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Monthly Archives: November 2014

What you thought and where you thought it is a Crime. Thought-Induction. Attempt to Instill Thoughts, Feelings And Actions.


Attempt To Enslave Humanity By A Sneak-Attack, Right Through Your Own Unsuspecting Human Body!


So in the Machine when you meet a bunch of halfwit recovering-rapist retards gummed up in other’s Spirit and saying “well I just thought” about something so obviously NOT Realism or Truth, that still win…


THEY BEAT YOUR ASS BY THIS! Part of it was your own Pride In Intelligence, Success With Work And Woman, or just by being a God, drug down by Duty.

The Area of Malfunctionality has a Window of Robo- Puppet Opportunity. But after ages it is a Trick or Treat. Will it be Good or Evil? Both Play The Same Dangerous Game. The Good Has An Alternate Strategy… and ends up exposing little good beings to danger. The Good over-achieved, but has an ulterior motive still, and not enough success rate.



They get you to do dangerous things, by having you in various compromised states, invaded with other’s responses. In one reality you could be driving, in another playing tennis, in another a universe vastly different in laws. They feed a bit of either or both and with it is an acting troupe that puppets you by invasive preemptive methods. Invade a Being, and then invade the invader. It gets real confusing real quick.






Gray Yang and White Ptah made a Mess of Baby Ptah.



Hieronymus Bosch-479557


Like a Whip Cord, or Tug Of War, Ages of Layered Effects cause an extension-amplification. This is a bunch of BEINGS/Beings/beings, good and bad, who are control your actions to some degree. Gremlins

The Evil is straight up The Bad Guy.

005006003017016Gonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 002

Formerly known as Satan’s List. This is a Big Titan Scam, where the guilty party blames the victim while it quells the truth of the Crimes.

As long as you look like an Important Figure, they keep on believing….

But all ya are is a Criminal, and The List is just a frame job.

You are too chickenshit to take the real Criminal on. That is why you side with Them.


Criminal Investigator.

Psycho Therapist.


Where Evil Lays:



YinYang Super-Predator.






Squashed Userped Disconnected Gray God Resourced

Great God

Great Goddess


Great Goddess


Also where evil lays: The Failed Fallen Heroes:


Supreme Brahma Helios Engine

Absolute Brahman Shiva Engine



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“No One Owns Infinity” as an “We Are All Equal” statement is a Lie and means you are trying to steal Infinity and not get punished for it.



No it ISN’T Impossible, it’s actually Very Logical… and Illuminati.

Stabilized Universe was done by Deity, and Deity also runs around in said universe in smaller forms with smaller beings that the universe was evolved with and then “Created” for.  “Titanic Experiments On Form And Sentience”  caused a “Reality Collapse” and We got lost down

here, and the little beings are in danger.



There is no One Definitive Being, but it isn’t open season for freedom. Gods bicker, Messiahs disagree with each other. “The Collective” screwed up with too much going one direction, too much going the other, and not enough time dealing with crimes of stealing Infinity, and Infinity is a Being Related to The Highest Deities.  Some of those Deities betrayed Infinity, Ganged Up, and used Every Trick. This is millions of years later… fallout still here.








DEU Deo 431318_310438272352074_1274042409_n016



3d-ChessGonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 002bladerunner-chess15fa.3.4006tumblr_n5vulz0LBK1rotipro1_500003m_qFWRoJdg5s5PfNuXlEVOA00110079images (4)431318_310438272352074_1274042409_n20090609181519!White_Dragon_Flag_of_Englandmagician-tarot-cardGold220Dragon





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84936_md-Copyright Tsr, Deities And Demigods, Dungeons And Dragons, Retro Reviewclint13dragon-animal-black-image-31000

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Gonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 002007001029020019003006time to pay the money, anc quit the death threats and threats of 007time to pay the money, anc quit the death threats and threats of 014003010009Gonna Get Ya If Ya Steal It! 006015001001004013003012013





No conversation can encompass enough truth to peg you for being guilty. Your methods are not Perfect, they are Liars who Preempt.



You ain’t “talkin’ some sense into”  your victims, you are violating their rights at biblical levels.



It aint gonna turn out to be a hoax. You are gonna turn out to be the hoax. Duh!


They Change Reality And You Misfire…


And you tried to Say the whole sentence, didn’t make it to the end of the word.

“You Have The Right To Remain Silent”

This is sooo NOT Tacky. Find the place in your heart to be open to everything but find good in it instead of picking it apart. We are “hidden” in zones that one cannot access without Change. Don’t fool it anymore, it was always robbing you.



Positive Positive Thinking

Choosing Happiness Over Work.

Choosing Joys and Tearful Healing Sorrow Memories (Psychologically Healing)


Negative is a Principle, small. Negative got used as a platform to being down Sentient Infinity.


Normal Problems Occur, This is part of The Truth.


But Negative Thinking was an Induced Tactic, aided by Otherworldly Beings. A War Process to Cause Malfunction and Loss.




013DumontTowerbuddy-jesus583icon17097780imagesfolder_328_origgeonosis_space02013mqdefaultddcupid-graphics-02-fuul1304583icongeonosis_space0220090609181519!White_Dragon_Flag_of_Englandimages (4)517px-Maitreya_Buddha,_Nubra



103541056_large_21352117-200x200geonosis_space02Blue Sky029220px-Livecopper


10Feb 2012 Sadie hawkins10500449_873787285968368_1676879297192406388_ntumblr_n5rhjf6WdO1tw8l32o1_250

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