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The solution is not in a communist takeover ‘logically declaring all land illegal to own’, it is in a clever capitalist trick of printing up the money in a one-shot use, the money goes into the pockets of property sales as well as in areas of renewable energy (utopia don’t need no stinkin’ coal plants nor no stinkin’ coal miner jobs) and the creation of items needed to kick start utopia, as well as make production facilities to be a self-sustaining automated factory builder of needed items.

The Economy will go into a lockdown to prevent fluctuations.

There is another clever capitalist trick. Owning all branches from gathering to processing to production to sales. This maximizes cost effective.

Now where I do want to go antique commie on you is in ‘the company store’, I want The Government to make it’s own Production Facilities for The People.

The Government will be producing things for Utopia initially, at maximum low costs owning all aspects from gather to processing to production to installation. The Government Industry shall continue on being part of The Economic System with it’s profits being like unto tax revenues to fill government coffers.

The quality will be good, planned obsolesce will be eliminated from this government owned industry. You have a ‘soul of the country’ to earn back with making long lasting quality products, as opposed to shoddy ones for profits and wages.

“the thing still needs to be viewed from the perspective of mass entitlement because it actually is, and what the entailment does is build a high tech fully automated self-sustaining agrarian civilization that replaces the welfare state but is also restoring the free time freedom of the civilization we would now be living had it not been for an illegal when used on the whole landowner paradigm, patent holder paradigm, and economics platform, the forced realism our civilization”

You can wait around for God or The Devil for all that worship stuff, it never was very Brahma, and it has a serious Self-Autonomy Deficiency going on with it.

Lose the Obey Me thing?

hhhhmmmm, now.

Are you going to do this thing right for a change?

hhhhmmmm, now.

I ain’t given up on that obey thing.

(not only because you ain’t getting it right but because it is also My Right, junior!)

Destiny did not align with you it aligned with Me.

The bulk of the truth was not being used by you, it was more used by Me.

Economics is what you have chosen to work within the confines of, while Me is an ancient civilization builder (extra-dimensional, earlier universes).

You flock to the experts and pundits and I have a need to eventually investigate what they are saying vs automatic belief.

Disparity of wealth is not even the right course to be on, building utopia is.

The legal entitlement we actually have is squandered on working within the confines of a rigged status quo.

You are not coming to the ultimate solution you are perpetuating an inaccurate status quo.

You have had many lifetimes to out-evolve things and part of Me was outside of this the whole time.

You put yourselves as rulers over us and I am knocking you on your asses.

“and I have only just started getting nazi all over your asses!”

But it still is not Armageddon, ‘The Actual Event”.

Armageddon starts long before humans even exited, it started in The Titanic Realm and was part of The Titanic Takeover and The Collapse of Creation.

Rightful Conduct is part of an ancient process that is helping us get back to doing things the right way.

A Lockdown Containment is doing a lot of what is left of the work because heinously strong insane evil does not reach a state of peace and spirituality and rightful conduct, it goes on evilly killing the innocent until it is stopped.

God demands that Evil obey Him and Evil assaults back in a second and begins to win all over again.

“Armageddon is not a pretty sight to behold”

The big final showdown that is stated as Armageddon has been in progress since long before humans even existed.

We name it this way, we think of it that way, it is left in this myth or religion or that, but the actual event is a real one and has been going on for millions and millions of years.

2012 is just another version of this, myths of the Norse are in the same category.

“these are the things we need to get done on earth to make a better life for ourselves and save what is left of the ancient species that evolved here”


“obey God first in all things and above all others”


“I actually predate worship and authority and have become a bit leery about both”


“thou shalt have no gods before me”


“I actually predate that dude named God, I was there at the dawn of his birth”


“Brahma is a foreign god that has the coloration of the devil, Shiva is a foreign god that wields a trident”


“omnipotence is something that God pretends unto being, there is a lot of clever rhetoric that loops back on itself and makes you the believer a bit loopy”


“in the beginning there was only God and God created the heavens and earth”


“in the actual beginning there was only Brahma, and Brahma eventually reached a state of contemplative, then trance-like, then daydream, and that daydream is Ptah… and from all present known things it was Shiva that did the work that lead to the creation of The Universe, and it was the ancient evolution of things and concepts that lead to this, not some prefab all knowing perfection”


“obey thy God above all others!”


“some of what you know of God comes out of The Titanic Realm and is not actually fully God though it is written in scriptures as such”


You and your entire religion and the ways it has socialized you to respond are coming up against Me and the actual truth that went missing.

Crash and Burn!

You and your entire religion and army of irate followers won’t win in the end. You have been getting shut down for millions of years.

This is how The Scriptures work.

The extent of The Power has been overstated.

The Abilities of The Power are overstated.

The Power is up against an Opposing Power that has similar statistics.

The Power is good for the most part, and The Opposing Power is bad for the most part.

On closer inspection only part of The Opposing Power is bad, and another part is Normal.

When You try to become The Ultimate Power In All Existence it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad, you are in the wrong and a backlash happens.

… Messiahs coming along after Me using The Fuller Truth that Me has laid out (that is being re-established by Them, just like deity and prophet spokesmen, but rapture not included).

-Brahma and 2012

You have a whole lot of intrinsic ability that is both magical and real, but The Truth you were using came from New Reality, a Remake that was not dealing with the actual full truth but instead a special endeavor with divine powers”

-Shiva, 2012 “I helped invent that stuff in the first place”

Spirituality and High Angelic will go back into a specific region that no longer has access to The Actual Beginning. It has stunning powers, it can get by without the original history due to these powers, but it is not the actual truth. {as well it has never overcome Evil all of these many macro ages, and Brahma as well was not able to overcome Evil, but a specific line of Brahma that is not Me is overcoming evil in a long slow process that can never be perfect… since The Dawn of The Collapse the perfect solution does not even exist, it is a pushy titanic overcoming a rogue titanic and locking down evil”

{In Reality the way that The Prophecy works is that The Messiah (is there more than one? there is a pillar power that is one thing, and there are mergers that are another thing) does not need one bit of actual Original History, does not even need to be scientifically accurate, doesn’t need to be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnivorous, I mean omnipresent. The Way that The Powers were Manifested is into A Perfect Realm that Can Have Effects On Others, and this is A Real Realm with It’s Own Style of Physics (Older Universe) and of course It’s Own Region; which means that The Prophecy and The Deity do not need any of that other stuff, They are a self contained environment of Their own… though I do hope there are a group of sacrilegious scientists and metaphysicians that bring along documents of My work for future generations, to be smashed like like myan codexes and hidden in clay jars in the dead sea; but ones that also state that ‘this whole rapture thing really is better than that normal reality stuff, just as is stated in the truths contained in these documents’ *pointing at Pamphlets of Me*}