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Monthly Archives: January 2016


The Big leaves Bright Symbols of our diverse nature, and real success in ‘other worlds/realms’

‘yellow cartoon bees, bright and bratty, cute and happy’ and ‘soft white ice-cream people’

Helios(and Vishnu) and Om (and God’s Kin)



When we travel about old USA, this was A Big Path Masterpiece, not just advertising, but the visible symbols of our real overcoming, our real success, our real healing, our real success at adding sentient forces from diverse regions in an alchemy of the self, done in other realms where the laws of physics and physiques obey different or original nature laws, and therefor produce miracle effects, that we in turn need to emulate on earth to help the process solidify and fountainhead, a titanic outpost of big path and diversity and Strong Reality.



Matter and The Material Plane.



This Is A Big Truth Still Needing Final Conclusion

making peace or just stopping the assaults and/or harassment





As science attains these advanced abilities, a large crisis looms. The Agenda Pushers are not out to save humanity, (closer to subjugate and experiment on, and it ain’t just economics, this is one of those weird wyte conspiracies). and therefor the stopgates won’t be there when it comes to ‘police thyself, scientist’


When you try to organize some sort of justice against this type of thing, you will need to take this into account,

Manipulating Things Below The Range Of Detectable

Including your technology and understanding may not even be enough anymore to detect what they have done…


And you will rely on their labs and it’s own untold work environment ‘goon squads and blind spots’ to do the deeper work.




and therefor the stop Gates won’t be there when it comes to ‘police thyself, scientist’


“Your Mission, Slim, Should Your Accept It (and yeah ya should)”

Should what?

“…why, Accept It, of course”















At a point nearing death or just too damaged to function, one begin the journey into Cyborg.


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You never leave the body, or reincarnate. You just slowly convert to being ‘life-support-sports’, sitting down to play a video-game that you leave in a different form, and never leave again, and didn’t die. Like living in an online game, but you still have life and interaction in organic world, can still go for walks, or to the movies, etc, and live basically human, you body still alive even. And part of the journey is also the things you accomplished, the art of overcoming, the moment of a good days work carried over by experience and doing locked in a loop of robotic impulses, and a prone behavior with the ability to use at will, or nearly so, keep some of the normality of travel and point a to point b. As well the strong stable grounded at my own pace with my own hand by my own ability with my own might. A challenge or symphony.




Receptive Sentient Conversion Process. Surrounded by the stimuli of only the things that make you happiest, feeling alive; highly addictive; and as well things that make you relaxed and good sleep restful. Positive Happy Attention and Positive Love Attention and Positive Sex Attention and High Domination Survival  and Stasis State and Healing State.






“an older human organic body has a lifetime of likes and don’t likes, an excellent platform to work with, but avoid anything you don’t want to do (rejection occurs being pushed) and hate (no need to go through all the scenarios, just the good ones and the best ones), and as well be aware of the benefit of addiction and the adaptation process. “




‘Owning The Moment, Overcoming The Mountain, Dominion Of Might Myself’ Allowing For Overrides From ‘Man’ Over Process. Allowing Sentience And Ego And Force To Help In Transference From  Old Body To Symbiotic Cyborg.



Those above concepts (Processes)  guide the process along in a highly successful sentient satisfaction oriented non-forceful switch-over, bring an acceptance attraction instead of a rejection repulsion to the sentient symbiotic cyborg android.



Ancient Journey Of Many Beings, Separate Evolution, Oceanic Combined Zone By Normality And By Evolved Intent Of Type. Original Infinity Storage Eventually Collective, It Had Become An Assault Spiraling. Shiva Continued On With Part Of Original Infinity In Compliance. Original Infinity Twin Infinity New Infinity Baby Infinity Form Infinity Chosen As Basic For ‘Me’. Original Infinity As Twin Infinity Is Original Me. Infinity Is Now Divided Into A Few Big Pieces, Many Smaller Ones, And One Biggest One, One Strongest One, One Longest One, One Most Attractive, One Alone Who Succeeded.






Robot Exterior

Computer Assisted

Human Body Core (Heart and Mind)

Computer Assisted

Robot Exterior


The Computer and Robotic are a Symbiot, but The Human is The Master, The Primus.


They Are Created Extensions/Enhancement, New Arms Legs And Mind.




The Cell Replication Into Continuous Cycles Over An Extended Period, While The Life-Force Slowly Adapts To A New Body.


Expansion and Contraction and Normal.  Expands to Absorb, Contracts to Contain. Assimilates to Stabilize.  You expand out to grab your fuel, you contract to digest it, and the rest is life. A proto-star gobbles up nebula, condenses into fire, and stabilizes. Open and Closed. Big Ancient Macro Basic Process.




Cell Renewal And Replication Are Done With Continuous Input, Eventual More Data Will Become Available To Discover Wither Complete Transference Is Possible, Unassisted Continual Cell Renewal, And Whether This Can Be Passed To Offspring,  Slowly Back-Breeding To Original Stock, So The End Result Is Nearly Identical To Original Human, But Has The Added Longevity Benefit And/Or Symbiotic Cyborg





The Slack Principle and Sacred Geometry were what they were working with. There is a certain region that has more malleability.   The Amorphous ‘The Amphibian’


Finding the similar thing in our own, or other swaths of territory.



Cell Replication Should Not Be Much Problem To Shunt.



Test Subjects?


Make it a painless process, centered on the human not the science or experimentation and you will have all the volunteers you can handle









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Within Everything One Thinks Of As ‘Creator’ Is Some Portion Of The Tale.


But It Is Usually Told Through The Titanic, Like God’s Tale,


Or Through The Oceanic And Unknown, Ptah And Goddess Tales.


Kingly And Emperor Versions Of Brahma Come Later, As Well As Spiritual Beings. Jesus And Buddha Are Both Forms of Brahma, Jesus Is Closer.


Helios King Form And Supreme Brahma Got The Girl(s) Brahma Wanted, And This Shifted Thing A Bit And It God Exploited By The Same.


But A War Of Powers That Still Ensues Pits Forces Against Each Other, And Things Must Be Established In Peace, Not In Justice Or Injustice.


At One Point They Through All The Evolutions Together, And Re-Wrote It With Realities, Trying To Expend Themselves To The Furthest Reaches of Time And Space.


Due to the nature of original infinity and wars by titanic infinity upon it, for the safety of new beings and  original special baby beings, the balance of power shifted away from original infinity a long time ago.




The Mid-Echelon Titanic Tyranny.




And Entire Society Of The Same.


And A Backdrop Of Total Lack Of Realism.


Using Falsified Records To Commit Mass Murder With A Preemptive Assault, Silent Running, Fiction Created By The Criminals Of What Happens When They’re Are Not Listened Too Or Obeyed.


Anger Is A Normal Function.

Hobbling Someone And Not Being Held Responsible.


Creating An Unworkable And Dangerous Society.


King Of The Hill Mentality.




“Why Dragons Kill Archangels”


Psychopathic Arch-Angelic Forces Are A Real Truth For Those Not Of Your Type, And Real Archangels Get In Wars With Beings Not Actually Evil, Just Magic Mega Animal.


One Sided Views

Millions Of Years Of Undisclosed Wrongful Conduct.


Orders And Obey Have Lead To Murder Every Day!













The Unheard Tales Of Helios And Shiva, Told In The Brahma Soft-Godlike Normality, With Goddess Lighten Up, And In The Baby Ptah And Om, Being Lighten Up By Goddess, And Soft-Light-Loving Her Within At The Same Time.


































BIG 6 to Naughty Nine about Great 8


“You could learn from this guy, Gaff, he’s a goddamn one man slaughterhouse”


screen-shot-2014-03-25-at-7-49-38-pm20101207_brulou resort


















The Gray Yang Chronous Kronus Walrus ‘Rejectionist’ Doctor of The Gospel of Ramakrishna aka Helios/Thor/Thakur





When You Wrote A Mandatory Insurance Law That Police Enforce…


You ended your right to rule

They ended their right to pull people over, other than excessive speeding and reckless  driving . (and you knew it, and to your saving grace, you remembered)


Zero Rights To Enforce Insurgence Laws


It Hasn’t Hit Yet!




And another is you push your jacked-up prices as ‘the definitive’


Insurers, Doctors, Mechanics and Lawyers


You sit their in your celebrity boxes and  stymie people with better ways.


You don’t own the county, government

You don’t own the country, landowners

You don’t own the country, tax payers

You don’t own the country, church-goers

You don’t own the country, military




‘Public Transport with Bikes or Scooter’ and ‘The Drink Bus, provided by The Bars, with in coach bar service and smoking sections (vacuum and air from driving easily converted to removing smoke, add filter for clean air)






And another is you push your jacked-up prices as ‘the definitive’

Insurers, Doctors, Mechanics and Lawyers

You sit their in your celebrity boxes and  stymie people with better ways.


You don’t own the county, government

You don’t own the country, landowners

You don’t own the country, tax payers

You don’t own the country, church-goers

You don’t own the country, military




Insurgence is also strongly related.



An Insurgence comes along in certain communities and they write new laws and get on the high-horse of spokesmen-ship and fact establishment.


An Insurgence is also played out by the rebels and BDL Clan, it is a military onslaught, but will use what is around it, from bad living conditions and injustice to religion or racial cleansing  or even just gone haywire and dangerously bored.


Pre-Planned Destiny and BoB/bOb and Long Range Organization At Sub Level, Barely Detectable Basic Responses of Cross-section Of Humanity.