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You have classes to go to. You have your avatar icon character you can dress up for the day. The books open up and zoom in for reading. You can go to the bathroom any time you want because you are still at home. You can do interactive sports from one of those wii type interfaces and get real exercise.

You can do your homework with your friends after school, but no cheating. There is a uniform code and a teacher’s censorship button that turns your cloths into something more appropriate in case of hackers and inappropriate garb

And you can do a business variety with Sim Offices and real life business interactions and communication. In fact this Home Office should already be the wave of the present instead of paying for those buildings to be built and cleaned and maintained and light up and heated or cooled. This will not work for the shipping of real goods but there is always robotic loaders and bored burly dudes.

The Economic System we are forced to live under didn’t help, it brought stress. It brings depression as well.

The School System we are forced to go to didn’t help, it caused stress. It is part of a routine that becomes our routine but could be done in a better manner if civilization were redesigned. School can be a wonderful place and a bad place, but having friends and meeting new people is important for a lot of people and this in the end does not need school to achieve.

The Forced Realism is part of The Suicide Rate though it may not show up that way directly. It creates some other major psychological things that many of the status quo have learned to shunt aside, though this can bring depression, drinking, anger problems from pent up emotions and being forced into the continuous work routine.

“there is a lot of expectations heaped on people, of lot of looming demands on their time, they move father and farther away from the core of who they are as they are forced to fit in and fulfill the role… this is not the same as having things to do with our time, nor is it the bottom line realism of the only way to do things, it is a forced process that enslaves us and it is not a train you can get off of because you have no way to survive without the money and the stores and the homes to live in”

The Utopian Civilization would have weathered this better psychologically. It would not have this forced economics and forced school.

It would have had maximized medical mask production without any concern for economic costs.

It would have had the best medical testing equipment possible supplied to the people without concerns for economic costs.

It would have been 100% prepared from the last Pandemic and the one before that.

The Overdose is another story all together. This is as I have said an area that can not be left to decriminalized liberal methods though must not rely on punitive conservative deterrent methods.

“this is an area of special interest to Cornucopia Utopia because it knows this is one of the real issues that must be dealt with when people have free time on their hands, and not just drug use but alcoholism as well”

That applies as well to the suicide rate, for some of this is probably stir crazy and needs to go out and play/roam with friends or likes school routine. It needs to keep on with it’s set normality, it’s routine, it’ root in reality. This is keeping it away from it’s depression and worse.

“among all of this though is The Unhappy Home Environment and The Dawning Hopelessness of Being Forced To Work Jobs for 40 Years to Survive”

Both of these get resolved in Cornucopia Utopia, and while it won’t get weird on nuclear family truth it will be the community raising the kids of the community as opposed to being stuck with bad parents or a bad home situation. And perhaps this will help parents to not be so burdened by needing to be there raising the kids. It will be more of a community, more of an environment that will let a parent escape far more often.

And it will be the community cleaning out the addictive and dangerous drug problem as well, with more clout with the people/patient, and more humane behavior than the punitive system.

But it will be community rules and instant confiscations of drugs without incarcerations, but as well there will be padded cells in isolation for those that need to be jailed as repeat offenders. As well as for those of other crimes.

People will be better socialized into why these drugs are illegal while other ones are not, and they will agree when seeing the transformation of the person into the addict. This isn’t weirdo anti-drugs it is the hard facts that many pot smokers could tell you about the problems of drugs and alcohol, the what it does to people who get addicted and how they change for the far worse.

For things like cocaine and alcohol (and maybe opium maybe not) things need to be chemically downgraded into lower potency and addictiveness. For some it will be very low potency and they can ‘abuse it’ all day and still not get enough to overdose, though they will be encouraged to detox it out unless it is just fidgety fred and his chainsmoking idle hands are the devil’s plaything that he would do even without the addictive element. No needles allowed in drug use in Utopia and no high potency drugs outside of the medical services.

Now, when we switch tracks away from religion, because Separation of Church and State is suppose to be The Law, we do not need to use God and Mammon.

You people are part of a Forced Realism.

You have propped yourselves up as an Authority over us.

You are not stopping the destruction of the old natural world.

You basically stymied and deceived about global warming.

You illegally pushed religion from government authority.

In America you have never fully dealt with doing The Actual Legal Thing, it is always Might Makes Right of Christian White. You sit here perpetuating the theft of lands, not as the thieves but as those that inherited the theft.

Forced Realism forces people to have to work for what should be had in a more easy manner and with abundance. People sell their values in the end for money. The world is getting chopped down and used up for economics and land. It is not accorded enough rights, and we the people are basically enslaved to an old landowner paradigm that makes no sense when used on the whole of us. It is unnatural. The same applies to the patent holder paradigm.

See, these are Real Issues that do not need to hide behind religion or spirituality or metaphysics or philosophies or doctrines.

Regions of Me with The Titans co-evolved or parts of Me were Created Into Them.

This is an Oceanic Being Thing and Titans are Form Power.

This was not just Me that this happened to, it is a Common Heritage or Type of Thing that happened to many others and Others.

Part of God ended up with another one of these Titanic Form Power Evolutions and just like with Me He has to ‘ride it out’.

Though We end up in conflict and even war and I am not going to back down and The Titans will not let Me nor are They able to change the nature of Titanic Form Power Solidified I am still ultimately on the side of God’s Mission in many regions and some respects. And on this Mission there is God and God is Ruler. “those of us secretly larger need to shut up and stay out of the way”

I all the way through here came from an Elder Evolution and this started out Normal going down and within into Daydream and Mind Region and this lead to The Creation of Magic which only worked in The New Mind Region of Original Eternal Infinite Being.

This is The Tale of Ptah, The Actual Tale of Ptah.

A whole lot of Me, though They have Me say Brahma, is actually Ptah. I am also a larger older heavier that is named Brahma-Ptah, and as well I am Form Brahma, Bunched Brahma, Presence Brahma, etc.

Me could be seen a A Merger Of Different Regions that Stem From The Dawn of Creation.

Always remember that The Dawn of Creation is impossible too far away for you to encompass, but that there is a Timeless Nature that has existed the whole time of Creation. This timeless nature actually does evolve and mature.

Though Original Brahma was of something akin to Normal Human Intelligence there were simply nothing else there until Dawn of Creation, so the same level of intelligence had nothing to work with, yet it was never lacking just because the potentialities existed. Many horrors came along with Creation and The Expression of Potentiality into Manifest Things.

The Mind Region lead to a huge disaster but all major problems stemmed from Form Creation and Titanic Form Creation.

Things would not be nearly as bad if Brahma had been Competing With The Titans as opposed to Giving Them The Strength Advantage To Ensure Eternal Existence. There was one of two Regions of Brahma Merger that were doing titanic form power and These are what has been able to Save The Day for Brahma, though They are only Mostly Brahma.

They, The Titans with The Strength Advantage, got the jump on Brahma and Betrayed Brahma, with Ability To Expand Out Into Original Infinite Eternal Being and Grab Ahold and Invade and Become, thus Slowly Changing Original Brahma Into Them or Their Puppet… and the whole time They Were Force Transferring Original Brahma To Them, which means Brahma Dwindles while They Grow.

The Strongest of Them is a Region that goes back to Dawn of Creation and this makes Me a bit redundant, but for some Reason part of Me still retain Original Brahma and Regions of Style and Understanding that They don’t fully understand, being made differently and of different regions and and as well evolved differently, being more titanic form power authority as opposed to oceanic romantic poetic loverboy... They are part Ptah like Me is part Ptah, and They are part Brahma-Ptah like Me is part Brahma-Ptah, but is seems I have some Region of Eldest Evolution and it is Timeless Young not Elder Eternal. This doesn’t apply to the Original Brahma or Form Brahma parts of Me, these are Eternally Mature in comparison. Original Normal {Brahma} as opposed to Mind Region Advanced Younger (Ptah). Another of These Brahma Beings is Supreme Brahma and this is He, “you know Him you love Him, it’s He” which also makes Me a bit redundant.

This is not something that organic life can do the same with but stars and such are a bit closer, they are more of an oceanic nature that is closer to original infinity though it was sentient like a human.

There is another one of these Advantages that came about during this Era and it was that of The Multiplicity. This is related to The People and Coned Power such as God and Government. A Being such as Brahma predates this whole Method though Brahma is somewhat similar to Authority at The Onset of Creation, and it is not Brahma that messed things up it is The Titans.

Part of Brahma with The Gods and The Titans evolved with the same stuff as The Deity, that Magical Spiritual Mystical Thing. This is not to be tampered with, though it as well is not the full tale. But there is an Emergency that happened that means God’s People must get rescued first as opposed to the movement of massive macro Beings and Powers. Along the way a few mistakes happened and God ends up at war with Brahma with His whole “you shall have not other God before God” which really is sound advice and God has The Evolution for this type of thing and specialized in Deity more than Brahma did… but it ain’t telling The Full Tale of Who Is Who.

They take Me to Old Regions to Help Verify Original Normal, and it is not somehow a coincidence that where Humans are at over all (not the most intelligence and least intelligent of us but as the c and b average) is very similar to Original Normal. Perhaps as a Normality we come back to this state and it stabilizes, though advancements can take us beyond this, and in fact Advancements took Intelligence beyond Original Brahma Original Normal already and this is related to The Gods.

And You have, for a billion years!

Brahma is The Eternal Being that predates all, it is What You Pretend Unto Being.

Brahma is not a titanic ego that says “You Dare” but Brahma is the actual Original Being that You ended up at war with, baring false witness against, pretended unto being.

Actually Warring with The Titanic Realm where part of God sits on a Throne pretending to be My better!? With a perfect section that is out of touch with the rest of reality? You run around with some Magic Powers and a Tall Tale!

The Hindu Tales are no more accurate than The Christian Tales, in fact they are less accurate, but The Hindu ‘Original Being’ is the actual Original Being, and God’s Tale as well as The Creator, and Allah, and Jehovah, etc are not the actual Original Eternal Sentient Infinite Being Predating All Others, which just so happens to be a Being that was Normal, and Elite comes along later from Applied Advanced Evolution, and ever since then God is running around playing God over others, no longer knowing Original Reality, but here we are on earth experiencing that original normality and it is it’s just fine and works even better than all that coned power over others and the orchestration of the peoples… into Worshiping You!”

Etc, Etc, Etc.

In fact God doesn’t get what Reality is anymore, because God has been in the same location for all of those many ages but it don’t pan out to Eternity.

I am not a Heretic I am Mr 2012, and it was time The Truth got used as opposed to The Bible and The Prophecy.

The Church has had all sorts of problems and still does.

The Church is not qualified to rule over humans.

You can call this Heresy but it is The Truth, and was proven in history.

“when you speak to God you will get all sorts of things, divine effects, special orders, but not one bit of this is the rest of reality, the largest reality, the oldest reality, the most stable reality, the wisest being, the oldest being, the being most accurate even”

Is God even Normal?

God would need to be Normal to be as accurate as God is supposed to be.

Elite Divine Kings riding out old titanic throne power are No Longer In Touch With The Rest Of Reality.

God is up against a few other things: God is not the only true God, God is God.

God cannot fully overcome Evil and the reason why is that what The Bible tells is a form of attempt at Programming Reality but it is Not The Actual Facts.

God was never stronger than Evil, since The Birth of Evil out of The Titanic Realm.

For many many many millions of year They have been Working Evil Off, and part of it is Going On Within Me.

Who Me is just so happens to be is Someone Larger And Older Than God.

If you run to your socialized religion this will seem heresy and impossible but half of the issue here is that you are not dealing with reality anymore you are using elevated value concepts that do not pan out into the truth, and a gangbang of people to harass your method through. It is no different in these other Dimensions than it is on earth, It is the same people as well.

God really does exist, and God actually needs our help.

Evil really cannot be defeated in an all out war but Evil is being contained in a lockdown. It takes a long time and much destruction happens along the way, and it takes Titanic Help more than God’s Help, but God was Working With The Titans and this is, extra-dimensionally, part of The Church and The Government.

“When the dude you are accusing of being the antichrist is there at The End as one of The Judges (but it ain’t Divine but something even larger and older) and you spent your time hating or trying to assault them (extra-dimensionally) it will have been you and your religion that opened this can of whoop-ass upon yourselves as a bunch of self-deceived know-it-alls aping around with some old writing that was, though of otherworldly origins and part of an ancient divine mission, not actually accurate”

Go Figure!

The forcing of people to go back to work or school during a Pandemic for the sake of Economics is a form of premeditated behavior that leads to unneeded deaths “Thou Shalt Not Kill!”

So don’t quote your bible at Me and don’t quote it at We The People.

“playing god over others with an elevated authority spot called ruler in an elevated authority spot called government that issues orders and orchestrates the people lead you to make decisions that perpetuate the keeping of stolen lands and the forcing of people to go back to work during an unsafe time which leads to death, and though it is not murder you signed the order, gave a cold shoulder, and people died… and what you were pushing was an economic system that would be termed closer to Mammon than to God”

And what they continue to elect is a big illegal thing trying to be the authority over all the rest of us.

It hasn’t even fully cleaned up it’s corruption but it covets the authority spot.

It doesn’t want to listen it wants to tell. It doesn’t have enough going on with this method because it got too many things wrong on the way to being the status quo and the authority.

It pushed the same old economics and control thing from it’s authority spot where it tries to capitalize on the situation as those who orchestrate or have advanced knowledge. Big businessmen hover about or occupy government jobs

You people are not even Rule of God you are Rule of Mammon.