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Gladiator / Gladiator


























The 5 States, Original and Nothingness.
















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Root Size Of Being: Shells of Creation

Original Being -> Ravana/Baby Ptah ——–> Shiva ———->  Helios

Original Ptah Fluid -> Absolute Brahman ——> YinYang]   (Goddess Vacuum –> Eos and Great Goddess –> Grey Yin

Original Brahma Form -> Supreme Brahma –> Gray God]   ( Om Void –> God and Great Om–> Gray Yang


Original Being goes into YinYang AB Ptah and Gray God SB Brahma. These are the Two Titanic, and become Ground and Sky of Creation.  SB and AB are also Crossovers, Ptah with Brahma (and OB) and Brahma with Ptah (and O.B.).


Goddess Vacuum and Om Void were not big enough for the Standard. Goddess is very coveted, and Om is very weak and endangered. Women and babies.   God and Eos are Om+Goddess/Goddess+Om Combo. They are on a Journey of Maximum Solidification that went haywire from Transfernce turned Theft by AB, SB, Shiva and Helios, with YinYang and The Sub Gods (Great Goddess, Great God, Chronus-Chronous-Chronus, Deu-Deo,Yama, Vishnu, Gray Yang, Grey Yin.



The 5 States, Original and Nothingness.










Goddess and Om as well as weakened Ravana Omega and Baby Ptah Omega have been getting the short end of the stick for eons.

Brahma, 1st Being to evolve into form, and accidental creator of Shiva, Ptah, Goddess and Om, as well as Ravana, (a Being from Dawn of Creation that is Original Being and Ptah Fluid and  Brahma Form), is in Chunks from 1st Journey Into Form. Original Being, Ptah Fluid and Brahma Form go farthest back in time. still a big weak outer infinity. Ravana (O.B. Brahma) and Baby Ptah (O.B. Ptah) are what is left of that Being from times of Oneness; They are still Connected on many levels. Later Beings experimented with Disconnection, and They were also on that journey.


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Van_Halen_-_1984_-_Frontreina queens blade 1900x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_5red-avlokiteshwara-newar-styleblue-dragon-1280dragon-animal-black-image-31000










Original Infinity Being > Ravana-> Baby Ptah –> Shiva


Original Ptah ————-> Absolute Brahman —-> YinYang                        


Original Brahma ——–> Supreme Brahma —–> Gray God



Original Infinity Being —-> Helios

Goddess ——————–> Eos

Om ————————-> God


Original Expression

Original Being-{Ravana}-Baby Ptah———— Shiva ———Helios

Original Ptah————– Absolute Brahman– OB YinYang – (Great Goddess Vacuum — Grey Yin

Original Brahma———- Supreme Brahma — OB Gray God – (Great Om Void — Gray Yang

Original Goddess ——– BraMa&Lady Ptah– Eos

Original Om ————– Om Ptah-Brahma– God






































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Multiple Forces applied to 2 Utilities of Highest Importance. Solves Multiple Problems. Water and Electricity. Smart Grid. Leads to Hydro-Powered Cities and better Air. A reverse-engineered river that generates electricity. Self-contained utilities. High Tech Turbine Tubes.

Basically a Self-Powered Pipeline that generates hydroelectricity and provides water, but on a massive scale. Parts of it can be done on a smaller scale. The basic part is contained as The Hydra, the biggest application is Eco-Stabilizer. Use every force of nature towards one goal.
This would be a series of pipelines connected to desalinization and purification plants at the coasts. Tidal power is a steady source and wind and solar power is fairly steady there as well. Suction and Displacement helps as well in this model. Pipes can be built with water turbines incorporated in them, topside would produce less drag. It hits the bottom instead of a water-wheel version. Smartgrid and speed it up like an engine.

Topside water turbines work off of wind-power concept. Funnel the water into a cone and jet water to get maximum spin. The funneled pipe can flow right back into the bigger pipe self-contained fluidic system. Use multiple amounts of these to maximize effects of power output.These outer funnel pipes are accompanied by water diversion plates built inside main pipe. Like fluid control in mechanics. The water is temporarily out of the main pipe, but is funneled back in. Suction should be kept, airtight unit. One could even use this type of tech for water towers, place at bottom and let gravity and pressure do the work.
Solar power and wind generators are placed all along the pipeline. On downward slopes we put these turbines into play, using gravity, another constant source, to do our work. If this whole symbiotic system is plugged into a smart-grid it can redistribute enough power to the right pump stations to keep the flow going. Once we have that we have a fluidic system that powers hydroelectricity. This brings clean water and power. Tributary Stations can be placed at intervals all along these things.
If we go from there we realize that our cities are filled with fluidic system plumbing, all of it could generate power with pipe-turbines.
We don’t hook these up to cities at first, but put them into the water tables we have been sucking dry. A rising water table lifts all life boats as it were. If we can kick-start mother nature, she will will produce more plant-life. This helps filter carbon. Carbon Sinks. We already have existing ability to get water out of ground.
If we have enough of these around the world we can lower the rising sea level as well as bring water to places that need it to cure starvation. Everything must first be precision gauged and recorded. We needed to know exactitude so we don’t overdo things here. We can perhaps even assist currents in the ocean by displacement, by positioning the intakes, speeding it up through pumping. Filter algae at intake. This is also usable in river and lake areas. It is basically a reverse-engineered river. A river could be purified and produce power with this concept. The water flows right back into the existing river, downriver. And back into ocean eventually. It can also be used off existing dam. This will slowly purify the rivers and oceans.
Next step is to have diversionary tracts to set up powering cities. This will power cities and ensure there is no water over-saturation in a region this may cause a problem to. Hook it all back into rivers, and add filtration to rivers. This is a slow purification processes of the earths water system. Something this massive must be done with advanced knowledge of the impact of so large an intervention in the natural systems of earth. We not only have that knowledge and ability, we have already begun to throw the natural cycle off balance. We go for the assisting nature approach. We subvert the need for rain to irrigate our crops, sustain the natural life we have impacted, and insure drinkable water is supplied.
Purified salt can be used for saline redistribution in freshwater intrusion zones that have been impacted by melting glaciers, or human disturbance. For input of former saltwater into freshwater water tables, multiple fail-safes should be used.
Solar power in regions like the middle-east is abundant. A self-powered pipeline to bring clean water and power to people would help bring peace. If we can tweak this system for maximum output and it serves as the answer to renewable energy, this eliminates an excuse for nuclear power in the most dangerous regions of the world. Large reservoirs can also be set up, and we can use trains or trucks to get water to places not reached.
If we develop this type of model we may actually walk away with an energy source that actively fights global warming and stabilizes ecosystem.
The initial cost in $ and resources would be high, but I think America wants a bold American style fight to global warming. Or the world. This country is in need of a huge project that is a technological marvel. This could kick-start the economy in the right sectors as well.The payoff is a cure for lack of water for all time, far more important than just renewable energy. We have already perfected every aspect of this project. Convert oil companies into water companies. Two Utilities are derived from this, incentive.I think every American can agree on a need to deal with lack of water. Irrigate America and save us all. Lets build pipelines.




Tidal Power re-invented and you already stole it out of My mind!!
Wave hits trumpet-flared pipeline at small distance off coast, rifles through Hydro-Electric Turbine, maximum frictionless/fluid motion, then recedes back underground, where gravity is used again for hydro-electric.

Tide power is used to defeat Mountain. Airtight and big initial push for Vacuum force exploitation. Tide power local, use local mountain. Also, use rivers and dams off of local sources. The big push is the big water and lower sea levels, as well as purify earth’s water system
As with The Hydra, Water Pipeline of Maximum Miles. Nuclear Power Coast and Intervals to power-pump water to Heartlands. Possible Exploit of Gravity on Slopes.

Sleek Cost-Effective and Quick Solve.


Flared/Trumpet Pipe Cones Wave Into Coastal Pipe Hydra Turbines Where It Recedes Down-Slope Underground Under Breach With Hydra Power Turbines. Damage To Shoreline (-)At Built, So Maximum Minimize; It Filters Toxins/Garbage From Shoreline(+).

Pipe can flow downslope under beach; self-contained, no wave needed, just gravity. Filter full deluge into void of pipe to be caught by a cone to not have water backup stoppage and reach full potential; or just exploit as normal. Go for most frictionless build. For Ocean above back into Ocean use Pressure Ejection to Override back into Ocean stoppage; at intervals from Under-Beach Storage Tanks, or a Pump at the end. Pressure variance maybe tricked into exploitable somehow; feed it back up into less pressure at ejection intervals. For Ocean to Inland, perhaps tapering the pipe, and widening the exist for different compression zone (make a tank-like region that allows water to sit on ground out of pipe so gravity is partially lessened, it is a big zone of different water pressure; hit it with a downslope and make it exit still by curved design, or nautilus). If near Thermal Region, then a power source exists to mess around with.



Water can be coned to underground Reservoir near Cities or Farming to be quickly used up to prevent stoppage. Normal Hydro-Power can be used on this; since Hydra still Theoretical, I/We/we Like 2 Keep It Honest and Ongoing. Big push from Ocean, Mass Water to Pressure it along, make em Deep. Higher Pressure = More Power/Speed.


Position the Intake to assist current to avoid any potential disruption.


Save metal by making them of very thick cement tubes, trading mined rock for gov. grade cement. Make huge opening at mouth, cone down to 1/10th size at outer end, coming out of ground. Go for trying to get water to sprout up as many miles from coast with as much power generated as possible. Exploit high pressure in as many ways as possible (power/speed, it fills gaps better in flow, etc).


A 200 foot deep entrance going 400 feet down and miles inland to a 600 foot well is 400 feet of High-Pressure Hydroelectric. An example of a Middle East Model “The Oasis Builder” has Underwater Hydra powering Hydra at coasts (avoid using it in places like Mediterranean unless you are putting it right back in, special zones would get sucked dry over long haul, replenished by foreign water) and the Underwater Hydra goes to 600′ well that has Solar and Wind Pumps. Self-Sustain. The Pipeline with Wind Towers and Solar Power along it uses slopes or builds slopes near towns and cities for close exploitation, like a train and it’s train stops. Unsure of power conversion of hydro-electric, excess used up in basic hauling can be converted to all along the way turbine tubes. Every mile underground could be laden with them. Pressure from ocean exploited. Water and some electricity for ya. Under Pressured Zone into upward facing pipe angled inland and perhaps tapered to assist in pushing water up unassisted. Exploit at coast and potentially along pipe. Pump at top may allow for enough force to siphon off inertia into useable work done zone. Tune up. It never burdens out, pumps await initial onslaught of water into vacuum of pipe; pumps kick in as electricity generated, the process gets stabilized by inertia and template laid.


A clever design can recycle water from ocean back into ocean, with tanks and locks and pressure ejection back into ocean at lower pressure zone. But it all comes down to how good can your pumps pump, how much electricity does it take to power them. Instead of perpetual motion device it becomes just basic pump. So you can then just relax, have a deep breath and a drink, sit back on the bench maybe. And then you realize that that would indeed be a perpetual motion device, but hey man, so is siphoning gas out of your mother’s car. Perfect Pumps and Power Conversion. How much Power IS in The Ocean, and Water and Gravity; how small are we in relative comparison to the forces; relatively speaking means science effect speaking. We are so small compared to The Earth, The Sun, The Solar System, The Galaxy, The Universe that we live in a relative zone of apparent miracles, and The Universe already has some. The Effect of the small Moon on Tides along with big Sun because of Proximity already shows us something important about Relativity on a basic level. Separateness. Quanta. Contained. We are cast adrift in The Universe, the connectivity of the size overridden by strong singularity in proximity. The laughable Moon equaling The Sun. A little of this overpowered force and a little of that underused application (full potential exploited) is within the range of plausible for our size vs The Earth and The Universe.


River Hydra, Seasonal Deluge Exploited (and goodbye floods!), so Power Storage another big thing, One to Two Seasons Storage. Perfect the Pumps, Power Conversion and Power Storage. River Hydra, River to Down-River, Very Realistic. And along a steep slope hill region, a diverted section section to make a little lake a underground tank hooked to pipe to help use pressure and wave it flow back into river. Storage, and using constant pressure to use some of it to feed all the way back into river, with river feeding it with mass from behind.


Geo Thermal and Steam (heated pipe) powered Hydra. High Pressure Hydroelectric. Tunnel pipe underneath so an accident happens downward. Pipe goes through heated section, builds up pressure. Power and Speed. Hydro-Electric Exploit at Point-Source. Underground. A bunch of wind turbines without blades along a pipe would be small deep factory. Drilling and Pile-laying at same time, driller motor inside of tube with exposed driller-head wider and cement shooter; pipe layer robotics inside of tube to weld. A train of pipes. Or collapsible piece fed through to be welded. Or Cement Tunnel, just drill and shoot cement around treated to to be removed at appropriate time. Moving Water. And Maximizing Exploitation of Potential. Converting All Work Done, by Maximizing Multiplicity and Diversity of Exploits.


Thoughts of The Day:

“Inventing something on your own creative scientific or artistic ability is not always thinking it up first.” Having no proper patients or realistic access to database of laws and patents, I run with it and hope money flows to many. “The Big Pitch”

Abstract Practical: “Sorry Mister Harrison, I Thought It Up 1st In The Past (Evolution), And In The Present (Revolution, Recycle, Remember, Reincarnate, and ya’ll stealing My Godhood and Incarnating with it as a multiplicity to beat Me at “Science Discovery” with MY Discovering, saying hell to science and going with engineering. Better to build a dud and learn than stop at established wisdom. )

Practical Abstract : Sorry Charley, Same Thing ” Both Scientifically and Religiously Speaking Reality Relative To Us Is Infinity Walking Around In Infinity”

My Creative Mind in Conversations with Omni US/Us/us (you and me, you as me, Me as me, Me as you.., makes you You, with OUR/Our/our review and without review), a dimension away. My Mind will go around in circles and cancel itself out along the way (filtering into void of pipe doesn’t cure stoppage, it is just a concept to defeat Omnius; and it opens back up the invention to success rate still which opens the mind back up, the whole gambit. ) but this is all part of an unlocking process that keeps us asleep even when awake, and the brain teaser is very important and something most of us engage in Extra-Dimensionally, together.). And once you have the stoppage problem dealt with, all the rest of the proof against goes nowhere… but it’s still all about moving water, the self-sustaining tech part a potential byproduct, the water a necessary Now. Get that water going as fast as possible, then add hydroelectric.
Bottom of Wheel Hit Trajectory Water Turbines work off of wind-power concept. Funnel the water into a cone and jet water to get maximum spin. The Power of Normal Waterwheel may outdo it, but it is worth a try to cone the potential into high-speed, barely hitting the wheel so drag is minimized,; or just use light material and go for power. What insights from gears can we gain? Or whip. Maximum exploitation means maximum avenues or exploitation.
Wave hits trumpet-flared pipeline at small distance off coast, rifles through Hydro-Electric Turbine, maximum frictionless/fluid motion, then recedes back underground, where gravity is used again for hydro-electric.

Tide power is used to defeat Mountain. Airtight and Big Initial push for Vacuum force exploitation. Use Thick Weak Elastic Rubber Lining to assist Suction over mountain sections. May need to dip below sea level on other size of mountain. Tide power local, use local mountain. Also, use rivers and dams off of local sources. The big push is the big water and lower sea levels, as well as purify earth’s water system.

The Deep Pipe:

Put huge tower wide-mouth pipe deep under water facing up to catch pressure, and have it snaked up to beach in a taper. Pressure water within pipe and flow to opening coned make it spurt up like continuous geyser? Deep high-pressure to surface, using any tricks of pressure, realistic weight and density, etc. And throw Hydraulic in there, what the heck; it’s a modern miracle and related by name. What can we learn from pressure and compression, can this power be stored and reused? The push inward could be used for electric by thinning out the process, it takes longer in space-time and is exploitable in that zone. What took a second or a minute takes a year or ten year or a thousand years by using the right substance combos to exploit that compression push inwards, and ocean bottom got a lot of mojo in that area on this hear planet we are still confined to. And size as well. A fifty foot object vanishes. This stuff will all assist terra-forming ideas.

Another Pipe and/or indeed Structure can be built outside of Water-Pipe. This is either filled with void, vacuum, decompression tricks, big enough relative exploitation zone to change things, combos… and perhaps people, as a Platform for Futuristic Deep Sea Exploration and Living. Leading to Deep Sea Cities. Sometimes it’s the excuse to do the thing that lead to the evolution of the thing.

Keep it sealed until it is finished. The the pressure zone of air inside of pipe is different from pressure zone ocean bottom on itself water. Perhaps start and sustain vacuum with air prior to water entrance; or Siphon out all air and have just void. The air will be gone anyway, and this makes frictionless environment. Pumps waiting to catch. Dip other end well below sea level. Let it all happen at once to exploit this zone. Keep seal/sphincter for future water-free maintenance.



“Don’t lose track of the truth along your “science and religion” journey. This is what matters. Your judgement doesn’t”





Multiple 20 Wide Foot Pipes. But Bold Man Builds ‘Em Big, fifty to a hundred foot wide at the coast, tapering down over the mega miles. Invent/use a substance that is light, hard and cost effective. Somewhere between cement, glass, glue, mercury and metal. Crystallized and Elastic Molecular. Solidified and Amorphous Combo. Form and Semi-Form/Formless. A tree species that bends and a tree species that breaks, a zone of exploitable information. The Big New Invention is made to look not only Space Age, but 50’s, the way it looked in the 50’s, so 20’s, 30’s 40’s buildings all still hangin’ around smokin cigarettes.., complete with Big 20’s-80’s Retro Art Revival and Science Fantasy Reality; make a Movement. Make some “Hydra Diners” along the way, and hire local workers all the way along the building route as much as possible. Make it popular and mass benefit. A Space Age and Revival looking thing will help Sentience transform into another Era, we step out of the present and into The Miracle; we experience a little Enlightenment with new and grand experiences. The sunrise, the shower, the morning stroll, the music.

The Wandering Monk uses The New Locales of The Journey to assist Enlightenment with little ties to the distractions of the society of man, a creation of man.

Sentience in a State of Positive, Joyous and Awe Inspiring New Experiential is Enlightenment’s Doorstep, Porch and Waiting Room, and in Tao, the “Already There” Truth of Now.

Crutches ‘Til I Walk. Training Wheels ‘Til I Ride.

Being held back, we spring when freed. Being maya buried burdened sentiently, Enlightenment is a state above normal that is oxygen-deprivation to oxygen. A Heightened Experience. But within that jump is our Normal State, Higher than the one we live now.


Go Robo. Robotic Maintenance Droids programmed with knowledge of all ocean life and how to treat it properly.

But for the most part I suggest we don’t go to The Future, we go back a half a century ago, back a century ago simple society and economy and the old “family man store owner”, and back to a few thousand before, Farming and Animals and Into The Wilderness; back to The Land. Just advance The Cities into Space Age. And make less hours and days for work, will ya?

In the risky proposition of using space to clean ash from atmosphere go for safety first 100%, safety 2nd 100%, safety 3rd 100% then the type of thing or field one could contain the area or use to penetrate from space. So the 1st step is really going for the engineering of the safety 1st while you develop the concept; 2 things here. Then you dial it all in to scientific precision… and put on the shelf to only be used if catastrophe occurs. That’s what I think of messing with the atmosphere that way(and mind you I wont stop trying). It would get voted out… so it gets built for emergency, logically. It becomes the new cold war, with ready-made tech to combat it! Along with shootin’ up on them asteroids. Well, that’s get voted out as well. Better to move them! Well, that gets voted out as well. Better to mine them! That don’t get voted out and it’s kinda like all of ‘em combined. Don’t worry guys, we’ll find ya somthin’ to shoot up on.

You will never beat the Hydra Creator, all you do is convict yourselves trying to steal!!

Stonehenge and Star of David (Solomon’s Seal)
Think of the two remote stones in Stonehenge with the sun as blocking gravity. Think also in terms of dimension bending. The sun and moon could also perhaps relate to linear and non-linear gravity. Is it possibly to block the linear? Does a circle cut this? Perhaps amplify 2D forces to defeat 1D forces. Light shining through glass, perhaps magnetized glass. Two opposing forces with something connected spun at super-velocity. Perhaps a ring of silver and a ring of gold with iron or magnets attached to them. Continuous motion to make it “hum”. A relativity drive/machine. Reverse-engineered E=MC2. I understood what he was thinking about when he came up with that. I think magnetic fields may be a key here. Something suspiciously non-linear about them. Perhaps this mixed with light in a gas or fluid can be warped past lightspeed on a lower level. Magnetized heavy saltwater with a drop of lemon please? Who knows. I have forgotten this stuff, this is your place to shine.
Stonehenge may be showing us symbols for ships, pyramids for gates/observatory/arcane artillery. Arktillary. Stonehenge would be showing us gravity as the 2 remote stones. With 2 inverse tetra, these 2 stones would be the 1st dimensional base of one of them, the 6th dimensional base is at the other end, and it is nearer the 4 other large stones, inside the circle. Literally crating a harmonic mini-universe. Perhaps the 6 sided object like cube or sarcophagus helps create a stabilized inner reality, allowing matter to not be torn apart by blocking gravity at sub-atomic. 2 tetrahedron placed together is 6 sided.
The Star of David may also be a symbol for two cones of light, these would be shining from each side into your medium. Try to “Catch” the lightwaves in a magnetic field. Bind them up. Try using two different wavelengths. And have the cones match at the second wheel. Try compressed gold ring to contain it in. It also shows two root-base coning out in each direction, 1-5 dimensional and 6-2 dimensional. These crystallize in the central 4 dimensional. Look at the symbolism in royal crowns, things like trine-points with a circle/dot in them and also triskele. These are tetra symbols as well as is the chalice. The top of these crowns actually has a device for whats called the crown-chakra. But you may need to reinvent them. Cross may work, but also perhaps vajra. Use your instincts in this. It is possible one would use two coils like Tibetan prayer wheels on the sides and have light and/or rays top and bottom. Never overlook experimenting with any property of the universe. Also try compressing gold. Make rings and spin them. May need to sausage pack it. Also try braiding different metals in a circle and spinning them. Mess around. And a dense massive object may actually be easier to levitate than you think because of its very nature. Self Containted Multidimensionally. Quanta. Experiment down into the Quantum Omicron.

a146e508c70711e18cf91231380fd29b_7nog07-1imagessSonya_M01_0480039-768x1024137058073213Valensiya_S19_047002tumblr_lxtf14ddRY1qdo6qeo1_r1_500-10039-768x1024406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_n429526_501047283260793_991568302_nThe_Beatles-1967-The_Alternate_Sgt_Peppers09_cintia-dicker_04tumblr_ms7l868Pao1spr9uho1_50010931779-black-and-red-matching-bra-and-panties-set-isolated1-1024x748Tower 3-11




















red-avlokiteshwara-newar-stylefor-web-spot-meganVan_Halen_-_1984_-_Frontmegan-daniels-15cupid-graphics-02-fuul11dj-megan-daniels-6Chinese_Red_DragonDJMD_webImg5 (1)kinqg-tut1593blue-dragon005blue-dragon-1280dragon-animal-black-image-310000051406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nclint13M-spockA270True-Lies

One gets a good felling for Other Realms from this game and many others. Skyrim, and many know, is a Helios oriented game. If you do it right, the peep effects through the brightness and sound. Turn up the brightness to just tolerable.  Be relaxed and “open to the voices in your head”. If you live in a place where marijuana is legal or decriminalized, this will assist very greatly, making it easier than “trying”… it just happens. Feeling 1st by relaxing. Sometime we are so powerful in mind when we focus we accidentally push it aside.

DJMD_webImg5 (1)011001008009002001406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_n

DJMD_webImg5 (1)3101900134_951243621556067_5337251051655369560_n (1)270fe7a6494dd1aa5a10fe649fb915c95c3





It looks like he is. Kit Fisto is super quick and has invisibility like ability.

Palpatine uses a Force Lockdown, causing his adversaries to malfunction, while he uses drunken master twist to defeat them.



Now lesson two.


Look at General Grievous head motions and Kit Fisto body motions to escape.  As if Grievous is helping secretly escape.

Also note the Honorable Surrender, and Grievous’ reaction. Both a wakeup call and a deception.

Also note Grievous’ response to the Guards jumping “His Game”, shocked, pissed and then pleased he will win.



Lesson three, and the hardest one to swallow and easiest to accept: You are an Aspect of Kit Fisto, as another Being or two. That Being is part of Kit Fisto Combo of Beings incarnate on earth, as are others. Somewhere out there is The Kit Fisto.1_avatars9396px-The_Outer_Yama_Dharmaraja._Central_region,_Tibet._Mid_17-th_century._Private_Collection

This is also the story of YaMa and The YesMen, of God the Jedi, and Satan the Sith. And both Swapped, Converging. The Crossover/Overlap of Neutral and Natural, Not Good or Evil. Just Men, With Choices, And Men With Swords and Guns Against Men With Bad Choices.


Got any friends named Daren, Derrick, Tom… I’ll come up with a few more. This is Supreme Brahma, Kit Fisto. Vishnu is part of Kit Fisto, and also His Loyalists. Supreme Brahma is also King Crimson. This is The Archangel with a Sickle mentioned in Revelation. Supreme Brahma’s Nickname is  “The Revelations Guy”. He is also Burrito Supreme.















Yeah, oops. Shoulda thought of that.












AndroidR2D2Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.19.44 PM10487427_783533028345549_5024914436535500133_n011



Vishnu and Yama. The Yesmen (We) and YaMa (I)







sonya-m-set-7-682x1024tumblr_ms7qnoIEKi1ryiavfo1_500 (1)tumblr_mo9hhezqbI1qf8dzko1_500amanda_wheeler_smlittleprincess9amanda_wheeler_sm270amanda_wheeler_smtumblr_ll4zh2AVN21qg6wspamanda_wheeler_sm429526_501047283260793_991568302_namanda_wheeler_smnog07-1002amanda_wheeler_smSharlotta_S05_009amanda_wheeler_sm3807651_daniele_210_001amanda_wheeler_smmegan_daniels_16_qqGrdOr.sized

011001008009002lp9_099tumblr_ms7qnoIEKi1ryiavfo1_500 (1)DJMD_webImg5 (1)






































 U & $DJMD_webImg5 (1)dj-megan-daniels-6310DJMD_webImg5 (1)270


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Please to not pretend to be Supreme Brahma anymore. Or bigger or better than Supreme Brahma anymore.  You stole His Godhood, You are just The Crown.  You took the hard path and the Sith path and lied, Palpatine is one of Your Allies, Paul Ptah White Dragon Helios. That Robotic Sith is You as well as Gray God, and that is Jedi Vishnu as well as Supreme Brahma. And that Dooku is a Gray God as is Mace Window(Absolute Brahman and Yoda, aka Pee Wee Herman Goering.)

You cannot take The Gray God on in Battle. Supreme BRAHMA can…


And that’s a communication device of him live, not a “new character to play with” or “live action figure”, puppeteer; time to take this real time. And sorry about the looks, THEM Looks, got it. And sorry about the being a better swordsmen then you, got it Helios? You don’t have enough affinity with all races and species. You’re confined to The Pretty Elite.  Kit Fisto was a secret member of the Dooku Strategy.

















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Tower 3-11



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