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Monthly Archives: November 2016

… well, Brahma, see, is the Original Infinity Being. The Records are stored Here.



Back-Up Quarterback Version, 4th… or is that Nickleback?




Part of Original Infinity got Expressed into OB or ‘Original Being’, but it is a Titanic Version of Original Infinity, ‘Built with a Different Persona and Make’.


There are Three of These.



Holy King ‘Supreme Brahma’ (NB)

Emperor ‘Black Dragon’ (?)

General ‘Gray God’  (OB)



All Three are Forms of Original Brahma Infinity through Form Journey and Re-Merge.



The Other is Brahma, originally the biggest.



NB is built in a cone out of Brahma.

Black Dragon and OB also merged, co-evolved and stole Brahma.



Brahma was the first to Re-Merge, and later came back and made Final Form.


Final Form followed The Trail Back and Re-Merged with Infinity.


The Proto Form and Pre Proto Form next followed suit.


It was discovered there was not enough space for all of Them/Us.


A War later ensued.



“you are here” millions of year later… nay, universes later!



‘these are the Tales of The Gods Themselves!’




There are many Key Holders, fro Brahma does not remember it all, nor is it all His evolution stored Here.



Shiva is among The Great Lore Keepers and Universe Builders, and this is one of the major Sources that I Listen to.



Others went in the direction of New Infinity and Records not mattering. They intended to Rewrite Reality Itself.



Shiva stayed true to the Records, even though He had run afoul of Brahma many many times in similar New Infinity Schemes that He helped The Titans and Commoner pull off.



A Major Part of the Massive Struggle is between a Brahma Form and a Shiva Pre Proto Vacuum.




Beings like Me are also born as Ganesha, a ‘Gray Baby’ Being that is part Shiva as well as Brahma, and Absolute Brahman and Baby Ptah as well as Gray God, Black Dragon, etc.


‘The Common Combo Kid to Help Heal The War Of The Gods And Titans.’


This makes little Ganesha even more important than big old Brahma.



Solutions are more than just in The Big Man approach in the Arena of The Gods.



Too Many Big Power Heads Are Going At Each Other.




Many smaller beings lives get in danger.



Horton Hears a Who is a tale related to Ganesha as well, hearing The Small People and New Mote Peoples in The Old Mote Ocean.



“this stuff is so pervasive and profound, so much the original history, that we keep finding it and expressing it through other means, from fantasy novels to manifest history we are capturing a bit of the big picture, and as well it is shared with us by deity as an important thing to hold onto and as well we are actually in reality related to it, the foundation stuff it is actually there in another realm, scientifically speaking, and sometimes our mind-to-writing is not just concocting stuff it is writing down what it sees in visuals as it creates a poetic metaphor…”



Reality Itself got Reinvented.




Screen shot 2016-11-20 at 2.29.57 AMScreen shot 2016-11-14 at 10.42.01 AM

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“sorry charlie, a semi ‘messiah complex’ for life (and talking out loud to other dimensions to make it worse, as well as randomized sleep patterns from interrupted normal life, and an inability to maintain a focus for very long, my ‘elastic state’ being something close to a hobbled walking awake trance under assault from multiple sides and sometimes called into action with a body motion to ‘catch a tie-up for a lock-down’ or facilitate something, and sometimes there is the dull pain, and always is the interrupted normal mind and emotion processes that were here before I got speared through, with a new buffer here partially made of the original to help prevent full ‘possession’ by others or death due to unnatural levels of intrusive invasive usurper overload), or until this gets cleaned up/healed up by The Big Path, which is even more preferable to me {Me} than being something both greater than and less than I really am…”





Shy-Non, U Crazy Diamond










Cronus is Created in the Shakti Vacuum Region.



Pre Proto Form Black Dragon \

Proto Vacuum Shakti ———- Cronus Combo

Proto Form  Gray God             /



Origins of Crone




Pre Proto Form Black Dragon \                          cronus

Proto Vacuum Shakti —- Great Goddess  <-  Cronus

Proto Form  Gray God            /                         cronus





Original Infinity Being, Sentient.

First ‘Daydream of Infinity’,  Mental Imagination Zone Within Infinity



First Journey Into Form From Infinity: ‘The Condensing And Separation’





Strong Form



Big Beings

Little Beings


Combination Beings





… long before beans even existed!





‘from these original things evolved ‘yin and yang and law and chaos’ and all things in existence today’


Original Infinity ‘Home of Creation’ ‘Handsome Stranger’ ‘Holy Heritage’

Vacuum, Yin, Chaos, Female

Form, Yang, Law, Male



Secondus 5th Dimension Platform Ethereal Plane (Incarnating Soul)

Primus 4th Dimensional Platform Linear Space [Incarnate Organic Body] Central Focus Singularity

Secondus 3rd Dimensional Platform Astral Plane (Incarnating Soul)


“Though the Astral and Ethereal experience are primus relative to themselves things are piped into earth in a coned power fashion where they are a ‘second self’ to us, two second selves actually.”




This BoBs Up, But As Well An Orchestrated Action(s) Are Occurring At The Macro Level.


There Is An Ancient Assault On Various Realms And Beings That Is In Progress, And The Titanic Authority Is Still In The Process Of Taking This On, And As An Ancient Policy And Booster And Natural Original Evolution I Become A Focal Point, And Was In Many Ways An Original Ground Zero For An Infinity War. I Was Not The Aggressor Nor At Fault.



In regards to my mental disability and stability.

‘yeah, but that ain’t me, and it is Them, and as well I am under assault all day, talking out loud (to a realm as real as earth, a duality experience), interrupted sleep, the conversation goes on fin my head from sometimes even before I awaken, They are professional enough to be able to back off and give me a buffer and rest periods, but like a machine it is a one way ‘wack to bork!’ level affair that is not under my control, and was always exhausting me throughout my life but I could somewhat escape it before, stave it off. My normal ‘life experience’ is also very interrupted, I don’t experience things deeply as I used to, nor have mental conceptualization like I use to, it is very ‘occupied, prefab, tailored, puppeteer possession, invaded, usurped’



THEY Collided it all into Me at The End, and act like a Catchers Mitt to prevent the worst of it’














































‘One can build a government of friends and the choir or one can reach out to the other side in a bi-partisan fashion’ or one can make an even broader change by making a few basic changes in a ‘taking a step back to yesteryear’ and a few steps forward in making peace and normalizing relations with as many people and countries as possible, with an aim to make positive changes that don’t roll over people’s rights or traditional things or the good portions of the old world ways still in existence.




“by taking a peaceful stance, you, as President, will be burdened with one less major headache, and will as well be able to better build juggernauts to enact ‘actual positive regressive change’ to the older world we left in the 80’s-90’s, and these changes should not be tinged by religion or philosophy, they are simple non-intrusive non-toxic easier ways for basic life on both a personal and national level and ‘tolerance for others’ (or Our UN-Russian-American-EU firsts in your little face)”












… your fine white neighbors.






















































“the system seems geared for economics and keeping track of the many by the few, and the processes of computers seem to be rigged for this as well, an insecure or unstable system or doled out slowly for economic gain, and the end result being a need for many ‘updates’ and changes, and all along they are looking for ways to make money while they look for ways to keep track of the many with advance emergency plans to shut them down…”


Better systems are not invented or used for they lead to a more ‘self-autonomous’ computer experience, like those of us had at the start of the computer age boom (80’s and 90’s) {that I was barely even part of, but quite inspired by and aware of}, and as well their is a certain ‘taking control of our systems’ being pushed to socialize us into, along with a bad governance that lead to terrorist problems instead of peace, and that now allows for more goon behavior at airports to screen people ‘taking control of their systems’ (human body), and all very logical and forced into unavoidable, against the wise objections of better/nicer people that are blown over by the loudmouth angry man and misguided mob.



















Your spirits, our our spirit, or part of our spirit (depending on the person and origins and level of evolution chosen or unavoidable) are filtered through Realms that math the description of some of these ‘wacky’ concepts, and this is one of the reasons this stuff is so popular.


“… father didn’t know best, he brought us a world that is toxic to live in”

On top of that is an ‘advanced method’ to Create New Reality by a Suspended Belief System and Radical Changes Made To Original Forms, and part of this is a Conspiracy Against Original Normal, a Direct Confrontation with Invader Usurpers that Forces Their Evolved Stronger Forms ‘Into The Ocean Of The Collective And All Who Oppose Them, thus Changing The Very Nature of Original Being. ‘

Possessed’, ‘Absorbed’, Brainwashed, Indoctrinated, etc.






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Supreme Brahma starts as Final Form Brahma and goes back to Original Brahma Original Infinity Being thus become Supreme Brahma.


Helios ‘The King’ is directly related to Supreme Brahma, and is the designated Brightest Point or Crown.





Helios is more Final Form as Void Lord plus SB.

Supreme Brahma is more Merged Being, part Final Form, part Journey Back to Original Being and part Original Being for Merger.


{Original Brahma ‘The Original Infinity Being’, Brahma-Ptah, Ptah. 1st Creation}

Proto Form Brahma ‘Gray God’

Vacuum ‘Goddess’

Form Brahma ‘Brahma’

Void (weak vacuum) ‘Om’

Final Form Brahma (strong form) ‘Helios’


The Region around Final Form is ‘The Om Void’ and this is where God’s origins are.


Part of ‘The Build of The Holy King Line’ is a Combination of Strong Form, Void, Form, Vacuum, and Original Being.







The Magnifying Effects are greater upon the Om Void (babes) and Goddess Vacuum (girls), and this was a major part of The Experiential that was Evolved in Creation. The Experiential is nearly all important for Sentient Infinity it turns out.





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The Invaded Regions and Beings are under a form of assault on their self-autonomy(for turning into resources) and form of ‘possession’ (like demonic possession, but it could be anyone)







The Usurper Tyrant uses a piece of Original Being to ‘prop up over invader with an Assist. This ‘Assist’ can be anything from good(dad) to bad (goon),and differing levels of self-autonomy evolved with these processes and persons.



Original invaded Original invaded Original

invader original invaded original invader

Usurper original invaded original Usurper

The Tyrant stabilizes the Region or Being.

This ‘invasion and usurpation’ also got done to Goddess and many other Beings and beings, and is as well Interconnected through All and Everything, two very magnificent but potentially dangerous evolutions of shared evolution, oft usurped, that allow the modern world people to be as advanced as they are with a major ‘demi-god’ coned throne A Team Heritage.

So when the Tyrant uses the Power there is a general ‘Drawing Together of All Things and Everything’

All and Everything are Evolved by Different Beings.

All is related to Helios, The One, and T3

Everything is related to Black Dragon, Great Om-Grey Yang ‘The Buddha One’, and T2

All is King and Commoner. Small Strong

Everything is Pauper, Prince, Princess and Emperor, in that order. Big Weak












There is a Healing Process that comes along with it as well, and this Descends from Original Mission to Rescue Creation.



Love and Sex is another part of a The Tyrant Process as well, major driving forces and ownership, reconciliation, unity. Goddess got Invaded and Overloaded by Pillars, some good and some bad, in a bad era of doing things and invaded and overloaded to go to self-destructive extremes while some ‘descendant combo being’ gets gifted your very beinghood.



The Collision and Stabilization of things down into Creation, as well as some bad might makes right predatory invader-usurper era tactics lead to some ‘inappropriate sexuality’ but the Overpowered A Authority is Recovering and Healing instead of being beaten in a war as ‘rapists, pervs and queers’.


And THEY are indeed fighting a War, OurMaGetton, against many Accusers and Victims.



And the A Authority is also an Overachiever and Law and Order and Morality and Spirituality and Saving Face and Getting The Girl have made Major Lasting Impacts on the nearly impossible situation.


Law and Order comes with The Gray God, who is also known as The Guardian and Evolved with God and Goddess as Protector and Father Figure as well as Football Star with Cheerleader, formerly and still your ‘Top Strong Man Warrior or Alpha Animal’.  The Biggest Bossy. The Bravest Good Guy.