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Monthly Archives: July 2016


In An Early Time, The T3-T1 was able to Peirce through T2 and T2 on the way back to Infinity.


Supreme Brahma was able to Invade (and using T4) Gray God and Black Dragon, at the Spot between Gray Brahma and Gray God and between Black Brahma and Black Dragon.


This lead to The Titanic Two, as Gray God and Black Dragon Merged, and Outer Powers Merged, part of The Sultan or Gray Brahma Yang. Two as One.


This later lead to a Development of Powers.


T1 Helios worked worked with Gray God and He and HE are from this.


Part of Big Mike was either used or Merged with Original Black Brahma and this lead to Brian. A from of Brahma and Big Mike and Lord God (Lord God is made of Big Mike Line, and also has Helios.




This is all part of the A of Infinity.


The Inner Core is a Trunk, where Supreme Brahma Pierced through Gray Brahma and Black Brahma as a Smaller Stronger Force, on the way back to Infinity.


The T2 came in from behind and built a bigger one (also using T4, and as well T3). This is The A.



Helios in Gray God Region is The Golden Sphinx.  The Gray God Region is the Bottom Half of the A.


The Top of the A is Black Dragon. This is a Black Pyramid.



“The Black Pyramid and The Gold Sphinx of Vegas, Baby”









‘A Great Individualist Self-Rights’ Tied To Coned-Power And Initiating A War For Same Powerbase, And A Ripping Apart Of Those Attached To You.


The Absolute One Hovering Hood Of Absorber And Absorbed


Coned Power Towers Using Too Much Infinity/Power.



You are trying to gauge things legally while you run around with this stuff, a preemptive assault, and blame-game, and a big puppet-show.







You Will End Up Losing To One Thing Or Another.


Some Bigger Force Will Simply Come After You For Harassing Them, For Misjudging Them, For Threatening Them, FOR BEING PETTY AND HALF ASLEEP DURING THESE TIMES!






You Will Not Be Getting Your World Back Anytime Soon.


You Are Still Vying For Control Of All Earth.


Still Doing Illegal Things That Don’t Show Up On The Radar.


Still Ignoring Crimes.


Still Ganging Up On The Few Not Guilty, and the few Innocent.




One of the Problems with Universal Brahma turns out to be Black Brahma. UB is a Black-Red Brahma.


This is a form of Brahma that is Usurper, and ended up attacking and becoming Red Brahma.


Black Dragon and Supreme Brahma are a big part of Black Brahma, and Shiva is as well.


‘Thou Art A Predator Upon Thyself’


And being so, Thou Are A Predator On Me {Red Brahma}

‘You Are Here’

You evolved into a Tactic against Original Goddess, Vacuum.



The Titan Wives are Smaller, Stronger and Attached to Goddess, Making A Dud Effect, And Stealing The Goddess Energy, To Create Children Made Of Both, And Then  Becoming The Children.


Part of a Wilting Willow Wive saps the self strength and willingness to fight back, and makes one complacent and feeling lucky to be alive and rescued, just as the wive feels.


This Overloads The Weaker And Prettier And Nicer Original Goddess Vacuum.


In The Era of Form, Original Goddess was getting Stuff Transferred For Growth.


This turned into Predatory Invasive and Strong over Weak, after Jealousy and War and Not Knowing Who Was Who, and Becoming Elite Pillars, and Vowing Vengeance on Wrongdoers Who Won.


Of Becoming Haughty, User, Insincere, Petty, Backstabbing, Unrealistic, Woeman.


You had found Your Man, and He was Hero.



He and You engaged in quite a few Crimes to take over Infinity, and to grow big enough to take on the Wrongdoers.




You are currently losing to The Sultan and parts of ‘Me’ and Me as well.


Guess You Should Have Know It Is A Two Way Street, You Made It One Way.


You Use Me, And Give Little In Return, And Sleep With My Enemies, And Belittle Me To My Enemies…


And Someone Spies On You The Whole Time, And Then…


Did I Mention That You Are Losing To The Sultan, and parts of ‘Me’, and parts of Me?



Guess You should figure out You are not really innocent anymore, Goddess.

Messiah Complex… well It’s closer to a Bunker Complex, but it is a Messiah Complex as well.


Maybe more like a Simplex.


Do you seem perplexed?


You Are Not Dealing With A Normally Disabled Person.



You Are Dealing With Prophecy.






Lets move beyond the story of Goddess and Eos, Former Rightful Rulers of These Proceedings.



You Want To Chose Helios And God, That Is Your Choice.

You Want To Be A Muddlehead Wielding Powers Not Within You Rights, And Get Little Beings Killed ‘Because They Aren’t Pretty’, This Is Also What Is Going On Because Of Your Choices And Evolution.


‘Recreates Them After Being Destroyed’

‘They Were Impure’

‘They Were Not Original Motes’




‘He’s So Gross!’  {and The Jailer, and I will NEVER have My fate with your/Yours again! Good Riddance Pretentious Pretty Twit!}



You are going to lose to a bunch of Rapists, but see, You are a bunch of Brainwashers, so it isn’t Good Losing To Evil, it is Two Styles Of Criminal.



And Highness/Holyness, is partly a Scam, mostly a Hostage Situation and Used As A Judge.


These are little beings that would prefer to stay hidden.


They get targeted and killed when found.



They get targeted and killed by Helios as well.



So, like They said, Goddess and Eos, You have made a Choice to be with Helios.



You Are A Disgrace.

You Are A Veiled Threat.


You Are Going To Lose.

You May Be Going To Jail, For Treason!

You Have Wrecked That Much Stuff, And Gotten The Backlash Against Parts Of Yourself That Don’t Have It Coming.



This Is What Happens, Holy Kings, When You Program Vengeance Ages Ago, And Don’t Do Enough To Recover.


Those Are Real Bad Guys That Are Winning.



Sometimes You Are Also The Bad Guys.

“When a high ranking military professional gives an impassioned speech that is military oriented at a democratic convention, and is met with a glass wall, and no more war chants, you are not doing this country any service, nor do you come across as people who even know what they are talking about. You have become so lopsided with the nagging and utopian that you no longer understand the basics of how to get to point be from point a, you just know how to bitch.”



There is a a whole Functionality that is missed by your approach, and one that deals with other types of people, and people you seem to have demonized.



And If You Check The Actual Record!


“We live in a dangerous world, one in which other countries really are out to get us, and not just for bad policies, that is how people lived for thousands of years and still do. And if we got rid of all our troops and nukes, we would get invaded.”


{To Say Otherwise Is Not Only Unrealistic, It Borders On Clever Conspiracy, Sold To Us Growing Up By People Who Sell Us Out To The Same People. Why? Just Because They Get Off On Ruining People’s Lives. Literally Enjoy It. Drag The Whole Things Down. Equalize It All. A Bunch Of Bird People, Incarnate In Human Bodies, With A Grudge That Goes Back Millions Of Years}



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