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Monthly Archives: April 2016

An old BoB bOb BoB Dimensional Cheat , to bypass things.

Legal Things

Financial Things

Vanilla_zingerscupid-graphics-02-fuul1241slaad4ezingers-hostessScreen shot 2016-01-14 at 12.36.19 AMvernors-ginger-ale-the-vernors-gnome-john-madisonf8b6098959caa7fb6a3d18b3d813c577






They are less worthy of Rule, however.


The Others made a choice, and have Special Evolutions.



So though The Big Picture may be more Pagan, it is The Others who over-achieved into something remarkable and unique. This is The Ruling Principle, The Ruling Pinnacle.




But as far as Rule goes, God, that is a quicksand that The Others are stuck in.




If a God or Titan cannot live a Pagan Lifestyle, and You are The Ranking Principle, than it is You who are now ‘out of touch with the bigger picture and truth’, and no longer qualified to Rule.


Too Much Time Is Spent On ‘Ruling’… don’t You think, God?


So one can lay down and Obey Your every word or command, without Self-Examination, but this is no longer The Truth, it is A Truth and A Conspiracy.



The No Sex Zone became The Ranking Principle

This is a Very Needed Region, and where part of Goddess needs to be just as Mother with Motes.

This Must Be Viewed As Most Important!!! {It is, but a Gray God Order got used here, and with ulterior motives, and massive control schemes}


There are other zones of Goddess, though, and those zones need romance and sex.



Part of what is also needed, She need to reconnect with certain Beings,  to ‘Rebuild Love and Rebuild Attraction’ as well as To Have Fun







An Invaded Region


A Victim

A Warrior

A Slut

A Killer

A Liar

A Loser

A Thief.

A Goddess With An Army

A Goddess Deserving of The Accusation :Pagan, and Pa Gone in this case as well.

A Goddess With As Many Dicks In Her As Possible.

A Goddess Hated By Those Who Once Loved Or Cared About Her.

A Goddess On A Slow Decline, A Steep Incline, And Far Behind Any Realistic Rescue…

… for a Goddess that has fucked up as much as You have, and fucked up as many people’s lives and fucked as many people over, and Gods and Titans as well as people.


“The Path of a Predatory Super Goddess”


Sex and Manipulation, Theft and Falsification… These Are Still Wired Into Creation By You.

And Into The Gods and The Titans, who You once Seduced and Co-Mingled with.



The Era Of Artificially Overvalued Self.

‘The Self-Rights Of The Victor, Programmed Into The Defeated’

‘The Instant Rights Of The Woman Accusing’

The Woeman Approach

The Manipulation Of Mankind Through Pussy Power.

The Keep Coming Back To Haunt Ya Over And Over.

The Set One Man Against The Other.


And all of Us and us that had to grow up, trapped, for millions of years, with the same Goddess and Her control strategy, as She slowly declined into something worse, or reverted back to Her worst with Her Killer Crew, and Handsome Hacks and Jaded Jacks, and Added Attacks. You and Yours attempted to Cheat The Whole Process.



The Region of Shakti


(Shiva Pre Proto Vacuum)

Pre Proto Form Black Dragon

—Gray Yang and Grey Yin Shakti (and Grey Yang Hiding)


—- Yama

Shakti Proto Vacuum

—- Vishnu


—Cronus and Great Goddess Shakti (and Great Om Hiding)

Proto Form Gray God

(Goddess Vacuum)




In This Scenario, The Titans Learned Not To Trust A Victim With Vengeance

Learned Not To Trust A Goddess’ Love

Learned To Disdain Her Or Wrongfully Use Her Sexually










“The Path of a Predatory Super Goddess”


Sex and Love are Very Important for Goddess and Eos




Things got into a No Sex Zones defensive posture, but it was Male Oriented.


The most important little being, called motes, date from very ancient times, and are ‘the cuteness’ evolution and ‘the babes’ evolution.


This is where Goddess needs to be the most, without interruptions, and with full autonomy and help.


This is where a male counterpart does not work well, the cute little beings need to be that counterpart, and a normal sex and love evolution is too distracting and potentially dangerous.


There are Maternal evolutions of Goddess


There are Sexual evolutions of Goddess


There are Freedom evolutions of Goddess.





In The Machine and Omnius, and in order to confront Ancient and Overwhelming Problems, things got hooked up in various fashions.   Some of it leads to better functionality, some of it leads to murder and mayhem…



Wrongful Control of Goddess for Sexual purposes, and as well Producing Offspring to Use Up Infinity, has lead to some major hurtles.



‘Becoming The Other’ became too prevalent.



This is done by Invading Inside Out and Mutating.  Using strong form and high energy and all sorts of emotions and enticements, inducing responses in the other to get them to do things non-self-preservation. Ages of evolutions of ‘sacrifices that must be made’, and you get to be that…




From coercion to wired-brained.

The Gods come from The Weakened Regions. Vacuum,Void.


The Titans come from The Condensed Region. Form.





This is what Shiva and Supreme Brahma are now telling me{Me} right now.





The Gods:






The Titans:


Gray God

Black Dragon




The Third Titan works with The Gods to make them Stronger and Bigger.

The 4th Titan, Brahma, does as well, but is less inclined. The 4th Titan is Half Titan and Biggest Titan, but not Strongest Titan.  The Combination of The Three Titans, and Ganged Upon Him, Within Him, Without Him, make a huge mess and pain, and robbed Beinghood, and robbed functionality. Hades is Hades for this reason, and The Kraken is what They are building out of His stolen Being, and Their own.


All the Others, Gods and Titans, have turned this into a siphon fest on Brahma and Original Brahma {Original Infinity Being}




Pre Proto Vacuum  a Super God

Pre Proto Form a Titan

Proto Vacuum a Super Goddess

Proto Form a Titan

Vacuum a Goddess

Form a Titan

Void a God

Final Form a Titan


Final Form started The Style that The Titans Choose. He was a very strong Being.


Part of what The Titans and The Gods are is ‘Reconnecting to Infinity and Growing in Size and Reconnecting back down to Form, and growing in Strength, and Evolving Self, (and Merging with the more and less evolved the bring up the whole). <– Titanic Path, but Brahma gets used, and in the end, they don’t learn, keep stealing and growing off of His Being, and Original Being, and it becomes “I sacrifice Myself to save My enemies, from a cause not My own.  Yet I will not drop the ball, I to have been in on The Rescue Ordeal since the beginning but I do it differently, and it is I that got betrayed by They, who exploited this, and intended for Me to get sacrificed in the end.  They turned this into a slavery, railroaded to The End with High and Mighty.







“They don’t call Him ‘Hades’ for nothing, people…  {though He is a Combo Being, and They will just Flip The Switch On Him’ and shut Him down, and though it really pissed Him {Me} off, it is far safer for a bunch of more important little beings, and some jackass mortals as well.}





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Screen shot 2016-04-27 at 11.50.47 PM










and Drag ‘Em All Down and Use ‘Em As A Ladder.


and The Evil at The Bottom of The Pit.




Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 4.58.44 PM

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 4.58.56 PM

















Chinese-Gold-Dragon-Black-backgroundmaxresdefault (1)golden_dragon_by_anndr-d4bkkv9d3c5f59c3facee3ef320bc008f1c5193



















































… but He also charge you for the boat ride.


He Row.



Heroes don’t charge for the boat ride, they rescue you for free.


Well, sometimes, they save your woman 1st, but can’t quite rescue you in time.


“women and children first”



Here Oh

You are running around touting ‘realism’ and going through the same motions with the same statistics.


But you are not in reality changing society or fixing the problems.





What has been spelled out here, with a skeleton of an economy and an end to vagrancy laws, and prostitution and drug laws, and a 100% push towards growing maximum amount of food and getting maximum amount of water, and getting people off the grid, and the government smaller and out of the peoples hair.


While at the same time, the higher end product, and lots of normal stuff, is still there in ‘the economy’ for the go-getters.


The most excellent food and a lot of basic stuff is still sold at the stores, but there is enough bumper crop to hand out lots of the staples.


Driving the costs down for low income housing and living, and getting as many people off the grid and out of governments hair and responsibility for.





Taking a step back to earlier eras, not forward to the out of control future, and fixing the problems, as we step into the future.


Not just writing and saying and meaning great speeches, but getting out there as a country and making legendary changes.



As far as cities go, they will not be all that changed, but with the added bonus of  “I can live in/out of my car’ in a designated 3/4 of the city.”


You can work 2 hour jobs

The boss does not have to pay full 8 hour days, just 2/2/2/2

The workers do not stay past maximum productivity

There is work to be had, and an America to see.




On the population front, it is imperative to see sex-robots and porn as a huge saving grace.

Religion ain’t gonna stop that tsunami.





As well, when we go for ‘watering the earth’ to grow up the plants again, we are setting in motion a life-cycle paradigm that should end in more oxygen.








“We are not going to collapse the economy, just fold it up a bit”






You are running around touting ‘realism’ and going through the same motions with the same statistics, club still in hand, and dragging your woman by the hair back to your cave; the only thing that has changed here, is you are in your underpants now, not tiger-skin furs.