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Not because they miss Me but because they never got around to building Cornucopia Utopia, having instead been stuck with sticking with the working path, which means a lot of work and a lot of complaining, and the one related to the other, but that was what they knew best, it was their comfort zone, their internal hard wire.

{… on second thought I’m not sure I want to come back here, you eternal sourpusses, it’s a waste of My talent}

Just wait til They have Me editing your scriptures with an updated accuracy.

Those things are so far gone in some things I cannot support them 100%, they are unhelpful, un-truthful, irrational, and I predate them aka I know the actual original truth.

The scriptures have lead far too many people astray, though there are Realms and Regions to match some of that, real deity and angels, real effects, real messiahs and avatars.

Imperishable eternal spirit doesn’t really exist. The eternal part does as far as I can see but I guarantee it will be subject to similar effects seen in this science universe. That ‘imperishable eternal’ was part of an advanced process We were attempting, and it didn’t work. Dying in a black hole may literally end that part of your eternal spirit, sadly so.

The scriptures can get all weird on ya and converting became a bit of a crime in it’s day.

This became major thing because scriptures and religion really are very important to some, have real effects, are supported by real Beings extra-dimensionally, there really is something like an eternal church or temple that exists extra-dimensional… it’s enough to want to go to church if you know the fuller tale.

But the scriptures, well, there is a lot of wisdom in them but at the same time don’t take things as absolutes because there are some major macro unknown circumstances being overcome at the establishment of them, and They were working with New Realities that made it into The Scriptures.

Heaven and Hell really do exist but the judgement of the scriptures are not accurate enough, and there was also an advanced scare tactic to get you to do right conduct, and hey, it worked. When God over-sentences you God must then forgive you, it’s part of the larger truth.

thou shalt divest thyselves of the sins of keeping lands stolen from the heathen… thou shalt not steal’

… and everyone wanted to attain ghosthood.

South America will do fine, thanks.

“just a little something I saw in another dimension, but that is what one does with reincarnated godkings of old, which is a little something else deep within Me from some old Combo Lines”

It doesn’t need to be that big, something closer to 10 by 15 (but done in Mayan measure equivalent). The casket should be stone as well, engraved with arcane symbols. White Greek Marble Tomb, Black Egyptian Stone Rectangle Casket.

“Here lies Peter II, The 2012er”

The tomb look should be something like medieval christian with an egyptian flavor, and as well have an irish lyre and lebanese cedar tree engraved on it, along with the arcane symbols and a cross and ahnk and golden om symbol.

It doesn’t take coming back from the dead to come back to haunt you it takes a little extra-dimensional gateway left at the tomb or around the body like a ghost, not enough to walk through but enough to slightly seep through at a sub level, allowing for some to have an extra-dimensional experience. I am not sure They can do that here, the Astral plane has so much more going on, but damn you They will try!

And reincarnation as well is not coming back from the dead to haunt you, it’s coming back around to finish the job.

“We told God long ago that We would play along, even Change part of Ourselves for it for the good needed to be saved and We needed to be safer, but there was no way We were going to give up Our Magic for His Religion beyond a small region”

… you better pay attention!

You are Mr American Lawmaker!

You are The Hoax they are looking for, and I am The Hope they hoped existed.

As you run around with your big authority attitude from government jobs you wrongfully occupy as you force your illegal economics system status quo on us you are turning out to be a 100% un-American illegal sham. You ran around like authoritarian jerks preaching the rule of law but all you were was a group of law breakers occupying lawmakers jobs, illegally.

The Law does not support your cause it demands that you are arrested for engaging in a conspiracy to keep stolen property while you push another conspiracy to prevent Utopia from being built and giving the people back their freedom.

You run around preaching being the big American but up against Me you fail. I’m the real American and you are a propaganda network of authoritarian jerks illegally occupying lawmakers jobs in a conspiracy to control the country and force economics on us as the only solution.

In the end of this you will comply with The Law or be arrested as lawmaker breaking the law in a mass conspiracy because that is The Law!