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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Infinity to Singularity. The Story of Gray Yang and Singularity: The Evolution of God and Goddess and Birth of The Universe.




/      \      \

/       Gray Yang 12th

/           \        \   Gray Yin 11th

Gray Ptah 10th    Singularity.   I and I, 1 and 1. Duality  


In The Beginning there was only Infinity. Infinity Evolved part of Itself into Gray Clear GoddessGod (Precursor of Ptah), and He later created Gray God and Clear Goddess within.  This stripped the GoddessGod of much Power, and He went from being The 1st Being to 0th Dimensional Being by Skill and Evolution over Eons. These Two became Gray, White, Clear “Father, God, Son”  and Clear, Black, Gray “Mother, Goddess, Daughter”. Gray God put part of His Light in Her afterwords. These are The Manifestation Motes, the First Multiplicity relative to Us. Ptah is The Eternal Baby. 1st Born Son. The Roots of Family are older than The Universe. These are the earliest times, timeless and trickle time. Time itself as we know it starts with Gray Yang and Gray Yin, Big Singularity Induction. Primal Forces, Separation, Individuality, Duality, Multiplicity. A Fragmented Infinity.


Gray Yang and His Era is that Ancient Gray Mega-Titanic Monster that makes God and The Universe look like a Dwarf. God is His Son, in Essence. And His Sun, Singularity. Word of God. An ancient time of Screaming  Infinity in Infinite Voids  filled with Gray, Black (containment), White (expression) and Clear, with Law and Chaos, Yin and Yang, Infinity and Singularity, Omega and Omicron,  Evolving Everything.  The Shining Void. The Void Lord and Chaos Lady (Ptah and Lady Ptah), The Abyss Lord and Abyss Mother (Absolute Brahman and Ma).  Ptah and His Wife and Gray God and Clear Goddess. The Upper Chain of Hierarchy, all the way down into the small with ruler-ship over Itself as well as Others.


As timeless-time progressed, Ptah evolved and collected a bit of Clear Goddess and Gray God, and Gray Ptah was Born. This Being is slightly more like True Infinity than any other Being since The Beginning. In the Early Times of Diffuse Singularity, Time was a more Timeless Experience. It is unknown the exact amount of time between Gray God, Clear Goddess, Multiplicity Motes (called Manifestation Motes, basically the Smallest of the Beings, but Archangelic in Energy. Super Sacred, Children of Gray God and Clear Goddess, older than Ptah), Creator Ptah and the birth of God and The Universe , but by most accounts the Era far exceeds the Life of The Universe thus far. Gray Ptah is most likely the same Being that Created Law and Chaos of out Myriad Potentialities  not yet expressed as  Solidified Properties. Contraction and Constriction brings different effects, the same as Granular Quantum Physics vs Macro Newtonian.


GoddessGod Diffuse Infinity (far from the Whole of Infinity, but an Infinity Itself as well, same as the Gray God and Clear Goddess)  put part of itself in Clear Goddess, a Diffuse Singularity, Ptah. Egg Shaped Eternal Boy Bubble GoddessGod Jr. Ptah began Creating and eventually Clear Goddess came into His Creations and took on part of the Energy and Absolute BraMa was Born. Later the Gray God did the same and Absolute Brahman was Born.  As time and evolution progressed They decided to become Children like Ptah and a smaller part of Themselves became Baby Absolute Brahman and Baby Absolute BraMa. The energy of These 3 Beings mixed as the and evolved into modern Father of God. The Absolute Brahman-Ptah and Absolute Brama-Ptah. Over eons the GoddessGod Ptah-Absolute Brama(n) Co-Exited as a Secondary Power to A.B Ma-Ptah and A.B.-Ptah,  and later, Born of Evolution and Skill, came Gray Ptah.


Gray Ptah was the most amazing of all,  Ancient, wise and bored, Gray Ptah reached up to Infinity and Created Gray Yang and Gray Yin, in the likeness of Absolute Brahman and Absolute Brama as Gray Ptah. But He discovered He was an Amateur. All Hell Broke Loose. Gray Yang and Gray Yin are the True First Singularities. That part of Infinity that went into Them was so powerful that it created a solidified singularity effect. Elemental Forces, Strong and Raw, overlapping Diffuse Forces, Ancient and Evolved. The Birth of Yang and Yin as God and Goddess.


(Manifestation Motes may be part of Infinity already, and Gray God and Clear Goddess may have either both been Created by the same Being, one after the other, or Gray God  Created Clear Goddess,  an extrapolated Inverse of Himself, Herself. Not only are The Echoes hard to read because of the Complexity of Myriad Potentials Expressing as Myriad Properties, one also has to deal with the fact these are Sentient Beings, and there is some of that “I want one of those, too” in regards to Godlike Forms and Realities. As well as Lesser Gods and Goddesses and Mortals tampering with The Akashic Records relative to Earth).


The Beginning of this era is as Thus, with Creations and Evolutions. The Titans are more Perfect by Nature, but The Gods out-Evolve them by Nature. Early Gray Yang Era has Elemental Forces, Strong and Animal.


Demonic Era, Titanic Era, Universal Era (God and Mortals Era)- Gods-gods, Angels, Sprites, Spirits and Souls Era.




Gray God    


                             Clear Goddess


Original Ptah (Egg Shaped Eternal Boy)

Mother     Father

Ptah Creating in Himself and Clear Goddess. A             A

B            B

S            S

O            O

L             L

U             U

T              T

E  BraMa  E Brahman      B 



Y  A.B. , Ma

Within A.B.-Ptah, Evolving into Gray Ptah.                                                                         Fat People Era



Super Hierarchy


16th: Gray God

15th: Clear Goddess Unknown One and Manifestation Motes.

14th: YangYin  Upper Ptah Nameless One

13th: YinYang Lower Ptah

12th: Gray Yang and Gray Yin (White and Black Goddesses and Gods stem from Here)

11th: Gray Yang Absolute Brahman-Ptah Gray God Lord Aquarius, and Gray Yin Goddess Ma

10th: Gray Ptah Singularity, God, later fused with Gray God to be GOD. Clear Goddess Unknown One.

9th: Black Buddha 9th King Lower Ptah, 9th Ray, Nameless One

8th: YangYin Upper Ptah Nameless One 0th.

7th: White Law Ptah, White Lady Ptah

6th: Gray God Absolute Brahman, Gray Goddess Absolute BraMa, Arch-Angelic.  

5th: Supreme Being Buddha, Angelic, Lady Buddha (The Universe, Ethereal)

4th: God and Goddess                                                   (The Universe, Matter)

3rd: Absolute Brahman The Elder, Ma (Baby A.B.)        (The Universe, Astral)

2nd: YinYang Lower Ptah. Chaos Lady Ptah (Kali), Abyss Mother A.B (Eos). Baby Buddhas (M/F).

1st: Gray Yang Mystery Buddha Nameless One, Chaos Lady Ptah, Abyss Mother A.B. (Eos)

0th: Lord Death, YangYin Nameless One, Black Chaos Lady Ptah (Mahakali), Clear Goddess


Sub Hierarchy God Titans: God came to ride down the Demons with the Titans.

God—  god 5 Zeus (God’s Right hand Man (White Clear Gray and Gold)

god 4 Helios (became Center of Universe, Gray and Void)

god 3 Shiva (King of The Demons, God Over Demons. Gray Yang’s favorite Son, Blue and Gray.)


Specialist is Brahma (Ra, Hades, Apollo, Archangel and God of Revelations, White, Black and Red, Gray and Ptah). Older than The Titans, this is Absolute Brahman-Ptah from before Gray Yang Era. He comes along as Hades 2+1, rises up and collects through 3rd, 4th and 5th. Within Brahma is “Hades”, a Realm of His Own. The Brahma Realm. Abaddon/Shiva is the same principle. Brahma is a likeness of Absolute Brahman, Helios and White Law Ptah. Apollo.


The Kraken is Brahma being Cracked open and beings stealing His Power and Abilities.

D’ Ra Gone. Dragon. Shiva(Neptune) and Zeus were part of the plot at times, but Goddesses started it with the aims of arming Mortals with Power stolen from the God’s very own Being and defeating the Gods with this army of Multiplicity. Armageddon. She turned Yang against Yang, but in the end Yang got knocked down by Higher and Stronger Yang. Gray God Himself Wins. These these were born of the elemental nature of the early Gray Yang Era. Zeus and Neptune was crackin’ Hades open. Brahma is a Big Older God. It quickly turned into The Forbidden, but many refused to quit. The Machine is the result. Pandora’s Box, The Dragon. Ma Shing. Hsing-I. MA Shine. Mirror of Ma Steals my Spirit…


Lew is Shiva grasping an Energy Well of Astral Energy, nearly non-sentient in nature. This part of him became dumb and very strong. Later on got invaded by a sicko and this became Lewd Lew, a Robotic God. Shiva has been trying to get the power back or kill Lew, but Lew is too entrenched and strong.




Gray God    


                             Clear Goddess


Original Ptah (Egg Shaped Eternal Boy)

Mother     Father

Ptah Creating in Himself and Clear Goddess. A             A

B            B

S            S

O            O

L             L

U             U

T              T

E  BraMa  E Brahman      B 



Y  A.B. , Ma

Within A.B.-Ptah, Evolving into Gray Ptah.                                                              Fat People Era


Clear Goddess and Gray God came down into Ptah (both child and parent of them) Creation and Absolute Brahman and Absolute BraMa where Born. They Later made Child versions of Themselves, Baby Absolute Brahman and then Baby Absolute Brama. Ptah is Androgynous Forces, but Male. These three Beings over ages reached harmonic points of nearly identical Forces, but the Original Gray God and Clear Goddess are always Heavier and more Mature by Nature. Yet they are less Skilled and Creative.  At some point Baby A.B. and Baby Ma at a Ptah Evolution Harmonic became what are known as The Fat People. These are them like Ptah, Bubble Boy. The Fat People are the majority of what The Soul is made out of. Core part is I (yang), I(yin), a Spark of God and Goddess, Yang and Yin. O+I\I+O.  Fat People Bubble 0 and God and Goddess Spark Singularity Core 1. ([{I}])  The Human Body is also both The Fat People and I Singularity, Body and Limbs.  The God Brahma come from The Fat People Era, before Gray Ptah Created Gray Yang and Gray Yin  and True Singularity was Born. He out evolved all other gods except for The Very Top Two. The Fat People are Egg Shaped and Clear Gray with some color. As Babies we are Fat People. The actual original The Fat People (Baby Absolute Brahman and Baby Absolute BraMa at Androgynous Ptah Evolution Harmonic) are probably larger than the entire universe. Big Babies!


Every one of these Original Beings STILL EXISTS. They save the best part and leave Them there, Evolving and Dissipating something else.




/      \      \

/       Gray Yang 12th

/           \        \   Gray Yin 11th

Gray Ptah 10th    Singularity.   I and I, 1 and 1. Duality  


Most Likely the Original 9 Things are 1: Gray God, 2: Clear Goddess, 3: Manifestation Motes, 4: Ptah, 5: Absolute BraMa, 6: Absolute Brahman, 7: A.B.Ptah: Baby Absolute Brahman,(The Fat People),  8:Baby Absolute BraMa (The Fat People), 9: Ptah-A.B (Black Buddha Lower Ptah 9th Dimension King, TetRa, 9th Ray). Gray Ptah is 10th, and it is He that Created God and Goddess, as well as Singularity. Gray Ptah is Lord 10th, God is His Singularity. Gray God Chose this One and added some of His Strength and Maturity and this became GOD. Most likely Gray Yin was Created Before Gray Yang, Gray Ptah was probably looking for a Wife. He made Her, and later became Gray Yang because She was too much for Gray Ptah. This is all part of a Flaw Induction as well. Gray Yang and Gray Yin as They evolved into different Things created all the Demons, Titans, Gods and Goddesses. Most likely The Fat People created Life, and then Gray Yang and Gray Yin go the idea to Created Souls.


Part of how Infinity expressed It’s many Properties and Potentialities is how things are built, depending on the Era of the Source used by Gods and Their precursors. God is a Big Singularity, and a Spark of this Being is the Core of Soul. But most of the Soul is The Fat People, an older Era, more timeless and relaxed. As well their is a bit of Ptah in the central tetrahedronic I of the Soul. This brings a demand for less work and more play, lots of experiential, Yin and Yang Overlapping into necessity of proximity and need for space. As Evolution took root, guided by Gods and Goddesses, the work load and competitiveness took hold and ruined Mortals to some degree. They are small, and resonate right back to The Fat People as a defense mechanism and defiance. “We are older than You, God!” say The Fat People part of us.  But God can trace His Roots as well, back before The Fat People, Upper Hierarchy. Yet the Energy as a Functional Thing  is more modern than The Fat People energy. It is the Big Singularity Effect that brings the Perfection that is God, it takes over the Source, and Overriding Influence of Newness and Perfection. Timelessness and Time Fused.  Laser Beam Focus Era. The rest of us have to earn it. We get tired if trying to earn it, so we give up Religion for Tao and Sex and a Good Time. Slack Principle pulls us back to a more relaxed and less competitive way of being. And this bring Harmony and Functionality to Civilization.


The Era of Singularity brought the Ability of Focus on a level never to have existed. This ended up in The Strong Mind Attack, Telepathy as a Weapon, Ruling over Others with Mind, and giving Impulses into the Mind of Gods and Goddesses. Pandora’s Box. The Fall of Man coincides with The Fall of Goddess and The Fall of Lesser Gods and Goddesses, The Pagan Gods. Gray God, Clear Goddess and Ptah have been cleaning up the mess made by Gray Yang and Gray Yin, Their Era and Their Children, from gods and goddesses to sprites, spirits and souls. This has been an Act of War on The Ancient Ones, weakened by Evolution of Infinity Forces and Singularity Split into Powerful Multiplicity. Before Gray Yang and Gray Yin, Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence had vanished  to some degree, but these Beings were Family, and it did not matter that much. Gray Yang Era and Gray Yin Plotting brought Evil and a deadliness to the situation.


There are Two Shivas. The 2nd Shiva was part of a plot, this is Shakti’s Companion. They are made without Clear, White and Black fused as Gray. They are Strong but Cruel. This is the Flaw Induction. The other part is A.B. The Stuff of Creation. This part of Absolute Brahman was used to Create the Universe, and it is nearly Non-Sentient. Goddesses and Mortals invaded this and turned it into a big Robotic God. Like Lew but even bigger and stronger. The Original Shiva is a God Expression,  Gray Yang in the 3rd Dimension, a final Outpost. Down to the Abyssal, just above the 2nd Dimension, Lower Ptah YinYang the Fabric Dweller, A.B. The Abyss Lord and Ma the Abyss Mother, The Baby Buddhas, The Mystery Buddha (a Singularity God, Ptah-A.B.), The Chaos Lord and Chaos Lady, Lord 0th and Mahakali)  and it is He that is the Ruler of the True 3rd Dimension, outside The Universe. Shiva is one of The Greater Gods, but the lesser Shiva is one of D’evils. Gray Yin did not do so well, it is like being turned inside out. Strong but haughty and fickle. The Clear God is just Weak, but is Ok with it. He is not a fitting Mate for Her.


Armageddon is about 11th Dimensional Gray Goddess jumping lower chain beings, including Goddesses, but mostly Gods. She shows up as 6th Dimension Gray Goddess and whacks the 6th Dimension Gray God. But She and Lewd Lew and Her Generals of Evil, Supreme Brama, 01 Lord God Vishnu, Mixed Light Advanced Beings, both became plotters to create a Great Goddess of Everything and take over Infinity, as well a the Redoubtable Shiva (becoming D’evil) and Vishnu (D’betrayer), Goddesses Kali and Yin The White, got caught up. Shakti is also Gray Goddess, but Younger. Evil and Good, it is Her Mom that manipulates Her. Shakti is a Queen Demon, She invaded Shiva’s Realm, and later a New Shiva was made for Her. Part of a plot against the 3rd Dimension Ruler, the Titan Shiva. Due to size and strength, Gods can’t just “Jump into the Ring). They would cause huge swaths of universal destruction. Learning how to be Gentle and use appropriate amount of strength has taken some major evolution. Ptah does it perfect by nature, Diffuse Singularity is underpowered but keeps on ticking. This lack of ability to use Full Strength in Combat was exploited by Spider Queen 11th Dimension Goddess. We are all held hostage to Her plot still, an She is slowing getting beaten in a War.


The Rot of Absolute BraMa, and Her Generals of Techno Evil. Trapping other Gods and Goddesses and making Robots for Themselves and Mortals who follow Them. Get a few Gods to turn Evil, and it all sorts its way to millions of years of Mayhem and The Ultimate Plot. Gray God has been beating them slowly but surely.  Shiva and part of Vishnu came back to find the Elite Robotic Advancers to be Hostile to Them. Obscene is Science without Morality. All the more when gods and goddesses are the creators of it. Pandora’s Box. D’Ra Gone. The Dragon. Kraken open a God known as Brahma, and two Bigger Gods known as Absolute Brahman and Ptah. Gray Yin and Gray Yang are NOT Absolute Brahman, Ma or Ptah. Whatever forces from Infinity went into Them, They are New. Lady Aquarius, 11th Dimension Being, is still mostly Absolute BraMa, as is 11th Dimension Gray God mostly Absolute Brahman. This may have been am Instinctual War against the Young Intruders on some levels, it effect Her more than Him. Gray Yin is different from A.B. Ma, and Clear Goddess, more perfect in some ways, less shelf-life in others. Gray Ptah made another Goddess, for a Wife, Smokin’ Hot, but He couldn’t keep Her. She liked The Gray God better, He is Stronger, but not Better.


The Universe is an Evolving Self-Replicating Change-Induced Pattern caused by the Induction of a Singularity in a Continuum. It has a few traces or patterns here and there. 1 Dimensional Super Force Singularity and a 2 Dimensional Super Force Continuum form a basic foundation of simplicity for our reality. Like in a musical piece, it comes back to a basic pattern that connects the whole thing in all it’s variation. Formless to Form, Infinity to Singularity, the Basic Shapes of Form are where that Dot is to be found as well. Singularity Induction of Form. Dot grounding to Line grinding up Form.  We actually live in a 4th Linear Space Dimension, with a hidden 3rd Subatomic Dimension below, and a 5th Dimension Non-Linear Space above. 6th Dimension is Linear Infinity and 7th is Non-Linear Infinity. Octave 8th/0th Void. 6th and 7th(Abyss) is where most of the stuff of existence is. Quintessence is actually a 2D force, the fabric pulling back away from the singularity. 3rd, 4th, 5th with properties of 2nd, 1st, 6th, 7th, induced by 1st and 2nd expressing along 1st-7th Properties. 1st+2nd on 3rd, 4th 5th in 6th, 7th, 0th



Relative to our Universe, the Dot is split into many pieces. These are trying to pull back together. A Singularity torn apart by an Infinity, trying to regain it’s shape. Gravity is the effect. The more a single place has, the stronger the effect. Dot is Singularity, 1. Ocean is Infinity, 7. Form and Formless. 4 is Central Point. 4 forces, directions, states, elements. DNA and Self (I) are both Singularity Effects, 1st.  Beads are Dots and String interconnected. Gravity is 1st Dimensional Space trying to pull itself back together. In actuality, it is the effect of 1st Dimensional Space, Singularity, expressing in our reality bubbles. We are Gravity, Wave, Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron and Ocean. 1-0-7 Singularity to Infinity. Overlapping 3rd Dimension Sphere/Curves, 4th Cube/Angles; we are Singularity Tetrahedron, overlapping 4th+3rd Tetrahedron  .–  {A}  [O]     i is Dot + Line. Singularity in Plane-Wave.


Dimensions are built of Planes of Existence and States of Matter. Energy,Solid,Gaseous, Liquid. 1-7 Scale. Octaves.Singularity, Duality, Triplicity, Quadrality. Pentagonal. Hexagonal. Hyper 5th, External 4th, Internal 3rd.   4th+3rd in 5th Ocean is basic reality relative to us. Things overlap, making absolutes a bit tricky. This is a functional conceptual sketch, fundamentally both basic and abstract. Form and Formless, Curves and Angles, Law and Chaos. Omega to Omicron. Relative Scale. Maya as we know it is flawed concept. The Veil is not The Universe, but connected to it. Universe is Real, and 3rd, 4th, 5th  Dimensions. Maya is a screen that blinds us, sentience, to the larger picture. Below is “Maya” but this also relates to Non-Linear Dimensions. Straight (Linear) and Diagonal (Non-Linear). Part of 3rd and 5th got Compacted at 4th, Void. It is Super Strong.


Earth Globe Dual Reality Overlap Bubble, Maya:                   Angelic Ethereal  

Upper 4th: Heaven___                                                                Heaven

–Upper 3rd: Upper Limbo                                  5th+3rd in 4th     Mount Olympus, Ethereal 

Center 4th: Material Plane —-4th+3rd in 5th Earth 4th+3rd+5th  The Linear-Fluid Space Universe

Lower 4th                       _                                3rd+5th  in 4th  Astral Earth. 

—Lower Limbo                                                                           Astral Earth

–3rd: Astral Plane                                                                  Astral Plane

Lower 3rd: Hell, Abyssal

— 2nd+1st: Hades, Abyss.


True–Frame-Maya   We are in Frame-Matter-Maya  A chunk of 3,4,5 in 0-7.




5th–5th ? V * G

4th–4th.– {(3,4,5])[6,(7. Matter, #, Maya,7-0-1, 1-12 Imprint. 3rd-5th Combined Product

3rd–3rd @ A^





(1st)Dot, (2nd)Line/Plane, (3rd)Sphere, (4th)Tetrahedron7/12, (5th)Cube10/24, (6th)Dodecahedron17/60, (7th)Oceanic+Void/0th


Straight 8:

8th/0th  Absolute Infinity + – Spirit, Sentience

7th: Non-Linear Inifinty/Void/Chaos{OceanicSphereCurves – Emotion-Mind

6th: Linear Infinity/Void/Law{OceanicDodecahedronAngles  + Mind-Emotion

5th (3,4,5,6)-[5,4,6]-{2+1/6+7}

Oceanic, Energy,Solid ,Gaseous,Liquid {DodecahedronCube

4th (3,4,5)-[4,3,5]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Solid, Gaseous, Liquid {CubeTetrahedron +

3rd (3,4)-[3,2,4]-{2+1/6+7}

Energy, Gaseous, Liquid {TetrahedronSphere

2nd:SolidGaseousEnergyLaw{Wave PlanePlanewave +

1st: SolidLiquidVoidChaos{SphereDot Singularity


2+1/6+7 also plays out as Magnetism-2, Gravity-1, Strong Biding Force-6, Weak Binding Force-7. And as Wave-Particle and Oceanic State. 1st is I, Very Strong. This is part of the overlap. Gravity is perfect example.


Gravity (1st), Electromagnetism (2nd), Strong Binding Force (3rd), Weak Binding Force (4th). Electrons (1st), Protons (2nd), Neutrons (3rd) The empty angular space created by the field effect of the particles within Void/Oceanic (4th).  4th Dimension is Matter Universe. Chemical Universe.  Gravity is 1st Dimensional Space trying to pull itself back together. In actuality, it is the effect of 1st Dimensional Space, Singularity, expressing in our reality bubbles.



–                  5th


–  5th                         5th

–                 4th

–          4th 3rd 4th

–                 4th

–        5th              5th


3rd, 4th, 5th have 2+1/6+7 Encoding that evolves, but they are disconnected. This plays out in  frameworks, with 0-12, 1-11,(1-10/ 0-9),1-8,1-7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 as strong imprints. 1-10/0-9:10 numbers. 7+0+1=8


7=Infinity(formless) 0=Nonexistence 1=Singularity(form) 7-0-1-0-7-0-1 shows star formation and reformation. 0 is nova and black hole state. Also where Formless Infinity ceases, and Formed Singularity starts. 4 is Matter.  I sometimes use: ( ) for curved/non-linear, [ ] for angular/linear, { } for both as one,  . for gravity, for wave-plane.


1st and 2nd are gravity and waves. Wave-Particle.  Super-Gravity and Wave-Plane.

( 1 .–   2 ]


Myriad Potentials expressed as Sliding Scale One, Few, and Many are centered in 1st, 2nd {(4th, 3rd, 5th)]) { [6th, 7th-8th Octave Dimension.  True 8th in our reality is 0th. Void. Non-Existence.       .– {(3,4,5])   6-7-0-1-2


Super-Gravity is that Dot  .  1st Dimension, Singularity (particle)

M is that Wave-Plane  —  2nd Dimension, Continuum (waves)

Strings are the hum of the engine.


Tetrahedron and Cube are both our reality. Sphere is 3rd, Tetrahedron is 4th, Cube is 5th in Tetrahedronic 7-0-1 Reality. Tetrahedron is 3rd, Cube is 4th, Dodecahedron is 5th in Cubic 1-8 Reality. 5th is implied missing in Cube and Dodecahedron heads back towards Spherical. These overlap and interlock at stable 4th (2×2/2+2). Hypothetically speaking, between 1st and 0th, Pure Chaos and Void alone exists. Absolute Singularity splits law and chaos. Law gives out between 2nd and 1st.


Yang Law

8th Absolute One Infinity Nameless One: Yang and Upper Realm 8th-0th has Universal Override.

7th White Law Upper Ptah                        White Yang                      Upper

6th Gray God Absolute Brahman          Gray Yang                       Upper           1st

5th Mighty Buddha                                                                           Upper           2nd

4th God and Void Lord                               Central        Lower Realm Top     7th/3rd

3rd Absolute Brahman The Elder, Mahakala and Black Buddha    Lower     6th/4th

2nd Yin Yang Black Chaos Lower Ptah        Black Yang                      Lower     5th/5th

1st Upper Ptah-Lower Ptah-Absolute Brahman                                 Lower   4th/6th

0th Absolute One Infinity    Void Lord       Clear Yang                                     3rd/7th

Yin Chaos



8th                                   9 Absolute One Nameless One Void Lord

7th                          7th                     8  White Law Ptah/White Lady Ptah as Absolute One

6th         1st        6th                       7  Gray God/Goddess Absolute Brahman/BraMa

5th    2nd2nd   5th                        6   Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha

4th3rd      3rd4th                        5   God/Goddess (white law), Mahakala(Threshold), Void Lord.

4th3rd     3rd4th                        4   White Lady Ptah/White Law Ptah (Lower 7th), Black Buddha 

5th    2nd2nd    5th                      3   Absolute Brahman, Goddess and Astral God. 

  6th          1st            6th                  2   Lower Ptah, Lady Buddha, Absolute BraMa

7th                                7th               1   Black Lady Ptah Mahakali

0th                                  0   Black Chaos Ptah Void Lord


Infinite Dot 1st D Singularity pokes a hole through Infinite 2nd D Wave-Plane and begins bunching up the Plane into a 3rd D Sphere that eventually explodes into a 4th D Cube. This expands along the 2nd D Wave-Plane, sucking up all it can manage. From a small point a hole is opened and that is the Big Bang.  Another concept is that the 2nd D Wave-Plane is bunched around the 1st D Singularity, never puncturing it. Eventually it can’t stretch the 2nd D Continuum Wave-Plane any more, and this eventually rips the Singularity Disturbance apart as the initial effect is worn off. It initially gobbles up more than it can chew and the after-effect is  the overstretched Wave-Plane blows the 3rd D Sphere, Subatomic,  into a 4th D Void/Matter pattern, Atomic. The Void was already there, and this is 8th/0th Dimension. Much of the missing 1/3rd of our universe is hidden in the 3rd Dimension, and some of it in the 5th. Eventually the effect wares off as these 2 titanic forces battle it out. Gravity is the Singularity pulling itself back together. Waves in different forms are what is left of the Wave-Plane. Most of the energy is stored in a Subatomic Universe, 3rd D, and ours is Void/Matter with Dark Matter and Dark Liquid Energy, 4th D. Gravity would effect us from both internal 3rd and external 4th. 2 Point Gravity. If a core of the Singularity survived, perhaps 3 Point Gravity. Think of linear 4th leverage of gravity as well as non-linear 3rd hidden. Ghosts are Tetrahedronic afterimages, 3rd Dimensional.  The 4th side wore off.


Below is another overlay at a different harmonic. Absolute Brahman and Ptah are both mixed, but primary Being is still there. They Expressed Myriad Potentials, and some were Beings made out of Themself, others are spheres of influence or harmonic points occupied by Themself. Yang is 6th and Yin is 7th in one such place.  Souls are far down the line from this early chain of events, billions of linear years younger and made from lesser forces. Rearranging forces,  the forces were separated into wheat and chaff many times before they came about. And it shows.  In the upper 6th Absolute Brahman is Gray, in Lower 6th Clear. But He takes up more than those Dimensions, and more than one God come from Him as a Manifestation.


7: 14   Upper Ptah  Absolute One.              White-Clear  White Law Ptah

6: 13   Fat People, Androgynous One            Clear-White   Formless One

5: 12 HE  Absolute Brahman (M/F)                Gray-Clear     Buddha

4: 11 He  Absolute Brahman (M/F)                Gray-White    God

3: 10 He   Absolute Brahman (M/F)                Gray-Black     Absolute Brahman The Elder, Mahakala.

2: 9 13  Lower Ptah                                     Black-Clear    Black Buddha

1: 8  0   Upper and Lower Ptah as He     Clear-Black-White-Gray    Death



There is more than one reality and more than one overlay framework. But it all falls into a basic pattern.


Shinto Symbol  Yang Yin in U/L Ptah. Two Pillars, Absolute Brahman and Absolute BraMa

Absolute Infinity Clear Yang Timeless Ancient Gray YangYin 8 Absolute Brahman-Ptah.   

Upper Ptah     Absolute One Strong  M-F12th,F-M14th                7 Sphere Ocean. I Omega

A      A          Gray God/Goddess     M11th, F10th                      6 Cube Ocean 6th/4th (10) I

B      B           Mighty Buddha/Lady Buddha F10th, M12th          5 Dodecahedron 5th/12th (17) We

M +  F –         God/Goddess M10th, F11th                                  4 Cube Plane 4th/6th (10) I He

Lower Ptah     Androgynous One Weak M-F9th,F-M13th Plane and Dot. 2+1Tetra i Omicron

Yang  Yin  Right and Left.                                                             3 Sphere Dot 3rd/4th We She (01)


Gray God/Goddess Absolute Brahman He/She 10,11,12. 8th  Absolute One Containment.

Fabric of Timeless 7th,0th,1st. Supreme Being He+She White Clear Black Fluidic Sphere

Fabric of Time and Space 6th, no void here. Linear Cube He/She Gray Clear


5th Oceanic Nonlinear Space, Ethereal, 0th. Black Clear Linear Sphere 5+3+4 (3) 12+5:17 Pentagram. Dodecahedron. Head. Formless and Void. (Gaseous). Nose, Eyes, Ears, Mouth. Circle. Energy  


4th Linear Compaction Space,0th. Fluidic Cube White Clear4+3+5 Tetrahedronic Sphere (2) Square.Tetrahedron. Limbs Form and Void. [Solid]. Square. Duality [2×2,2+2: 4]. Matter I+I, He+She. We


Fabric of Space 2nd,1st,0th. Organs. Tetrahedronic  3+4 White, Black, Clear, Gray. Duality, Singularity. Waves, Gravity.


3rd Astral Nonlinear Energy. Oceanic Sphere Gray Clear 3+4+5 (1) Circle. Tetrahedron Body  Formless {Liquid}. Triangle. Singularity (1+1,1×1: [2,1) 3). Energy.


3+1 We are a Tetrahedronic Singularity-Duality (Gravity, Individuality-Waves, Polarity) within a Sphere(Liquid), within a Cube(Solid), within a Dodecahedron(Gaseous), within and Ocean (Infinity), within a Void(Non-Existence. 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th are mixed in larger soup of 3rd,4th,5th, smaller portions.


Resh/Rho: Head. The Godhead. I. zAyin: Eye. Eyes of The Abyss Mother.  Womb Of Eos.


The Eyes of God in MathYang / + /Law/Linear- I.  Singularity-Infinity. Form to Formless.


I   2-3-4-5-6  We (us)


The Eyes of Goddess. Yin //Chaos/Non-Linear-We. Infinity to Singularity. Formless to Form.


Law/Linear tends toward  Angular Singularity, Chaos/Non-Linear tends towards Curved Infinity. Yang stretches from 0 to +Infinity.  Yin stretches from 0 to -Infinity. But they overlap.  0 is a hands off approach, also it signals who you see after death, 0.


7-0-1             7th

0 0             4th in 0th (7-0-1/1-0-7 overlap) Linear+Void. Central Plane. 

1-0-7             1st


See 7th as connecting to 1st right through the top of you in a line. 1st and 7th are far away but a linear and non linear thread of them stretch throughout reality, both connected and disconnected.



(5th, 4th, 3rd)



Singularity produces Containment. Self is Containment. Infinity is not expansion, it is Harmony. Expansion and Contraction, Formless and Form, Stasis and Change, Yin and Yang, Law and Chaos. Multiplicity or Myriad Properties contained as One Thing. Infinity is its own Abstract Singularity. That is now temporarily Fragmented. This is also Time, the measure of the effect from Timeless, or Less Time Relative to Us. A different gear of time.


Yang: Male/Law/Linear/Mind/+/Singularity/Form/Angular/Boundaries/Being –                    overlap I

Yin: Female/Chaos/Non-Linear/Emotion/-/Infinity/Formless/Curvature/Boundless/Aura — overlap WE 


Both have properties of the other as well, these are just tendencies. Formed Yin and Formless Yang. Formlessness is more than Form in infinity. But + and -, Yang and Yin, Law and Chaos are Equal in Absolute Infinity and The Absolute One.


Oceanic Osmotic Being, Emotions/Yin/Curves/Boundless/Chaos-Law.  

Polarized Linear Thinking, Mind/Yang/Angles/Boundaries/Law-Chaos.


Harmonize with body and amplify these two like Tai Ch’i for Exponential Experiential Expression. Intune, Intuitive, Internal. Rational, Raw, Refined.


WE become the Two Emanations of the very Polarity that started this Universe. You become a little god and little goddess by going beyond yourselves. Then it becomes all the more magical. Love, Sensuality, Sex.


3rd seeps up into 5th as well. O, Circle, Sphere, Octave. 0. Two inverted tetrahedrons produce 8 mini pyramids, 1 always hidden from view. 7-0-1. Love/Harmony. Two as One. I/WE. Yin Yang, Circle and 2 overlapping as 1. Law and Chaos, White and Black. Day and Night. Sun and Moon. Helios and Eos. Tao


Aero. The Nebula of Earth. Feel the sky and the clouds, the sun and the moon. The fluid of space. Eos.Walk through the formless air, walk on the formed ground. Breath in the formless energy, swim through the formed formless water. Formless is more than Form in Infinity. Feel the shapes of things when you see them. Make an abstract scale of Form to Formless, 1-7. When you look into the sky and see the clouds and the sun, you are looking at Tao. Air, Ocean, Nebula. Sun, Electromagnetism, Light. Open your heart and be the Receptor. The waves don’t bounce back from this, they are already there. Your mind will read what your Emotion feels if you are Intune and Intuitive. Then one learns to Focus with the Mind, and you become the Radar. Make an Echo-Locator of Subtle and Gross Currents out of oneself and aim it at the Esoteric as an antenna.  Sphere, Tetrahedron, Cube, Dodecahedron.  Feeling Positive is the Fuel for Thinking Positive. Be aware of the forces of nature that surround you. Then expand this awareness to The Universe. Experience it. Load up on the visual, auditory and kinetic graphics of it in an Existential Way. Wisdom: Your life is the grand play of existence, and you are in the starring role. Be the lead actor of your life. The Universe is the stage, you are the actor. Self-Deterministic.


Sacred Geometry works off focusing the best tool ever known, the human being, on bringing liquid energy from the non-linear 3rd dimension into the linear 4th, here, or transcending to Pentagon 5th. Welcome to the 4th dimension, though you have always been here. We Live in both 3rd and 4th, moving through 5th. And 4th+3rd and 5th. Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd)  {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved}    that explodes into a Cube (4th) {6 sided, 4 face, Angular}   and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron {3 face, 4 sided}.  “Welcome to the 4th Dimension.” We exist in the 5th, Dodecahedron {5 face,12 sided). 3rd,4th,5th is our reality. Will Power.  We Live in both 3rd, 4th, 5th. And are 4th+3rd+5th. You are I, Singularity. Eos is We, Infinity. Esoteric.  Individuality, Intuition, Introspection,  Esoteric, Eros, Eos. We, Womb of Eos.  


Relative to our Universe, the Dot is split into many pieces. These are trying to pull back together. A Singularity torn apart by an Infinity, trying to regain it’s shape. Gravity is the effect. The more a single place has, the stronger the effect. Our DNA is a Singularity Effect, and so is our Self.


Tetrahedronic (4th+3rd) is the state between both as Singularity. 1st dimensional point, 2nd dimensional bent plane-wave, 3rd dimensional face, 4th dimensional  sides.  1st+2nd+3rd+4th = 10th. That Singularity expression grounds us to 4th+3rd. 


Think of Tetrahedron as the Singularity. Self and DNA. In Sphere, Cube, Dodecahedron, Oceanic.

Duality is 4th and 3rd overlapping.

Triplicity 3rd, 4th, 5th, overlapping

Quadrality: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,  not overlapping


From small to big:

1:tetrahedron/dot, 2 plane-wave/wave-plane, 3rd: sphere/Sphere, 4th: cube/Tetrahedron,

5th:dodecahedron/Cube, 6:Oceanic/Cube/DodecahedronLaw/Mind? 7:Sphere/Cube/OceanicChaos/Emotion?Abyss, 0-1/VoidYangYin/Spirit?(8)  This is our is our Singularity+Polarity reality bubble. 2 as 1.  Our Relative Placement Schematic.


Singularity/Individuality Reality, a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere.


Tetrahedronic Sphere: Earth’s Core, Earth and Atmosphere is the 3-4-5 pattern. Use this as Template. Central Black-Hole , Galaxy, overall Gravity is another Tetrahedronic pattern. This matches Earth, Core and Magnetic Field/Atmosphere. This is a Tetrahedronic Sphere in action.


1 and I are both Singularity derivative. I is singularity of the self. Individuality. This applies to objects as well. Relativity is two or more individual points, or spheres of influence. The i is a dot and a line. Gravity and Plane/Wave. Gravity is best understood by feeling and thinking. Most things probably are. Harmonic Frequency Separation in Infinity to Singularity also exists. Singularity/Individuality Reality is a major defining and grounding point conceptually speaking.  4th dimension with 3rd inside and 5th outside. Tetrahedronic Sphere.


Singularity (1st) smashes into Wave-Plane (2nd), produces a Sphere (3rd)    {1face, no sides or 1 side, Curved}    that explodes into a Cube (4th)   {6 sided, 4 face, Angular}   and expands along a 2 D Wave-Plane, producing a flat universe of Energy and Void that is Matter(atoms) Tetrahedron  {3 face, 4 sided}.  From an apparent small space, a vast universe grows. It had fuel and tracks to follow.  Welcome to the 4th Dimension.


The Dream World is The Astral Plane, aka 3rd Dimension. We touch the edges of it in dreams from here, Linear Space 4th Dimension (4 directions, forces, elements, states of matter, etc.) What is known as Astral Plane has a harmonic vibrational reflection of this earth and all of us. This is what is known as The Astral Body. Life seeps up from 3rd Dimension, it has Astral origins. Astral Plane is Liquid Energy the consistency of air and water combined with Sentience at a remote distance, that which created life. It is Gaseous, Solid and Liquid all combined, but the solid is less complex. Ghosts are 3rd dimensional emanation, the 4th side left an astral impression in the linear space, an afterimage. It is there at the same time it isn’t there. Our Aura is 3rd Dimensional emanation, as is all aura. 3rd is a large subatomic dimension. Ethereal is 5th Dimension. There is a Dimensional Block right now, locking Linear Space from Non-Linear. 4th is locked out from 3rd and 5th. This doesn’t hinder normal atomic and  physics, but it makes it nearly impossible for Arcane Science, aka Magic.


The 3rd and 5th are Interlocked overlapping 4th and Inter-Dimensional Leak, but that Dimensional Leak is hindered by the Barrier set by God Himself. Magic dried up and Religion trod on as Humanity evolved along the new path of lesser and lesser 3rd and 5th Dimensional Energy to be used as a resource. They had to develop Scientific Mechanical and Linear isolated reasoning skills for survival, genetic and social evolution, and for maximizing the Tao of Mundane. No more Arcane and lesser alchemy effects. Guides were here all along behind the scenes or as leaders, including many reincarnating Quest Knights and a hidden civilization at the upper echelon of Humanity, guiding its rebirth like a secret juggernaut. Civilization after civilization, establishing codes in symbols, writing, language, art, architecture (Ark, Masons), religion, and myth for future reincarnations to reawaken, having followed their past life tendencies and basic intuitive skills.


It all goes back to Tao, because of Gray Principle. White and Black come later, God is not the oldest, highest or wisest, but He is a Perfection, and The Ruler of This Dimension. Goddess is also very important, just as are Females. She is Closer to us, and we feel a quicker, deeper and more full feeling for Her. Female to Male and Female to Female, Goddess is Real, Love, Sex and Redemption. God is Perfection. From a Matter standpoint, Females and Males Interacting bring Arcane Effects. Yin and Yang produce The Magic. Sexuality is as important as Spirituality relative to Existence.