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Monthly Archives: May 2016






Around Here, You are The Appropriate ‘Father’.

Born of The Line of White Law Ptah ‘The White Bird’ ‘The White Dragon’, and as well of The Coned Gray Throne for The White Bird.


And King and His Throne born as One and Two. As Three.


You are also born as Baby Ptah and Baby Peter, from ancient times inn Lebanon to cutting cherry trees down in America, a Very Distinguished, and sometimes Blemished, history.

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You are also of The Line of Space Age and not Religion. (Though You never stray far from Spirituality and Archaic)


This is The Original Infinity Being’s Preferred Course As Well… Archaic, Space Age, Spirituality/Being Nice To Each-Other Overall. Not 100%, just overall. Not fake nice, nor forced resolution, or confronting closure. Just nice overall, get out of my face, and slip out the back, jack.



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The Natural State of Human is Self Freedom

This is close to Original Brahma.

Community comes with Goddess and Om, and Eos and God.

Weaker Beings needed to cluster together and get help and Help


TRI Bull Ism comes along with The Titanic Three, who Usurped Infinity, and rode The Bad Rule and Vacillate and Morality Redemption all the way to the modern world.



Third Titan: King and Religion

Titanic Two: Warrior and Religion




Tribalism and Worship are related.



As well Elite Exclusive and Survival or The Fittest in Usurper Era.



The Strong Man Leader T2

The Priest King T3



1beb9b6e9b09c309f127bcc4002dd5daTry Bal Ism {apparently you did}


One of the Inherent Properties of Titanic Two and Third Titan are They Are Big, Really Really Big. They Are Elite. Really Really Elite. They Are Trained, Continuously Working Themselves And Us All Into A Stupor To Stay Combat Ready For ‘The End’.  ‘But There Is Nobility And Overachiever Savior going on the whole time of all that bad stuff is going on, so don’t think you will win…’







You banked on winning a bunch of criminals no one is ever going to beat



This Is A Timeline And Arena You Need To Understand Better.



Yeah, as long as you can get me some of the mega millions of what I am actually owed.


“And I ain’t lookin’ for a mate, date or a wife… or even party.” I’m too ruined for that now. I’m still pretty enough to fix up superficially, though.

Ya kinda ruined that for me experientially speaking. BoB bOb. This is a rough ride, not a glide. I get a rough ride so She can glide”


‘The Spirit Line Has The Hangup Over Sex And Money And Austerity.’






Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 12.27.15 AM


The Spiritual Line is different, and more important due to a danger and a mission. ‘Intrinsic Rulers Within Life’. This brings a danger due to collateral effects, and having been targeted by the stronger and uncaring titans. And therefore, they also have too many weapons to defend with, and these are compromised.


Shiva, Helios, God


The Skye



Brahma and The Titanic Two are The Ground




Supreme Being: Spirit King Hero ‘Religion’

The Sultan: Spirit Warrior Emperor ‘Religion’

The Guardian: Spirit Warrior General ‘Religion’

Ravana: All The Above ‘Magic’



Brahma is just Lit Up by These Beings.



All Things Are Contained Within Brahma,

Or Contained Within Those Contained Within Brahma




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Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 1.02.40 AM



Screen shot 2016-05-31 at 1.02.06 AM
























Egg: white shell, clear good innards, golden goo core





Clear is the color of Om

God is the color of White



Goddess evolved along with this.



Goddess vacuum

(God) void-vacuum ‘om heading towards stronger’

(Eos) vacuum-void  ‘goddess heading towards weaker’

Om void



This is among the first Evolutions They had.





God goes in more than one direction here.



Om and God are God Primus.


The Egg Realm within Goddess.







Big Goddess, Lady Brahma

Queen B, Lady Brahma with Helios Supreme Brahma



Lady Brahma and Queen Bee were suppose to have been with Brahma, but Evolution went Predatory on Original Infinity


Brahma was Original Being.


Now there were Many.



The Titanic Two had set out to take over Infinity, both being Forms of Brahma.

The Third Titan helped Them as well.



Early on there became no more room to grow, so They Took By Force.



This set up as well as situation were Goddess, and Others were dictated terms to.

“Come along, or die” was The Titans Terms.





This all lead up to The End, and God championing The Cause of Good, Truth, Justice, Fair Play, and Cheating for ‘The Prey’

“taught to children that titans snatch.” that’s right, that’s right.






You Helped It Become So…




Then You Went And Buried Your Head In The Sand Of Abnormality, And This Is Called Normal. Denial and Rejection, stopping Functionality. Locked Down and Numb.


Not Normal!

Don’t Ever Second-Guess Me Again!!!


Take Your Heads Our Of Your Asses!


You Also Are Busted For Editing ‘The Truth, The Evidence.’




You are still trying to Dictate Terms ( you fucking pieces of shit Hostage Keeper Toads!  Invaded by Evil, You went for it!) {and don’t go killing toads on earth, They won’t really be the same thing. Don’t go killing birds either. This ancient war has a lot of us prepped to do some pretty nasty evil stuff, all sarked out and full of zeal, and ages of pain and crime that is real}


You are also using a Timing Trick and Aligning, both very illegal.

You are also using Invasion Into Human Body to Orchestrate Things.


When someone doesn’t want you to do something, you go off and do it right away, behind their backs, and with a troupe and a lever.


You are also ‘intruding with a lead-in conversation, and adding things to it; when people try to stop you, you extend it, going the wrong direction’


Frog Mouth. ‘a sort of clearing of the throat like behavior, but it is done intentionally and to ‘send them a message!!!, and this is coming from and Invaded Region and Hostage Keepers right through Their victims human bodies.


You are ‘Forcing Criminal Overlays’ and choosing things that you want done, at the expense of en entire planet. This Puppets The Proccess And Earth!






“Basically You  Normal People Need To Wake Your Asses Up So This Thing Works. This Process of Justice of Healing with The Machine and Omnius.”



Most of this stuff is Overlapped onto other Powers and Functionality.


This makes it very difficult.



There Are Three Big Problems, 3 Categories: