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Monthly Archives: July 2016

This Is What Is Here As ‘The Backdrop’



So when The Big Path collides with Brahma and The Venue is Brahma-Ptah “The Game Is Afoot”


The Gray God are Those Feet.

Take Your Fucking Head Out Of Your Ass.


It Has Happened Before,

It Is Happening Right Now.



Even Mentally Disabled, Because I Got Help That Ain’t Hoax, And Ain’t From This World.


And My Disability Does Not Originate On This World.

This Is Where It Bubbled Up To.


An Ancient Assault By Extra-Dimensional Beings, And An Ancient War Of Good VS Evil, And An Ancient Evolution Into Being A Machine From Being Gods And Titans.


An Ancient Conspiracy That Involves The Majority, Ganged Up On Original Infinity.


That Assault Is What Drove Me Insane.


On The Other End Are ‘Other Infinite Beings’ That Are Shoring Me Up, Keeping Me Close To The Eye Of A Hurricane, While They Use Part Of Me To F**k Some Old Titanic Criminals Up!

This Is Something That Will Come Back To Haunt You, ‘eternally, as it were’


you don’t step on superman’s cape,

you don’t spit into the wind,

you don’t gang up on old brahma at the end,

because you will go to hell when he wins.



You People Have Not Been Using The Facts.

You Have Been Using The Authority.

Don’t expect Me to. [{(T4)}]




And a whole lot of your rights have been Programmed into a Machine, by Deity and yourselves.


You will be forced to Go Through The Process, sooner or later.





You are given a bunch of Advice, some good some bad, but in The End, The Enemy has Exploited All Known Directions, and you are stuck in a labyrinth in your own mind!



Goddess Needed To Win.

Sex Needed To Win.





Religion and Morality and Running Away From It have run amok for too many years, and too many people have shirked what they or They or THEY were suppose to Do, and chosen to either be The Strong Elite Man or the Wilting Willow Wive.



This Is Counter-Productive To A Goddess Self-Autonomy And Win.


Fucking Her Way To Success Through A Bunch Of Powerful Un-Handsome Men Is Not Counter-Productive For A Goddess Self-Autonomous Win. (or even unfamiliar territory)






Because you (and You and YOU) are Wielding Powers You Should Not Be Wielding and Judging Others You Should Not Be Judging and Wallowing In The Collective Mess And Madness, isolated and conquered long ago, and given false promises for The End.


Don’t Pretend!

You are forced to engage in Conspiracy and Pettiness and Self-Lies and Racism and Purist Zeal and Espionage and Make Fantasy Real and Bear False Witness, and Fail To Live Up To A Standard That Is Unrealistic And A One Sided Cheat. And Dangerous Due To The Immoral, Amoral Robotic, Predatory Might Makes Rights, Etc Arena That We Are Still In, You Are Not Being Realistic About The Masses!








And forced to side with a Greek God of Gold, Mr White, and Lie about it.



Who is Higher than Jesus?


Helios is Higher than Jesus.





And who Betrayed Brahma?

Helios Betrayed Brahma

God Betrayed Brahma

Shiva Betrayed Brahma

Shakti Betrayed Brahma

Goddess Betrayed Brahma

The Guardian Betrayed Brahma

The Sultan Betrayed Brahma.

Kronos Betrayed Brahma

Chronous Betrayed Brahma

The 5 Ancient Titans Really Really Betrayed Brahma

The Great Goddess Betrayed Brahma

Vishnu Betrayed Brahma

Yama Betrayed Brahma, Very Very Badly.



And Who Is Winning This War, As They All Scramble To Overachieve From Their Folly.



Well, Brahma, Of Course!


And Who Is Brahma’s Emissary And Right Hand?


Supreme Brahma

Gray Brahma




T3T1(using some T4,T5) over T2[using some T4,T5]


The Sound Of The Religious Singing, Elevating Fallen Mega-Tians, Sung By Arisen Mega King Titan.


King of Archangels and The Supreme Being Himself.





Is Shoot Yourselves In The Foot!



This is 2012, Armageddon, still.





You have not even gotten to square one.



You as a group are about pointless. Your media is pointless, your morality is pointless, your honesty is pointless, you don’t, as an entire world, add up to 100% of somethings.


As a collective group, you add up to 40%-60% of something.


You are ‘The Fallen People’, and still trying to push your society, as a collective, up against an unknown.


‘The Most Well Known Unknown Ever To Have Existed’





Goddess {Vacuum}

Eos (Goddess Girl) {Vacuum-Void}  ‘a Part of Goddess that Evolved into Void’


Woman (Combination, used to change the nature of Wives; became Conspiracy)

Titan Wive (Made from Invaded Goddess or Titanic Combo, or Titanic Vacuum)


Wive and Woman are related

Goddess and Girl are related.


This is among the reasons you little qualifications as ‘women’ in judging morality. And a lot of jealousy and control are part of your decision process. You Heritage, and a lot of rape came out of the Titanic Fall and Zone and it is all some of you have known, and a lot of betrayal came out of Titan-Wives, at War with Goddess and Girl.  A lot of Lies, a lot of Stymie the other Female, the prettier female, the younger fresher female.


You, as Women, fell right in with Them.


The Titan Wives are a major mix, some of Them were Great Goddess, a Shakti Goddess, while others were Ma, who along with Absolute Brahman had Evolved with The Titans during The Predatory Downfall Era.



Goddess had Brahma Form as Her 1st Love, and then came Shiva, who invented Sex. After that there was Helios, Her Favorite, and Gray God, the Being that is Naturally Near Her, and played Guardian, Father, and as well Jealous Overprotective Angry Mate.




Goddess had become Big Goddess, around the BP Point Brahma place, and Brahma had come from Infinity many times. It was still terrifyingly Big to Her at the time.


The Great Goddess was made for Shakti, a stronger and more sexual goddess, and as well, from a dangerous region that changed Her nature, turning Her into a strong vacuum predator, mommy tendrils.



The Era of Form and Strong Form and Transference are part of this Tale.  The Titan Wives are usually made of unbalanced combos of form/male/yang and formless/female/yin.



Another part of the Tale is that The Titans were making Women, Vacuums, as Mates.


They could just use a part of Themselves to create strong form, and a vacuum would naturally appear there.


For some reason it was not the same as Original Goddess (who had a long Evolution into Female, and may as well have been influenced by ‘Imaginary Being, that was once a natural daydream of infinity and later made real, either part of that Being latent, or part of the New Being as a New Flow In Infinity), and The Titans Stole some of Original Goddess, and added it to Their created vacuums.




Too much Androgynous Forces became major swaths in Titanic Realm and Creation.


This is a whole other problem, but is also related to the Tale, and as well the confusion about females.


No Sex Zones is 100% the Solution for 70% of The Issue. Void

Cat Scratch Fever. Vacuum Needs Something More




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Goddess, Girls. Women, Wives