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Monthly Archives: November 2015

H 1 being overall 

u another being (maybe even bigger; maybe far different)

m Another Being (maybe even bigger; maybe far different) Tends to be The 2nd Self. 

a another being (maybe even bigger; maybe far different)

n Another Being (maybe even bigger; maybe far different) Tends to be The Opposite. Another Being. 



We Incarnate As A Mulitiplicity, and are Assaulted by a Bob, often containing different parts of our selves in different states and evolution.


Don’t shoot your ‘bee self’ just because you got stung. The Bee may have been trying to sting your enemy, and that is all The Bee saw.

You got invaded, and the dog bit you.

The dog got invaded and the dog bit you… Hmm.

Don’t go shootin’ your dog right off the bat, though you are onto something there.

B Supreme Brahma

r Helios                           P

a Central Brahma         T

h Central Brahma        A

m Shiva                         H

a Gray Yang




B Brahma-Ptah Light Waters Ocean and Sky

r    Godhead, God and Throne of God

a    Brahma-Ptah-Ptah Omega Ocean

h     Original Goddess

m  Baby Ptah and Om Oor and Motes

a Om and Eos

B Gwen Goddess

R Absolute Brahman and Ma

A GrandMa

H Big 6 Military

M Grey Goddess (part Criminal still. See: ‘Maven Black-Brier’for further details of style, and ‘Maul’ as Gray God Companion. ‘The Look’ of these two is Gray Yang Invaded, Gray Yang ‘The Vortex Lord’ has black and gray coloration and is Black Dragon and Serpent and Others. A Massive Combo Being that took on The Gray God in Titanic Usurper Era. Part of the bad attitude is from being in pain and under assault, but titanic strong and condensing and pushing it aside)

A Gray God Alpha Heavy Waters Ocean and Ground



Val is a Brahma Central Brahma Helios Supreme Brahma Om God Od Oor Combo. Co Om Bow.


Loki is a Serpent Gray Yang Usurper as Usurped Brahma-Ptah and Ganesha and Ptah.


The are more than one Loki, some a good, most are bad, some are evil, all are very clever, magical and dangerous.

Introverted Nebulous (like unto Ptah)

Extroverted Star [like unto God]


Vacuums (with sentience)

Forms (with sentience)

Void (with sentience)


Original Nature. Original Infinity. Original Body. Original Being. Original Brahma. Original Brain.


O for Om. Original Baby. Evolved into Void within Goddess Vacuum… and George Burns as well, through Mergers with The Great God, made of His Divine Heritage, The Extensions into Infinity. Usurped by YinYang and Mahakala and Helios and Shiva and The Titans in The Age of Chaotic Hostility and Competing Forces in Survival of The Fittest and Might Makes Right in The Usurpers of Infinity Era.





Infinity – Conduit- Creation- New Infinity


Brahma – Supreme Brahma-Brahma-Ptah Upper Ptah

Brahma-Central Brahma and Central Ptah

Brahma-Gray Yang- Gray God and Lower Ptah


Ptah Inherited Creation, but was not strong enough to hold it together.


Ptah Yin Yang BP

Om God CB

AB Mahakala GG


Connectors To Big Infinity Beings



Gray Yang and Supreme Brahma are the Cone Heads and Flair Pants.


They are Longer in a Point, but smaller overall than BP and GG




Original Brahma




Ptah Brahma Ptah Ptah

Original Ptah




B Supreme Brahma P (Original Ptah

r                                   t  (Emperor Ptah

a       YinYang  Semi-Titanic and Central Ptah

h       Ptah-Brahma Titanic and Central Ptah

m                                 a [Prince Ptah

a    Gray Yang           h [Form Ptah




Ptah with Titanic Crew in era of assistance turned thug theft, goes up through Ptah Brahma Ptah Ptah into Brahma-Ptah-Ptah and begins stealing.

Brahma-Ptah region cannot adequately defend itself.


The Coming Hostage Situation, created by this invasion, that forces BP to be responsible in actions for, (and have lead to later developments like ‘rightful conduct’) happens to be The Omega, Om, Motes, Eos and God, and Original Goddess.


The Titans and Ptah, expert at invading and ‘Becoming’ Their Adversaries (Victims), Invade and Warp and Demonize Brahma-Ptah.


God also takes note and creates Religion and Rightful Conduct, knowing that His People, forced to side with both sides, will face a backlash eventually, from injustice piled on injustice while a huge being is tortured to death and used up as a resource and the immoral/amoral behavior of the overwhelming victors… and an original infinity kept off balance but very big and becoming deadly very quickly at times. God has seen Original Brahma briefly “Manhandle The Strongest Titan”, but He can’t win the collective, and as well is forced into the protector of creation role, while the titans are military conquest with little to know scruples. Original Brahma is just too used up or spread out, and must retreat from the stronger than original infinity ‘stabilizers’. Due to nature of collateral damage, They get Original Brahma to Not be like a Warrior. He tries, He fails, they dies. Original Infinity is Done! He created these Beings and They (We, YOU/you) can all die before Original Infinity lays down to die. Another strike-out Messiahs and Self-Sacrificial.

The majority of functional power has now passed into the mid-range big beings, but They are still betraying by Using Up Other Beings As Resources. Original Brahma finds a way to ‘Pop The Cork’ and Pull The Plug on the Gateways to Infinity, but with Coned Power and Gang Bang and Extreme Violence, THEY find a Way to Force Infinity Open. {This is still My Story) . Brahma is still Draining The Fountainheads Of All The Greater Gods, Other than God, Om, Om Oor, Om Motes, and as well Original Goddess and Eos. Heaven and Eden are Our Rightful Heritage.  And We Are Gonna Shove It Down Your Throats.- The Omega


Original Brahma


Central Brahma




Brahma-Ptah Ptah






‘Probable Location of The Omega’

Ptah Brahma Ptah Ptah



Dr Bones is a huge piece of Original Brahma disconnected into a Beings called Brahma Om.


The Godhead, Zeus and even Jesus are related to Brahma Om and Dr Bones. Chronous is made of Dr Bones. Kronos is also part Dr Bones.


Original Brahma

Brahma Om

‘The Godhead’ (Om as Brahma Om as Original Brahma}



Throne of God is Titanic, of Gray God. Part of Modern God and Od is these combos. Diversity into a few varieties. Gray God Alpha added to God. ‘Dad Pants’

Omega (Related to Brahma-Ptah, usurped but Gray Yang, The Serpent) is another variety, it is a Brahma-Ptah-Ptah Om Godhead. Some of the 80’s and New Wave Music is related to this very evolved evolution.






Shiva and Helios become God Almighty and further The Evolution of God.



Blue and White and White and Gold. Both make many mistakes of “Staying around too long” as it were, in Strength and Competition.  Ptah later gets help from Shiva as well, and much of Modern Man and Science and Spirituality and Doctors all stem from Shiva and Shiva’s Methods.


‘Science is a Shiva endeavor.’ 



God is also given Rule over Ptah, who is now just a mess, lost in theft and fake promises or real promises by slavers, thugs and thieves of infinity, and as well used up as a resource by Helios, Shiva and Gray Yang and Supreme Brahma and The Titans. PtahGone. Pagan.   Gray Yang Merges With Original Ptah, and Takes Responsibility: Pa is Born. Pashupati, Pa Kua. White Avalolkitheshvara. Supreme Brahma does the same. Red Avalokiteshvara. One of the greatest evolutionary journeys has now unfolded. Asia is The Arena of Evolution. And Ptah had gotten the short end of the stick, and was a dangerous invasive with moral high ground in an Era that God relied on The Titans.


The Earth is used by many different groups, and also have ‘Turns At The Helm’


Some Say That God Stole Brahma’s Turn or Brahma Stole God’s Turn… but it was really The Titans who say this who stole everyone’s turn, and forced the need to take turns in the 1st place.






Om is know the 1st Created Being, as Brahma searched for a way to make Ptah real, and it was Brahma-Ptah (a Proto Being, who later inspires a counterpart, Gray God, a Being with more Bulk and less Size than Brahma-Ptah) looking for Ptah within Brahma and then talking to Brahma about Re-Imagining Ptah with and then goes to the region of Brahma where Ptah is Imagined and holds onto a piece of it as Brahma ‘Awakens’ This is Om

“I found Him” Brahma-Ptah talking to Brahma is like talking to yourself at this stage, but later comes a separation.{this comes from re-tells, often the role is played by SB, not the BP original.



Om (Cartoon) 1st Baby Of Infinity and later becomes God.

Brahma-Ptah ‘Me’ as (My Imaginary Self) and later Gray God OB Bulk Containment as the more advanced and mobile Brahma-Ptah spreads into Original Brahma.

(Ptah Imaginary Self)










Brahma as Ptah is Shiva’s Origins.


Brahma comes down as Shiva and Ptah, and this is Helios, a Being of Brahma, made of Shiva and Ptah in Ptah.


He is stronger than Shiva and Ptah, and begins to use up Their ‘Beings’ after reconnecting with Brahma.


Talk To The Hand

Hole In My Hand

Whole In My Hand.


Helios Refuses to listen to Shiva and Ptah, and after They ask Brahma and Brahma tells Helios, He doesn’t like it and consolidates His Power.


This is also the Era of Titanic Takeover.



Helios next Plots to End All Original Infinity, and has systematical done damage with The Titans in this endeavor. Helios also set in motion with The Titanic Spindle a way (now in progress, has been for ages) to steal Shiva’s and Ptah’s very Being. A a way to Gobble Up Original Infinity, Enslave It, And Change It By Strength Into His Own Being.


Brahma-Ptah was forced as a decoy for ages, and suffered beyond belief being propped up by the ganged up on Original Brahma and Central Brahma.  Brahma Merges BP and CB. This is also My Story.



Hell is named after Helios.




Gray God



Lock Down

The Devil




The Being they do the most damage to is Central Brahma.


The Collective Cut Him Off from All Sides and begin ‘Feeding’


This Is My Story.


Central Brahma, The Brahma of India.


‘Hindu Brahma’ Is Shiva and Ptah as Brahma (with stolen Brahma) stealing Helios and ‘Authorized To Kill Him’





The Vacuum Feels ‘Fulfilled’.


Original Normal

Vacuum Weak

Form Strong


Stronger Than Original Performs Better.

Too Strong And She Is Overpowered And Enslaved And She Needs Space.



Love is another thing that does the same, but at an older, less potent, and longer lasting level.


Will turn out to have ‘The Biggest Stuff Ever Recorded To Date On Earth’



Buy a lot of pretty girls pretty clothes and pretty underwear, and get a ‘fashion show’ and maybe get to feel a few of them up for a bit more… not that this would be n e of your business, but it is definitely her business. Part of the overall ordeal has been in how does she use her powers, with all that misconception and forcefulness and beast-like behavior. The males have forced her into a secondary role, but in the scheme of things she is the primary role up to the greater god level, and by the standards set, they cannot out-rank goddess by size and might and ‘responsibility’. There are huge clues to the overall thing on earth, at least on this end of it. A lot of unrealistic behavior, a lot of getting in goddesses’ ways  with male authority and anger and betrayal. An tween-age girl should be able to whip you with a riding crop, sexually(therapy), or get money for getting felt-up when her breasts begin to bud, if she feels like it. A woman should be able to flash her panties or cleavage without all the follow-up or male stupidity. You men have collectively made this an unhappy arena, and your jealous women counter-parts are in the same boat, lending credence to your lies. She needs to control you, in a positive mesmerizing, lulling, sexual, unattainable yet still attainable way. Love helps her in feel secure and brightens her up. Harmony needs to be firmly established. Problems should be left to being ‘sorted out in bed’, it takes care of much most or all of the need for a lover’s quarrel. Learn to ignore people’s quirk and they will ignore yours. And we need our quirks, perks, and works, not a bunch of judgmental jerks. She knows how to deal with them as well, ‘on your knees and beg for it!’



Like I said, I ain’t a hoax, this is mental disability, and I am broke, under assault and owed a lot more money than ever stated, and threatened and assaulted instead of settled up with.



Example of success rate here, a real thing that happened.


Starts with $4 Billion, gets nailed by friends and locals for a $Billion, for website people and acquaintances for a $Billion, funds two people as negotiators for $100 Million ea, 1 friend and the landlord for $100 Million ea, and funds a $100 Million for 100 People Vacation in Vegas with The Cops.


And Of Course Goes Briefly into Negative $900 Million as “The Collective Clan” Jumps A Junior Warbucks, Before The Big Guns Come Scare Them Off. Step Up To The Plate, And Pay Up With Real Money For A Change. You Let Criminals Assault Me Instead Of Paying, And Asked Personally Instead Of As Ordered Not To… And You Were Debunked Before You Ever Even Tried It.




‘When Rocky Horror Picture Show And Revelations 2012 Show Up At This Home, Both Win.’




Walks away with $1.5 Billion,

Governments Building Hydras And Feeding The World, 10 Time Over, Make My Low Rent For Tax-Free Income Deals And ‘Homeless Acceptability’ And Getting Off Of Perverts And Wicked People’s Arse About Not ‘Tidying Up’ There ‘Greed’ And ‘Perversions’. Don’t Change ‘The System’ Too Much. ‘Make Life Inexpensive, Make Things Long Lasting. Easy To Read, Maintain And Upgrade’



Moral Of The Story: “Not Every One Is A Buddha Or Angel, Nor Due They Wish To Be So, Nor Have To Be So”


‘And some people are buddhas and angels and still like to get ‘felt-up’ and ‘gone down on. ‘Pleasure and Power over People’ 






Time To ‘Obey’ Your Local Queen Goddesses’ To Move Forward, Men. What are Her Conditions? ‘Rule And Control. Her Ways’






WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.

WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.





















WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.

WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.