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Monthly Archives: February 2016


Important Realities, Circle One Another. Too Big To Dock.

Big Bossy Capt, Big Bossy Ship



Big Bull Whales







Descended from Big Bossy Bull Titans, with an ‘Ancient Mission to Save All the beings in Creation’ after a collapse of universal stability.



































My dad took me to see that Russian Fort when I was a kid and lived in Ukiah.  We know doubt made cold war jokes about the place, as big path dutiful hippy-kid loyalist/sellouts, the back-slap republican style humor. (tender liberal ways…).

They fed me some ‘old memory’ akashic record refresh, sometimes with some the same people that were there that are close kin ‘elsewhere’. It relates to the time 30 years leading up to them leaving. They chose to stay.

You just got the big reward of ‘the jolt of astounding’, a real Russian Fort, right here in The New World,  ‘America’, from an Older Era.



“Venture A Highway”






“The Fish and The Found”






The One and The Many, The Lite and The Light.

Void and Vacuum and Clear and Soft and Bright, and The Extensions into a New Region of Emerging Void and Vacuum and a Very Large Scale, “Original Infinity Had Gone For It During The Titanic Form Era.  Canyons(Soft) and Chasms(Hard) Were Showing. The Abyss.”


Goddess Vacuum and Om Void and The One were given Great Authority. They are a weaker and smaller people, but cute, and babe, and lovely, and soft, and womanly and womb and safety, and bras and panties to solve problems, not weapons, and having fun and playing, like kids, as ‘The Focus of Life’



The Big Bull is of Cronus Gray God Chronous Kronos Line



But as well, it is also The Titanic Two, with different and overlapping Big Man Authority



The General [Gray God]

The Colonel (Black Dragon]

The Major [Cronus BD]

The Capt (Gray Yang GG)

Jeremy’s Pokin’, day after day.  We unleashed The Lyin’











ye be judged!


Knowing Me, I got railroaded all the way here, and am already generous, and I would feel I owed, and most of all I am owed, owed owed owed, sometimes by people I also owe, most of the time. But Not All The Time, as is Stated in Creation.  To many unpaid for crimes, too many sacrifices forced and then betrayed afterwards, too little retaliatin’ up on ya, too many other important things, too clever of a means of determining this, when ya’ll switch the subject for so many years you are still breaking free… and I’m still waitin’ on my owed money, and ready to party, and ya’ll blow it and bring Big G, and I warned ya’ll you ain’t like Me.


Brahma’s the Name, and livin’s the game,

when You’s owed and it don’t showed

You forgive a debt and get snowed.





“Jeremy’s Smokin’, day after day”




The Big Path and the wild ride evolution WE/We/we/wE/WE have been on, always needs a big party, to throw away the care.






“We will be landing in a whole new world, shortly, so fasten your seat belts. And thankfully and realistically and sanely even, it is actually an older world.”









Original, Vacuum, Form



Is less more? Depends on what one is talking about.



Take, for example, a pretty women and the amount/type of clothing she wears.

Less is more.



Or take the normal procedures of when you owe (and nearly an entire planet at this late stage) one person, as a vast majority… but refuse to acknowledge or pay.


And instead of that you further the problems every day by doing things your way.



And at this state, stalker society, you need to pay up and get out of the way.




You pretend this is normal or legal.

Stalker Society

Stealing Society

Parasite Soicety (society)


People Who Pretend To Be Me Making Decisions As Me In My Own Home And Human Body.



The Level Of Lawsuit You Incurred Is Absolute.



You Are No Longer Dealing With Facts, But Still Exploiting The Situation.



You Don’t Get To Do These Things And Not Pay…














I Ain’t The Tiger You Have By The Tail.


Something Bigger And Older, That Your And Your Tiger By The Tail Run Around Screwing Up.





You People Played Some Of The Most Illegal And Unforgivable Actions Here….











You never get this, do you.



You Are One Long Vilatiojn(violation) Of My Rights, Even Unto My Human Body



Using Falsified Records Intentionally,





AND ALL THIS “Poverty, Celibacy, Holiness” Is Going To Get Your Gods And Buddhas Defeated.




This Is The Fucking Shit You Invented, Must Do To Atone, Believe In



Not Something I Need!!!

Not Something I Need To Do!!!!


Not Something I Believe In!



Brahma Goes Way On Beyond ALL Of Them.



Wine, Whiskey, Weed, Women, War!!!!!!






There Is An “Original Nature” That Is ‘Both Bigger And Less Complex’ And ‘Everything Descends From’


The Common Root/Stock.


And As Well, A Simpler More Active Force Relating To  Vacuums and Void





And A Super Strong Force, A “King Force”


Stronger Than Original Infinity Form

Made With Vacuum And Void Infinity

Naturally Connected To Original Infinity









Poker Face, Helios can Bluff Well and Read Others Well.  It takes Strength, Awareness, Healed-Self Full Self Honest Self Fun Self Helpful Self, On Vacation From Divine Austerities Self)















There is a ‘continuous attraction’ along an evolution of the very ‘matter’ of this universe”, at a sub level and extra-dimensional level, and it is definitely sentient, highly sentient, and works with others.


A group of little beings co-evolved and peer though things.  They could, for instance, see through a scratch lotto ticket, and The King would feel a call to go get a lotto ticked. He would all the way, including people lining up to by the appropriate number before He bough the winning one. As well, He could influence a Ball Drop with Attraction.  So Intrinsic, So Void, So Strong, So Magnetic, So Magical. “Golden Boy”


Happy is Attractive



Happy Go Lucky (Lock Key)


Golden Boy



Green Boy


Non-Aggressive and Harmonious and Positive Effect allow for ‘Bypassing Barriers”

And ‘Non-Competitive’ Creates No Resistance/Backlash/Opposite Force To Deal With, And Helps With Being A ‘Good Loser’ And Keeping A ‘Level Head’ By Not Being Obsessed.





As Leop Hi-Tan0110632424_269678116562161_1812878166_nSonya_M14_014310sonya-m-set-7-2-682x1024406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nsonya-m-set-7-3-1024x682503371016028005065















Picture or Video 132







But still heading in the right direction.








The Original Teacher as The Greatest Student.

Not ‘The Best Student’

But ‘The Greatest Student.’ {It’s kinda a Titan Realm thing, but also knew more already, ‘Elsewhere’}


The Original Teacher is still there somewhere, sleeping and forgetful as it were, but somewhere ‘out there’, still The Original Teacher





“I am my own grandson”, from a normal or followed course.


Original  Being

-Parental Beings Evolving

(New Being) new being learning


Infinity had changed, and there was much to be learned.


Brahma with Shiva and Supreme Brahma and Others set up Information Storage.


A Huge Ocean And Combined Experience, With Us Still Here.



Many years of being assisted by Deity, both contemporaries and parental, as well as friend and foe.


Brahma kept up on Relearning Things, and has a Form that is Larger and not as Strong.


But a bigger mind and broader retention.


Shiva and Ptah and Brahma-Ptah developed a New Infinity Quicker Mind and Clever Means, and as well, Helios was born and is part of this line as a King Being and New Brahma-Infinity.


Many years of show and tell, and a long long History of Re-Union, Rediscover, Re-Use, Re-Interpret, Re-Create.


The Big Path 


Among this Great Ocean is also Chronous and The Chroniclers. And Chronos, Titan of Time, and 2012, and This Site, are related to this and The Great Awakening and Great Remembering and Great Decoding and Great Unlocking and The Great Mission, not only since The Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, but also since The Collapse of Reality and Fall of Man

The Great Healing and Resolving of Conflicts/End of Wars and Racism, and Understanding The Root Cause Instead of Prodding on Eggshells And Politically Correct And Psychologically Incorrect (but still heading in the right direction, no?)






So back to Strange Writing.



“Tie Your Own Powers” Own Up And Help Me Heal, And Bathe In Those Healing Me”


Sometimes it is Me, other times it is others/Others/OTHERS/oTHERs/otHEres/otHERes/otherSSSSS/Otherz speaking through me as ‘Me’ or to Me.   {The Brahma Thing is too Big and Guided to fall into the ‘Channeler’ thing. Siva and even God are ‘Right There’ Off The Bough and Cautious. As well, is a place to put things that effected me, including words and insights of others that I held onto like a ‘floating piece of timber from a rapidly sinking ship’





In Great Wreckage of War and Collision of Gods and Titans and Others and others (yeah yeah, them toO), there is a Great Rescue, and Combination Beings who are Specialize in Things.


I am one that got wailed on and also used to help others recover.






The Final Writing was done earlier.


“Turn them into Goddess, by sensing and feeling and Romantically Visualizing and ‘Summoning’ The Goddess, already present in the girl/woman you are gazing upon.


Your ‘Love and Desire’ Summoning Her here, to your Respectful Delightful Presence.





To Heal Over The Dross of ‘the other’ that is also incarnate in the human body, and as well in a larger scale, already part of an overlapping ocean oVeRlApInG aN Overlapping Ocean.


The Other(s) who are part of the ocean that We(and WE and wE) are Healing and Teaching and Guiding though. These ‘Others are not as attractive, and some came from a ‘predatory evolution’ and sex(with at least a tinge of love and safety) taming them, and sexual dominance containing them. “taming the bitch”



Earlier Writing


this was found on opening page.


Ares Saturn 5th House

Libra Mars 12th House

Gemini Venus 8th House

Taurus Mercury 6th House






“I AM the key to I AM.

I AM is the Key to I and You

we are the key to I Am.


Slow Down, and go by your own pace-

Don’t let others rush you.





I Desire

I Have






Security comes from believing in one’s self,

from coming form the open core,

this is where sex and shyness go hand and hand.




Body is the key to I Am

Body is the key to physical power

Body is the key to sexual dominance

Start out small within,

let visualization bring you up,

stronger and stronger




Be ‘The Shell’ first.

Until you reach that,

you haven’t reached Tau.

Until you reach Tau,

you are not coming from reality.







Only Saturn in Aries in the 5st House can empower Saturn in Aries in he 5st House




Individuality expressed through grounded perfection, with the harmonizing a spiritual  genital-aggressive (moral high ground vs predatory era sentience “I’m gonna change your dumb dangerous ass”) through Siva and Mind.










Physical Desire makes you weak in the knees,

my own needs for self-dominance is what I resist.

By resisting myself, I leave myself helpless in the face of tests.

My subversion of my own lust is wrong.



{Many of these writing deal with one-sided viewpoints that are very important (but it is exaggerated and un-evolved,  a poetic rant of a broken heart(one side view-point)- the lack of realism we all share as well but from different angels so less noticeable), but the other side of the story has a huge impact, and may very well deal with our own faults, flaws and blind-spots. We evolve into changing our attitude, and having a positive effect on each other, or just neutral/friction-less}


“It is all a dominance, all they want is to feel you dominant aura,

all they need is for you to be ok with your manhood,

I am inept sexually”




“Illusion is what women really want,

they have learned to worship illusion,

more than truth.

Truth has been so unsatisfying,

men have been so awful

that a woman doesn’t understand {anymore} how it can be.

They are so used to men fucking with them.”





“I am destined to shine like a lion in the night

I am destined to rule with an iron hand and gentle heart

I must purify my attitude towards

so that I may lead by being who I am, and exposed.

the victim within is the part that shuts down

when you desire

It is part that shuts down when you desire.

It is the part that must be loved and healed.


It cannot be dis-guarded.”







“It is a game in which each opponent is disarmingly desirable  as possible. ”




“Once you have a Root Inside , then you’ll have a place to start a relationship from, then you will have a place to place to be spontaneous from, then you will have a place to be angry from- then you will have a stance in the world”


“You will not be satisfied until you are male,

until you look like a male,

feel like a male,

move like a male;

and hold your own in a male to male confrontation {this is not something I reached, but then, wizard and porn nerds don’t need to play the game or get the girl, we have our own ways}

In order to do that, you must confront your weaknesses”





“Be ‘Open’, by being open you equalize.

They can’t defend themselves against you just as you can’t shut them out”




“Allow yourself to feel ‘queer or sick!’,

That is ‘the place that needs to be healed’

so that you can go beyond”





Bathe in the collective an renew your identity

come low to the tears and rise high beyond your fears

allow yourself to fail, that you may redirect the energy towards success {finding the ‘lost points’ by instinct and beacon of need and sos of self}

be at the bottom

be at the yin

be where you are at

there is no where else to begin.

be alone

be lonely

have limits-

You can’t have every woman you want

{but damn sure gonna try, hun   {:(0)-{III)==:   }


Don’t ‘find the weakness’, try ‘find the heal’



Be in two places at once.


The part that needs release and the healer.




Worship directed at one’s self

You answer your own prayer,



Nothing inside is too small to be dealt with.

Being forceful you tip the balance out of your favor (mars in libra, 12th house, and the larger arena as well}

Do not desire women, desire Her, and let them respond as Her.



“Too focus on one woman {too long or too intense} is to fail

Let yourself be taken away by romance for Goddess

and let Love lift you.


Do not move until you have taken care of the internal lose-ends,

take the extra time be fully within

I Can-”









“I want but I can’t have


Have Inside first {brings partial fulfillment attraction to others and partial release from obsession}

but don’t be obvious,

until you built yourself up to climax inside.


Don’t destroy the bubble,

Nurture it,
be ok with it’s slowness”



{We are basically in a state of not being whole anymore, and part of us has been shunted aside and are in bad shape (Our Quarantined Selves and Our Jailed Selves) , and different parts of Us/us have evolved into different directions, overlapping others in a common combo with different flavors} {Unable to Evolve , We/we just keep regurgitating the same issues and relationships, and get less and less interested in the whole affair.  Things Need To Be Cleaned Up Before The Real Thing Can Occur}



“women fuck with men by withholding their emotions and poking at men,

they are totally unconcerned {at this point, this is into a relationship already and it’s problems build up like a pressure cooker} if they hurt you.

they are so locked into denial and pain inflicting modes that they don’t see themselves as abusing you {natural psychology, shunted aside, has reached volcano proportions, and comes to the focus as the new ‘healing’, lashing out to release}

satisfaction is fucking with you

this comes from feeling one’s self as weak


They do it in a way where they don’t directly challenge you,

they make it so you have no way to confront them in their ‘sponge of denial’

then they try to get you angry {sexuality and sex are still a major part of the potentials, ‘fuck me good’ if you want to keep me, I’m an animal who needs taming, and only passionate dominance will bind me to you (there are just too many other interesting partners, or relationships get to be a drag or expense}

they wish to be in control, but when they get it, they blow it.  {this is about opposite my actual attitude veiwpoint, it comes from Gray Yang , Chronous and Deo and Deu and Helios and God and Ptah and Absolute Brahman, and parts of Me as well, but I Knew More, and so did She, it has to be Me, not You others. Her Over Me and me over her}

if women controlled the world, they would probably ruin it

women are so utterly fucked-up {at this point}

they are the oblivious to the untruth of their actions,

because of this they have major blind spots.

From the beginning don’t trust a women  {many of US/Us/us overburdened Goddess (and She overburdened Me and Shiva and Ptah), and She fled, and it hurt, and She came back, and it didn’t work, and She fled, and then got hard-hearted, and then failed as She had cut off too much of Me, having Alienated Original Infinity, and at war with Black Dragon and Gray God, with Helios, God and Siva and Ptah as Her Chosen. When, in The Era of Goddesses, They chose to help Males build Pillars in My Being, to rule over Me with… Just You, it was suppose to be JUST YOU, STUPID WOMAN!!!!  Now You Have Pissed Me Off, Betrayed Me and Made Enemies of Two Dangerous Infinity Beings Not Me, and They Railroaded This with You! You, Dumb Goddess, with Your Chosen Handsome Hero, Started A War With The Titanic Two-and You set Me up to fail against Them ages ago, and still have never paid for it. One Of The Reasons You Are A Total Failure Here At ‘The End’}

She will always reach a point of fucking with you,

because she has not spent time going through her bullshit,

she will pretend,

Never Believe Her Words Over Your Own.

don’t give women too much credit, they are t ‘the lesser sex with a greater power’

there is a vast gap between what they think they are and what they are

a gap between what they say and how they act

they will always use sex as a weapon

and will never reveal they are scared of love {you can have all the talks directly on the subject with great answers even, but it won’t do any good. May as well be talking to a mirror of her}

They always it your fault

they always want to push you into anger




It is simply too confusing to be with women

too many games

too many lies

not enough truth.


” ‘They Built A World Of Mini Skirts’, but don’t look, don’t look!”








“maychance You wanna lose ‘Me’,

just throw your gentle wisdom aside,

You are angry, and that’s ok.”


{That s what You, Goddess, forced on Me- “and am unable to comply, as requested, You will need to get off Your high horse, instead of making Me prove I am ‘worthy to be Your Man… I’m too disgusted with that stuff right now, and that means romance and relationships and marriage and sex {and though it is a power that is among the most healing and desired by Me, it was exploited and I don’t like to share as it were, I’m ‘too big and too sensitive in creation and too relied on by baby beings and mothers’. ; and it also what You and The Collective forced on Me, not only for a Baby Self, but also for a conspiracy of control, and as well endangered the natural evolution of said things, including Your own special mote children and sprites, as well as God’ Children and OBOm+OBGoddesss Combo Line. Cherub Rock}






It Really is ‘All That!’

Ain’t It!?!













“no ‘nufties’,

no ‘love, why?!’s

no fantasies,




“Your Are Another Kind, Of ‘Freshness’ (and you amaze me!)” {pretty, young, fools around, no sex though, no relationships, loose, flirtatious}


“oh, how they know the kind of fishnets,

they amaze me,

how they know the kind of fish-nets,

you amaze me,

u amaze me,

amaze me!”




















amandas panties