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Familiarity Family


Original(Infinity) – Titanic(Affinity) – Superball Collapse(Amped) Interconnected


“at a certain time when Infinity was changing, and a huge collapse into a Titanic Ball in The Middle, a big danger had been noted in the personality change of major beings, and the onslaught of jealousy and strife and contesting and secrecy and long range planning and programming oneself into a machine vengeance or rote motion moralist.”


Major Steps Were Taken To Safeguard, And These Are Related To Instincts, Related To The Beings That Created The Universe And Later Inhabited It, Evolving Many Things And Beings And Many Directions… And Lost Themselves In It!


In The Early Universe The Gods And Titans Were More Present, And The Whole Thing Was Closer To Humans And City Building.


As Life Inhabited They Were Forced To Retreat Due To Danger From Giant Size And Giant Effects.



‘Giants’, however, are a Form Of Ancient Life From Early Time And Proto Universe.


Titans are similar, but bigger and stronger and come from a Theft Thug Transfer, and this ‘Resource’ was promised to The Giants, who partially went for it, but was halted.



Original Titan

Weakened Titan

Titanic Giant

Original Giant



All Four Lines Are In Existence, And As Well Incarnate On Earth As Humans.



Many Animals And Aliens Also Incarnate On Earth As Humans.




Nate, you know, IncarNate, made a mistake (not that the Fonz ever makes a mistake, mind you), and got too controlling and dictatorial and long range usurper theft in the name of justice. This is of course King Helios, ya know, He and Hero and Healing.


You will just have to stuff it!






Rainmaker ‘Attraction Along A Void/Vacuum Oriented Media With Clumps Of Matter In It, And Assistance At Sub Level From Still Slightly Present Deity” {Rain Caller or Rain Bringer or Storm Caller}








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Like a magnet attracts, but it appears invisible, these things are Powered by Sentient Ego Preemptive Might (Strength, Zeal, Faith, Ability, Awareness, Delving Into, Depth of Connection) and an Ancient Evolution by Intent and Invention in a Randomly Evolving Universe.







Spiel Maker


get the belief of others and the collective and direct it as a combined force.


moving in unison and multiple supporting powerheads.


Good_intentionsScreen shot 2016-05-10 at 11.48.27 AMScreen shot 2016-05-18 at 8.20.33 AM







A (Titanic Infinity] are The Master of Magic and War through Might and Engineering Creation from Control Points and Maximum Powerbase Evolution. The Former Thieves of Infinity using Stolen Infinity and Self-Infinity to Create Forever a Hierarchy.






Brahma, Original Infinity.

Master of Magic and War through being the Original Being both Evolving and Co-Evolving, but in too many diverse selves undefendable, and with too much at stake with many being in Creation and too best upon from ages old Struggles, relating to A and Theft of Infinity, B.





A is actually 3 Form Brahmas, but Built Different and Partially Rogue.

They ganged up on Form Brahma and Stole and Solidified Themselves (now THEY] like a Control Box, for ‘there was no where else to grow in in infinity’. “A skeleton within infinity made of infinity, rogue; and many skeletons in the closets for the winners and some for the beneficiaries.




Shiva, another Greater God and partially Titanic and partially Rogue Predatory Infinity, and a very good Father for Baby Brahma and Baby Ptah and Ganesha and Others.


Shiva has an Ultimate Self, part Infinity, and this is Siva.


Vacuum Lord Form Self Seat.

Pre Proto Vacuum



Siva-Shiva is another Master of Magic and War, and is better than Brahma at a few things magical and spiritual and universally intrinsic.


Siva and Brahma have been at odds for millions of years, but Siva needs to win.


Brahma, all wrathful, went back and got His Big Self, and that is Original Infinity, and not a fair fight.



And worse, The Three Titans, also Form Brahmas, have ‘Ganged Up’ on Siva as Brahma, and tried to Steal Original Brahma Big Form, what THEY didn’t already steal.



But Siva-Shiva, as well, has ‘An Ancient Mission and Duty as Keeper of History and Facts and Evolutionary Experience and Wisdom, and works with Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah (+ ab, bp, bp point brahma and later merged into B BP P Baby Ptah-Om), a Major Pillar from The Dawn of Creation, but not very self-autonomous. These evolved as well with Vishnu and Helios and Om, and in other locations Titanic Two and God, but ‘These Things Are Kept Separation Because Of Ancient Infinity Power-Mergers And Macro Effect Collateral Damage, As Well As Ancient Personality Conflict Within Infinity And War






An ‘Ancient Lockdown, related to Religion, and at Universal Intrinsic Levels, prevents ‘Magic’ from full functionality, but it is also filtration, for spirituality and romance and ‘the lost in the act’ are still there. It would be deadened rote motion machine otherwise, and we are also part of an evolution identical to that. The Machine and Omnius

A is actually 3 Form Brahmas, but Built Different and Partially Rogue.

They ganged up on Form Brahma and Stole and Solidified Themselves (now THEY] like a Control Box, for ‘there was no where else to grow in in infinity’. “A skeleton within infinity made of infinity, rogue; and many skeletons in the closets for the winners and some for the beneficiaries.














If humans, who have overpopulated and damaged the world, set out to capture excess rainwater and used it to water the earth in drier seasons or regions as well as grow food and have steady water supply, we could offset a lot of the problems.

There Would Be No Drought In California!

At least relative to a whole lot of territory.




You can even water by airplane, and airplane by solar power.


‘Farm Hand Drones’






Save The Earth

Water The Earth

Grow The Plant Life Up High


Kiss The Problems Goodbye


“watering plants and trees helps with the ecosystem, ‘the hub of the biosphere’, and with carbon and oxygen”





And  in advanced emergency situations, a swath of the place is preserved and watered.




But one thing is for certain: You are trapped in an economic paradigm that will not confront the problems at the big level, and a well a despondent population prone to no and giving up and complaining. ‘At least we got to bitch about something, and maybe this will help make change’. A stalled general population.


Covert the society to preserving nature, and away from competitive economics.


As well, it must be seen in a proper way, and not with shyster.


Look at all the small town through-out America, and note that on a grass roots level a huge foundation has already been laid and funded.


Hoards of jobs can be created from saving the environment.

But more importantly we are safeguarding life on earth. Actively, with water and food and billions of hands helping.





Make very large long lasting tarps, to be unfolded and used with barrels. And advanced system could even switch barrels when they are full from using weight measure, balance,  levers, gears, and automated mechanical systems,  archaic weight trigger.


On a normal thing barrels manually transferred.  Pay by the barrel for workers.


An advanced archaic would use the flowing water to move the funnel-head at a slow speed and cover a bunch or barrels, or a row of them, and barrel transference,


Water could also be sold. And minerals added to rainwater for drinking.



Digging holes in the ground is a bad idea, but as well a containment area could be created and fed during heavy rain to be locally redistributed during drought. And dig out cubes or chunks of it, and relocate, with as minimal damage as possible.  Develop equipment and methods to due this. Or use mobile or stationary above ground storage.























cupid-graphics-02-fuul1Screen shot 2016-06-22 at 12.50.15 AM











Humor is Human

Serious is Snake or Spider

Lounging is Lion

Lunging is Lizard


In ancient Lemuria arose many great and forgotten civilizations, and with them came the advancements of agriculture and domesticating animals, and increased food availability.

And with this came indigestion…


Ancient Lemurian Alchemists rose to the challenge and developed the Proto Pepto Bismol. It was a large success, but the ruling elite soon capitalized on this, and successfully controlled it.



In an ancient protest like unto the boston tea party, the ancient people rose up in protest and threw all of their proto pepto bismol.





The ruling elite, having both king and shaman abilities, having lost the tale, centuries later turned it a sacred sanctuary, and many ages were spent on its banks, lending it spiritual energy.







Some of these ‘fantasy things’ I (and others) are writing are peopled by real deity, people, and events, or a template is used, and transposed, but with the same group of powerbases. {for instance, Vishnu of The Western Line T3 is a major part of the aristocracy and this story, and goes all the way back to Atlantis as an important people-level deity. Gray Yang Yama Deo Line is another major player here, and is also Ancient African Elite. )


YaMa and The YesMen ‘Yama and Vishnu’




1547cupid-graphics-02-fuul1xsaR8WgzScreen shot 2016-05-06 at 10.22.33 AMScreen shot 2016-05-18 at 7.27.17 PMgoddess-kaligolden_dragon_by_anndr-d4bkkv9kancolle-bismarck-Lacknerth-OmVFAOShiva-Ganeshji

This was unfortunately used with a clumsy determination using blanket statement and aggressive filtration


It also trod on a few peoples rights by ‘preemptive shutdown’


‘This Is My Story’



The Gray God, Top Gov Boss In Infinity (along with Black Dragon Counterpart) Made A Command Decision For The Collective Good, And This Put Me ‘On Hold’ Again.



When You Are Using The Time Consolidating Power And Removing Evidence On Yourself, This Is No Longer Viable.

Stay Positive.

Stay Safe.

Stay Steady.


Be On The Move, Nomadic. Be On The Go, Up And At ‘Em. Prance.

Be Stationary.  Stance. Trance.



Put In Some Work if possible   {it got ‘Hooked Up’ to Other Functionality}

Listen to Classical Music {Hooked Up

Listen to Jazz {Hooked Up


Mow The Lawn {Hooked Up

Play Video Games {Hooked Up



Toys For The Kids To Play With {Hooked Up

Tools For Adults To Play With {Hooked Up

A Women In The Kitchen With Her Utensils {Hooked Up

A Women In Bed With A Lover {Hooked Up

(or surf porn – Mr Jack is Hooked Up and Jacked Up- ‘The Big Solution’)



Lighting The Place Up Sentiently





“and if dad don’t want to go to work either, and wants to stay home and play video games, then we need to build a civilizations to facilitate this”



Help Facilitate Change




Prepare To Be Wrong When You Are Judgemental (but stay happy, helpful or silent, positive, grounded in the best fabric of self, stable, insightful, playful ‘the stuff that is right about you’) , Or Not At The Same Level As Others In A Context Of Focus Being On Something Lesser Or Great, Farther Behind Or Father Ahead, Or Just Plain Old Different. We Are Working In An Old Invaded And Confused Region.





A Unified All


This Bring Great Potentials, Great Dangers.


Usurper Of All



‘One Ring To Rule Them All,

One Ring To Find Them,

One Ring To Preemptively Attract Them All, {The Ring of a King, Helios King T1.)}]

And In The Darkness Bind Them.