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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Too much flashy complicated with an aimed for result of an end-gambit, and a lit of shady behavior being masked on the way their.

many changes to update.

laughably unrealistic methods of security when it is obvious how insecure computers are.

and very dumb ruling body about computers that got its ass kicked by me on how easy it is to simplify and make unalterable and thereforeĀ un-peneatrateable.

One Purpose Functionality… that an espionage game playing society intentionally keeps loose for a long range gambit.



targeted with viruses for perverts and surfing porn

… and a gang-bang collective of stupidly unsuccessful with the girls in the place aggressive society.


Don’t you get it dudes?

You isolated and conquered Her, and invaded Us, the Beings that Lolita Loves.


and they hate you.


Go to church, make a law, go to prison is how this should have been.


You entire organization is now being debunked.


It Just Don’t Belong Being Mandatory.


And you built an entire society opposite the american vision, still here as a sub-structure and peopled buy people that don’t meet the statistics of what they claim they are.


“You got lucky that God and Jesus are Real… but don’t push your luck with ‘perverted old titans’ and hot and sexual pagan god…bigger and older than God.”

All so you can go on lying to yourselve about your success rate and your superior truth.




‘The Girls actual view are far different than what will show up here in linear space organic and all the lack of truth your people have been using.


You could dump huge portions of your correlation data if you saw the facts,


…instead you try to actually dump something of someone’s being off just this writing.


And what you did from high levels was try to remove evidence!!!


And as a Ruling Body: You Have Been Formally Notified.




‘I’ll Be Back!’

-The Gray God


WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.


being wrong about a whole lot of things as a ruling body.


being wrong about your own reactions, and judging by your own failures, and many of which come from predatory male and predatory female success rate and the over aggressive and jealous gang bang.


“You are still dealing from a science standpoint and known facts…about organic body evolution.”


Others are working directly with science level truths matching sacred geometry level basics with a clue in the evolution of the More Than and Less Than evolution and Attempts To Balance or Make Due






–Shiva (Dawning Vacuum Stabilized)

-Goddess Evolved Vacuum




They deal with no more kissing the bosses asses for a job,

No more judgmental landowners telling people they are vagrants and homeless.


And still jobs and cities etc.


We have had a way to feed the world many times over for decades.


We don’t need to compete with robots, just let them do the work!


We just need some prep, and then a society unfolds that you rarely is ever work.


Plenty to recycle, and if you want stuff, get a job.

That would be your dude running around with his religion and morality trying to dictate terms to people about who they are suppose to be


And a society prepped to believe their own bullshit from a purity and finances standpoint.


But that actual truth is major lawsuit level stuff that obstruct justice en masse to hide.



An you are going build oasis in the desert, but just oasis and not all of it.


And you are going to learn that you as a society have accidentally commit this many more crimes instead of rewarding me what is rightfully owed, and was all along, and that a whole lot of theft and murder in these realms would have been stopped had you just done the actual right thing, instead of the going-for it.




Because you came here as federal authorities and civilians with a gun in your hand to steal it.


How do I know you are going to build it, even if it doesn’t work:

Because you came here as federal authorities and civilians with a gun in your hand to steal it.