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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Linear Space is a Combo Universe according to some Spooks Speak.


It’s original origins were Form Brahma, and this got later changed by Shiva and Infinity and The Titans.


Modern Universe is the descendant of a combination, and The Big Bang may be a change induction, not unlike a mutation as some have speculated, that spread.



This may have no connection whatsoever to red giants.

The Deity in The Aftertell make all sorts of connections off of things.

… aka ‘there are now, pal!’



Life comes along with The New Group and The Modern Universe.



It is also possible that The Astral is a descendant of Shiva’s Vacuum and The Ethereal is God’s Void.

Both have been filled from ancient times with a condenser and evolved specializers, certain ranges and mixes.


Brahma was Original Form Journey, and this is where/when Shiva and Shakti and Goddess and Om (original God) were Born.



These Beings went on in Their own evolution, and eventually War broke out between the two sides.


Brahma, as part of normal evolution and as well a well developed heinous plot, was on both sides of this war.


Indeed, three aspects of Brahma had evolved into separate Beings, able to invaded and usurp Brahma.


According to some Spooks Speak, Brahma went to the outmost regions and began locking things down, but due to Creation this was not absolutely possible, and in the end Brahma had to make deals with The Three Titans, who often betrayed, playing a double game.


The Gray God was the most loyal and able to save the region around Form Brahma



The Big Reaches are:


Original Brahma

Brahma Brahma-Ptah ‘Thinker and Feeler’

The Gray God ‘Doer’



Shiva also extends out to this region, and along with Gray God is a major Family Member of The Brahma Family.


Gray God is also God’s Father. The Guardian.

Mother Mary is a part of Original Goddess Vacuum that evolved a Solid Ocean Form with Gray God, and this region is around God, with the focus being God and Babeland.



Proto Form -> Gray God ‘Alpha’

Vacuum -> Original Goddess

Form ->Eden Hole

Void -> Om and God (Condensed Void+Vacuum+Form+Original Being.





The Throne is another type of evolution.


The Greek Gods are related to The Thrones and Deity as One.




God and Zeus

Mother Mary and Athena

Jesus and Apollo (Supreme Brahma, T3 T7)


Jesus is a bit different as are Mary and God.


Jesus is also a T2. Us.


Mother Mary is part of The New Evolution.


“Married To God”. Married to New Evolution.



Gray God








Original Evolution


Proto Form Brahma-> Gray God Alpha

Original Goddess Vacuum -> Mother Mary

Form Brahma -> Brahma The Red

Om Void -> God The White

Final Form Brahma-> Helios The Gold











Original Being Brahma

Brahma-Ptah—– Big Mike –> Michael (Supreme Brahma and Shiva); Samael

Ptah——————— bm

Shiva——————– bm

Black Dragon ————bm

Shakti ——————– bm

Gray God—————- bm

Goddess—————— bm

Form Brahma ———– bm

Om——————— bm

Helios———— Big Mike ——> Lord God (Helios, God, PPFB); Brian (Pre Proto Form Brahma)



Michael: like White Ptah

Samael: like Ptah



Michael: Supreme Brahma Helios and Shiva

Samael: Black Dragon Gray Yang and Shiva


Michael: Gray God

Samael: Black Dragon


Original Being Brahma

Brahma-Ptah—-Big Mike

Ptah ——————–Samael

—White Ptah———- Michael





Original Being Brahma


Ptah—————– White Ptah

Shiva——————– wp

Black Dragon ————- wp

Shakti ——————–wp

Gray God—————-wp


Form Brahma ———–wp

Om——————— White Ptah




for all the good work and bad work and bood work and gad work that he hath conduited and done in competitive contemporary style.



I am going to be going through this ‘Odd Experience’, and a lot of stupid hard-nose assholes are going to get themselves in real big trouble… but it may not be in my lifetime, it will be in the afterlife kind of arena.


This ‘Experience’ didn’t use to be here, it collided into me. A lot of people are in on it, and it is not just paranoia, it is an uncleaned up predatory history on one side (bad guys), and a hide behind and use up on the other (good guys).

The basic state of ‘The Professionals’ is not awake enough to be able to discern these things.

The basic barbaric way in which some of the institutions of ‘rehabilitation’ still operate under are also the descendant of a crime.

I am not an experimental object. I know what you planned. I see what you push.

“And I strongly object, Republican, to your lack of credibility and the types of people you put in charge of things too important for your guilty groping hands…”




Goon Government got Reelected… go figure.





I am already getting ‘therapy’ and it is from the likes of deity.

Nothing else would really work.

It is a real disability caused by something that does not show up on the radar.

To treat it with ‘drugs, therapy, institutional rest’ is to malpractice, charlatan, ‘do as I say I am the authority’.


Welcome to 2012, ‘professionals’.






‘things BoB back and forth, and there is a slow downward process on some things, like driving a car, something I know I will not be able to do eventually due to too much extra-dimension interruption and lack of focus and paranoia caused by this, as well as some of the original intent of the stuff is an evolved tactic, not an accidental collision evolution’


“A long time of rest and slow mental preparation allows for a brief time of focus”


‘The Walking Talking Dimension Door Conduit Vegetable can go on perhaps the whole time, being in a bubble of relative protection and ‘floated’ by Others, and a situation, in another realm, as stable as earth, related to it, and even populated by the same people.’


The Farther Into Or Out Of Regions On Gets The More To Biggest Basics It Will Reach Eventually.



This Is Some Of The Major Things Of Importance: ‘Know Your Roots’


The Original Sentient Infinity Being {Brahma}

The Original Creation (Ptah)

The Major Heads Of Infinity Stemming From Form Journey (Shiva and The Three Titans]

The Original Beings In 2nd Creation, In Combo And Transference  (including God and Goddess)

The 5 Ancient Titans (Big Mike, White Ptah, Gray Yang, Cronus, Ron]

The New People Created From All The Above “You Are Here”



















Space Shuttle In The Cloudsstock-vector-vector-illustration-of-a-red-chinese-dragon-on-black-background-92769415


Non-Economic Driven Government Philosophy.


Production For Maximum Quality And Cost Effectiveness.


Government Owned Businesses Dedicated To Feed, House, Clothe, Cure : ‘We The People’.


Affordable. No Gimmicks. Best Quality For Best Money.


100% Transparency.


Opaque = Special Interest = Waste of Tax Dollars = your rich friends making more money.


The actual reality from such a thing may be far more soupy as a basic fabric, never have been able to evolve the crystalline separate but diverse nature of our reality.


Have you ever contemplated Infinity as a Number?


Start and then get bored and toy around with ‘Google Plex’ (the number, not the search engine), then go on in mathematically increasing numbers of this times itself…


After a while it becomes obvious that this is not likely going to be the answer.


There are a whole lot of very small things. (atoms)

There are a whole lot of very big things. (stars)

There are a whole lot of very very big things. (galaxies)


There is one thing they all sit in. (the universe).

It may be made of two or three big building blocks, but these things are contained. Quanta.



{there is no actual way to discern the original nature evolved into the modern universe without a direct experience such as I am having, and it is as Brahma. The actual ‘Beginning’ is automatically contained within Brahma, and with the right Crew it can be ignited, with full surety of a few basic early things.}



The Deity set out with Diversity to Create An Infinite Number Of Universe.


This is part of an old trick by Shiva and Titans against Brahma and Original Being.


‘you are a descendant of this’.


{from Shiva} ‘Infinity is a Looping Cycle with a long long long long range effect, far greater than the universe.’




Original Being


Form Being


The Style of Graphics is important, bright and very realistic but not 100%.


This is ‘another universe’ that we are interacting with, one that is very similar to this one, has less laws of physics and is re-created off of the best stuff that has been experienced, and some of this is therapeutic re-experiencing and practice for better outcome.


Being ‘immersed in the experience’ is also very important




As ‘Realities Align’ with the Help of Titanic Authority (this is more of a Manually Adjusting Things, versus rote motion universal effects, though some of the manual stuff is also rote motion of large beings or many smaller beings, engineered and practiced into a routine) there is an Interactive Effect, part of you already exists in these parallel dimensions.




The Video Games Help The Interaction Process.



Be Open To The People In The Game As If They Are Real People. Feel Comforted. The Real Networks Are Not Very Different. You Will Have A Group Of People Of Other Diverse Circumstances That Accompany An ‘Awakening’