”

I can’t let a corny joke like that just slip by.

The Great Republic of America steeped in it’s law and order and lawmaker jobs is one of the biggest laughing stock illegalities in stark contrast to the way the people think of themselves ‘as the rightful lawful authority of America’.

This so called ‘pipe dream’ issue is such a glaring illegality that there is nothing you can say or do that gets you back to being the rightful law and order party.

Add to that the angry gun-toting asshole that is going to threaten people to keep his stolen private property.

He arrogantly thinks that the wrongful dictate terms reparations method was a legal solution.

Add again to that the illegal racist anti-American Indian socialization that these people engage in to cover their crime, encourage to keep by force, and threaten the actual legal owners with extinction.

You people have chosen to keep us enslaved to jobs and rent and patent holders, so there is no other option as long as that crime is left in place.

That is what Forced Realism does.

Along the way as well are a whole group of people that like to work and need to work and The Economy does just fine for these people. Economics is a very viable method (that has no right to go on destroying the old natural world, has no right to deregulate it’s pollution, has no right to being accorded ‘the way we are suppose to be’, have no right to jack up medicine prices for profits, has no right to make shoddy products that break to drive up sales, etc.) Having a healthy economy is a very good thing

Since you have a very big deaf ear towards the rest of us and I can create a civilization for both kinds of people you are no longer qualified to be our leaders. That is not a pipe dream either it is logic. That is not only logic it is the truth.

-End of Line

Did I know how inaccurate I was about the reason people are not packing Biden rallies?

Well, f**k yeah!

That is The Political Game that is played, we lie and deny and push it on by.

But as well in no way is The Republican Party the free-of-corruption party, they are just more wrongly entrenched in this and have a more finger-print redacted facts version, so it is more believable, still not the truth, more believable.

Make American Hate Again? Clear Cut The Forest So Some Greedy Rich Person Can Have Even More? Give Up On The Pandemic Lockdown Because You Suck So Bad At It?

Your Republic is an Illegal Form Of Government fashioned off monarchy and old tyrant authority.

Your whole dedication to economics is an abnormality, another illegal thing that has ensvlaed the whole of the popluation to a stupid method.

The Working Man has gotten in the way of our future to push a crime on us called economics and jobs.

The Republic is a bunch of abnormal people that work all the time. They have been wrongfully pushed to the forefront as ‘who we are suppose to be like’, and that is a bunch of criminal bullshit.

In the end it is The Economy that will bring buyers remorse for all the people who are not like The Republic.


Artificial Abundance sold as work and money, and one that needs to get undercut by automation and freedom.

The same abundance is to be had in a far easier way than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 10-11 months a year, for 40 years.

“now since The Democrats are also not building Utopia there are a few things we can still agree on, the environment, fighting authoritarian rule in America, global warming prudence, heavily regulating polluters, ending white racist rule, the end of the good squad police force wronging us on one side while it does us a service on the other”