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Monthly Archives: August 2016

This Is Going To Be One Of Those Things:


Straight  From His Federal Government Job To Hell, Do Not Stop At Heaven, Do Not Collect Forgiveness.




Every Single Day You Pretend This Isn’t Happening, And Every Sing Day, Presuming Me Guilty, Your Assaults Come.



The Very Persona Given For Me Is A Collective.


And One Of Those Beings Here From ‘Here’… J

And One Of Those Beings Here From ‘Here’ But Farther Away… M



And The Reason Why: Original Infinity.



And One Of Those Beings Here From ‘Here’… G


And The Reason Why? The Very Ancient Rescue Mission You Are Screwing Up At Every Day.




And One Of The Reasons Why? You Are Coming At Me, Original Infinity, To Steal.

Just Getting Ahead Of You Again.


This Is Indeed One Of The Things On The Books, And From This Extra-Dimensional Level It Is Also Scientifically Feasible, Not Fantasy.


The Problem Is That It Is Too Dangerous. Too Much Power Could Leak Through. Too Much Freeze Could Leak Through. Etc.




“Aligning Dimensions Ain’t Like Dusting Crops, Boy”

This Big Path Train Will Be Here For A Long Time.

Longer Than I Or You Will Be In The Body.





I Don’t Need To Fish For Stuff, They Keep A Steady Supply Coming.

Sometimes You Keep A Steady Supply Coming.
























Do You Know What A Shill For Fossil Fuel During A Looming Global Warning Crisis Is?


A False Prophet.




“When A False Prophet Confronts A Crazy Prophet, The False Prophet Doesn’t Get It. He Thinks Things Are The Other Way Around”




Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.15.03 PM3580132




Your People Specialized On Controlling And Manipulating The Situation. On Man To Man Confrontation, And Groups To Gather And Assimilate Facts.





‘A Mean Spirited Angry Gang Of Church Going Adolescent Maturity Satanists, With An Intrusive Abusive Approach To Ascertaining Truth. They Don’t Even Know They Are Satanist, It Was Solidified In Their Make, Their Church Going A Programmed Behavior To Keep It Down’




You Are Literally A Bunch Of Pseudo Criminals On The Run From Infinity, Usurpers Of Creation.




Relying On Your Organization For Verification Is Pointless And Sometimes Dangerous, You Counter Out So Much Evidence With Wrongful Means In Real Time, But Not Visible From Law Abiding Church Going Earth.



“Congratulations, Republican! You Inherited A Titanic Conspiracy!”


















The Answer Is You.



You Are The Bigmouth Know It All. You Are Also Relying On Groupthink As Factual.  You And Your Buddies Patting Each Other On The Back…


It Ain’t Gonna Get You Out Of It This Time.



Someones Warned You To Never Challenge This Website, Or Me.



You Should Listen Sometime.


And STFU!!!



I Have A Lot More Than Just A Bigmouth Going On Around Here!




This Is Always Among The Top Solutions.



Keep To Excellent Standards, And Inexpensive As Possible.


‘Make Things For Maximum Last, Not For Fueling The Economy.’



Key Log Areas Are A Good Idea, Like Gov Fuel And Electricity, But You Could Branch Out Into ‘The USA 50’s Diners’ Fast Food Franchise, With Loyalist Customers.


‘Good Car Maker’. Inexpensive Cars That Last For 50+ Years And Stay In Style. Make Things For Maximum Last, Not For Fueling The Economy.


Revolution Racks Outfitters, Clothing Store For The Outdoors And Retro.




Be The Best. Be The Bold.

Be The Next McDonalds

Be The Next REI




“Don’t Get Stuck With The Pemex Paradigm, And People Pointing Preemptive Fingers, While Their Caterpillar Legs Stumble”


Do Things Right, By Learning From The Wrong (Not Just The Right), And Not Repeating What They Did, Duh.



Keep A Light Tax At Stores.


Slightly Tax The Middle Class. Lightly Tax The Rich.


Off The Grid For The Rest. Renewable Energy. Car Or Tent Or RV Living If Necessary.

Pay Farmers To Pump Out Food. Pay People To Hand Out Food. Just Basic Staples.

Someone Will Still Be Selling And Buying Pastries And 5 Course Meals.


Basic Costs Such As Rent Must Be Kept Down.

Or A New Solution Must Be Found.




“Uncle Sam Is Still Better Than Commander Capitalist At Taking Care Of The Needs Of We The People”


You Don’t See Far Beyond The Military Viewpoint, Angry Sour Republican.




War Is Something You May Actually Lose If You Push It Too Long. Just Like A Returning Champion Boxer.

Need I Say More.


And not just marijuana, mind you, but hash. Genuine George Washington Grade Hash, man.



And make specific transportation for bars and hash dens. It comes around every  1-2 hour like a bus, or goes to a big group as a taxi. No more drunk driving or driving impaired. No parking problems.



I Suppose, Without My Current Disability, I Would Have Beaten You Within Your Own Limitations Of Political Acceptability Using Current Standards.


It Is Proven Pointless At This Late Stage. You Are Quite Frankly Quagmired.


Some Of The Stuff ‘Outside The Box’ Is Just Plain Simple.




Don’t Keep Going Back To Where You Are Getting It, And Doing More Damage To The Environment.


Find The Ways To Maximize What Your Have, Just Like Your Great Grandsires Would.


If It Melts To Reuse, It Can Get Purified In The Fire.


No Metal Should Be Rusting.


Electronics Should Be Recycled, Find Clever Ways To Use Outdated Tech To Make New Gadgets.


Salvage Those Parts.





So, you are good on national security?


You are such a bunch of crooked hard-nosed assholes who make enemies for us, so it is a good thing you are their manning the station, you owe it to us.


I am not a disarmament believer, the world is not ready yet, the universe has not been determined safe.



But what you people are doing is actually being dictatorial one-sided view-point lack of realism with a big fist realism.



You won’t get very far making peace with the world, unless it is part of a larger scam, with your counterparts around the world.


The World is a more dangerous environment to live in because of you people.





This Writing Is Edited Down From It’s Original Stock.

These People Know Who You Are.

They Know What You Do Behind The Scenes.

They Know More Than I Would Ever Care To About A Whole Lot Of People.



And They Are Not A Government, They Are Literally The Gods, Including God.


They Have Been At War And Stuck In This Smaller Place, The Universe, That They Did Indeed Create, But No Longer Remember The Full Statistics.



Infinity At War With Infinity.

The Titans At War With The Gods


Titans = Tend Towards Conservative, Military

Gods = Tend Towards Liberal, Harmony