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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Sacred Geometry works off focusing the best tool ever known, the human being, on bringing liquid energy from the non-linear 3rd dimension into the linear 4th, here. Welcome to the 4th dimension, though you have always been here.

Ye of entrenched beliefs, whether religious or scientific, need go no further, you will only be offended. I have come to realize your kind are really a lost cause, and you don’t challenge your own positions enough. Therefore one shuns you and shunts you, and goes for Peer Review of The People, not just the “experts”.

This is the Red Pill. The Blue Pill is the slow cyanide of media induced myopia. It is a reality where your power has been usurped by the slow whispering of worm-tongues. A kingdom where you have handed your power away to experts without ever asking why or who. A weakened king with eroding power, while the assassins of Samael await in the shadows to strike you in the back or from afar.

A Cross and a Magic Circle. Celtic Christian. Fires of heaven. Thy rod and Thy staff to comfort. Braided male and female. Gold and Silver. Sacred Circle. A Star of David. Salomon’s Seal.

I’m doing this because the world must awaken, St Michael needs our help. The time is now. This world has slipped into darkness. This world is Mammon Town now. We kill our planet for illusions. We live in slavery to Mammon. It is a death-path reality. Life is debased when greed is in control.

But it takes work and an active approach, not the microwave dinner approach. You must be driven into the Read, See by the power of Moses.

“Welcome to Mammonton, please check your spirituality, humanity, respect, empathy, self-empowerment, fair play and future at the front gate. Next stop, Hell.”

If one inverts an Ankh one will see pyramid power explained. A pyramid with a drop of liquid energy. Emotion is non-linear thought. Mind is linear thought. Oceanic Osmotic Being and Polarized Linear Thinking. This world is overbalanced in the latter.

This is not going to be done in a linear, orderly fashion. If you are actually interested you may wish to take notes, and investigate what I have said. With both an open and a closed mind. Skepticism often is vital, but it can be an obstacle as well. But know the limitations of experts, and how much of a house of cards our established set of beliefs in the modern actually is. Own yourself. This will touch on history and religion as well as arcane science. It is a different history and religion than they may have taught you. But it was not done by clever design. It was done by dreams and deep understanding of life-experiences. I’m on a collision course with the world, but my train is ten-thousand years long and has the steam of ages. I will attempt to get you a sense of balance or a framework, a better understanding of us and history, of who and what we are up against and what we can do right now and anytime. You will also finally know who Melchizedek is. Look at history as something you know but don’t fully remember yet. It is not separate from you. Our genes and souls lived through all that. Since reality shows are not real enough and the nightly news even less so relative to what is actually going on in the world, I find many humans have got the time for esoteric contemplation and learning who they really are, what its “all been about” as it were. It’s about time, eh?

While imagination can help us in gaining insights into the unseen forces and causes around us, we need to continually hone these down to the essence so we are not lost in fantasy. Keep a very creative and open mind but don’t try to come to conclusions, let the conclusions come to you. But still have an open mind. We find the islands in the ocean. We must think of rediscovering magic as building a spaceship. It needs to be air-tight and adequately powered.

The Circle is the Magic Symbol. Its 360 deg.relate to 36. 1×36, 2×18, 3×12, 4×9, 6×6. The missing chain is 5×7= 35, not 36. Along the back of that number chain is part of the nine-chain. ({3+6, 1+8, 9}. The 3rd space is (1+2 = 3, root of 9.), and the 5th space is 6, between 9 and 3. This Tetra universe is in part running off numerical anomalies. The points all relate to Astrological aspects. This is an astrological universe. The wheel has 3 separate realities (bi-tri-quad) going on it, moving through a 4th reality of 12 houses in an overlapping and interlocking pattern.

+(M)/-(F): Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. This runs around in an interlocking pattern through the 12 houses. An astrological chart is actually a 4th dimensional mechanical schematic. Large objects occupying harmonic places effect the 4th dimension on a subatomic 3rd level.

6×6 on the Sacred Circle is two inverse triangles, or a Star of David, Seal of Solomon.

For “Magic” we work off pure properties of things, even with numbers and math to some degree. It is important to learn to mediate/contemplate and develop a subtle awareness of one’s environment. Emotion is vital to this subtle properties existential way of being/seeing. Be the Princess and the Pea, learn to take empathic blueprints of things. Learn to sense “vibes”. Do this with people, places and situations. Approach this with all the self-purification zeal of a Holy Knight. Know that the Sword is the Mind, and knowing Truth contained within things gives you the power to cleave through the dross.

Another exercise is to expand the sphere of one’s awareness by stretching out with it. Stretch out with emotion and mind. Start with one’s immediate surroundings. Then go on to the outskirts of that. Then your region, your planet, your solar system, your galaxy… your universe. Think/feel of the part of the universe that is deeply connected. You are deeply connected with the whole universe on some level.

If one thinks of duality reality, and the concept of a wave particle, one can speculate that there is a simplicity part of that duality. The universe is so simple it can be summed up in one object, a Tetrahedron. A wedge of 2d space that creates 3 angles of 4 sides, but the 4th one is hidden from view. Actually it is the 3d one, the base of the Tetrahedron. The base of our universe is a non-linear 3rd dimension, hidden below the atomic level. Gravity is largely connected to/emanates from that “hidden” direction. Singularity comes from there, perhaps like an inverted tetrahedron, cone up in a trine. Dual Reality, 2 tetrahedron universal forces inverted, opposing, interlocking, and in equilibrium. Or always becoming equilibrium. Theoretically, of course 🙂

My litmus test is : Can you build Rayguns with it? Antigrav? Or does it solve the distance/time riddle of space travel? Magic was kinda a byproduct… But perhaps if my concepts are right Light and Magnetism and the more 2D oriented forces may be the key to seeing below the atom.

Master Gunslunglow. 🙂

Quantum Underlying Analogous Cosmic Kinetics.

This universe is a self-replicating change-induced pattern caused by the induction of a singularity in a continuum, and has a few traces here and there. 1 Dimensional Super Force and a 2 Dimensional Super Force form a basic foundation of simplicity for our reality. Like in a musical piece, it comes back to a basic pattern that connects the whole thing in all it’s variation. Most likely the more the universe evolves a system, the more some different parts of that pattern play out. Males and females in body and spirit. Polarity (Wave-plane (+) and gravity (-). ). Galaxy and central black hole. Hunter males roaming the turf and planter/gatherer females with small ones in the center. Earth and magnetic core. Brain and sub-cortex. Linear 4th and Non-Linear 3rd. Thought and feeling. 4 limbs, with a 5th head, plus tail dwindling down to a point. I think of the mouth as the 5th and brain as the 6th, tail as the 1st, body the 3rd. Also 4 fingers, with a 5th thumb and 6th wrist.

Gravity (1st), electromagnetism (2nd), strong binding force (3rd), weak binding force (4th). Electrons (1st), protons (2nd), neutrons (3rd) the angular space created by the field effect of the sub-particles (4th). We are in essence already in “hyperspace” of a 3rd dimension.

I would see Quintessence as actually a 2D force, the fabric pulling back together away from the singularity. I think we may actually be losing material to the 3rd dimension, or maybe 1st and 2nd are splitting. Less material would mean smaller cluster formations and if there is both a linear and non-linear aspect to gravity, one could deduce that the universe might speed up from having kinetic energy and losing drag. Think of the angular aspect of rotational torque as somewhat analogous to linear gravity. Perhaps Dark Energy is Dark Fluid Energy, and is analogous to our magnetic sphere emanating from a dynamic core. In a way the heavier elements interacting in the core exist like subatomic universe. Our reality can exist because of that bubble created by the core.

These 2 Tetrahedrons are of course what we see in Salomon’s Seal, Star of David, India, etc. Circle is magic symbol, relates to non-angular 3rd dimension.

The foundation of the non-linear aspect of reality is actually a relative infinity pressed into a point. All locations exist there. In terms of our 3rd dimension, it is not a point but a small sphere. Small in relative terms to our large universe, so it may actually be rather large in relation to us. Or not. The more I learn, the more I’m forced to keep an open mind… yet to not have closed mind places is to have no islands with which to build upon. Dual reality.

It is important to realize that science went off track by thinking everything we know is enough to tackle the unknown. We now know enough to know, that we don’t know enough to Know. This is not, I repeat NOT, the 3rd dimension. It is a tetrahedron, 4th/3rd both. In our waking state we exist in the 4th. Think of 2 dimensional space bound up into a 3 angle with 4 sides object. The 1 of this is what causes gravity and singularity of our existence in relation to infinity. Infinity into zero into one, back into zero back into infinity. Then it goes back and does it again, add infinitum. The chain loops on and on in a spiral and Evolves. Change and Same side by side.

The 3rd is in a non-linear “direction” from us and not disconnected at all. Angular and Spherical space overlapping in a dual reality.

Creating a magic circle of humans, braided with polarity (F-M-F-M etc) mimics the sub-universe. The 3rd dimension is the only place a perfect circle can exist. One focuses the mind, but it is the heart that does the work. 51 is common, with 3 potent members of the group at triangulation points. The most potent member is the “cyclops”, 3rd eye. A Hundred-Hander is actually a Pythagorean circle of 50 people joining hands, with a Cyclops, like Pythagoras himself. Tools of power and an inner connection of the group are vital for this. Faith to move mountains is even more vital. What the world needs now, is Hundred-Handers, sweet Hundred-Handers.

The Great Pyramid’s chambers, including the one under the pyramid and the cap, relate to dimensions and Chakra’s. Magnetic Core to Sun or Moon creates an energy loop. Ground relates to 2nd Dimension. The rough-hewn chambers represent evolution. Stonehenge is another form sacred geometry devices.

Purifying the Chakras and stimulating the Kundalini is the “Serpent Power” of magic. They split up our heritage and made us oppose certain things so we would not regain our power too quickly, due to the fact we always misuse it in the end. Tower of Babel story relates to this, and all the similarities in myths around the world. Snakes mean science, magnetism tapped from the earth’s core and Samael. Birds mean solar rays and also Asians, as do turtles. Beast of the earth and cattle relate to early human stock. Ark is Arcane. Basically things are not what they seem. If you meet a cyclops along the way, it may just be a Pythagoras or Aaron. A giant or titan may be our ancestors. Hydra is dangerous tech. And an astra or ark is also dangerous tech. We have spent a lot of time cleaning up arcane science messes, so as not to leave the power to the unworthy. Jesus could have conquered Rome like Joshua at Jericho.

We must overcome our greed, cruelty, selfishness and depravity to be purified. We need to overcome them, not mask them or make-believe.

The Pineal gland, solar plexus and Mannas sub-chakra are also vital. It is important to note that it is very important to purify the subtle body in relation to the Kundalini path. Energy blockages can make one bonkers. This is the path of the steadfast, not the dabbler. Chanting and perhaps praying in the Chakras and going through one’s emotional issues can help in this process. Think of this as lighting the 7 Lampstands, and the energy that comes through each of these as being established “churches” of The Divine Flame, God, Goddess.

Always be sure to close your Chakras’ gates and ground through the feet and tailbone afterward. Grounding is being responsible for your power. Being spaced out on meditation while driving is dui level irresponsibility. The key here is not to just be playing with fancy ideas, but actually getting somewhere with magic. Therefore be prepared for more than a night at the movies.

Hold that thought which supports nothing and breathe deep the Breath of Life with an open heart.Think of breathing in life-energy current. Sound a bell or gong and let your awareness merge with it as it goes from material to subtle. Visualize our non-linear sub-universe, our Princess and the Pea. The liquid energy is below the atomic level, we call that up into an atomic pattern. Or we just use the energy as it is for more subtle and psychic uses, or perhaps levitation. Mind is Linear, Heart is Non-Linear. Think along focusing the mind, heart and sound along a “specific” direction. Always remember the non-linear aspect to magic. This means there is a simplicity and complexity overlap, and allows many forms of magic to be used/created. But like Picasso, one masters the basics before one approaches the abstract angle.

This is the 4th world, the 4th Dimension (and the 3rd) and this is why Magic works:

The default state of this linear 4th dimension is probably liquid (cardinal), stemming from the liquid energy 3rd dimension that we exploded off the outside of (Big Bang) in a void/matter pattern that partially self replicated the 2nd dimensional relative infinity that created the 3+4 of tetrahedron. gasp for breath . Or the whole thing came together and the heavier 3rd separated from the 4th after matter/anti-matter war. I have not figured out the exact chain of events yet. 🙂

It created gas (mutable) and solid (fixed). 2nd Dimension is the building block (2+2, 2×2 = 4,4). 1st Dimension is the activating force (1+1,1×1 = 2,1). An exponential tri-reality bounces between the two. The 1st and 2nd Dimensions are probably not absolute, but relative infinite. I believe that the 1st actually had an induced spin on it as well. This creates the inward arc. There may be far more than all of this by now, it is a randomly evolving universe off of simplicity and complexity. That was the whole point 🙂

This universe is a self-replicating urge caused by a 1dimensional Super Force Singularity inducing “The Beginning” of this reality off a 2 dimensional (probably multi-property) Super Force Continuum. Males and females are actually, in body and nature, replications of the beginning of this reality. This is ante-Big Bang, and Rogue Wave stems from this era of universal induction. The 5th dimension is a framework of laws and patterns, probably non-linear in nature. This is what this universe “exploded” along in many ways, mundane and abstract. Laws of Physics and Time would probably be here. The 6th is a True Infinity, but primarily linear, a Yang Super Reality. 7th is Everything that exists and does not exist. It is a Yin Super Reality. The more that a system evolves, the more it replicates ultimate reality, in different ways. This is a change induced universe. It spirals, not circles. Human brains with sub cortex (4th/3rd), the 7 major Chakras, etc, are all part of this. The dynamic core of earth surrounded by the more rocky and porous exterior, the massive blackhole at the galactic center, surrounded by a splay of stars, etc. Humans are the most advanced system, and our females are a great part of that strength. Even the animals know deep inside who She is. Yin Super-reality created everything and She is all. Yang Super-reality is the fire and structure of Her in this reality, Him.

7-0-1, with 2 infinity symbols overlapping, is an Engine that produces singularity from infinity. It runs and hums and this creates Gravity. It creates 2 rows of 5 harmonic vibrations, perhaps strings, of Dimensional Realities 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. And 7-0-1 produces 2 sets of these, like two inverted tetrahedrons.

And a 7-0-1 animating force stretches “inward” from both “ends” as well. Always remember the importance of relative placement in all situations. This allows us to apply it to more abstract uses beyond “science”. Relative Sphere of Influence along an Infinite Chain.

4th Dimension is where it all crystallizes. That is this Matter Universe we occupy with our body all the time and our consciousness 2/3rd of the time. Minus espresso zombies like me 🙂

Sacrificing a living being for one’s own gain magically is a VERY bad path to go on. The Great Mother will haunt you for killing Her this way in the end. It is also a lower form of magic. Someone with Kundalini stimulated will thrash you in a test of magic power. You bind yourself to lower nature by live sacrificing. It is the inner being that must do the Sacrifice, and it is this very lower nature within us all that must be put on the sacrificial alter to become sanctified.

Being in touch where one is at the moment, one realizes that sometimes things are more in tune than others. But we can bring ourselves into harmony with the Now, in many different ways: physical movement, music, meditation, etc. Motion is another aspect to magic, and tai chi can be good for this. Dance is also awesome. American Indians dancing chanting and lifting their “staffs” is a grand example of magic. My first two experiences with magic were through Native ceremonies. Back when I was five, before I mis-learned the truth and had the faith of a child. I summoned a lightening storm on a sunny day with a thunder stick and lost my self to my Self in an Indian dance we were preforming at a local fair. Must be the bit of Ottawa in my 7 or 8 nationalities shining through. American mutts, look out world! 🙂

Different ways for different days, different peaks for different weeks, different dears for different years, different sages for different ages.

As far as genetic studies go, “deep in the genes” refers to something below what we can detect in genetics with our instruments. The mind and emotion are more subtle instruments than any mechanical device. The whole concept of our ancestors not having any “high tech” at their disposal is absolutely false. They had THE BEST tools available and developed them significantly.

Oh yea, I’m the Bible decoder. 🙂 I forgot to mention that. I should say in humility “I’m “a Bible decoder” but that is not the full truth. My memories are what decode the bible. And some Greek and Norse myths. Hopefully all myths by the end. I’m still trying to cope with all this. At the same time I’m more focused right now on purifying spiritually than casting spells. “Seek Ye First…” The Bible is actually about Athem or Athom and Eve, the Garden of Aethen, or Aeden (GENEsis, GENEtiles). Atlantis and it’s end, and the new race it gave birth to. And its about Jesus, the one we must emulate to be worthy. We are that new race, and not very worthy of our heritage. The “Son of Man” refers to this. The cherubim and flaming sword that faces all direction, that guard the way to the Tree of Life is east of the Garden of Eden, this is India and Asia. Tree of Life is Spirituality, very connected to the emanation called Life. The reason this stuff is done in myths and codes is that our species produces treachery, and has done so here at the end. They keep magic from us because we have abused it one too many times. But it is our heritage. Civilizations and their kings are sometimes combined in out history. Cain and Abel were also our first two civilizations. Cain (Caanite) took the science path and produced evil. Abel put it’s people above the lust for power, therefore was the more worthy. The rivers that flowed out from the Garden are also civilizations, places around the world they had established colonies. Havilah and Pishon are South America and Amazon River. A few of the names we have for cities in antiquity are not correct, but were from past civilizations trying to rebuild their past. They would go looking for something and find and old ruin that seemed right, and mis-named. And things like “Ur of the Chaldeans” is something we have actually little insight into. How long was it there, and who else was there before and after. Noah, also, was a great civilization. I’m nearly certain that The Great Pyramid is actually the real Noah’s Ark.

Jesus, Joshua, Elihu, Thor and Krishna are all Vishnu (The Lord God).He is The White One who was once The Yellow One. He is The Great Transcender. The Shepherd.

Odin, Moses and Buddha are Siva (The Almighty). He is The Blue One. The Guardian. He is The Unfathomable Well of Spiritual Fire, and Slayer of Evil. The Fathomless Well.

Kali is The Black One. She is All Things. She is also The Divine Mother, who is Mother Mary, Saraswati, Sita, Shakti, etc, and all feymale aspects of divinity, but they have different expressions. Just like women and the 3rd dimension, there is a closer bond.

They used overlapping symbolism in the lore they left for us to rediscover. Some of the Greek gods were actually Norse gods originally. The Divine always moved around to the best spirited people, and power of Atlantis often corrupts a people. American Indians, and all over the world had power beings acting as guides, and sometimes conquerors. But the traces are removed and the people brought back to a more balanced nature-oriented life after fierce wars. The Mahabharata and Joshua kicking peoples arse are both part of this type of history. Hercules is all about this in a way as well.

We have “found” Atlantis more than once in the past, rebuilt it that is. We are presently looking for remnants of different ones around the world. The real Atlantis died over 50,000 years ago, and may not have been in any of these locales. From what I have remembered so far, ancient proto-Greek culture was the last Atlantis. Before that I think it was the one near Cuba-Florida area. The Americas’ Atlantis. But there are others that came close. But to find Atlantis, one must also look in the mirror and see and Atlantean descendant. Sacred Geometry and decoding history, symbols and myth is the missing link. The Holy Grail. The opening chapter of Genesis is a symbolism for Tetra Universe. The vision of St Peter (Petra, Tetra, Rock Of Ages) with the sheet coming down three times and all the four-legged animals coming out of it relates to this as well.

Understanding that there is a liquid energy sub-atomic 3rd dimensional universe underneath the 4th, we can then begin to look at metals, crystals and gems for their properties. Always remember as well that a 2nd dimensional nature is the foundation for linear 4th, therefor light, magnetism, rays, waves etc have profound effect. Sound is phenomenal in this universe, especially coupled with the right knowledge and focus.
Gold is a very conductive dense metal that may reflect the vibrational tone of the 3rd dimension. Perhaps silver and gold both. If one looks at light reflecting on water, or light shining through water, we begin to get a feel for our 3rd dimensional sub-atomic universe.

The Anti-Christ is real and is on the earth. Actually, he seems to be under the earth in a secret city/bunker. I sense all the debauchery of Rome at it’s worst going on in secret there. A place for our secret rulers to get their Caligula perversions out in. They debase holiness and humanity. But there are 2 or 3 people who actually meet the criteria for Anti-Christ and wish to play the role. That is how evil this species and universe is.

Revelations. “One like a Son of Man” is not Jesus. They would have just used Jesus’ name, being his Apostles. Fire-eyes is the one giving the vision to John. We must all overcome and call Jesus back. We must be made worthy of his Second Coming. Fire-eyes is St Michael, who is also St Peter. This is Melchizedek. “El” is who is like God. Not a question, a statement.

The Lamb is St. Peter reborn, The Lamb is Christ overcoming evil. The Lamb is All of us that overcome our darkness and help the world with our strength and love. The Lamb is us making ourselves worthy, and calling The Shepherd, Jesus, and The Guardian, John the Baptist (aka Buddha, Siva- The Great Ascetic). I’m arming the faithful, of all religions. I wish them to learn truth from each other, but not meld too tightly into one massive religion. It is all the same God, but I was not able to find “The Way”, as it were, in any one religion or belief system. We have lost our way. We need different forces created by people tending different plants in the Garden Earth. Different Paths to suit different people, but also because they are expressing different aspects of Divinity. But that does not mean we lose our religions. We rekindle them, water the Tree of Life at the root of all religions. And we choose what is right for us, individuality. But one does not approach this with a flippant, tepid attitude. Nor does one debase what is sacred. Unless they are pushing it on you, then they have already debased it. Your own God-given individuality must be recognized, we are diversified not cloned. Conversion by coercion is unholy. One brings people to the path by example of one’s own ordeals or not at all. People choose you, you don’t choose people.

The Proclamations: Religion is The Cradle of Spirituality, not The Thing Itself.

Religious Rule is the arrogance of man thinking he understands the will of God. There is no spirituality left in it in very short order. The ruler should be guided by spirituality and caring for all the beings, human or not, in the land. He cares for all the life and all the inanimate as well. Rocks, trees, streams and animals. But he does not presume to know God’s will just because he hears voices in his head. Too much of this going on in Islam and Christianity.

Christianity seems to be slipping into being more of a social club than a path to God. Too many don’t seems to follow Jesus much, if at all. Those that remain faithful are wavering in the onslaught of the modern world. This is because you follow a church and not the Christ. “The Christians were so busy resisting Satan at the front gate they were taken nearly completely unawares whilst Mammon slipped in the rear.” But the American Christians seem to be the worst, and TV church is no church at all. I do not know what has been happeneing in the different sects. Devout members of all Christianity and true religions are very important Pillars. This is between you and the Lord, it is not my place to interfere or weaken your belief. God is not a tyrant, or He would be here ruling from a throne. This is between you and Jesus, not me and you. But monks and nuns are dear to me, asceticism is cleansing and holy. The Devout keep us afloat. Most people should go through a stage of this devout asceticism. Including celibacy, but with an active approach to transmuting that energy into spiritual power. And some fasting. Perhaps we need to do this during some small part of our life to have a Mooring of Spirit. I feel very strongly in my heart towards Orthodox right now for some reason, and there is great and ancient strength in her spirit; though Roman Catholic still speak to my heart. For the glory of Rome and St Peter.

But I’m something different, I’m Celtic Christian (Heathen Heaving and Healing to Heaven), a liberal yet I know the limits of liberalism and importance of tradition and the dispassionate ascetic side. Gospel singing, putting life and energy into it, is also good. Let your love The Lord and Jesus shine through, this is the essence. Putting passion into it. But I believe that asceticism, seclusion, silence, self-purification through devotion and contemplation/meditation to also be the essence. But I’m also a Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu. I try to follow the Teachings and the Teachers, not always the religions. The religions all seem to be drying up, not just Christianity. But I find holiness in many of their ways, and these are to be heeded. Do not follow me, just learn. But I will tell you that it is not up to the church or the apostles to say who will go to heaven, for that is for God alone to decide. They are the guides, not the judge. The church can ex-communicate you from itself, but this has no actual bearing on your relationship with God. They were proven unworthy of casting that 1st stone long ago. The great St. Peter himself was thrice unworthy before the cock crowed. You make proclamations about religions and beliefs that you have never even truly practiced because your religion thinks they are unholy. Of course you just happened to be born into the only true religion, imagine that… You choke on a bone of your own ignorance and fail to follow the teachings. Instilling morality in people is vital, but this is not a license to sell tickets to heaven. Judge not lest ye be judged. You have been judgmental and now ye shall be Judged.

Islam is just a spiritual desert, all about obeying and not about life. You go to free countries and try to convert them to backwards morality. You have bitten that hand that feeds you one too many times. Some of you have been very bad house guests in the country that invited you. Yet you point a finger at distrust them and cry foul. Some of you kill innocent people in the name of Allah and thereby do the work of the Devil. Your treatment of women is absolutely appalling. You are so misguided you think God is afraid of a young women in a skirt. It is you males who need to change, who need to become more than beasts and be worthy of her. To be able to raise your daughters queens instead of slaves. It is you that are unworthy of her, so you create a religion of beasts. The 12th Imam was right when he told you that you would be a fallen religion. You followed the ways of the Caliphates. This is not the religion of Muhammad and Ali. But you have strong faith so Allah does not cast his glance from you. The real Mecca and Medina is in our souls. Many of you still live close to the ancient ways, and this is a boon to the world right now. You will not beat Zion with guns and bombs, nor creating distrust and rejection in others. Your war may be just, but your actions are often not. Separate your right to resist from your religion. It is an unholy war you are on. And you will lose. The West has the purest bloodlines. Blond haired, blue eyed. The world will not convert to Islam, it will convert to Peace.

What can be said of Israel? They are arrogant but they have kept the faith for thousands of years. Arrogance is a stench. Mammon will not buy your passage into heaven, Jews.

Buddhists went back to gods for the most part, but they sometimes seem be the most Christian of all in the modern world, oddly enough. Spirituality is still lit by the faithful of The Guardian in some places in the world. But they should also recognize that Buddha was Himself, also God Incarnate. He showed us our own ultimate non-separation from Absolute Brahman.

Too many Hindus are adding the thrift and haste of western ways to their spiritual practice. If you would not eat it, don’t offer it to The Divine. If you would emulate the west, then know western work ethic is best applied to things divine first. And do not be the type of devotee you would not hire if you were the boss. Just because Hinduism is by far the fullest of all religions, the master key, does not get you off the hook. You will wish to be counted among the sheep, not the goats. Purity and devoutness. Renounce the grasping, greedy, godless ways of the west without renouncing the good of the west.

To all who still sacrifice animals, that is also God alive who you are sacrificing. Killing to eat and offering a true prayer to and for it is more holy in my eyes than sacrificing God to please God. If you eat meat, you do so with reverence. But we all eat life, animal or not, so we must all do so with reverence.

To the indigenous peoples I would say that most of you were for the most part on the right track before and it was wrong what people did in the name of Christianity. But separate Jesus from the church and know that deep purification of our spirits is necessary. Now you know how the “Great Spirit”, not to be corny, That Which Is One, is known and worshiped by others. The Bible is your invitation and we are all invited. But we must purify our spirits in white and gold that we may be wearing proper attire for this Wedding.

I see most “Pagans” as a bit lost and are often just rebelling against Christianity still. They have not found the pure spirituality either, for it is in the Jesus they never knew. But at least these “heathen” have open minds. Three or more of ye are gathered. Take this staff from me and use it in purity and strength.

All religions have fallen to some degree, but there are true and faithful among them still, but not even half of the followers are truly following. They are coasting but the inertia is running out. They are little more than superstitious heathen more interested in warding off evil and securing afterlife than loving The Divine. While God may extend His protection to those who rightfully fear Him, it is among those that truly love Him that you will find His Throne.

Purify yourselves to purify your religions.

The different are not to be melted away, but it is good for people of truth on these paths to live in peace and understanding, mingling but not melding, for these are the different supports for the One and Many of Existence.

The beings with the hatred of the Divine are ungodly strong, their strength is unholy. Holiness warped. But never fall prey to “the devil made me do it” thinking. It is very true that this being and his unholy “angels” use strong telepathy to make people do evil, like a sudden strong violent compulsion or other wickedness. As well as indoctrination, abuse and brainwashing and bribery of the soul. They abuse people to the point where the mind just shuts it out, wants to forget. They love defiling what is holy and innocent. They send these time bombs out into the masses and gloat in secret at their depraved betrayal of us. And they attacked Christianity with pedophilia and indoctrination over half a century ago, knowing this was nearly impossible to totally heal and usually a self-perpetuating hell that is passed like a virus; some of these poor beings get roped back in and become willing members to this sick conspiracy. But that sickness had crept into religion a few times before with and without the help of Satan. The Family and it’s many secret splinters, perhaps the greatest Synagogue of Satan in the world, had Samael (Satan) himself as a very influential member, a speaker. Jesus did have secret teachings to his apostles as opposed to the masses, but these filth debased this and misled and complicated all of this. I think that one has not been around much since the late 60’s though. And decades ago this warped secretive group had a very unholy initiation at the top and went so far as to make camps for boys. They stained my father thus. These are depraved people who know how to hide it. They are also masters at ruling in secret, manipulating and controlling the knowledge base, social behavior induced ig-norance (like scoffing and denial, “politeness” in not probing, laughing at conspiracy speculation), hiding things in plain sight (like Cro Magnon), obfuscating the truth, infiltrating and hamstringing their adversaries, manipulating things to where people think they are actually doing stuff that helps them (like politicians and laws, Left and Right). They lie and deceive and are believed by those minds they have subtly created over decades and even centuries But these things are not hidden from the pure-hearted. And it’s not hidden by their lying eyes. Look for the walled eyes and walled-up heart. Right-wing sociopaths. Racial prejudice, greed and vile mentalities in the name of Christianity, in the Houses of Christianity. Cowardly Lyin’.

But let us get grounded here. The purpose of our existence is to transform darkness to light, evil to good. It is in us and must be cleansed, not masked. But by being holy, Christ-like, Buddha-like, Saraswati-like, we leave no footholds for outside beings to manipulate us. We seek divine protection, because it really exists when we follow through on our end and do the work of Alchemizing our Inner Lead into Inner Gold. The gross is burned off from the subtle and the spirit shines brighter. You create an embassy of Light to vanquish the Darkness.

The problem with magic, Atlantean power, is that people do not purify their spirit first and become little tyrant gods needing to be smashed. Such tyrant gods are now in existence. But we must overcome the tyrant god within us, for we are here because we all had that and we must all overcome it. That is “original sin”. I’m arming you with magic, even though many of you have religious aversion to it, because what we are up against is insidious, nefarious and deeply linked to many if not all of us on some level- present or past.

Know truly that Love is supreme, and women need to be free. Freedom is also supreme, but there is something beyond it. Beware of absolute, yet beware of dispersion. Males need to purify our gross natures so that we can recreate our ways of being and living, rediscover what we have lost. Emotional healing must take place. There is a reason for good behavior. All that “nonsense” about being “good little girls” and having “vestal virgins” actually had a valid purpose. Defined down to its simplest terms it can be stated scientifically as this: The world needs princesses. The more the merrier. The world does not, however, need more drama-queens.

She is sacred. Women need to be free to experience and be experienced for this is in large part why She created All Things, but it is vital that there are always women of purity and good character. Embassies of Her on in our reality. She is raw power, she is chaos, she is dangerous when not cared for reverently with strength. But she is also balance and tenderness. She needs structure and the fires of transformation, not cages and coldness. She is powerful and she is passionate. She like the lionhearted because their fires and strength are not easily quenched. But she disdains the rigid and belligerent stagnation of chauvinists. And her weapons wound fiercely. She loves mystery but not deceivers. She is better at it, amateur. She will laugh at morality in the face of repression. She will dress however she wishes. She is instinctual and wild at times, yet she is also maternal at times. She is magical, and not in a phony way. She will be who she needs to be, but you are a part of her reality. She wants to be held, not grasped. Maidens will be maidens, the problem here is males.

We as males have become crude little apes who follow the dominating ways of animals, not the sacred ways of Man. Males need to learn to be open and able to surrender emotionally without losing strength. Learn to give ground without losing ground. A dance is not rigid, and this is The Dance. The Dance isn’t just a few steps, so don’t be in a hurry to dispel it, to try to own too much too quick and destroy the mystery. Purify your love to be made worthy of love. The palm survives where the oak gets broke. But be both. You will find that you gain strength. If your maiden is always out of control or out of reach emotionally, you have no reason to stay. But if you run away too much you will grow weaker over time. You gotta really own yourselves emotionally or you will get blindsided every time. Learn to be strong but gentle. Savage but tender. Cotton wrapped around steel. You are the sun, she is the moon, we are the earth. Develop awareness and this becomes natural. She is a mystery, but so are you. She is an ocean of emotion, you are a focused mountain of fire. Males and females learn from each other and become more whole. She is your teacher, she is your student. We are not the pillar of the universe, therefore we will need to change positions to reorient ourselves. Not being the pillar of the universe, we must become the surfer.

The difficult subject ahem : “rejected the ways of the Nicholatians.” Sex and religion need to be kept separate. Pretty much the same for sex and magic. The act of lovemaking is already primordial, magical and powerful. To add to that is to detract from it. But you purify your beings and heighten your awareness before this. You become the two emanations of the very polarity that started this universe. You become a little god and little goddess by going beyond yourselves. Then it becomes all the more magical. Who needs spells? 🙂 Not that one does not dress up and play games in bed, but do not debase what is sacred. And know what is sacred. Sensuality is used in a positive spiritual way by doing this. Love is a transformer. Love will heighten one to these levels. One can also burn away a lot of the “darkness” that comes from our animal nature. We dance with it and tame it. But we do not tamper with it. She and He are grounding for each-other. Laws of Physics and Physiques. 🙂 “I know you”

I think the doing things “for life” has been one of the root causes of our problems with spirituality and “morality”. The Divine wishes to experience life through us, and by being too severe we have become overbalanced. However, some people may need to be severe. This is all dependent on the individual. But flagulists should do it in private, methinks. They might make a reality show out of you if you don’t. 🙂 Not that I support this type of behavior, but my point is I don’t need or want to know about it. People need to go through different phases in their life. But it is also vital to have Pillars of Divinity. People who just wish for the spiritual path from a young age. But I feel most people need to experience the world a little before they can truly renounce it with satisfaction. But this is not my place to make dictates. And I caution for the slow, all-encompassing approach in a time when we need decisive spiritual action in ourselves. Trust in your heart, and in yourself, but purify them and strengthen your mind 1st.

Knowing that a Goddess exists as well as a God, half of your journey is complete. But feel reverence not carnality in that. There is always The Best women available, the Great Mother of All. But you get love, not sex.

This is not the first universe to have existed, nor the 2nd or 3rd. It is not all that far down the chain. Some of the traits from past creations have leaked through in us. These have both enriched and hampered our progress. Holy War is one such thing. I feel absolutely compelled to feel this zeal and use the power like an army of holy warriors going into battle, but the enemy in this universe turns out to not be an outside religion, but our own misunderstanding of our own. And an enemy of our own making in the past, evil selfishness. Incarnate. We are made of “God-stuff” as it were. One can easily see the problem with this when coupled with ignorance and gross behavior. This universe is very human-centric because we are by default a group of rebellious souls, but rebellious in a negative ego-centric way. It has been a rather unholy universe, ultimately corruptible. But always remember that we have also furthered the Divine’s understanding of Itself, by us evolving ourselves, It’s sparks. But we are sparks that are not separate from The Eternal Flame. We have done rather sadly on our own. Just like the old footprints in the sand poem.

“That’s one small step on scientists, one giant heap for mankind.”

Non-Linear Science. Arcane Science.

God Exists. Goddess Exists. Progression/Evolution Exists. There is no ultimate separation between infinity and singularity, no ultimate separation between God and Life. Heaven and Hell exist. Reincarnation exists. You have a soul. Even if this is not a “Real Universe” but a “Maya” (Illusion) Astrological Calendar Universe that we are trapped in I suspect, by our own desires and unfinished business, that does not change the above facts. When we develop things like spirituality, valor, skills, thinking patterns, understanding of things both subtle and gross- these things are transferable. Money, real estate, gadgets- these things are not transferable. In the real universe we got so entrenched they had to make another sub-universe that moves quicker for us to work off our karma. Brahma, the god we had elected and then later went to war with, was born as the scientist in that universe that built this one. We had reached what might be termed a science fiction level of development, but science plateaued. This universe is divine comedy, but it ain’t no joke. The divinity we touch here is real. In that universe we were all becoming stagnant atheists after getting rid of our god, who was not very good at it. Most likely arcane science does not work there or is hidden in ways hard to find. Possibly disabled. They knew from before how we would misuse godlike powers.

Jesus and Buddha are two Lords of Creation from previous universes. Jesus’ (Vishnu) universe is where the framework for Atlantis came from. It was a very popular universe among Celestials and Incarantes (like us) alike.

Buddha (Siva) came from a creation even older I think, a universe of titanic spiritual forces battling it out, a war of gods and their followers. He was the Slayer of Evil in His universe and eventually vanquished all evil gods and their followers. This is where much of our “holy war” echo comes from.

The Divine Mother is the real Divine Mother. All was born from Her. But it is Her expressing as Him that allows us to exist as us and the universe to exist at all. This is part of the Singularity and Infinity expression of reality. Jesus and Buddha are both aspects and perhaps extrapolations of the Original Him, Lord Narayana. We see a brief expression of Him in Krishna’s Universal Form, in the Bhagavad Gita. Long, long ago, perhaps universes ago, We rebelled against the Her in support of the Him of existence. This is something very vital for us to cleanse and heal in ourselves, because it is a major problem for our future. Yang must be dynamic and strong or the universe collapses, but it must also be in balance with Yin. He wears the pants in the family but the skirt still has the ultimate power in the Ultimate Reality. So lets grow up and move on.

In our escapism from the stagnant universe we had created for ourselves, a way was found to help us break free in our video game-type universe, this universe here. I believe that many have been in a coma like state for 10 to 20 years in that universe, being reincarnated here and trapped until we can break free of baggage from the past creation, cleanse our spirits deep inside. We have been here so long we have lost touch with our real bodies. It is a “sci fi” reality compared to here, so that makes it easier for us to get back. We want it! But were are now much more advanced than the people in the real universe. And the things we have learned and developed here directly relate to the problems in our civilizations we must overcome there. Because we also need to help cleanse the people of that universe. Going to heaven is actually the beginning of something new, dealing with that entrenched, godless, stagnant sci fi reality. It’s going to take a few million mini-messiahs for that task. We are to make it a good experience for the One that has become all of this and more, that Infinity that experiences the universe through our Singularity. But some of our deep, deep emotional and mental baggage is far older than the Big Bang. Kinda funny actually.

If you would pray for me, since people steeped in religion mentally think have got it all figured out, pray for the angel Michael vanquishing evil with the power of the True God. The one he is vanquishing is the untrue god. Michael (Osiris- actually the 2nd Osiris and 2nd Odin. 1st Odin is 1st Osiris), Samael (Set) and another one, who is a mix of them both, are all emanations from the same Being, The Red One. Brahma, Aries, Zeus (one of them, he was many people), Ra, Melchizedek, and a bunch of other ones. The Fire God, The Red God. The War God.

This Being and his many incarnations, more than just the three mentioned above, were also: Hercules (Hercules was also a civilization with arcane power), King Minos, Prometheus, Indra (Indra was also an ancient civilization as well as a being. Aryan solar civilization with Atlantean power), Rudra, Lao Tzu, Sun Tsu, St. Peter, Job, Abraham, Hanuman, Arjuna (most likely all the Pandava brothers), Constantine, Caligula, Augustus Caesar, Aristotle, Aristarchus, Aaron, Lot, Balaam, Cyrus, sons of Noah, Muhammad, Ali, Abu Bakir, Nimai (brother of Buddha), Nimai (the herder who heard Buddha), the 12th Imam and some of the others, Yasovarman I, some of the Khmer Empire rulers, Hero Twins, Coyote, and the list goes on and on. He is also heavily connected to the Song Dynasty, and throughout Asia. He is Peter The Great, Machiavelli, Nicholas, Gen. Mad Anthony Wayne (when they finally came face to face with him, the elders of the Indians recognized him as one of their spirit gods and were surprised. This is why they made that treaty with the US. They made sure he had an Indian ceremony after death.) Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Herman Goering. He is often with us in body, always spirit. Sometimes just a normal schmuck with abnormal problems and a paranormal mind who doesn’t know who he is. For a true god must also be the small, the oppressed, the downtrodden, and not just the hogger of history. He is the warrior and the slain.

He is the one the myths of the Pharaoh afterlife are given too. The original Pharaohs was a real godking, not just a man acting like one. He learned that being a God takes godlike responsibility, and he was not at all prepared for it. This Being was re-incarnated, like the legends behind the Dalai Lama, but the Rites of the Dead are a bastardization of that. They would go to find his new incarnation and provide for it originally. But he needed to transcend the Apathos (Loki) side of himself, because with each rebirth it was a dice role. They got evil godkings sometimes. Do not try to summon this Being, or you will get the Devil instead. Others have tried to play the godking and manifest him. They paid with their soul, deleted from the future. If Loki does not kill you for your impudent arrogance, Heimdall will. It is a punishment worse than death, for it is no afterlife, or a tormented afterlife, Hell. This ain’t your mama’s Ouija Board, this is a Razor’s Edge. He likes creativity and will sometimes slip a little super truth or prophecy laughingly into our chosen art. He both teaches and learns from us. He also loves the detective/scientific mind, and being a war god, the warrior heart as well. But his great lack was in the heart, and love in his world is what he needs and desires most. His God is our God, his Goddess is our Goddess. St. Michael must triumph within him. But we must help purify St Michael. And it is with this in my heart that I come to you, for many of you seem raring for a holy war, and now I understand the purpose. We must become pure in our hearts and minds and help St. Michael.

Brahma was a very powerful being like a human in ages past, a universe ago actually, “a creation-ago” as it were. He was the greatest of our group of angry souls. The angry little dominating godmen and evil tyrant witch-queens. We were powerful enough to not let the universe end long after it should have. A powerful and ancient but degraded people. Rather perverse. Yet we held onto a hellish but almost savage little existence, too scared to let go of the ancient stagnant hell we had created for ourselves. Touch that echo inside you without trying to, and you will have used a “psychic radar” to something older then the Big Bang. These are things we must heal in ourselves, but not mask. The warrior of the heart is the icebreaker to confront this. We all need to come home, some need to go through more darkness than others. So we make light of it and deal with things in harmless ways. Thus we love romantics and style and all the variations of life. We hammer these things out without bringing harm to others. Things like sexual addiction are degrading to the spirit. But repression doesn’t work, so we must be open to cleansing these things from the bottom up. The purity, fire and innocence of spirituality are the antidote.

But we must go through painful and sometimes crazy processes to be cracked open to the transformation and redemption of healing. We need to clean the corners, emotionally/psychologically/mentally/spiritually. We need to actually cleanse this stuff in the crucible, and only then can we be truly put to the hammer and anvil of life and tempered in the fires of spirit. Forged Anew. This is a new era of our existence and we are off to a bad start already… again. We must approach this with all the silent determination of a mountain. We must start off from our acceptance of being a failure, not jacking ourselves up on make-believe perfection. Once we have done this we move out of that to a state where we neither accept or reject our failure, it merely exists- a challenge. By accepting it, it drags us down; by rejecting it we are in denial. It merely exists. A mountain to be climbed. We build ourselves anew from the ground up and are reborn. We are trapped in a steep valley and must follow the pure waters to eternal freedom. So I think we may have perhaps gotten a bit of a K.P. Duty angel of Clean Latrines and Perfect Mirrors, patron saint of deck-swabbers and french-maids. 🙂

He, Brahma, was elected to be the relative god of this new universe, this creation. But They, The Most High, had to keep rescuing us and him. And us from him and him from us. Ya, we’re wild and crazy and powerful and out of control, but after lifetimes we have matured a bit. Val-Oor/ Horus, the third one, is now the Anti-Christ, from what I can see. They are great deceivers, so sureness is an issue for me sometimes. Samael-Serpent (Loki) is one of the ones who wants to be the Anti-Christ; he was usurped. Val-Oor turned out tremendously powerful and actually less evil than Loki, but still warped and in part because of all of us. Loki is still more clever though, he is the most devious thing in this universe and tricked even Brahma, his creator and self. Loki was the Minotaur, a demonically powerful insane arcane beast cannibal man that demanded human sacrifices. They corrupted those people, telling them that human meat was the “Food of the Gods”. Val-Oor may have been Hermes, though that may have been Heimdall or even Loki or all of them at different times. Val-Oor was good and bad. He was “tampered with” by beings not of this earth, before the time of Moses. He turned out bad in the end, in part because we turned out inferior to Atlanteans. There is also at least one “devil’s apprentice” as well, a being known by different names in some of our myths/histories. He was one of the 2 dwarves in Norse myth, but they are also symbolically ancient-ancient Egypt and Greece. Giants, Titans, Dwarves are all symbols of the level of civilization. Titans were the Atlanteans. Giants are the purest blood of us and also the giant civilizations. But Greece became a giant in ancient times, making the Norse dwarves. The civilization of Hercules held the world on it’s shoulders and gave it back to Atlas. Hydra is dangerous technology. Snakes and serpents are as well, though these often relate to Loki (Samael).

Knowledge of Good(+) and Evil(-) is Science, arcane or mundane, in a nutshell. Our myths and histories have overlapping symbolism. This power has always led to destruction, and many times have we removed traces of civilizations and knowledge fro histories. This is done so people wont follow the ways. But enough clues and lore is kept so that we will someday go back looking for it, our heritage. Arcane (Ark+Cain) has been removed many times from our history. Loki (Lore Key, Lock Key, Lore Keeper) had 2 powerful underlings and many others below them, and the most powerful one had formerly been the 2nd most powerful. He wished to surpass Loki, his “dark master”, as well. This is why treachery must not rule. There is no ultimate balance in it. Nothing but horror in the end. It is the scorpion stinging the frog and both drowning. I’m pretty sure Loki was also the monk that wrote “The Devil’s Bible”. He had been working on it for a while. His crime was homosexuality and he was condemned to die. He promised the church that Codex as penance and had it smuggled in by others who knew he was working on it, but he could not complete it in time. In my dream it is he and the devil in the room together, with him sitting against the wall watching the devil writing, but it keeps flashing to just him doing the work with an almost insane smile on his face. He got it done though, through magic. That book became a bit of a test and most humans failed. I do not know what is in it, but I would be amused to read it some day. Besides his crime, it was with either another monk or a someone of noble blood he felt emotion for and he was not a alone in this type of behavior but a lightening rod for ending it, he had been trying to be a good monk. The devil picture actually relates to the Minotaur as much as if not more than Pan.

I’m actually still a little fond of Loki, but he is too warped deep inside. He turned out depraved and avarice, and therefore Satan. For a time he almost pulled off redemption though. He tried very hard and failed. But he was always steeped in darkness and betrayal. Samael is so twisted he no longer knows how to not betray, how to not out-clever, how to not need to be the king by any means necessary. He is darkness and ego with an unquenchable thirst for power and dominance. He splintered his spirit to keep the rebellion and always win by treachery. But when it came time for him to want redemption, he could never find them all at once and cleanse them. Some part of himself was always hidden. He would think he had healed the darkness but later find out he had betrayed himself. He could never reach 100% resolution to change, because he could never own all of himself. The betrayal by Horus perhaps inflicts the deeper wound to the heart. And it demands response by the betrayed, all of us. In savagery but not in hate. For this one is redeemable but deadly. Guiding, protecting and helping us purify ourselves as well as that Being was their job. They betrayed us, they usurped us, our Kingdom of Heaven, our Atlantis Arisen, our King Arthur Returned. So we shunt them and we already know who to turn to, above them. If you would be true Holy Warriors of any faith or creed, then know this is the arena, not each other. Step right up ladies and gentlemen, we need knights, clerics and mages. 🙂

This universe is now notorious, we have corrupted what was thought un-corruptible. We are the Holy Obscenity. So it ended up being two against one, but Michael (Heimdall) fights for God. He fights for Jesus and Buddha and Durga and all the True expressions of Divine. And for all the faithful and true of all faiths. For he is known by different names by different people. But that is a war that is also waged within us by ourselves. By purifying evil in ourselves and the world, we help tip the Divine Scales for that Being. We must help him with our own power and our own overcoming. We must pray for him and ourselves to the True Divine. We will never be as powerful as the Great God or Goddess, as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Saraswati, Sita, Radha, Mother Mary. To name a few. But we can be redeemed in His eyes. And Her heart. So we pray for the good to overcome and we use our power to purify ourselves first that we may be unerring arrows. We do not usurp the power, but we show up and accept what is given. The erring arrow of a divine bow has an evil effect. The real king serves the King of Kings. But we are all kings and queens. That is what it means to have Atlantean blood in you.

Archangel Michael fights for the Real Divine. He fights for the Good in that Being. It is our turn to help him with our love and purity and strength and prayers, then he may help us better. We must help lift him back up to The Most High, True God and Goddess, lest they drag him down and we are lost. And we must be purified and strong and protected that we may smite the deceivers who grasp at him and drag him down, who bind him by trying to contaminate him. We must help purify him. He fights to bring order to our chaos by dealing with it directly and with power. Yet those two other beings who are deeply connected to him try to warp him still, through that ancient connection.They have been blocking him from coming to us in force. They shackle him and try to bind him. They try to grab onto his wings to drag him down. They are trying to warp our Angel, St. Michael. We must not let this happen. I will not let this happen.

Spiritual Magic is The Axe. It is the power of Hammer and Sword combined. Difficult to wield but devastating in the hands of strength, skill and valor. Perhaps the Hammer of Thor and the Sword of St. Michael. All is not lost, for we are all Holy deep inside! We must transform this darkness within ourselves and the world to be freed so we don’t contaminate other universes.Purify yourselves in the fires of true spirit. Rekindle the flame of spirituality in your chosen religion. Learn the wisdom of all religions but stay true to the one you hold dear. I ask you not to rush to heed my words, but to consider them with caution and insight. Your valor and us together rejecting evil kings with the strength of our spirits and not just our words is what a pathfinder is seeing at this point and time.

But this is about us, not me. Slow down and deal with the reality of one’s inner problems, inner self-deceptions, inner Grossness. I have plenty of past life memories where it was all about me me me. I have been that evil tyrant god and blessed it is to now know the ultimate folly of a life without Divine Companionship. To know the folly of men being gods. To know the stagnation and futility of immortality of the body. To know ennui without match and find innocence again… To rejoice in God and be in alignment with Mother Goddess, who is us all but we have rejected it. That is the Wedding that I need.

Forgive me Lord, if I have failed. May all my mistakes be corrected by Thy hand.

It is important to understand the basics of numerology and the astrological wheel to unlock numbers anomalies. Line up graphs of 2 sets 0-12 over 12-0 and add them.  This is 12 every time. This is not all that special. Some of this I share is old data I find not that important or useless. I’m regurgitating past understandings. Overlapping of things is important.

Dark Matter Wave-plane that stretches out from central galactic black-hole. The effect is hidden, below linear. That much gravity with planetary gravitational forces at work may be a bit much for normal earth cycles. I don’t like doomsday, but it is food for thought.

This is important:

————   8th Dimension

—    7th D   +   6th D   (=13 (1+3=4))

———–    5th D (= 13 (4)

The number 13 is actually  1 expressing as 3. The center is both forces together. Astrology/Alchemy. This is a Cardinal Point.

3 Modes  Liquid (Cardinal), Solid (Fixed), Gaseous (Mutable).     Triplicity

4 Elements are Fire (Energy) Earth (Solid)  Air (Gaseous) Water (Liquid)     Quad.

2 Polarities are -/+  Female/Male  Chaos/Law       Duality

Circle, 360 degrees.  div by: 1-360, 2-180, 3-120, 4-90, 5-72 (72) 6-60

The beginning sign is Ares (1st), Fire-Cardinal. The Final Sign is Pisces (12th) Pisces Water-Mutable. 12+1 (13).   Fire/Water/Cardinal/Mutable. No Matter or Fixed. Fixed is the whole thing as One. Matter is created and exists mostly/solely in 4th Dimension. (In the old days, they thought the “astral plane” was the 4th, but it is actually the 3rd.)

The Astrological Wheel Plays our as:

Fire-Cardinal +                  Fire-Fixed +                Fire-Mutable +

Earth-Fixed –                     Earth-Mutable –           Earth- Cardinal –

Air-Mutable +                    Air-Cardinal +             Air-Fixed +

Water-Cardinal –               Water- Fixed               Water-Mutable-

The Circle is divided into 12 Houses and 4 + Quadrants. Cross + is also 4 directions.

In above 8th, 7th   +   6th, 5th, The 5th is probably correlated to Ares (+ Cardinal (Liquid) Energy).

Ares symbol is V, Roman Numeral 5.

0-9 and 1-10. This becomes 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19

2  4   6   8  10

1 3 5 7 9   2  4   6   8  10

10th may actually express as singularity and infinity (sometimes void or formless). 9th is first True expressions. 8th Octave is also 1st. This expresses through an overlapping chain of 7-2 and 2-7, or 7-1 and 1-7.

10th is The Unmanifest One, Absolute Everything, purest forces. Containment.

9th is The Manifest One, The Expression of Everything

8th-1st (Octave Harmonics) are what is played out. 8th is also containment. 7-0-1 (8) in Infinity, Non-Existence, Singularity.

A Star Formation:   Formless- Form- Formless. In 7-0-1, “0” is the hard to grasp point at which at which Formless is no longer Formless, but Form, and easy to grasp point at which it all explodes into Formless.

0 is nonexistence, death and void.

Understanding Black, White and Clear. Also Grey and Clear. And Om (sound of everything, allegedly) and Silence are also helpful.

9 Chain: 9×1=9  9×2=18 (9 ) {1+8=9, etc}   9×3= 27 (9)  9×4=36 (9) 9×5=45 (9) 9×6=54(9) 9×7=63 (9) 9×8=72 (9) 9×9=81 (9) 9×10=90 (9) 9×11=99 (18)-(9)  etc.

The 4 “realities”  where the action happens is Linear 4th, Linear 3rd, Non-Linear 4th, Non-Linear 3rd. This moves through 5th Dimension, Time and Laws of Physics and Evolution.Midsection of Linear and Non-Linear 7th Dimensions.



Linear and Non-Linear Inverted 7-0-1s, contained by an 8th-1st Octave Dimension.

This 4th/3rd-3rd/4th is what we call The Universe.  It is most likely crossed, Linear 4th/ Non-Linear3rd, Non-Linear 4th/Linear3rd.  Within this sphere of influence are echoes and  patterns (10 true Dimensions, 12 harmonic dimensions.) of most of The Whole (Absolute Infinity Expressing as Creators, Creations and Life).

In order to truly understand everything, even silly things like these, and emotions, must be added to the mix. Sometimes they hold the greatest clues.

It is also very possible that there are 11 True Dimensions, the 11th being Absolute Infinity. It may even express as :


12    10

11         (1)  9

10               (2)  8

9 (1)           (3) 7

8 (2)        (4)6

7 (3)  (5) 5

[6] [4]

It loops in a circle. The inner and outer lap add up to 10. It is important to consider the possibility that every Dimension (or even individual piece) has a relative perspective. Therefor it is important to tailor thinking to the base root concept one is working with. 2nd D mechanics would be tailored towards that vs 3rd or 4th, etc.

Elasticity of a singularity/infinity collision? 1st Dimensional forces trying to pull back together. 3rd Dimensional models will become outdated. 1st Dimension – Infinite Dot 2nd Dimension- Infinite Wave-plane

These 2 strike and create a non-linear 3rd and linear 4th. Gravity effects us from a hidden 3rd. Tetra Hedron, a hidden side. Point, bent plane (sides), 4 sided.

This creates a 4/3 that moves through 5th (time). All 5 dimensional forces are at play in our universe.

Think of electron, neutron and proton all smashed together, no space very little space between. Energy universe. The space between is what creates

I’m way beyond Einstein, as far as universal theory of everything. I just use Relativity. Remember all that Einstein “2+1 Dimensions” stuff. I work in dimensions, not complex math. Sorry your degrees don’t cut it anymore.

Tetra Hedronic 7-0-1 (Infinity to Singularity)Theory IS the real deal. Your science is flawed by lack of understanding. Too educated towards higher math.

You think math will understand all things scientific? Singularity and math don’t mix well.

It takes simplicity to understand singularity and gravity. Then the dots begin to connect for a change.

Super-Gravity is that DotMembrane is that Waveplane.Strings are the hum of the engine.

Take a Tetrahedron and chuck it through the air and you will get closer to understanding of the universe moving through linear time than E=MC2. I understood how he came up with that, did you?

Within 7th-1st Dimensions are 12 Harmonic dimensions. 11 of which you know about through Super Gravity, String Theory, etc. M Theory is either working off 2D Waveplane effected by 1D Super Gravity creating 3rd and 4th moving through 5th, or you have begun to catch onto something more mixed. 7th and 6th is where it all originates, but our universe is made up of 1-5. Your mind and emotions are reflections of 6th and 7th. Evolution is what it is all about.

Relative to our Universe, the Dot is split into many pieces. These are trying to pull back together. A Singularity torn apart by an Infinity, trying to regain it’s shape. Gravity is the effect. The more a single place has, the stronger the effect.

My current thinking, from a conceptual level, is that the 1st and 2nd Dimensions are gone.

Infinite Dot 1st D Singularity pokes a hole through Infinite 2nd D Wave-Plane and begins bunching up the Plane into a 3rd D Sphere that eventually explodes into a 4th D Cube. This expands along the 2nd D Wave-Plane, sucking up all it can manage. From a small point a hole is opened and that is the Big Bang.

Another concept is that the 2nd D Wave-Plane is bunched around the 1st D Singularity, never puncturing it. Eventually it can’t stretch the 2nd D Continuum Wave-Plane any more, and this eventually rips the Singularity Disturbance apart as the initial effect is worn off. It initially gobbles up more than it can chew and the after-effect the overstretched Wave-Plane blows the 3rd D Sphere into a 4th D Void/Matter pattern. The Void would already have to be there, and this may be 7th or 6th Dimensional Emanation.

Eventually the effect wares off as these 2 titanic forces battle it out. Gravity is the Singularity pulling itself back together. Waves in different forms are what is left of the Wave-Plane. Most of the energy is stored in a Subatomic Universe, and ours is Void/Matter with Dark Matter and Dark Liquid Energy. Gravity would effect us from from internal 3rd and external 4th. 2 Point Gravity. If a core of the Singularity survived, perhaps 3 Point Gravity.

Another thing that may happen is the induction of Singularity on the Continuum. This spreads like a virus and begins to weaken it. Eventually the effect is localized due to the overwhelming size of the Continuum. At the moment of backlash, the induced singularities stay.

Look at Hydrogen Atoms. Electron may correlate to 1st D and Proton to 2nd D. Neutrons would perhaps be that 3rd D. There may be examples of how, like waves, the pattern of The Beginning is stored around us. 4 Forces would correlate to 4 Dimensions.

How does this help science? For one it puts the fun back into it. 🙂 for two, if 2012 is real, we need to understand Gravity. For three, science is furthering technology beyond human ability to cope with the consequences.

And yes, unfortunately I quit my day job to do this. But it was only labor/landscaping. I am Peter, Petra of Aeges, and THIS is my Destiny.

Wave/Particle concept also plays out as 1st D point and 2nd D Waveplane. These are apparent effects.

Our reality is centered around linear 4th, mid center of 7th. The Matter Universe. 3rd and 5th have more of an effect than 2nd or 6th, 1st or 7th. Localized effects.

All 7 are here though, but 6th and 7th are beyond full understanding from a 4th perspective, closer to True Infinities vs Relative Infinities, such as 1st and 2nd. 3rd would probably be more of an energy/light Universe. Perhaps Subatomic particles come from here.

The True 6th Dimension is probably correlated to your mathematical 11th dimension, the True 7th Dimensions correlated to an as yet unknown 12th. Perhaps the other 10 are 2 strangs of 5 dimensions. 2 Overlapping Universes. This may play out as Linear vs Non-Linear, or every other one. Most likely we live in a dual universe, harmonically connected. Relative proximity will probably also play out in dimensional forces.

When doing higher “science” it is best to have a gunslunglow approach, and be a master patterner.

You people are the Real Scientists, I’m just a cheatin’ good dot connector and Theoretical Conceptualist.

I consider Change and Randomness to be true laws, part of The Absolute. Even if this is an intelligently designed universe, those concepts, along with freedom and evolution, are also vital to it. But Static and Predictability are also a part of it. When a species or civilization has gone down the course of understanding long enough, Change and Randomness come to the forefront.

The Universe Itself may have been created by adding a flaw induction to an expression of infinities, spinning the whole thing off. It is a probably a sentient/non-sentient expression, meaning it has sentience at a relative infinity away, but down here it is almost all non-sentient.  Mind and Emotion will once again shine through as being too good to not be an expression of a very high order. If you want to meet the ones who designed it, look in the mirror, males and females. You are them in creation. But we can never get back to true infinity as a powerful Being. We fade away into infinity eventually. This is where spirituality, meditation and contemplation comes into play. Close as one can get. Religion on the other hand can get in the way, just as tradition can. That does not mean these things are not also vital as well.

Eventually one does meet Infinity as a Being.

Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Angular/Boundaries/Being –  overlap                                   I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/-/Infinity/Curvature/Boundless/Aura —  overlap                                  WE

Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies.

In Absolute Infinity, The Androgynous One, it is possible that the Yin is more and the Yang is stronger. Both are form and formless, infinity and singularity. This would balance out to even forces. Yin tends towards the formless and Yang tends towards the form.

Black/White/Grey/Clear               Om/Silence

Attraction(Change)Repulsion         Balance(Stasis)Harmony


Infinity has very few Limitations, but they do exist.

It is also possible 12th Dimension (Grey-Clear) is all things expressed as 2, 11th Dimension(White-Clear) is all things expressed as 1.13th is 0 Dimensions (Black- Clear and Void), are all things Contained and Balanced. The One.

Absolute Infinity is probably a great ocean of clear, gray, black and white. Form and formless. Sound and silence. Chaos and law. – and +. Mind and emotion. Angles and curves. Attraction, repulsion and harmony. Etc.As well as The Void (non-existence) and Spirit.

Other concepts to remember are Simplicity and Complexity.

One, Few, Many.

Everything has a relative perspective based on it’s individual nature and it’s placement within the sphere of influence it occupies, and sphere of influence it effects.

Somethings probably exists that have no relative perspective, they just are. Apparent effect also plays out here. Close and distance.

The mind can become claustrophobic when overloaded with too many facts. The whole of the picture can be lost by over-specializing. It is important to step back sometimes, in order to see things from a broader view.

Learning to think with emotions, or feel your way through something, is also important. Then one goes back to precision insight and technical formulas. If one holds onto truth as the goal, one comes back to center easily.

Emotions, like laughter and love and lust, can refresh us in a very primal way. It is like taking a shower. Clarity comes easier, as well as focus. Having problems with love and lust can be worse than not having them, therefore one learns space between two people, strength of character and sincerity are the antidote.

I agree that I come across as opaque, but some things can only be grasped as bare essentials. Eventually the being adapts to this and can reach a higher plateau of understanding.

I’m no hoaxer, and my philosophy is to be open and skeptical. Never back oneself into absolute corners, unless it is basic math. Too much of the unknown comes back to haunt one. Therefor an open-minded but even-keeled philosophy, developed by the individual and attuned for the individual is what I see as vital right now. Too much homogenized defining of everyone going on right now.

Math and Emotions may be the two only real universal languages. Laughter is very important. I don’t trust psychologists, but I do trust psychology. Learning to laugh at myself and just feel took a while, but it is all smooth sailing after that.

Gravity is best understood by feeling and thinking. Most things probably are.

Ignorant culture? You call me a fanatic for believing in things that actually work, like astrology. You bury you head in the sand and say it is impossible for these things to be real. How is this thinking? An irrational thought? How about enough proof to blow the top, but “scientific dispassion” says it can’t be real. My name is Reynolds, Illuminati bloodline.

As far as 2012 goes, there is more evidence to support a big problem with galactic midsection baring down on us than not.

You don’t understand gravity, I do!

For science to think it has all the answers and stomp down anyone who doesn’t have a mathematical answer or a degree is fanaticism, irrational, and an ignorant scientific culture, waiting for the “experts” to tell them that mind is just axioms firing and emotions are just secretions.

This is not a functioning viewpoint, it brings apathy. The reason it does: it is a lie.

Therefore philosophy comes into the picture, and one begins to realize that Emotions are more primal than mind. And it’s better to be in love than have a science degree.

2012 is most likely a very bad bang, but one does not give into doomsday hysteria.

Denial is where science and politics are right now.

As far as 2012 goes, I’m not convinced it is a danger. But the fact one cannot think rationally about this in a society that is still trying to figure out Gravity and Black-Holes, I find this odd. This is no longer science, it is cliquish science community dogma.

13th, The Androgynous One, Absolute Infinity.

12th   Yin/Yang The Two

11th    The One

10      12

9[1]     11

8[2]       10

7[3]     (1)9

6[4]       (2)8

5[5]     (3)7



10    11      1 AND 3  OR 13      12,11,10=33


(4)[6]  4+6=10 4X6= 24.  24 is 3×8 and 2×12.

3+8=11 8-3=5

2+12=14  12-2=10      14 and 13 are same, expressed differently. An Octave. 13 loops into the One (14).

Addition is Fixed

Multiplication is Mutable

Exponential is Cardinal.    Exponential is actually moving back toward simplicity. But it has the most complex response.

6th Dimension is probably where most of the Linear Form”stuff” of The Universe is stored. 7th is probably where most of the Non-Linear Formless stuff is stored. 12 and 11 expressed as 2nd D and 1st D. They expressed through a 6th and 7th Dimension. 6th D was 2nd, and 7th D was 1st.

13+14= 27=9                      13×14=182=11    1= 1st D Singularity, 8 = 8th D Octave, 2= 2nd D Duality   1(8)2

There may be a polarity switch at 10 and 8. There is also a -/+ Binary Code to existence. It flips on/off/on/off. Another Duality expression.

8+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1.    9 numbers, 3 switches of 2 polarities, ending back at 8.

8-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1. These 2 lines overlap, connecting 9th to 7th and staying balanced at 8th. The process is continuous once started.

There are 3 things going on in this overlap. The central point cancels (stasis, harmony), but the other two change (attraction, repulsion/ addition, subtraction).   +, Neutral, –  The 3 modes.

This is a Harmonic Connection. It keeps things separate and lets them interact. It hums a cord as (9),8,(7). 7-0-1 is next realm down.

10 is also 0-9. 10 (Singularity+Infinity, Form+Formless, As One and Two). 0-9 Expresses as Void- 0 (non-existence of stuff) and Infinity 9 (existence of stuff). 9 is Singularity+Infinity-Void.  9 Expresses as Octave-8 Infinity and Singularity-1     8+1=9 8-1=7 Within the Octave(8) is where the 7 Dimensions play out their course.

7th center is 4th and 9th center is 5th.  Linear Center is 4th D, Non-Linear Center is 5th D. These are major tendencies, both have some properties of the other. Example: In 4th D we move through more Linear Time. But in 5th D there is probably no matter.

We see the Linear/Solid/Form in the 4th, and Non-Linear/Gaseous/Formless in the 5th.

5th is nebulous hard to grasp but apparent things like time, and where the Laws of Physics originate relative to the 4th,3rd,2nd,1st.  6th D and above are probably Timeless, and more Liquid Energy oriented, but things like Singularity, Infinity, Yin (-) and Yang+, Mind and Emotion, Form and Formless, etc still exist. But there is more of a tendency towards an oceanic One state. The Balance of 2 as 1 or Cardinal point, has more primacy here. Harmony.

0x0=0, 0+0=0

0x1=0, 0+1=1

1×1=1, 1+1=2

1×2=2, 1+2=3

2×2=4, 2+2=4

——————————- Basic reality foundation, from the Kepler side of me.

2×3=6, 2+3=5


3×4=12, 3+4=7                                    —-         (3)-7

4×4=16, 4+4=8                                    —-         (7)-8

4×5=20, 4+5=9                                    —-         (2)-9 and 0

5×5=25, 5+5=10                                  —-         (7)-(1) and 0


(10) 19   25 (7)    It was a big  10 and 25 again? hmmm, from  Kepler.

2×2 and 2+2=4, and (7)-(1) and 0 was the birth of Tetra Hedronic 7-0-1, 400 years ago. I kept it mostly to myself until this lifetime.  Scientists and mathematicians went all over the board discovering new things.  I connected their dots, and added some of my own. And worked on concepts like 0, Void, Non-existence and Patterns.  Visualizing the birth of The Universe. This is a 4th Dimension, not 3rd. Space between the atoms (Void) makes it 4th.  Odd, Even, Odd, Even.  Outside of 3rd explodes into a linear pattern. In the old days we thought that the 4th Dimension was inside, but it is the 3rd. Sphere and Cube and Tetrahedron Pyramid.

Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd)    {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved}    that explodes into a Cube (4th)   {6 sided, 4 face, Angular}   and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter, Tetrahedron  {3 face, 4 sided}.  “Welcome to the 4th Dimension.”

From an apparent small space, a vast universe grows. It had fuel and tracks to follow.

Add dots to that Cube of 1 and 6, 2 and 5, (7), etc, and then we can get down to whether or not “God rolls dice”  🙂 6th, Lord Law.

Maybe it is Goddess (7th) that rolls dice and says, “By the way, you will never understand it all without adding Female to the equation”. She adds the dots, and the dots are called Life. And She is called Lady Chaos.

Leave your dreams in the 3rd. A 3rd of a day is what we sleep on average. Dreams are more than just the mind regurgitating. We live in a 4th/3rd Dimension made of 1st, 2nd, 6th and 7th Dimensional forces, flowing through a 5th Dimensional framework.  3,4,5 is our basic reality. 3,4,5 is (12)

Infinity to Singularity. Tetra Hedronic 7-0-1

In the Universe of Matter, God is a Rocket Scientist and a Chemist.

This is a chemistry universe.

I prefer Chaos to Entropy. Entropy is a part of Chaos.

The pattern of things is not perfect, somethings overlap in the opposite or completely different way. It is plausible that if everything lined up perfectly that the entire things would just collapse and glide back into infinity. Perhaps it is the oddities and flaws that keep it all stable. There is probably a lot of meat on the bone though, as far as patterns lining up.

Perhaps God doesn’t roll dice, but it is obvious that he tinkers around with Infinities. It is also obvious that Goddess rolls the dice, every time she walks into a room. She seems to have attraction and repulsion down, as well as randomness. Naughty but true.

Johannes Kepler


John Locke

Non-Science, but part of The Pattern

Evolution, Multiplicity and Individuality can reach cumbersome proportions over time. It is important for the collective group to be refreshed. Crisis is one thing that does this, new concepts or technologies are others. As well as great movies, music, etc. As a collective we come to a harmonic point of being relatively on the same page. Harmony strives to bring us back to center. And mistakes happen along the way, as we learn as a Singularity (I) and as a Multiplicity (WE).  That is why it is important to be centered in one’s self, but not self-centered. Open and skeptical. Balanced and Evolving. Being independent, yet aware of the rights of others. Keep things at a distance, yet be close to them. Objective, Subjective. Mental and Emotional. Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind. Seeing and doing things with clarity of heart and mind is a sate of bliss and skill.

Between offense and defense is a state of harmony and balance, the Goldilocks Zone Balance of Living Life. Seek that state of being. Be open with emotion and mind, yet not defenseless. A peak of evolution, innocence and wisdom. Skill and learning. The Renaissance Man.  Heightened yet balanced in the “basicness”of life. This is the Awe of Existence. Normality loses it’s mundane quality. In Life,  Spirituality, Mysticism, Ceremony, Learning and Doing new things and things we like,can all help bring us back to that Awe. The Enlightenment.

Society gets too heavy and redundant, and we seek a way out but are brought down by the collective and ways of the past that get worn out and caught in the flaws of “no longer workable”. Streamlining Civilization gets tough, The Renewal of Civilization. Tradition, limitations, the ways of the past, religion, economics and politics get in the way all too often. We can no longer polish the tarnished vase as a multiplicity and a singularity. We also develop ways that become unrealistic over the long haul, but we fail to make the necessary adjustments. Stagnation occurs and life gets boring and miserable.

The systems we develop as guides for individual and group lose traction over the long haul of the rise and fall of things.  Dominance and greed settles in at the top and stagnation soon follows. Politics and religion become a facade to hide behind, and the truth of the whole is lost by obfuscation. When Institutions (non-living) are given priority over Individuals (living), danger is on the horizon. Control of the many by the few will always lead to disaster for a civilization. Control is very rarely needed, it usurps freedom and rights of the individual. The Individuals become dissatisfied and those at the top use the Institution to combat this.  Control leads to dangerous stagnation, there is no harmony in this method. Government and Religion should be a guide, nothing more.

Economies must be tied to the happiness of the many, not the happiness of the few. When The Ruler, such as economics, religion, politics, etc,  becomes more important than The Whole, freedom retreats and a backlash is brewing. It becomes a Parasitic System vs a Symbiotic System. Life is deeply connected on an empathic level. Disruption to this will lead to Entropy, malfunction. Too much Control leads to stagnant ponds. Too much Freedom leads to usurping the rights of others. Freedom is stronger and more important than Control.  Small collectives will outshine large governments. They function better for the whole, when they are more tailored toward the individuals, not the leader. The One, The Few, The Many.

— From the John Locke side of me.

In some ways our being is the Ram, life is the Rom, the universe is the Computer itself.

Eventually the correlations run out, we give up the If and Why and find our way back to the Awe.

Reincarnation is the truth. Part of the rise and fall of things. Eventually the soul grows tired of it all and fades back into the Bliss of Infinity.

Most of us have met before, in some lifetime or another. Perhaps 2012 will bring about a grand deja vous of it all.

Attraction/Repulsion/Harmony as seen through The Patterns of Evolution and The Universe.

Shepherd                    Guardian

(John Locke-Heimdall /Johannes Kepler-Loki)–Ipheiron/Narifi. St Nicholas, Serpent.

Want an apple?