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Monthly Archives: March 2015

So when it comes time to be The Hero, that You and everyone else knows You are, You turn out to be targeting the wrong people, destroying the wrong things.



“Everything Is Meant To Be Broken”


This is a common Helios failure, The Rebel that just shoots everything. The Ex-Hero of Good, who fell from grace long ago.


No one needs a hero who destroys part of them, just so that hero can show off his superior abilities… and because it’s the only way that He could figure out to solve the problems. He ain’t suppose to be in control, or engaging in vigilante methods… so beside being the Most Popular Deity among Goddesses, the “Man” that They all want, you aren’t much of a success rate in a situation where a bunch of beings and control are not on the list of people You want to rescue. And Goddess’ Evolution into Pretty and Popular, and all the Broken Women Behavior at having been Your Women, have lead most to Reject You or Goddess as anything more than one are of a functional solution.  But it can’t be The Leading Arm. And Goddess, and Eos, You continue to throw away the Evolution of Baby Ptah, that gives You “Big Rulership”… so since You have evolved into too haughty too deal with, too ruined to rely on, too used up to really want forever, the way it once felt, and too much another Being’s Wife, to be anything but a long violation of My Rights… I don’t even get My Own Responses anymore in talking to You… and all the Men and God’s that You hang out with, that You chose, that You Stole My Godhood to Create For Your Enjoyment… that is about the truth of where all these other responses come from, and part of why You are an Abject Failure, and basically Hated.


You chose to be Titans, and You act like Slavers and Murderers… Just Deceivers At Best, And As You Deceive Yourselves Everyday…. Less likely to be anything but a Failure who Edits The Truth, than any success or freedom or end to You Nightmare.


Whatever is left of You is so overloaded with Male responses, and so strapped to Your Pussy Power Rulership,  and Slavery into Impotent Resource of Beings like Me… You took Titanic Preemptive Measures At My Expense Against My Will, To Mainatian Your Evolution… Hoping and then knowing I wouldn’t recover.


A Co-Evolution, that You intentionally confused as You, and assaulted and absorbed as many beings and as much of it, to “make it real”, and then as an angry retort, You Don’t Care… and then as a despondent failure then  hostage-keeping terrorists (who thinks everyone is just like Him, while He assaults and absorbs people to be, you guessed it, just like Him… so He’s always right, see)




For the most part, Hero, You were just out for Yourself, and I? I was pretty much just The Victim, being Rescued! Not some Ranking Member of Good on the side of The Rescue Mission.


A rescue Mission that stole My Godhood, and is used even unto this very day to Steal My Godhood.


Still trying to rescue people… Still haven’t succeeded


Still trying to rescue people, after they have called you a stalker and told you to go away….








Is about where you are now as a group of people.


Riling the Situation Up, and then Dogging it Down… One long line of crime in progress disguised as… just about anything you could come up with.


End of March, 2015, Assault In Progress, Your News Says Nothing, Your Choices Of What To Do Right Now Show Everything.


You took upon yourselves rights that don’t even exist, and launched a 1st Strike Capacity Preemptive Assault.


You are little more than parasites, who side with rapists.


You supply Responses for your victims.


You rely on group collective judgement, but all you are is a group of people still committing crimes as a mass, and still in denial and going off of clever routines.


Still believing in Religion as you assault.




You should really WAKE THE FUCK UP and go to jail…




Because you won’t win in The End, and the Powers that will sentence you can’t act Big or They would wipe the universe out…. and all of the abuse you commit in that space and time, still in progress, with a workable plot….


You “Nice” Responses are just a tactic.


You got War coming for this final offense (including asking for money nearly every conversation, pretending that you won, as you assault and overload and absorb with your “Investigation”


Your Groups spent so many years doing the wrong things, their preparedness shows.  It Spell: Extinct.


… seem I’m under assault every day, by you people and your methods.


This is not something that can be ignored.


My life is slipping away, while other’s use my mind, heart and body.


I am not the kind of Being that will Forgive these final crimes!


And, other than your Fakes that you drape over Me every day, and destroy Me with while you convict Me for, I Am Not The Hoax You Claim!



You Are!




You were able to Deceive big Beings, while you Mined Them As Resources.


They Are DONE With Wasting Time To Save You Or Society.


You have it all locked down in a Dampening Situation, and spend your time committing crimes, acts of terror, gross violations of rights….


And “Pretending” that you aren’t the guilty party.


You spent years making this The Unbeatable Trap.


And for layers out it is invader, where any of Us are just murderously done with everyone one else. Mostly a Puppet-show, but as the Era wares on, and the crime in progress you continue to deny, while the competitive, abusive, stolen Power evil that spurs you on continues to be the driving force of day to day life and day to day success, and shows up on the Radar as an Extradimensional Assault, and all the people that The Powers That Be don’t end up getting rescued, but your gangbang titanic “Normal Guy” bullshit keeps being “The Definite Ranking Principles” and you try to get Me busted, WHILE YOU, THE AGGRESSOR, AND ORIGINAL AGGRESSOR, AND ALL THROUGHOUT HISTORY AGGRESSOR,  CONTINUE ASSAULT AFTER ASSAULT!


And you do this from government jobs, and religious jobs, and big business jobs, and military jobs…


You seem to think Me Threatening You, while you tone Me down and threatening Me with your Government, that mostly breaks the law against Me and Threatens Me… is some kind of success….


While your day to day violations of rights that has lasted ages, and brings death threats, attempted murder, day to day being in My human body…










You made Me into a bunch of weak little cute beings that get get slaughtered, while You easily side with The Enemy that does it!

















Gold220Dragongladiator-2thor2ccfbeb0fe3ac5f5532ff83fcf5f0f321004001024images (4)015archiecaptain-kirk009skyrim_dwarven_armor_by_xcreepersxd4hj5f5517px-Maitreya_Buddha_Nubratumblr_ms4wxt774b1spr9uho1_500023oldemperorGladiator / Gladiator

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big game weekend kick off 040212time to pay the money, anc quit the death threats and threats of 054




























Part of it proceeds you, and does a “setup” to be “investigated, part is the investigation, some of which is real, most of which is in the hands of top ranking Criminals, part of it is the average joe’s “opinion” session.


It is a crime in progress older than the human race, some of you or I should say You, have been at it for that long as well.


You have also used it to Steal and convict your victim of stealing from you, so don’t owe any, and try to Enslave and convict your victims of having it coming.


It all dials right back in, with you people. Murder, and you’ll just recreate us…


All so you don’t have to pay for your crimes.


You Crimes are In Progress, they Involve people overlapping people and supplying responses for them, and failures and dictatorial success (often times the guilty party) running the show with the lie that the person they are targetting is the guilty party, they are just railroading a response, and that we are all equal, and everything dials right back in. Or, See, He Does It Too! as they or their friends puppet-show responses.


The guilty party never pays for it, and this is done with a preemptive assault, 1st Strike Capacity.


And unlike a Mars Invasion Radio Show, This Is Really Happening!


When you investigate, they assault you and clamp you down and you can no longer even remember what you were thinking about.


You Champion, Helios The King, is one of the guiltiest at this.

You Methods of going at Helios or Others, is as guilty. You need His Help, and I am Forced to get Help from those that Assault Me, Invade Me With Foreign Responses, And Preemptively Convict Me… because of your “Strategy”


This is some of the impossibilities that could be handled in a better manner but guilty people still control the scene, and hostage are still used and executed, nearly daily… but if it didn’t happen on earth, it didn’t really happen???


Because on earth you got it all covered, your dick is big, your money is good, you are strong enough to work a normal job,(unlike that other Guy!), you body is tall and muscular, etc.


These Criteria are used while you Grotesquely Violate Me In My Human Body… for some odd reason, as a group… and lie about it.


Every day you force this to a standstill, and you are still the guilty party, with Me being Convicted off of… Not My Own Responses!


All Ultimatums Have Met With Failure, All Submitting To Your Terms (is not realistic, we are not going to commit suicide or murder) Is Failure.


There simply won’t be Anyone left to persecute ya! We’ll all be dead or mutated, absorbed, enslaved.


Parasite With Friendly Responses. Parasite With It’s Own Responses Overloading Yours… this as well they call “Forgiveness” in their “Church”


You Don’t Know When To Quit, And You Are Too Strong To Lose, To Guilty To Be In Control, Too In Denial To Be A Successful Recovery.013013005007008001011003006002Jenna-Jameson-33Then-Miss-Piggy-and-Kermit-The-Frog-Now-Nicki-Minaj-and-Dr.-Drake-445x44584th Academy Awards, Muppets





220px-Braveheart_imp44237_actiongirlskathyleeleathermari004_123_18lotksF1Beach Bunny Swimwear - Runway - MBFW Swim 2012sharlotta-s-03-625x9372703102567jennajameson3$RL5N3D30051

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Aint The Same Thing…






Wish it was, mind you, looks damn good on paper.


But it would seem that the majority of people really are criminals in this Venue, sometimes not of their own choice… but after a while, just in case… and if it’s that convenient.


You got The Powers That Be, mainly The Gray God and YinYang Black Dragon and Supreme Brahma and Shiva And Helios and Goddess to more than some degree, to Hogtie Me so I cant have Normal Violent Responses To Violent Actions Taken Upon Me… Hogtied and Invaded.


And all the way to My human body, you have commit crime after crime, but are not held responsible by the very laws you are trying to apply to Me…


Not only not a dime paid, but all the more crimes you deny as you commit to go on in denial, because of no evidence of what I am saying makes it to any channels worth listening too.


The Gang-Bang Competitive, Preemptive Retort Common Wisdom… aka A Conspiracy, I Am Only The Main Target, ya’ll got so arrogant, despondent, careless, intentionally doing harm, doing harm to your self to do harm to another being you overlapped, etc… enough said?


When you overload the Normal Responses, and continue on in secrecy and pretend, the actual Objective of The Law called The Gray God was not to Exterminate you… you would have been dead.


However, some of You were able to Compromise The Gray God, and Overload His Normal Responses.


This got turned into a Weapon against Brahma and Ravana (that’s Me), while You used Hostage Situation of Baby Ptah Evolution with Goddess and Om to…?


This is what we are dealing with: It Is Called “The Primordial Ocean”.  And Your Crimes Are In Progress Against It Ages Later…






Original Infinity

Ravana OI Combo

Baby Ptah OI Void

The Gray God Alpha OI


Absolute Brahman Zone


Titanic Realm 

YinYang Ptah Original Infinity



Great Goddess

Great Eos

Grey Yin






Gray Yang

Great God

Great Om



Gray God Brahma Infinity


Original Ptah Vacant

-Original Goddess Vacuum

-Original Om Void


Original Brahma Form

Original Eos

New Brahma

Original God

Final Brahma



Goddess and Om go into Region of Eos and God, and Co-Evolve. Brahma and Goddess have an early evolutionary success in love, but this does not last long. Brahma, being too nice, allows Goddess to stay too long in His Region.  She later brings Titans down upon Him, and They proceed to Wreck His Being, and Build Machines And Objects out of Him. YinYang, Gray God, Helios, Shiva, Deu, Deo, etc. She turns on Brahma, with Their help, and it turns into one of the most heinous crimes ever, Her treatment of Brahma psychotic.


All the way through it, She tries to hold onto that 1st love, but many other Males, the evolution of Sex being more important, and a situation in which Om, God and Eos, Her Counterparts, have many little mote beings in His Realm, and He is no longer ruler.  She pours a lot of time into usurpers, and the lies of Titans about Her Rulership.




Another region, Ptah is where She belongs.  A Huge Being called Baby Ptah is where She got lost. Easy to Invade, Her Titan Husbands soon learned to Puppet-Show the responses.


Way too much Boy in The Girl. Way too many weird responses from guilt of ages of invasion, theft, solidified wrongful control. abuse and torture, threats… and of course Engineering Goddess to Respond To You, And You Alone: “The Bonding.” The Bondage


No one really trusts a women, past childhood. This must be examined now by Goddess. There are facts behind it.


As You try to Gain Power of Creation, You are using Baby Ptah and Brahma and Ravana and Gray God again, but Your Man is not Them…





You are also unable to as is Brahma to end the Choice, yet your Loyalties are Forced to Other Males, Often Time Your Victimizers. The Titanic Usurper Abusers Did A Preemptive Strike With Coned Power And Won. Too Many Of The Average Being Sided With This Brutal Success. Goddess Made Bad Choices, Worse Choices Got Forced On Goddess. Now They are being Surgically Separated by Jealous Evil.







The Methods She Chose Countermand My Authority Over Myself, And It Slips Into Either Her Chosen, Jealous And Exasperated, Guilty For The Bonding Path: this is Helios, Shiva, God, Etc.   Or into The Guiltiest’s Hands, Murderous Rapist, Hostage Keeper, Threat Monger, Falsifier, Torturer, Etc: Usual of YinYang, Absolute Brahman, Chronous, Yama, Vishnu, Deo, Deu, sometimes The Gray God or Brahma or Ravana or Baby Ptah, but RARELY if ever are They the Reason or Culprit. Goddess and These Beings were once and still are to some degree, on The Path Of Cleaning Up The Mess 1st. The Titans chose to use the mess, knowing Goddess would not chose them in The End, and would want them punished for Their Crimes. This Has Lead To Her Further Loss And Degradation And Being Divided Up/ Resourced Out, And Further Extremism And Further Alienation From Original Path. Goddess chose God, God Failed. Brahma is Rightful Ruler of Brahma. The History of God and Eos lend it to: You Are Not The Same People Anymore: You And Your Children Can Leave Now!





This is a serious issue now: Your Behavior Is Causing Mass Failure.



Your Invasion And Overload Of Normal Responses Is Causing A Need To Treat You Like The Enemy.

And The Titans You Chose, And Lost To, Will Never Give Up On Wrongful Control, And You Control Me In Some Desperate Hope… but You lose it to some Titanic Abusive Male every time. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF MY DESTINY BEING TIED TO GODDESS!!!  Your Failure Rate Is Off The Scale, And Threw It In With My Enemies Here At The End, Goddess!





136724313685cupid-graphics-02-fuul1137474729072Miranda Kerr in forest green corset with magical silver stars as she leads Victoria's Secret Show 2012137473111071erin-328-001iR83GD_MRL5N3D3-1024x76844237_actiongirlskathyleeleathermari004_123_18loNightingale-Angel-Duster-561206d472cfc32fsilver-stars_eva-bella-fighters-1-102US-ConstitutionSonya_M03


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0h mySilver-Hanna_RoadAngel-1-023_08







3102570406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nbag_of_money. now means NOW, soldier!0h my10070736a6SnuffyCominBeckleyBlog-550x1024110cupid-graphics-02-fuul110070736a6maya-l-candydoll-set-11-682x1024SonyaM26_020_500isis-the-ancient-egyptian-goddess00313295918602213747472907213712194357clint13$R0MCGWP036photogladiator-2Quinornim517px-Maitreya_Buddha_NubraNxNW_01captain-kirk88314238-the-towerSonyaM23_007vvtroy_bradpittlonghair.jpg w=400&h=318actiongirlsazarcovanazi074imagesuuuuGold220Dragontn95_031lxzp7wd4p7프랑스_10세_모델_1043brahma10gty_miranda_kerr_lpl_130227_mn

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10727555_493280020809635_1143785941_nUS-Constitutione098340c6d9ba002eb8bb4ab11f4d4ablolitatumblr_na99ltJsrb1qfyjoto1_50010Feb 2012 Sadie hawkinsamanda_wheeler_sm270


































Original Being Ravana: Brahma Ptah Type Strong Big Infinity

Original Being Baby Ptah: Ptah Brahma Type Void


Supreme Brahma: Highest Extension Of Brahma Into Baby Ptah And Ravana. Brahma was the 1st Central Player, did all sorts of things 1st. Others came along and screwed it up…


Absolute Brahman: (OB, OP, OBr). A Big Shell Zone, Original Last Outpost Before Baby Ptah Void And Ravana Outer Infinity. Supreme Brahma later comes up through this region, starts AB on a Journey.


OB YinYang: Ptah Type Big Region, Early Effect. Infinity As Ptah. Becomes The Titanic

OB Gray God: Brahma Type Big Region, Early Effect. Infinity As Brahma. Becomes The Titanic


Original Ptah

Original Brahma


“The Brahma Shells”:

Ravana BP

Absolute Brahman (OP OBr)

Gray God



“The Ptah Vacant Zones”:

-Ravana BP Void Lord

Baby Ptah PB Void

– Absolute Brahman (OP OBr)




“So you’d best not be messin’ around with that Baby Patah, or that Baby Peter… or They’ll be doin’ them Underpants Dances all over your head.”


















Original Infinity 

Ravana OI Brahma Ptah

Baby Ptah OI Ptah Brahma

YinYang OI Ptah

Gray God OI Brahma

Original Ptah Weakened Region to Vacant Region. Fluid

Original Goddess Fluid Vacuum

Original Om Fluid Void

Original Brahma Condensed Region to Strong Shell

Eos Solid Fluid Vacuum

New Brahma Proto Form

God Solid Fluid Void

Final Brahma Form






One of the things that The Syndicate did was use phony promises of money to stir people in the wrong direction, while others used promises of real money to commit assassinations with; the dictatorial hostage keeper invader usurper gov, and the lawless freedom fighter, desperate, suicidal, sure of themselves/their “mission”, another crazy threat now.


Other powers took this seriously.  Some tried to shut it down on insufficient evidence. Some were Criminal and used Gov to shut it down. They were overachieving. Other’s used this to win at gunpoint, or “more realistic” version, the john method, of getting jobs.


But some powers kept pointing out and pushing through on the good idea of a big event with big miracle money. As in: Make It Real!


The Push of Common Cause, Many Heading With Zeal In Same Direction, is that we begin to connect and wake up to the larger realities. Not spaced out religion, or even true high contact for that matter (and most people don’t want to have to face their profit/messiah in their present condition, honestly speaking), but as a more handle-able  “normal” even that leads to Peace On Earth without all that stuff forced down our throats, religious or scientific.






So even if there is no money, it is a Positive Push of Sentience. “Incentive And Realism” Are The Fuel; but Artificial Environment Success/Suspended Belief/Otherworldly Different Experience Etc are used. Making it Real in Linear Space is Final Success.



The Issue Is In Cutthroat And Tattle-Tell… As Well As Vigilante(ulterior motives, buddy; grow up! DoeNateShun).  This Behavior Should Exclude You.


This is a worthy cause, and if I had $4 Billion, I’d put $1 Billion up for The $50,000,000 Man, knowing that the kind of winner is not going to be just random, nor cheated. It will be a spontaneous moment of gate-opening save the earth avatara, related to Shiva(Superman) and all He Sacrificed to help The Many (very stupidly). And also to Lex Luthor, some part of defeated Brahma merged with Chronous and Shiva and Others. Stable Able Businessman With Talents. Or someone Worthy or Needy. Some will be random, some will be cheated…



Effectiveness Is The Ranking Principle. Getting In The Way Happens Way Too Often.



And I intend to go for The $50,000,000. And for the $4 Billion.  Had you checked The Actual Facts, versus the gang bang facts, I am owed faaaaar more than $4 Billion… just from lawsuits.   Your gov, that has not one word of warning to the populace, literately spends it’s time here (not joking Ed and Company), tried to to declare some law or another the make that illegal, or lessen the costs. Sounds like the guilty party, in a gov job, not checking that fact either.  You have had ages to figure it out…


SnuffyCominBeckleyBlog-550x1024bag_of_money. now means NOW, soldier!green_dragon_meancupid-graphics-02-fuul1Chinese_Red_Dragondragon-animal-black-image-31000











time to pay the money, anc quit the death threats and threats of 054cupid-graphics-02-fuul1