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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Stuck in a State of Great


Stuck in a State of Rate


Stuck in a State of Hate






Stuck in a State of Nate even!





{Lazy: and advanced state of exhaustion, from an ‘extra-dimensional’ source, and as well as scatteredness or can’t keep it together. This is a state many victims are in from predatory era and lockdown, and we are being intentionally exhausted, here on earth as well. This Was A Big One.  We are The Continuous Prey. The very attitude towards The Lazy was also developed by The Predator, I think you would call them here on earth: Republicans and/or Meat Eaters. By having a bad attitude towards the prey and making hardships for them it facilitates final surrender of the prey. In what I am talking about here, this is and extra-dimensional’ predator/prey evolution, not cannibalism.}
























Emiliya_V04_08510070736a6Lollipop-Chainsaw1goddess-kali‘Waiver to The Flavor’




WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.














Between the 5th Dimension ‘Ethereal Plane’ and the 6th Dimension ‘Titanic Realm’ is where Heaven is.

This is also the Region of The Abyss, where stuff was dug out to make The Universe.

Heaven was probably Created there, by The Gray God with God and Shiva and Helios


Heaven as well as Connectivity to ‘Linear Space’ 4th Dimension. Part of The Joys and Success of The Church and Religion is this Connectivity.


The Titanic is The Grand, and The Gray God is part of The Mission.

He is HE and is The Guardian.


The Bible and Other Spiritual Tales and Myths have more than one Major Divine speaking.


Combination Forms and Evolution and Shared-Power and Taking Turns.


We are at the tale end of God’s Turn.


He Made Major Strides And Did Wonders.



Original Infinity, Form Brahma, is not as close as Gray God, a Direct Evolution of Proto Form Brahma.

The Gray God is both The Guardian and Father Figure for: God, Goddess, Shiva, Cupid, Ganesha and Others

The Black Dragon is both Grandfather and Wicked Old Uncle [Gray God has as well an Uncle Knuckles wicked old Alternate, just not as wicked]. Shakti, Vishnu, Yama, and Others are closer to Black Dragon. Shiva is close as well, and Close In Proximity.


The Layers of Infinity are The Gods/Titans


‘Original Ra’ is Brahma as Brahma-Ptah



Original Brahma ‘The Original Infinity Being’ {Part of who Ra, Rama, Ravana are} King Tut

Original Ravana {Brahma-Ptah} ‘Upper Ra’ {Part of who Ravana and Rama are) King Tut

Ptah King Tut

Absolute Brahman King Tut

Baby Ptah ->Cupid {and part of who Ra is as well} King Tut

BP Point Brahma -> ‘Lower Ra’ King Tut

Shiva {Part of who Rama and Ravana} King Tut

Black Dragon {Part of Ravana} King Tut

Shakti King Tut

Gray God {Part of who Rama is} King Tut

Goddess King Tut

Brahma {Part of who Rama and Ravana are} King Tut

Om -> God King Tut

Supreme Brahma ->Val {and part of who Ra is as well, and Rama} King Tut







In The Moment You Are Being Lit Up By Something You Are Helping Change Reality



You Started With “Basic Living Costs”; I Started With “Basic Living”.


The Biggest Bossy “On A Creation Level: The Bus and The Bus Driver are the same. The Bus Driver is a manifestation of The Bus. The Ship Captain an incarnation of The Ship. A natural affinity and stability are here, and Here and ‘Here’ from the Dawn of Creation. This too will play out with ability and inclination on earth to more than a little degree. A Major Titan Line Anciently Descended To Earth”


bread-menuScreen shot 2016-07-11 at 11.50.16 AM

You Started With “Basic Living Costs”; I Started With “Basic Living”.


The After Tell is a Reality Of Itself


Dancing and Sexual Poses






The Shining Abyss and Void. 7th and 8th Dimensional Forces. Ayin and Eos.The Womb of Space. Kether, Het. Zeta and Zayin. Zero.


These Are From ‘Rewritten Realities’.  Savor The Flavor, Don’t Sleuth The Truth. It Is Also How Our Mind Was Thinking, Evolved Into Co-Evolution, Mystery, Abstracts, New Territory. As Well: Mystery States, Abstracts, Divine Laws, Etc Got Hooked Up To Filtration And Power-Heads. A Lot Of Extra Stuff Is Possible In This Endeavor.Unlocking Mechanism, Bargains, Etc.


Eos, the Ancient Gray Goddess. Gray Yin and Gray Yang. Goddess, Relative Placement and The MAchine.The Dragon.



















Though The Office of Extra Dimensional Affairs is a bit Zainy, it is also, as ‘Office’ implies, a serious organizations, with real powers and even people, like unto a branch of government.



All around are various forms of governance, in various states of failure and success.

All around are various forms of relationships/marriage, in various states of failure and success.


All around are all sorts of Realms, like the Bardo Realms, and these are related, and as well there is The Machine.


Heaven is a Very Serious Place, and it is Protected.









This allows for a lit of diverse evolution in other Realms. Others ways of doing things… or just plain old Feelies(movies with feeling) for the sake of pleasure of therapy or espionage or counter-terrorism, etc. Not just with training, for within The Nexus are Hook-Ups to other Realms. Be Wary As Well…




A lot of crazy stuff happened to us, a lot of diverse origins, a lot of pent up emotions, a lot of confusion or dishonesty about the ultimate goal.


A Different Type Of Deep Honesty Has Evolved In This Arena, With ‘The Office of Extra Dimensional Affairs’.




























A Big Mistake Was Made: Between Point B and Point C is Point A, The Definitive Group. The rest of Creation does not follow the same ways, or are even capable of at the levels tried for.Wrongfully encouraged to do so.


Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.15.03 PM

‘The Definitive Group’ overachieves. They put too much stock in Accuracy, Morality, Spirituality, Honesty, Hierarchy, Lawful, Light, Get The Girl, Might Makes Right, Survival Of The Fittest (We’ll come back to Rescue the rest of you later Me. Us 1st!). Coming from a Usurper Era and Victors Who Wrote Their Own History, In Creation Itself… Well, THEY are prone to make all sorts of Mistakes with Accuracy and not under “You Have No Right Here!!!”,  but opting for instead: Preemptive, Turn It Back On Them, Solidify Around A Few Truths, Hide Behind Mystery, Puppet The People, Act Like A Gang When Finally Busted, But Where You Are A Gang Is In The Actual Authority, And It Is A Temple-Going Law Abiding (Elite Gang with a Major Mob in Tow).



By putting everything up against a Perfect Person or Perfect Paradigm (even worse, off into abstracts) as a definitive of what ultimate reality is, and there is a Key here.


‘Ultimate’ Reality is from a Specific Group.



Gods and Titans

Very Strong Able Well Trained Proven Track Record. Often Time At War With Each Other, And Loving It Too Much.Often Time At Our Expense. Often Times A Well Sitting Around The Table Of Major Authority Where Decisions That Effect Us Are Made In Secret.



beherenow255Screen shot 2016-08-06 at 8.42.15 PMScreen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.16.38 PM

Welcome to The A Team…


Chariot300Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.16.38 PMScreen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.22.56 PMScreen shot 2016-08-06 at 8.40.23 PMScreen shot 2016-08-05 at 1.03.04 PMScreen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.15.03 PM

tarot-magicianScreen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.15.03 PM



Bus-Raymond Leowy-1940






Screen shot 2016-07-20 at 11.41.33 PMimgsrc.ru_45043291GNo











king-tut406533_287733054622596_100001577124014_824988_1373085584_nScreen shot 2016-08-02 at 11.17.56 PM

Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 1.11.47 PM11061234_10203310617606302_3772160383937410896_n

Screen shot 2016-08-06 at 8.40.56 PM















33Peachez16_com106 33Peachez16_com166






























It Is As If Your ‘Resources/Functionality’ Is Dedicated To A Larger Function That You Are Helping Overcome Ancient Macro Level Problems.



The More Times And Better Ability Play Into This.



And This Is Where ‘The Listener, The Audience, Is A Massive Active Participant.Being Lit Up And Slowly Changed And With Coned Throne Power Slowly Changing Sentience Back To Original Normal Plus Coned Power Era Arch-Angelic  Human Heights And Animal Demonic Serpent Lows, Being Changed Into A More Positive Thing, By The Arch-Angelic And Stable GRAY.


Extending Herself into different regions, stabilizing Herself at perfect zones, or perfect zones for overcoming problems

Extending Herself out into the different regions of Herself helps Fulfill Her.

Vacuum likes to be fulfilled.  Re-Filled in marvelous ways, and not refilled forever, or She goes into non-existence(no longer there) or androgyny(unbalanced recombination, or one that is perfect for itself, imperfect for attraction).


Goddess starts out as Vacuum


Goddess soon attains Form


Formed Vacuum.


{Proto Form Region of Form Journey of Infinity}

Original Goddess Vacuum

-Goddess Form

goddess form super bones

{Form Region Of Form Journey of Infinity}





Me Sigh Ahh?


You Betcha!





Big Goddess(Original Goddess + Extension) and some Great Goddess(Shakti+Extension) with Supreme Brahma Co-Evolution.


‘Goddesses have Forms in different regions with different BEINGS/Beings/beings, intertwined in lovemaking, being held in love, being stable and cared for, being stable and cared for and caring for her young, or the young, etc.’


Extending Herself into different regions, stabilizing Herself at perfect zones, or perfect zones for overcoming problems(invaded, degraded, abused, raped, etc. And negotiations with powerful votes gained, getting off on being naughty or ‘wrong’, etc. As well WE/We/we/wE/WE are working through regions of our elongated SELVES/Selves/selves and co-evolved with many others in many different directions, but as well collided and invaded and usurped and degraded, and parasitic infestation or virus mutation, etc)






She is Rediscovering Herself. She is Owning Herself. She is Fulfilling Herself. She is Expressing Herself, She is Furthering Herself, She is Containing Herself.

In Discovering Herself, here on earth in a human  body all of these millions of years later, it is still a ‘rediscovering’ moment, with almost all the know territory already gone over, evolved. Others, younger than Goddess or Shakti or Grey Yin, are as well rediscovering, but for a few it is probably discovering a new form of self.

This Is As Well As Using Her Power In A Space-Time Trajectory Of Evolution, Something That Once Would Have Been Just A Normal Heightened Moment, Through Coned Power And Attention And Ability To Effect And As Extreme Necessity, Has Become Larger Than One’s Self.




































































Screen shot 2016-08-05 at 1.03.04 PMScreen shot 2016-08-06 at 8.40.23 PM

Re Tally Ate








Screen shot 2016-08-11 at 10.51.27 AM

Re Tally A Shun

Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.16.38 PM





Closer to Original

Screen shot 2016-08-02 at 9.15.03 PM

grayline405x2220051Bus-Raymond Leowy-1940