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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Is Going To Get Thrown Right Back In Your Face.



‘Will you swear on this Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.’

*put your hands on bibles*

‘I do hereby solemnly swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God’


This Is The Major Missing Linchpin


Your Laws Were Developed In A Time Of The God Fearing Man. {It Was A Workable Solution. They Tended To Tell The Truth.}


Once that went away it is just a failed system where one lies at the advice of lawyers.


(When you trying to put that back together, it will not go back to ‘God fearing man’. It is a temporary time and place helping heal a larger place. The rest of the truth is also needed, or it is just repression, and the macro arena did not allow for the temporary time to win, it was too big.)


{You are facing big JC and stuff on this one, Guvner.}



‘will you swear to tell the truth, the lawyer advice, and nothing but the lawyer advice?’



‘oh, and go back to church and get married as christian’… they keep it around, it’s about all they have that does work, temporarily.


Part of your(Your) Solution is to get as many people back to Church as possible, and get them to clean up their act, and get all the dirty pictures out of the internet, and profanity out of bookstores, people out of bars, and, and , and… a whole lot more. ‘We’ll have a great revival then!’



There is a Huge Push within The Psyche of Humanity to follow suit on this great purge.



But All Are Is Just At Purge Phase.


It Will All Come Cropping Back Up Again!

Your Society Is The Same Mess It Always Was.



Your Society Was Safer ‘In The Olden Days, Back When Morality Reined.’ {Things Were Never Going To Stay That Way, It Was A Temporary Time. You Pushing Your Unjust Religious System Helped It Not Succeed. Welcome To America, King of Cause And Effect}



In Large These Are Your Problems As The Predatory Success Alpha Male Authority, Forced On The Every One Else.



One Side Was Titanic Control

The Other Side Was Semi-Titanic Rebellion.


We Are All Caught In The Middle, While Fumble Around In Positions Of Power And Do Not Act In A Way That Is Dealing With An Actual End To The Problems, Just Making Laws And Dictating Terms.


You People Coned All This Power To Yourselves And Then Went Underground.

You Are Running On Automatic.

The Abusive Language And And Behavior Towards Females Coming Out Of Religion Comes From A Failed Attempted By Titanic Authority To Heal Ancient Titanic Problems, While The Crime Was Still In Progress. It Was Also A Control Method Of Sex, And Attempt To Confine Other Males To Non-Sexual, And An Attempt To Get Ahead By Overachieving. But Due To The Actual Nature Of What Was And Is Going On There Is Not Enough Realism And Angry Control Has Taken The Place Of Reason.{So You Helped Advance A Younger Generation, Using The Same Failed Policy, And They Built An Entire Philosophy Out Of It, And Tried To Force It Down Our Throats. Down My Throat. Now You Are Getting Hauled Up By Titanic Authority As A Lesser Conspiracy, Using The Same Morality And Political Correct, As A Means To Cure Society Of It’s Ills And Evil Doers}


The Large Stuff That Needs To Get Done You Are Not Advanced Enough For, Yet You Sit Their As Our Overlords, Telling Us How To Live Our Lives, In Your Flawed System, That You Sit At The Top Of, As Alpha Male.



Resistant To Change

Resistant To Arrest…





























Screen shot 2016-10-15 at 3.19.09 PM
































The Void first condenses on itself, the way that form had been created.  This leads to The Sphere, first of of it’s kind ever. First actual perfect shape. (The Form areas are more rough hewn and heavy, like clouds as well.

‘The Godhead’

The Void Condensing into Sphere is the original Sphere God and dawn of Original God. The condensed void next, in the easy steps of the first ways, merges part of itself with Vacuum, giving it slightly more strength. This is Original God. Most likely the form region parted and let the piece of sphere god into Goddess Vacuum. There was as well help from the form region at some time, to insure enough strength for the new being in the new region.


Proto Form Region The Gray God


Vacuum Region Goddess

original god

Form Region


Om Void Region

sphere god

Final Form Region


God is next helped by the Proto Form region. This is where Original God becomes God. Proto Form is on the other side of Goddess, and this is where the Seat of God is.




The Gray God is the product of a choice made by The Proto Form Region ‘to evolve like unto god and goddess, but as something different.




Goddess as well evolved a self that was void-like. This is Eos and She is from the time when Sphere God went into Goddess Vacuum as a stronger being. She came into Om Void as a weaker being.




Due to the size and scale of Goddess and the smaller being of Original God and God and the Nature of Void vs The Nature of Vacuum, there has been some problems with God in Goddess.


But the chicken and the egg are indeed are direct descendant, in imitation if nothing else (Shiva put a bit of all of us in the universe, and intentionally evolved things, with the help of the beings themselves even)



Another great champion and later danger to the The Soft Zones and Void and Vacuum is the Final Form Evolution. But this is also part of The Omega and The One.



Final Form chooses, like Proto Form, a new style.




Hard Form + Void.  This makes a very strong very quick being.


Form Region

Om Void

Final Form






Form Region was the final place the Form Journey of Original Infinity had stopped, and later went back to Infinity, having concluded the journey.



This caused a major change in a large portion of Infinity .



The Being that came back to infinity was stronger presence pound for pound though a weaker being, and as He merged back with Infinity, He Bunched It Up around Him, gaining strength and form.


This is the start of Big Brahma (Whom I Am The Sad Long Defeated Evolution Of By The Three Titans).



Original Brahma-Big Brahma is the Only Ruler Of Existence at this time. (a flaw I will never outgrow)


Big Brahma at some point comes back to the original Form Region, these regions were left pretty much intact, though Brahma no doubt took part of Form Region back as He went back to Infinity. From here Brahma does one final condensing, and this is Final Form Region.


The Final Form Region still has The Brahma Return Journey as a Memory, unlike Proto Form and Pre Proto Form. Final Form follows Form Journey back infinity as well, and this is the birth of Supreme Brahma.



Original Brahma

Big Brahma

Supreme Brahma

(Titanic Two Follow)



As The Pre Proto Form and Proto Form catch on and decide to go back to Infinity a lack of space occurs. The territory is used up by Big Brahma and Supreme Brahma.




The Titanic Two start and onslaught, learning all they can from memory and merger, to take over as much of infinity as possible.


Naughty Nine and BIG 6 are the descendants of this, as well as are many of you (You/YOU/yOu/yoU)

























The Original Person Is Partly Pushed Aside, Partly Scooped Up, Partly Changed By Both Good And Bad, Partly Destroyed.


A Flow Of Others Comes Through The Human Body:

Partly Avatar Like, With The Presence Of Deities.

Partly Like Your Old Senile Aunt, Yelling In At Herself In The Mirror.


Both These Things Are Not Doubt Here, And Part Of The Rescue Mission.



Another Thing Is The This VS That Big Ego Stage Show, Complete With Powers.


‘It Is Heavily Lopsided In The Cheaters, Who Condensed Wrongful Control Around Earth, And Though They May Not Be As Pretty As Other Men, They Are Well Built Well Hung Hard Working And Know How To Chase Off Other Makes… And Since Your Trapped Here, Ma’am, May As Well Make The Best Of It.’


With a veiled danger of ‘man, we just fell about the place, if that chick don’t want to know, forget her’ as a long range plan, complete with an extra-dimensional backing, and coned to normal action on earth.


Work Done Here = Effects Elsewhere


Work Done Here = Work Done Elsewhere.




Part Of The Coned Power Approach.





Pre Proto Vacuum -> Shiva

Pre Proto Form

Proto Vacuum

Area Of 5 Ancient Titans -> Sultan Established

Proto Form Region

Area Of Invasion -> Supreme Being Established 

Vacuum Region

Form Region -> Brahma

Void Region

Final Form






“Those Asking You To Recognize Me As A Messiah Are Not On My Side, They Are Part Of The Conspiracy They Are Looking For.” Just Getting Ahead Of You, And All Of Your Dangerous Revelations Stuff


‘Those Trying To Get You To Change Society Like I Have Described Tend To Be On My Side, While You Run Around And Flounder In Imitation, They Sit Their In Active Contempt.




‘Gold Standard? Haven’t Heard That One In A While…’ That Wont Actually Solve The Problem With Economics, Let Alone Ecology. It Is A Very Good One Though.





Off The Grid And Sustainable Are Linked, And This Spells The Answer.




‘Get A Job. Back To Work. Education Is The Answer. ‘Look At That (One In A Million Person), He Made It Big!”









{The Original Being – Messiah Being And Paradigm Are A Team, And Take The Real Deal. This Is A Relative Place, Another Type Of Real Deal, Not A Hoax. They Bring That A Team Stuff Out Here, And Fit It In Like A Socket. There Is A Group Of Usurpers Who Have A Way Of Doing Things By Puppet Show And Proxy, They Have And Advanced Method Of Puppet Showing Prophecy, To Subvert It Or Disprove It.  But This Is Brahma Territory, B Team, With Shiva Present, A Ganesha Level Incarnation And Less. All Graduated Down, And Ptah’d Up, And Gray God Grounded, And A Lot Of Baby Ptah Om And Some Goddess. But On Top Of This I Get Invaded With The Collective, Degraded Bu Mortal Man. The Normal State Though Is Not Angelic, It Is Something Like Human But More Magical, And The Major Things Deity Are Connected To It}




A Lot Of People Come From A Traumatic Environment, One They Have Been Tortured In, Or Used As Experiments.


This Is Done In A Sub-Dimension, Right Next To This One, Same People Occupy It.

You Will Find That ‘Get The Hell Out Of My Country’ Is Something That Applies To You.


As In Extradited For War Crimes! And Supporting Illegal Wars Around The World. Trashing Not Only The Reputation Of The United States Of America, But Our Very Security.


‘And Down Ya Go! You Better Run!!!’


{A Lot You Are Up Against Is The KIOSK And The Machine. These Will Push This All The Way To The End.}


The Big Path And The Machine Came Out Here, A Few Years Back.


This Is All Part Of The Disability.



Your Guilty Asses Locked In A Continuous Looping Cycle Of Repeat Offending While You Try Your Next Clever Trick! Are The Other Part.



What Has Been Described In This Website Of Invader Usurper Overloader Overlords Etc Is The Real Evolution.


It Descended From The Form Journey Of Infinity.

The Gross Mismanagement Of Society.


The Big Scary News Media, With It’s Big Serious Music.


The Types Of ‘Teen Beach’ Movies That Are Suppose To Teach Us A Lesson, But Are Creating A Bad Psyche Disturbance.


You Are One Long Onslaught Of Problems.


Another Is Hearing About Problems From States Away, Piped Into The News Everyday.



“And All Along Are Sitting On A Time Bomb. The Very Sentience Tailored Towards Mimicking Things, Like Growing Beings Do, Like People Do, Is Learning Terrible Things, Is Bombarded With Terrible Things.”



This Too Was Engineered.



And As Well, You With Your Morality And Attempt To Solve All Crime, Are Never Going Get Ahead.



You Are Doing Things At The Expense Of Others!



You Have Never Gotten Ahead, In All Of This Overachieving And Authority And Dictates.



Authority For The Sake Of Authority Is NOT Government!




One Of The Things That The Three Titans Advanced And I Disagreed With Was A ‘Coned Power Thrown’ Made Of Infinity ‘So We Could All Be Equal, All Be Infinity’


This Is Part Of The Big ‘King Of The Hill, Sell Your Brother Out. Sell Your Mother Out, Even. I Goddam Guarantee She Sold You Out!


You Had To War Me, Lock Me Down, Steal From Me, Dwindle Me While Your Grew, Destruction Done, Left In A State Of Locked Down And Being Destroyed, Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies, And All Sorts Of Other Crimes.






Big Infinity, One Being.


Smaller Creation, Many Beings.