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A whole Attempt At Remaking Reality has ensued, and of course old Karma was added unto this.

The automatic cause and effect element one finds in this Universe has to have an active sentient counter part on the larger scale.

If Someone isn’t policing you Karma don’t come about.

In order to keep evolving Rightful Conduct in Fallen Man (and Our Fallen Aspects) We kept on Teaching Karma and such.

In fact a lot of this Elder Evolution is filled with Hoopla that we couldn’t go against or undo due to the fact of Trying To Evolve The Group.

But here at the end the cracks are showing and people ain’t buying it, so why bother with perpetuating the thing. It is better to come clean and adhere to a more factual based mentality.

People that take the path of Inerrancy of Scriptures rapidly become unqualified to rule.

In fact some of those scriptures were copied from older sources, such as Sumerian.

Just because the bible deals with some real history does not mean it is flawlessly accurate in all things.

There is actually a Being known as God, there actually are Divine Agencies, there are Angels, and things like Spirituality are based on a real principle that works and has extra-dimensional origins.

A Being such as Jesus is not just a man, He comes from a much higher type of Beinghood extra-dimensionally. There is a Natural Rulership going on with sentience, extra-dimensionally. It was evolved off of older things and common combinations and being made of Others. It not ‘always exist’, but it does now.

But during the stifled boring era of humans you have elevated God, Jesus and The Bible to level that are no longer the truth. And you have enslaved yourselves to this partial-fiction and you have tried to enslave the rest of us to it as well.

I am not out here being a heretic, the way you and your scriptures think, I am out here telling the rest of the truth, because I have the capacity to do so, and it was part of My destiny as it were. I had one of the ancient evolutions that could get the rest of the original info, and this took Help from Others.

I do not fear for My future as far as going to Hell. If you knew the full tale you would realize God would never throw Me in Hell, and if God tried that would one hell of a mistake!

There were Other Powers out here the whole time that were neither God, The Devil or The Pagans.

We or Us actually predate the whole ballgame. We actually go back to a Time Before God, The Devil and Upstarts.

Far back in time is a Normality that Evolves into Elite and there is a Normality that Evolves into Form, and this is where Divine Powers come from.

God is authorized to dupe you, after all.

But God does need your help still, that part wasn’t a fib.

Luckily you are off the hook on a lot of that scriptural stuff that came out of a certain era of humans and specific region on an esoteric level as well, and you just need to have a little common decency, honesty, rightful conduct, and a little spirituality now and then.

This can create a problem for Old Archaic.

Old Archaic is Soft Titanic. This was most likely in prime ascendancy for The Era of The Ancients all the way until the 18th-20th century, where Modern Man is in ascendency.

This is also a Group that is akin to and from Form Evolution, though it is not the strongest of the form and titanic.

Part of God’s Mission is with the Old Archaic.

Old Archaic has the right feel to bring back the past as a more authentic thing. As well Old Archaic most like by default is the Group that will be the most akin to The Ancients and Their Gods, so on an extra-dimensional level they will have the right access just by being who they are.

Advanced Normal seems younger but is made of something older that seems younger. In fact a lot of Advanced Normal is probably younger than Old Archaic on the original historical timeline of when Who was created or came about from evolution.

But due to the ability and size of Advanced Normal a lot of damage can happen to Old Archaic, and you will not have done much at all against Titanic Takeover.

Advanced Normal can never actually take on Strong Titanic, or Rogue Titanic.

Original Normal cannot compete with Titanic Form Evolution on a basic war survivor to survivor. It can sometimes out-think the other side but it has not way to overcome the stronger form. It has tricks that use stronger form both as mergers and as tools, but it does not have enough of these or enough power to actually take on the stronger warlike titanic regions.

“Advanced Normal is what we would call The Modern World People, it is what you will find all over tv as the basic norm of the modern world, but it is not merely an advancement beyond archaic roots it is actually a form of reality install of a working macro platform that comes with the group and the evolution out of the past, it will outthink the old archaic but it lost a lot of flavor that Original Normal simply never originally had”

So, I guess I will just have to bypass you and your big false credibility report! You were, after all, useless during My Era and refused to build utopia while you stuck with a status quo that has economics as it’s prime focus, and economics is getting too many things wrong, but keeps getting propped up as the prime thing! You are less than useless!

If I used utopia to sell the Brahma Tale to the future, like any common charlatan out of the past, I would actually be selling the future what the actual truth is that they cannot scientifically detect, unlike all of them charlatans. But in reality I know eventually people will wake up and remember the stuff, so I ain’t relying on that, not even among the reasons why I am pushing utopia. But as far as Brahma and Utopia go this is just ‘getting things back to the way they use to be before the titanic takeover and the big hard work push of ages’.”

#1: God is not actually omnipotent nor has God always existed, and this means God’s Regions are as well not Infinity.

#2: The Being that came first was neither The Antichrist nor Jesus, it was Someone from The Line of Brahma, and this is The Actual Original History, and though it is part of Destiny it is not steeped in Prophecy.

“if you add all the roads of prophecy, from Norse Myth to Jewish Mysticism, it will not converge into Brahma, this was something that co-evolved with that stuff but was secretly the elder and truer thing, and like I have stated though divine powers do exists normal actually predates them and there is an evolution that lead to those powers, and there is an overstatement of those powers, but some of those powers are the ability to convince us in our minds, and as well this is a group that got the jump on everyone long before humans even existed”

You can verify Utopia, but you are not building it.

So in the end this is a credibility report that is going to bite you in the ass.

And as far as Brahma goes some day the whole world will remember and know, and right here for 2012 was Me telling The Brahma Tale, Original History, Where God Came From, Origins of Form, etc.

What was it you did during My Era?

You didn’t build Utopia! That is what you did!

So there Me was as well spelling out Utopia, how fish farms save whales by feeding whales, how the people need to assist in fighting fires, how economics costs too much, how to do pandemic lockdowns the way that succeed.

Where were you during 2012? Stuck in a quagmire of group think and tradition and absolutely floundering in comparison to Me.

And Me was, as I have stated, one of the Real Rulers, one of Them.

What did you do in My Era? You got stuck in a bunch of presto magic prophetic omnipotent hoopla, ancient alien angels, and a bunch of atheist inaccuracy.

But you don’t get how totally offended I get that you don’t get I ain’t making up the Me thing in the first place.

And not only do I school you all over the board, the whole They thing is one of the reasons why!

So until you wake up, blind-eyes, shut up!