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Monthly Archives: March 2016



Or cover up your fat ass with a big black dress, and quit pretending I am interested(I’d choose porn over you), or forgiving about these things… (you have been taking this the wrong direction for ages)



[It was worth a try…]
























And stuck in a role of pre-emptive retort assault and a prefab gang/mob style collective stymie.


And you are getting little beings killed, by your decisions…


But Hey, IT’S ONLY HELL!!!!


And You Get To Pay!


And the authority you are using is illegal.

And it is coming from government and religion (and the same good old boy titans…)



You ‘talked’ to your victims, to assure them all was ok…



With the extensive ‘investigation’ and organizations, using (abusing) government powers and other secrets relative to parallel universe and life incarnating on earth.


And are also influencing people and the web search engines, to edit out certain things needed, and part of how this is done is a ‘Long Range Plan’ involving Everyone. Literally.


Like a record and it’s bumps, we jump at certain times to a pre-engineered routine.


Like a player piano, it got locked with The Machine in a self-recycle loop, with no one at the helm, and Major Powers Contesting for The Helm, battling it out, and knocking the others off when they attain it.

What all relates to the previous post…





When someone you like votes for the other candidate, and you turn on them, and berate them with all you have, in a form of character assassination and weird purge…


What is this?


And when it is republican vs democrat, there is a bit of logic, but to see it happening between democrats..?





What is this?