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Jesus and God are part of The Mission and have Real Divine Effects and more importantly have Help (from Those you don’t know yet).

This Elevated Value needs to be left there because it is part of a Real Overcoming and Those are The Beings (Relative to Christianity) that were Originally Selected for The Role and have Real Divine Intrinsic Effects on Sentience.

When you devalue everyone else you make a grave mistake.

“this has gotten in the way of The Story of Us, and in part that is Your Story, Your Truth, Where You Came From… not all of which is good of course, and a lot of which is self-centered and greedy and selfish due to the nature of what happened; but that is certainly not all of what you are as well and Original Normal was closer to good than evil, and Original Normal it part of The Tale of Us that went missing for the Elevated Value”

Didn’t realize his people are not evolved enough to be allowed to make a decision in this.

Didn’t want to admit that his people are nothing more than the descendants of invaders who came the exploit the lands and steal gold.

Didn’t ever do anything but the normal status quo that rolled all over something even more importantant.

Presidente Purgatory can spend spend all his time at church and God will not even be able to get him off the hook on this.

“you people run around with that type of authority and that type of civilization, unstopped, and do that much damage to something that is that precious, and in the end you get to pay in Hell because we could not stop you in the time frame we have and the nature of what actually evolved as opposed to the tales we were given!”

Time To Repent For Real.

Time To Relent The Powers Wielded By You Not Rightfully Yours

When it comes time to pay for what you have done as a collective of people it will be in Hell!

{though there are all sorts of mitigating circumstances why you wouldn’t go to Hell, and don’t be a fool and think it doesn’t exist because astronomers have never found it, there is one long line of reasons why you would go to hell for this, mr authority, and it ain’t just the Amazon Rainforest, but it is the destruction of the old natural world and the continued abuse of theft of native lands and unrelenting behavior of the descendants of thieves and those that thieve immigrated… and one thing here is that you are not turning out to be the nice people you are presumed to be by the spiritual viewpoint}

There would not even be Big Brahma Databases without The Idea and Work Done of Shiva.

Archangels, though more made of Supreme Brahma (and apparently Jesus as well) than Shiva, would not even exist for this was also part of Shiva’s Genius and Understanding as a New Being (and being The Proto-Vacuum and working with Original Genius Creative Ptah a lot) that came from Dawn of Time.

Shiva as well spearheaded Science and Space Ships. Shiva has done hoards and hoards for The People with The Realms.

Shiva worked with Law and Chaos for a long time as well, and still does! *great cheers go up around the world*

If there ever is an Extra-Dimensional Arm that is capable of coming to Linear Space Earth it will be made of Shiva as well.

If you step out of your Christian or Muslim prejudice and actual practice Hinduism you will soon realize that Shiva is also one of the real powers, the real profound things.

Things as usual end up floundering with the overstatement and scriptural tale, but as I said we are stuck with these, it is somehow how The Powers got coned.

So you can sit there with your car out of gas knowing the original truth or you can go go go of The Power within The Scriptures.

Spirituality is as well a real thing and does rely on extra-dimensional things as well as Deity, and Deity are a Real Evolution of Old, meaning along the way from Original Sentient Infinity to here on earth as humans came an Era of Very Large Beings, but where part of Me came from They were actually those New Smaller Beings… but it don’t show, nor is told.

So let Me{me} tell you[YOU] something.

You Are Gonna Change!

The Government Is Gonna Change!

Religion is going into the back seat!

Economics is going into the back seat!

Working Hard All Day Long is going into the back seat!

Counting To Destroy The Old Natural World is getting shut down!

My Way or The Highway.

“You have sleazed this whole process out trying to be The Controller and You Are Not Qualified For The Role, not up against Me and for 2012”

The First New Reality was Mental ->Me

The 2nd was Form, and this Created Vacuum -> God and Goddess

The 3rd was Combinations.

The 4th Was Continuation of Titanic Form (this is so much stronger than Original Normality and is capable of Invasion and Overload, and what we have here is a Collapse of Original Reality)

The Spiritual are from Their Own Reality.

It cannot win or overcome Titanic Form which went Rogue and Spawned Evil.

Part of Titanic Reality is Helping Shut Down The Problem.

The Strong Titans have a devil of a time trying to deal with the Stronger Rogue Titanic and Evil.

A Very Larger Titanic Being is Slowly Overcoming This in part by Invasion and Overload or Invasion and Containment.


All along My Book was bigger and older than Your Book, and My Book had the rest of the information that Scriptures lack.

And it was Me that was the most destined for 2012, and Destiny Collided with Original Normality.