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(well, that’s just mostly humor, the last one wasn’t)

It takes Supreme Brahma within Brahma-Ptah to get that good Valkyrie-Arch Angelic effect, for Me at least. It’s mostly He but Me is attached in regions and a huge echo-chamber with a bit of resonance that ignites at the same time as well. The walls sing back as it were not just echo.

As an extra-dimensional universal force ‘coming upon thee like a thief in the night’.

… as well as a divine tragedy of My own.

You do not get to be a bunch of tightwads with a balance the budget attitude. You got in the way of utopia the whole time you sat there as lawmakers and the deficit went to 20 trillion dollars.

don’t pretend you can’t just print the money up and pay off the debt, putting a lockdown on anything that will fluctuate; this is a fiduciary system and you in the end are trying to be stupid hard nose sticklers and we are sick and tired of you; and this is not a business transaction that needs to be covered with a gold standard it is a whole different type of economics than production and wages”

Back when the deficit was in the billions of dollars this balance the budget mentality was a more realistic goal.

Now that the deficit is 20 trillion dollars you are no longer a viable way to go about doing things. You are just going to short the American people while you tout balance the budget.

We The People were not there making the big choices. We The People will not be held accountable for the people that we elected, but still often did not fully agree with.

We The People would have spent money on land and items so we would have a place to stay and food to eat and products. That is what we would have spent it on. We would have realized that rent and food and medicine costs were a huge leak in the side of the boat and set out to do this with non-owned lands for dwelling, agriculture and resources instead of the status quo.

“We would have set out to make ourselves as self-autonomous medically as well, as opposed to fueling an industry. This is a basic logic that profits and wages have bypassed but not surpassed”

We The People would not have had big corrupt friends with massive military contracts to fund, nor big business buddies to bail out.

So the deficit in the end will be a bit more like corruption and all of the big big money expenditures on welfare will have been part of a reparations to those you have been in the way of utopia of, to those whose actual legal entitlement was taken off the table so you could illegally push a landowner economics system on the whole!

Any parts of the deficit that were neither, such as natural disaster and this is another big big one, merely show that the economic system is a bad way to do things in the first place.

The tried and true reasons do not pan out enough on an actual economics scale, the devaluation and stuff that means.

But there is a good reason to prevent people from abusing it and getting rich off of it so there is a reason for the boogeyman, yet this is not at all the same thing as an emergency paying off of the deficit, and an emergency massive buyout of land to be used as non-owned lands for the people to dwell, do agriculture, and gather resources.

And a massive buyout of items for the building of a self-sustaining civilization. It would seem that instead of devaluation there would be a massive influx of money into certain sectors and this would pan out to a better economy, and the extra printed up (or e-currency version) won’t be being covered by tax dollars.

If you printed up a bunch of money and didn’t tell anyone and gave it out to the people what would happen? They would pay bills and spend like consumers. This would have a positive effect on the economy. As well the money would never have come from tax dollars. Totally separate.

“you gonna need to do a whole lot more convincing with facts and not boogeyman when it comes to the whole devaluation from too much money in the economy in specific regards to this and not as a larger blanket statement. And like I said just force regulate the economy with and iron fist and let people spend spend spend, and watch business owners and real estate agents smile smile smile”

It would seem the linchpin is more in someone being too uptight and objecting too much while using their position of authority to prevent ‘these unbelievably rash decisions’.

I highly doubt anymore, mr groupthink duped, that you are accurate enough about this for us to have to endure under a 20 trillion dollar deficit and people playing utilitarian tightwad. You just don’t make sense anymore.

A rapidly dwindling old natural world.

A lack of prudence on global warming.

Pushing economics and landowner solution too much.

A lack of legality and truth in regards to dealing with the stolen indigenous people’s lands that America is built on.

Too much of a goon squad mentality when your policy is being enacted.

Too much of an illegal Republic you are trying to force on us.

Too much of a threat to our freedom.

Too authoritarian.

“you get the economy going good, part is just your people pulling the string to play politics with it, and I am happy to push utopia and unhorse your illegal ploy; you were right about immigration but gooned out in the enactment of the thing; you are good with military and security but we cannot trust you enough to feel comfortable with you on those roles with your stupid illegal choice of being a republic ruling over us as more important than us and with a deaf ear to us if we are not like you”

If you want to remedy that situation in all honesty and earnest there becomes less of a reason to support the opposing party, it becomes more of what it needs to be by un-alterable law. But you are in no way qualified nor trustworthy enough to be doing un-alterable law. Absolute.

You run around with all of this cheated election stuff but you do not want to admit that the republicans got caught with plausible deniability cheat the election schemes going. You are not now and never were the innocent party you are acting like.

And if the powers that be actually cheated Trump out of the election there is a larger reason why than you are stating.

But it as well seems like there is a lot of false accusation going on in attempts to cheat the election for Trump.

{what, are you trying to squander Me… with secular?!}

It does not need to be the actual Being that you think you are worshipping (such as a human created concept of a deity and a real Being that one is communing with that plays the role).

There are certain actual Beings such as God or Shiva that have this going on, that work with Worship and such.

Parts of Brahma were part of this Evolution (and Recreation) and parts were not.

Brahma was usually not all that much into this though, but some aspects of Brahma were, such as Supreme Brahma, Who, along with Shiva and Form Brahma, is Who India was (supposedly) dealing with.

Like Egypt and Ptah you are not really dealing with The Beings Themselves, it is actually a continuation of some other method, some upstarts playing the role (and perhaps made of the Being) or the creations of humans.

A Region such as Me is far too normal for that stuff, though parts of Me extend all the way into those types of Regions. This allows for an effect and a verification.

A Region such as Me is also far too big and far too normal (and more magical normal) to be able to reach Enlightenment as well (other than in a smaller region and this smaller region would be a large region to an average being).

Brahma, only true original infinite eternal sentient Being, obviously larger and older than God.

Shiva, larger and older than God, has a vast Realm from long long ago, evolved with hoards of people, was one of the Being that actually invented spirituality, and was more of a part of Who Created The Universe than God was.

Ptah is larger and older than God.

Goddess predates God as well and is a place Where God Evolved through.

So, you should definitely beware of foreign Gods if you wan to run around pretending to be the only true deity, and pretending be omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient… the whole time Your underwear are showing through your human prophet scriptures.

{luckily the truth is that the real God knows Us… *ahem*}

‘Being Loyal To God’ is a whole different thing, and there is a real reason behind this, and part of the reason is God’s Mission that you are still on, and part of the reason is that God is not actually omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and therefor help is part of the picture… and your scriptures are an extension of a bastardization of things, an attempt to elevate God to another level to help in the orchestration of things, but it went astray!