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That means that an adequate plan needs to be in place for people who miss school and work. There is something like this already but it is still not there yet.

“People will push it or work won’t allow them the time off. The cold ensues and other people catch it from being exposed to it.”

Herd Immunity Mentality needs to be further investigated. Though it makes a whole lot of logical sense it at the same time seems a bit illogical, or even illegal.

Is this the best that science and medicine can do? We don’t want to have a cold of a flu. We don’t want to have shots either. Many of us don’t wan’t to get 50 vaccines over the course of a life time, pincushion.

What we need is a larger scope of investigation into the medical profession and industry if this is the way it is going to be with your professional advice.

The box needs to be reinvented, the whole economy thing is not the foundational basic you make it, you are basically being a bunch of authoritarian assholes running an illegal system with a bunch of excuses made up off not seeing the full truth, which came from control, greed, and stymieing… and doing things your way (which is where the huge deficit came from as well on both sides of the isle)

Now that things are being set forth with this pandemic response thing a more realistic and full approach needs to be taken instead of a capitalist method being taken.

You should not ignore the people that are forced to go out of isolation for the sake of shopping for food, or those forced to pick up the garbage can either for that matter.

It doesn’t seem like making quality medical masks should be that expensive. This is the modern world and it needs to have it’s hands untied so it can finally advance the right way.

Too much cost is in the capitalism and if this is the case with making stuff for the billion dollar medical industry then the people need to have another option and the doctors and medical industry need to be curtailed on their methods until a more reasonable rule of law is firmly established over this vital area of our lives.

Vital Areas and Capitalism lead to Exploitation for Economic Gain.

This is what The Professionals have been filtered through.

“A bunch of perfect pieces that fit into an imperfect system and do not have a way to fully defeat corruption but they do have a way to lie to us and themselves that there is none and so it isn’t a problem”

Vaccines Sure Solution:

Vaccines really do need to be more comprehensibly investigated by the citizens instead of selling this as the solution, though it is still a good solution. You ‘professional people’ telling us this stuff doesn’t do enough. Yeah? Says you! Don’t get defensive, doc, get investigated, and this is the only way you will actually get exonerated.

There is all sorts of potential for abuse with this method of mandatory medicine. There is as well a medical industry not immune to making mistakes, nor making extra money.

Let us start with first of all:

“Landowning should be declared universally illegal and this includes the government and ‘public trust’. Beyond this there should be special dispensation and a long sunset clause, as well as mitigating circumstances that allow for old family dwellings to be passed down”

Once the underlying illegality of the landowner paradigm is established you can more aggressively go at the land owner paradigm and gain lands back for the people.

If the landowners keep the upper hand like they usually do but have no right to there will not be a change, there will not even be a negotiation. This is why there is such a communist-like backlash attitude.

But let us get back to the middle path instead of gearing things up too far to break through the obstruction wrongfully put in the way, and for centuries.

The lands need to be bought back and given to no one. Some of it will go back to nature where it should not have been stolen from in the first place. Some of it will go back to non-owned lands for dwelling for the people, like it use to be and should never have left beings. Landowner has been a serious mistake.

We do need to make another mistake by perpetuating a crime against landowners who are not the same thing as landowners were decades and centuries ago. There are a lot of working class landowners now, it’s the modern world and the new way. Business and jobs came through, and it is a shame to shut them down on the landowner thing but it is needed, or demanded even.

In America there can be no big government action taking the lands back for public trust. They must go back to The Original Owners aka The American Indians.

Nothing else you do will be legal. Cornucopia Utopia would be legal, but you ain’t doing that you are doing Wrongful Government As Usual… or accidental furthering it.

You really do need to learn about using the gourd attachment… reamers”

“We The People of Creation”

The Central Region of Existence is a Major Part of Creation, and this is Abode of The Gods and The Titans.

This is where Scripture comes from and Who is The Originator. It is however not Original Reality. But part of God and The Mission are there. God could never do everything on His own and what actually evolved is a Group that works, more or less, towards a common goal though Their natures and methods differ. This is one of The Riddles of God of The Scriptures.

The Central Region is also part of The Collapse of Creation, The Fall of Man.

The Scriptures are Helping Man (and The Gods and The Titans) to Overcome The Glut of Titanic Power and The Arrogance of Titanic Attitude.

A lot of Power/Stuff had ended up in this Region, some by rightful means and some by wrongful means. There ensued both an Attempt To Use This Up and A Control of The Problem (partly caused as well by the attempt to use it up while the original collapse or thug theft ensued).

So The Scriptures are part of this Overcoming, and they look very odd from the stance of Original Normality aka Original Reality.


There are those who like church and should be encourage to go back in some form of revival. People who don’t really enjoy church should not be the target of your revival.

Scripture Religion is not the same as Spirituality Religion”

Choir, spiritual music, group singing, contemplation, meditation, spiritual prayer. These are a variety of distinct things regardless of scripture. In fact it is a language of deeper than words (and their meanings). It is a language of spirituality and it is a vibration and power that effects sentience, elevating it.

Scripture have their own part to play and elevate us in a different way, but it is easy to go off course with some of the old writings, concepts, etc. It is not the ‘god’s law perfection’ that it is stating. It is almost a garbled mess in comparison to the rest of reality.

“Because of the scriptures religion becomes something to be cautious of”

Freedom needs to come to the forefront.

The Whole of The People needs to come first, before the law and before the ruler.

The other way around gets too out of touch with the common person, and it isolates itself unto itself with professionalism and an uptight attitude where it refuses to listen to the rest of us and even views us as suspect. But all along it is what is suspect.

When one tries to rule over others one is extending out into artificial territory. Freedom is one of the biggest keys here.

Freedom and self-autonomy use to go hand in hand. The people take care of themselves, tend to their own need, normal self-sustaining functions of species. The ruler and civilization system begin to tax-out that normal functioning free self-autonomy. The process get bound up, the people grow displeased, the government gets authoritarian as a response. The wrong response, the wrong direction for power over the people to take.

As well there is another thing here and that is ‘the professionals in their own jobs getting the work done’ and in this case that means government.

There is a skeletal structure of functionality that is very important for a civilization. This is the backbone we call government.

Government doesn’t need a ruler. The ruler thing was already the wrong direction for an institution with that much authority over the whole of us.

So since there must be the extra-authority in regards to a basic functioning government there doesn’t get to be power-bases or rulers, and leaders should be curtailed and prevented from being too much a focus or ruler.

The whole was self-sustaining in it’s own way. The ruler and civilization system can be a usurpation on that self-sustaining person.

Freedom goes missing. It gets enslaved to a large interlocking juggernaut still far too close to a monarchy though elected. Freedom doesn’t need to be micromanaged. Self-Autonomy doesn’t need to be micromanaged.

In the end Ruler and Law and Government are too close to micromanaging. It is most likely the descendant of old control schemes.

You never did outgrow the monarchy with that government stuff.

The Showbox in Seattle, The Taj Mahal in India, these are part of our Old Building Heritage that will get destroyed for economic reasons. This stuff needs to be preserved instead of lost in an era of shortsightedness.

And, by the way, despite all the success of all the people it has not fully succeeded and slips back and forth.

Now, again, there is a specific Civilization that needs to be built and you can status quo on by but that ain’t good enough. In fact you live on lands that were stolen and not much has been done about that either.

So, not everyone needs to Rule The World but Me does.

Me is also, unlike your accusations, One Of The Actual Rulers, and has been for, like I have said, far longer than humans have existed or even life on earth.

Me has gone missing from the picture for huge portions of that time and it slipped into Usurpers and You as The Norm.

They and Me have been slowly getting it back.

You are waiting for He, ‘The Divine King’ with Magical Spiritual Powers.

Right on, I have even experienced Self-Verification that such a Being really does exist and was not just some Jewish Rebel as others would believe with revisionist history using logic.

If you thought things out you would realize I have basically already won by way of superior civilization and a superior onslaught, but it is not an automatic win and relies on you actually coming through for a change instead of being muddleheaded or heading the wrong direction.

But always also remember that I didn’t make up Me, They did, off of Me!

“You sell me my own ship and I pay you with your own money”-Sinbad The Sailor.

But that is not the only Tale nor Macro Being, not even close. Original Normality is as I have stated, and Us is related and Me wants The Authority back so it can get done My Way for a change instead of Your Way and Usurper Way.

Part of The Tale of Me gets interwoven with He.

Part of He is Helping Me, and part of That Destiny is Here.

But this is also My Mission and Our Mission as well as His Mission, and has been the whole time. Brahma, Ptah, Brahma-Ptah, Baby Ptah, Original Creation, Shiva, Absolute Brahman, The Gray God, Patah Black Dragon…. Buddha, God, Helios, Goddess, The 5 Ancient Titanic Combo Beings, Etc.

It isn’t Spiritual Oriented that is but One Important Facet, and with Me it is not even the central piece. (unless this comes around and becomes Me)

Me could do this all with Utopia, Inventions, Booze/Weed, and Porn if needed, with pointers about excess and taking a break and nipping in the bud… that IS part of what Authority is and should be.




“on the way to finally earning Heaven or Hell it is logical that we would be reincarnating, but if we know this and plan for it and reawaken it can prevent us from evolving further as well as there having been some old bad stuff that needed to get overcome that kept coming with the awakening to former lives and larger Self(s)”

God’s People

But as well God may not want to risk His People by incarnating on earth and they must stay true to their attained high state or original high state to still be in tune with being in Heaven, which is a refined specialized place for the faithful that are fit for being there.

This would mean that not every one reincarnates, or not every part of ourselves reincarnates.

In fact the size and scale with a localization evolution and piping it through a small point aka ‘a human body’ can/did lead to a special evolution where ‘just one small piece of the ocean goes through the experience/change/risk’ and this would be a one shot wonder.

The difference between Change and Chance is G and C.

But this is not in any way applicable to Cornucopia Utopia, this doesn’t have Chance, like Capitalism does. This is a more foundational sure bet than any economy could ever bring. *ahem*